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  1. Should be it now. Maddison is stepping up in 2021.
  2. Much better since half-time, tempo is quicker and also the pitch looks better.
  3. Can pubs and restaurants survive being shut for another six months?
  4. First 5 minutes were ok, the rest since the goal absolutely dreadful. I understand the pitch isn't easy but we just lack everything at the moment. Needs to make changes.
  5. Not a chance they'll be able to afford him.
  6. Such a shame fans won't be allowed in for a St Johnstone v Livingston/ St Mirren cup final.
  7. I had no idea Karl Darlow was 30, I reckoned he was around 25!
  8. Callum Davidson through to the Scottish League Cup final as manager of St Johnstone
  9. Last week the commentators in our match against them mentioned how much that game is spoken about and the need to move on. Just after discussing it for about a minute.
  10. Enjoyed that game, expected Man City to turn it around but if you can't have the upset you want some jeopardy at least.
  11. He does, I don't listen to his show that much but prefer him to Grimshaw on Radio One or the bland Greatest Hits lot. The music selection is decent, just wish he'd allow the song to finish. To be fair, it isn't just him, it's occurs on many stations with loads of presenters. Everyone who knows Insomnia knows the last bit doesn't have lyrics yet is great to listen to.
  12. Frustrating just as we looked like getting the full squad back again that a couple are now out.
  13. If Newcastle have anything about them they'd at least ask the question about him returning.
  14. Looks a different game when Root and Bairstow are in. Why Bairstow is being rested for India is beyond me.
  15. As an Arsenal fan you'd be both delighted at how well the youngsters are doing and concerned at just how important they are.
  16. https://www.football365.com/news/paul-merson-chelsea-hire-harry-redknapp-help-frank-lampard Predictable comment of the week. Solskjaer can ring Sir Alex Ferguson so why doesn't Lampard call his uncle?
  17. The Government cannot be blamed for hundreds of people gathering in schools for weddings or house parties/ illegal raves. They cannot be blamed if people take no care with their hand hygiene or not wearing a mask. They can be blamed for keeping schools open without adequate protection for teachers and staff and for threatening staff with the sack if they didn't return to sites and offices after banging on about staying at home when you can. Plus the lack of support for people to self-isolate.
  18. That's slightly unfair, McCarthy has won promotions and reached play-offs several times. It isn't glamorous but how many Championship appointments are?
  19. Not surprised, every domestic quarter-final we seem to play Chelsea or Man City.
  20. He cAnT dO It awAY FrOm IngURlAnD
  21. "Vardy's out, they ain't got no-one else Jeff, all these teams lavv playing on the telly, can't see it Jeff, really I can't".
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