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  1. I clap after every small task I complete. That's pretty annoying for the wife
  2. I seem to be always praying for half time with BR in charge
  3. I don't remember Coatsworth being anything other than a very average player..
  4. Focks


    If he comes Madders will be off to Man U in the summer - it's so obvious
  5. Always linked to players in Portugal... Why not focus more on France where the better players are? We have never bought from France to my knowledge
  6. Try smoking when you feel ill - nauseous, bad headache etc. You will associate the act of smoking with feeling ill and it will really put you off picking one up
  7. Have you tried the masks with the bendy strip of metal on the nose? My work only provide the cheapo ones which steam my glasses up but with my own no air escapes up to the eye area so Im able to work a physical job without steaming up :-)
  8. ..lets see what the player ratings say about that one..
  9. It is a ridiculous achievement really, along with Ronaldo whose scoring records may never be beaten.
  10. Thanks for this, always on the lookout for new podcasts to keep me sane through the nightshifts at work!
  11. Should be 0-0 very evenly matched sides
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