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  1. why would you find a Christmas party cringy?
  2. Made a great double save? Did you not see it
  3. He literally bailed them out today at. 0-0
  4. Why do Everton fans think they’re a big club it is so odd. I would say they are a small club and maybe on west hams level or Burnley.
  5. If that had been against Liverpool 100% that gets ruled out
  6. I have had chance to calm down. At least we can see that this has been pure luck Man U are shit so that’s not a bad thing for us. Also at least Ole will stay and he hasn’t got a clue what he doing. Sheff u are more of a threat to us nowadays so not the worst result really.
  7. And that absolute donkey Rashford unreal
  8. Yeah agreed. Really good remedy for Sunday evening blues.
  9. Hope they stick at it apart from Maddison and Chilwell tho
  10. Thank **** they bought Maguire if they hadn’t we wouldn’t be playing Cags now. The thought of Cags not playing for us is so sad. Also why didn’t they buy Evans instead when he was better than Harry for us? It makes zero sense at all!
  11. Oh man Maguire running then he had NO idea what he was doing. I’m not just saying that either as I don’t mind him but wow.
  12. Just realised Rashford started! Wow I did not see him at all in that first half.
  13. The fact that man united have actually matched Sheffield united’s formation says it all. A man united team fearing a Sheffield united team enough to try and match them up is mental. Then we have the fact this is not man united’s normal formation so why would they assume it would work? That is just abysmal management.
  14. How do they get though airport security dressed like that?
  15. I’m currently drinking Kees Caramel Fudge Stout which I picked up from Brew in Ashby and wow it’s amazing. Very strong though at 10.5% but bloody delicious. Starting to get in to these chocolate/vanilla/caramel stouts. Anyone know any good ones?
  16. Yeah I’ve seen it. First season is pretty good then it just gets stupid.
  17. Who do we think is worse Everton or West Ham
  18. What was that all about! Sterling’s arse offside? I don’t get it
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