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  1. Change the thread title to "Alleged partying players" or something, instead of being so bloody cryptic.
  2. A little bit of Belgium. A little bit of Nigeria. Forget the drama, gwon lads
  3. When I saw that bus on fire in Belfast this week, my thoughts turned to this thread and the inevitability of someone posting a picture of it if we lose a game of two. Hope not to see it, though
  4. Palace playing like they went to school with Roy Hodgson.
  5. Eze gave that up far far too easily. He does that a lot.
  6. Ross Barkley has gone from world beater to panel beater. Still, good goal. We really, really need to do the business tomorrow.
  7. This has late Liverpool VAR penalty written all over it.
  8. Carragher seemed to be suggesting that the intent to touch the ball was enough to rule out offside. I've never seen it interpreted like that and put the suggestion down to Carragher being a) Scouse and b) a git.
  9. The worst thing is is that VAR distracts from all that utterly toilet defending by Villa.
  10. That is frigging AMAZING. He looked a mile onside.
  11. That's what happens when you shave off the source of your power from your upper lip, Mr Becker...
  12. How on earth has Salah not scored there? And Mings
  13. The difference that a slightly amended position of the eyebrows can make is amazing. I thought I'd have a go myself. Saucy fox:
  14. He was a very very old man. Whilst I'm not too fond of the idea of monarchy, it is sad for his poor missus, who is also very old and appears to still be fairly compos mentis for a lady of her age, and also for his family.
  15. With their away goal, on their bobbly pitch, screaming and throwing themselves around as we've seen in other matches, Slavia are well in this tie.
  16. Arteta doing that weird pout at the final whistle.
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