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  1. Giving away a corner doesn't make him rubbish. Our inability to defend that corner makes everyone look rubbish. I thought Luke Thomas was very far from our worst player this evening.
  2. I know they outplayed us, but it came down to a penalty awarded after a dive. We are all Burnley fans tomorrow.
  3. 8 minutes of additional, please Mr Dean.
  4. I hope this bites me on the bum, but Vardy is spent and shouldn't be on
  5. This is great. We are having a go. If we lose, fair dos, but don't die wondering.
  6. We actually look much better since Madders went off.
  7. Has any player ever got a hattrick of disallowed goals?
  8. Who was that girl screaming Get a Fakkin Move On at Kasper
  9. Var 3 - Chelsea 0 (counting had last 5 of the last game)
  10. That may have decided who comes off.
  11. Is Mike Dean reffing this or just going for a jog?
  12. That’s nuts. You can’t “deserve” the rules being bent just because of a quality finish. Gary Neville you idiot.
  13. Yeah, that's OK I suppose, but they should have gone with my suggestion:
  14. How? Just how? I'd be pretty angry if a Leicester City player missed a chance like that.
  15. Son might be a great player, but for those post goal hand jive routines, he can get in the bin.
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