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  1. Fulham's image has really just benefitted from not being the shambles they were last time. I think they should be staying up from the position they got themselves into but no points from the last three is a terrible run.
  2. I could've understood it more if say BBC One was rolling news with talking heads whilst BBC Two showed archive footage. But to show the exact same thing was too much. A sizable amount of the viewing and listening public want something else to watch/ listen to, they should've kept it on BBC One and News channels, Radio 4 and 5 Live and the rest go back to normal with regular updates to inform new viewers or listeners such as a ticker line along the bottom of the screen. TV and radio should be about choice.
  3. Different companies maybe but exactly the same thing on both BBC channels, nothing on BBC Four and all the radio stations stopped broadcasting their own stuff for hours. Why does Radio 1 Dance or 5 Live Sports Extra need to cut away from their usual schedule for half the day?
  4. Channel 4 have been criticised for returning to normal programming.
  5. They cancelled a Premier League match that day, nobody was sure why.
  6. Not a massive fan of the Royals but don't mind the Queen, hope she's ok on this very sad day. 73 years is a hell of a marriage and commitment.
  7. Not quite sure where to put this but does the coverage of Prince Philip's death need to be on every possible BBC TV and Radio station? Surely BBC One and the News channel can simulcast and BBC Two run to a fairly normal schedule? They are showing the exact same thing currently.
  8. He'd gone- he didn't want to be here. I think this was the team he'd love to play in but it has come too late.
  9. Just very odd. He's at a club where he's won a stash of trophies and is about to add several more, playing for a top manager, playing Champions League football. Why we need to hear all this stuff about him wanting to be at Arsenal when he's far better than their current level is strange. Unless he still wants to go there?
  10. The only great player we've lost in the past three years is Mahrez.
  11. One of the worst results in our history. The ramifications of keeping Taylor after giving him another hefty amount of money to spend only to make us even worse than the 10 matches that preceded it were seismic. Sounds completely mad to suggest sacking a manager after one match of the season was already too late but that was the case.
  12. Slavia Prague with a late equaliser. Bunch of twats they may be, they clearly aren't a bad side.
  13. Yeah, look at the bottom of the article, he speaks about joining Man City. No idea why this has been dragged up again.
  14. Didn't this come out two years ago originally?
  15. Not that season, the year after (summer 2004). Dublin, Keown, Pressman, Gemmill, Wilcox, Blake- all past it. Surely the lower leagues had up and coming players who were relatively cheap?
  16. Even three goal leads weren't a guarantee. I remember we played Sheffield United just before he left, cruised into a 3-0 lead and were holding on at the end to avoid a draw. I've no idea what happened when we got into a 2 goal lead, I'm sure we failed to win at least 8 matches from that position in his tenure.
  17. It's going to be a hell of a struggle in this section against the rest but at least we're playing top opposition and not just being rolled over by mid-table second division sides.
  18. We should've stayed up that season. We weren't a great side by any stretch but we had enough good leads in matches, late leads, to see out and make sure we survived. Southampton, Wolves (that game), Middlesbrough (3-1 up in injury times and failed to win!), Newcastle, Tottenham at home. 3 home wins all season was pathetic. He's a good bloke but I think the troubles in his first season cloud the fact we threw away a great chance to stay up and his signing policy before he left (dragging in any over-35 player available) left the club with an aging, past-it squad full of has-beens wit
  19. Even though they aren't playing football?
  20. Newcastle had 35 points when that table was printed. We finished two points above them.
  21. Yeah, I thought he stayed with us throughout his early career, should've played more before League One then was involved in the first team for the next decade.
  22. To be honest, given the election is years away, I don't quite see the point of these regular updates.
  23. No-one has missed and needs the fans more than Liverpool, too.
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