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  1. The worst thing about all of it was that there was real optimism before the season- a new owner with money and promises, a manager who was straight talking and had done well in the lower leagues. We ended it an absolute basket case and at a level never seen before. The whole campaign was a complete mess.
  2. Although Notts are a neighbour (and a pleasant one), I do like to see the highest placed sides get promoted. Harrogate have worked their way up, far more popular than last year's play-off winners.
  3. YES YES YES Who the **** wants to watch Nick Grimshaw and his Mum discuss Antiques Roadshow or whatever as I saw when I was flicking through the channels once? The only time I think it's acceptable is when it is quiz based like WWTBAM or The Chase because you are testing knowledge, but Celebrity Deal or No Deal and the like are shit.
  4. He's benefitted hugely from being at a club with little outside scrutiny. Completely understand why Bournemouth fans adore him but never quite got the love-in the press seem to have. They've conceded 60 goals per season for five years, his expensive transfer dealings very questionable and I think Bournemouth had enough to stay up this season. I remember hearing on the radio an astonished reaction from a pundit (believe it was Chris Sutton) when somebody dared suggest he wasn't cut out for a top six club.
  5. All British group of Leicester, Motherwell, Glentoran and Bala Town.
  6. First time ever that he'd have walked.
  7. The top two are so far ahead of the rest. Man City apparently had a really poor defence of their title and they were still 15 points ahead of third. In one-off matches they might get the upper hand but I can't see Lampard or Solskjaer finishing above Klopp and Guardiola.
  8. I don't think it will happen and I wouldn't want it to. Schmeichel does frustrate me at times but I think his attitude and bollocks are what the squad requires.
  9. Why haven't they shown a replay of the keeper in or out of the box?
  10. I've no love for them but Chelsea have been on the receiving end of the decisions majorly today. I can see Arsenal under Arteta being loathed next season.
  11. Not even a foul for the second yellow, a blatant clear and obvious error and nothing is done. Load of shit.
  12. 2019/20 is done, we'll stick to the 20/21 thread from now on.
  13. Arteta's got Arsenal well trained in going down easily.
  14. Watched the toss at the England v Ireland match and the referee for the game was none other than Phil Whitticase.
  15. Newcastle strike me as a missed opportunity. They've had spells under Keegan and Robson where they were in the top four and in Europe (reached a couple of semi-finals, I think) and lost a couple of FA Cup finals in the late 90's. They came to be a force at the start of the Premier League and didn't carry it on when the money exploded. As for the big club debate, we've got three giants in this country- Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal. Longevity at the top, trophy winning for generations and consistently being in Europe. Then you've got a sliding scale where clubs drift in and out of categories with success and decline/ mediocrity. There does seem to be a fixation with history but where does it begin and end? I think, generally, we're ok with our title win being the pinnacle but want to keep progressing at a lesser level- the FA Cup being the next trophy target. For other clubs, the glory days probably split the fanbase- the older ones remember it and want it again, the younger ones missed out and are frustrated they didn't see it. For me, football is cyclical and, with notable exceptions, clubs come and go at the top. Treasure the moments because they are generally rare.
  16. I suppose it depends on your view of underachievement. If we were in Newcastle's position I think we'd cope for now, I don't think we'd be looked at by the same group when Top and Vichai were looking to invest when we were in the Championship. Let's not forget, too, that it hasn't always been a smooth ride and they've been adored from the start- plenty of criticism and a bumpy ride until promotion. Since then it's been mainly praise and positive news, though I'm sure some still aren't taken by them or have differing views. I think the laughter at Newcastle fans is aimed at those who've defended the potential new owners at every turn and have started petitions, I reckon a section weren't comfortable about the takeover and it was a real dilemma.
  17. Aitor Karanka to Birmingham. I bet he had dreams when playing for Real Madrid of forging a glittering managerial career tour of the Championship and pretty much copying Garry Monk.
  18. I know, we're being mocked now for not reaching the Champions League, a far cry from Plymouth fans calling us deluded and arrogant after we nicked their manager and sat 10 places or more below them.
  19. I do wonder, not that it is a real excuse, if the weather is playing a part today. Wearing a mask on a bus without air conditioning is pretty uncomfortable, walking round won't be pleasant.
  20. I'm sure the Man United fans are hurriedly trying to hide/ delete the tweets slating Maguire before February.
  21. He was our third best defender, just because Man United got Fernandes in and dragged themselves over the line doesn't change the fact we were absolutely right to take the money and have improved without him. They bought him with the intention of winning titles, not finishing a few points ahead of little Leicester who averaged a point a game for months.
  22. We're pretty much either top half or relegated. We don't spend years flitting between 12th and 16th.
  23. Not sure really, we're still two months away from fans in football stadia. Stopping 2k people going into a 25k ground is over the top.
  24. Not sure whether he means the players or his own commentary.
  25. There were reports that he's lost interest completely and wants to focus on Sports Direct. I doubt this will encourage him to come back strongly. Given they finished 13th and weren't particularly great in most areas, I think they are in for a real struggle now.
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