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  1. Could hear you a lot more than the other lot
  2. I'd like to give them all 10s, apart from Luke 11, Fofana 12, Kasper 11, Youri 15.
  3. I made a noise only bats and dogs could hear when Youri scored and when the VAR decision came out. I managed two family video calls in between the final whistle and the trophy lift. When Top came out, I gulped and wiped my eye. Feeling utterly utterly brilliant just now.
  4. My lounge, in Glasgow. Wouldn't want to give you all the lurgy.
  5. Show it again and again. It will never get old.
  6. Tears. Tears, everywhere.
  7. Wow. That's the best save save I've ever seen and I'm 50.
  8. I reckon Tommy Tuchel's watch cost more than my house. I do live in Glasgow, though...
  9. Fair play. Werner has been absolute gash. Play him again on Tuesday.
  10. Luke has been immense. Fofana too. And Youri - sweet, sweet Youri....
  11. Surprised Madders and Chilwell did not come on holding hands....
  12. All of Chelsea's backroom staff look evil. Like Henchmen.
  13. Would quite like Ngolo to start feeling that achilles.
  14. We soaked it up. We grew better. We are still in this. Fofana is just fabulous. Luke T not far behind. Heroes can be made in the next 45 minutes. COYB
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