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  1. Can everyone slag off Kasper, genuine scientific experiment
  2. I think we'll draw this somehow.. If not, no-one will remember this post anyway
  3. He'll be to replace Madders... Slippery slope.
  4. I'm only sticking with them now as we won the league
  5. When Vardy finally leaves, I'll stop supporting LCFC
  6. Refs / the FA / the press hate us. Winning the league seriously pi$$ed them off We are the football equivalent of Meghan Markle marrying into the royal family
  7. Racist comment I'm hearing
  8. I don't care about the goal - Chilly is having a mare today
  9. Focks


    No deal can still happen as the recent law passed doesn't cover the EU only the UK govt
  10. Glad its not just me
  11. Just missed out on the hat-trick there pal
  12. Didn't BR poo poo this one as a sick joke at todays press conference?
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