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  1. Thanks booking.com offered me 10% off so I just booked it
  2. Looking to finally sort my hotel out and this place looks good value. Is it near decent bars/restaurants? Also would you stay there again?
  3. How come they refer to Man City as “city” when there are many and that are a city? Like us for example
  4. Wow some are saying AWB over Ricardo and also Maguire over Evans **** me hahahaha
  5. Imagine if Mane had been on the end of that Mane push, he would’ve gone ****ing flying
  6. Exactly imo the best striker in the league is the one who has scored the most goals
  7. Neville just said Firmino is the best striker in the league hahahaha WTF
  8. Is mahrez injured? Why is he not starting?
  9. My now tv is seemingly behind your posts on here. The goal hadn't gone in but I read your post before.
  10. He is onside surely it’s not even a debate
  11. He’s just here for the banter
  12. Pérez has been great recently tho and deserves to start.
  13. Tbf that was class VAR at its finest
  14. Also as we are seeing when they go to VAR it isn’t concrete it is still individual opinion and not fact that is deciding decisions. Awful!
  15. That Sheffield united decision is beyond belief. I think just stick with goal line technology and use replays to retrospectively punish missed bad fouls and divers. Then just accept human error during games as it is ruining celebrations etc.
  16. Cheers I’ll add those 6 points to my festive diary
  17. Norwich couldn’t even take a corner or free kick really really poor.
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