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  1. Magnificent commentator's curse on Nat Phillips.
  2. Ah, the constant whirr of the police helicopter above the ground. It's just like the old days.
  3. Scouse conspiracy nuts were also pointing to the appointment of Anthony "Altrincham fan" Taylor as the ref for this one.
  4. Fred: please be "Good Fred" not "Crap Fred".
  5. They didn't teach it at my Sixth Form, either. I pursuaded a Maths Teacher with a classics degree to teach me Latin in my lunch breaks and free periods.
  6. Liverpool's number 46 and 47 facing Cavani, Rushford and Fernandes. I like those odds.
  7. Not sure that is correct Latin. Did you put "quit" in Google translate? I reckon "Vulpes numquam cedunt" but my Latin GCSE was over 30 years ago.
  8. Ross Barkley now (left) v Ross Barkley in the first 15 games of the season (right) :
  9. I love that squad rotation. Get it right up you, Liverpool.
  10. Wow. They really buttered our muffin. What a club.
  11. In the absence of Harvey Barnes, it's lovely to hear a post match interview in a Leicester accent. Well, from Syston, in the Borough of Charnwood, if I'm being accurate.
  12. Question: If (and I dare not hope) we win this, I take it tream captain Kasper Schmeichel would lift the trophy, rather than club captain Wes Morgan? Imagine, just imagine, Kasper lifting the cup. Images that would last for many years.
  13. If Southampton meant that corner, that was utterly magnificent. Much better than us lumping it to the first man and setting up a counter attack.
  14. Perez, to be subbed for Madders if it is not going right. But not by much. Neither is sparkling just now.
  15. Kouyate, Ayew and Zaha wearing gloves in May.
  16. You can't help but notice Man United passing it aimlessly in minute 94. Looking forward to Scouse and Hammers conspiracy theories.
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