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  1. I don't think Rodgers is a bad manager, he's done on the whole a good job, we've played some sparkling football in his tenure, but these limp performances are all too frequent for me. The injury list (if true, the same horrible, costly injury to three separate players), the loans out, players playing on whilst injured, the comfortable nature of it all shouldn't be happening, or at least should be questioned. Maybe the extreme opinions and changes of opinion occur because it matches our displays?
  2. So much of their nasty, hypocritical behaviour gets brushed under the carpet. Some of the least dignified and spiteful fans around.
  3. If it had been Adrian on Yerry Mina, the fuss would be nowhere near this level.
  4. Yep, not just you. The sport feels incredibly flat at the moment- there's no matchday buzz, feeling no connection to it at all. All the crap in the past week around the future of the game feels like we're losing what it should be about. Our last two performances haven't helped. Even though we can't attend, the Sunday night kick-offs are annoying me too.
  5. It is strange how Harry Kane wasn't match fit in midweek yet managed to create one and score two in 15 minutes today. Players have too many excuses for not performing.
  6. I thought our problem, when he joined, was that we'd be too gung-ho. I was convinced we had a manager who just wanted to attack and create and defending was almost an afterthought. Yet we've sat through so many turgid displays where attacking seems the last thing on his mind.
  7. He's too comfortable. On a sensational contract which means he's here because we won't pay him off or if we do he'll get a huge pay-off, the media are huge fans of him, he followed an extremely unpopular manager and did improve us last season but shouldn't live off that forever (the last 15 games were not impressive). Look, I hope he becomes a manager we revere, one that makes us a joy to watch but adapts and has steel to grind it out when it is tough. But we don't, we look like a team that cruises when we're on top and drifts along when we aren't. I think my view of fo
  8. I hope I'm wrong but I wouldn't be sad to see him go. Bored of our style of play far too often, the management of the squad is questionable and there seems to be a very comfortable set-up where dreadful performances are excused. I suppose we'll just have to put up with plenty of dross from here and hope we get good games to show glimpses of what we could be.
  9. We knew he was injured on international duty (or at least the fans on here did). We also knew that Evans is carrying niggles and plays a lot for club and country. Morgan has back issues. Even if Soyuncu was out for a fortnight, reducing the options creates greater risk for the others. We need to rotate this season due to the extra games and the tighter schedule. We could well be flogging players this season. Benkovic, Knight or Hughes might not be the long-term answer but they'd provide short-term cover and support. We've sent them away and reduced numbers in a fragile
  10. Rodgers didn't want or expect him to be here. He's not playing him out of love, he's playing him because there's no point having him doing nothing.
  11. Honestly, why would you deliberately weaken an area of the team that is in danger of being overstretched by sending a player out on loan when a key player is out for months? Benkovic can't be that bad, surely? I have sympathy with injuries but the squad management is terrible.
  12. Evans has had injuries too, Morgan isn't reliable to be fit it seems and we've sent out a centre-back. Not good enough.
  13. Unless we change the way we play or others start taking responsibility we'll look crap without him. He makes things out of very little, the rest get very little and can't do the same.
  14. I think we'll win but the last two matches have dragged the meh feeling back to the surface.
  15. Rodgers should donate some of his wages to Vardy for the amount of times he's dragged us through.
  16. We pay the manager far too much money for too many of these lifeless, insipid displays. When was the last time a keeper played a blinder against us at home? Seriously getting bored with it all now.
  17. Back to the usual boring shite after an initial burst of excitement.
  18. We seem to be constantly defending.
  19. We sound all over the place at the back.
  20. This must be a game for record loss of possession.
  21. We're never going to get a player of his quality sitting on the bench but we just lose something without him. I like Iheanacho but Vardy is on another level in terms of game awareness, clinical nature. He seems to be struggling more and more with knocks at the moment, too.
  22. It really is concerning how much we rely on Vardy.
  23. Douglas Costa playing for Aston Villa according to Five Live
  24. The three of us relented and decided to split the £15. Told our signal was too weak to get the game so will get a refund and stick to the radio for these games in future.
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