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  1. Klopp will actually explode after the game.
  2. "Wot can yer say abow Diego Shotta?" enquires Macca. Well, getting his ****ing name right would be a start. Then complains about a Brighton player being clattered and getting a free-kick- "Howshat a farl, Fletch?" And White gets booked for a perfectly timed and clean tackle. Thankfully the goal was ruled out following it.
  3. 2k isn't a huge difference at this level. In Leagues One and Two, definitely.
  4. Offensive comment? Will?
  5. Moved to 7pm for live TV coverage.
  6. He grew up in an era where playing out from the back wasn't a big focus- plus his long kicking has been productive in the past. The floaty balls are hit and miss, he doesn't tend to pass it straight to opponents a few yards, we tend to lose it around 30 yards from goal. Ndidi usually offers a short pass so hopefully when he's back we can utilise that.
  7. To get a keeper of a much better quality will cost a serious amount and I think the money is better spent elsewhere.
  8. "And whoever does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me". Marc, 90+5 JAMES MAKES IT 3-3. BLESS YOU, MY SON "The lads looked at the bench and said with man it is impossible, but not with Vardy, so I put him on" Book of Brendan's Revelations
  9. We're going to have another lockdown in January, not in doubt. Christmas "freedom" is the trade-off.
  10. Corners are still shit but his work for the second and third goals was top class.
  11. Think we know why Brendan wants five subs. Second half was much improved and we merited at least a draw. Now to win the group next week.
  12. Entertaining yes, but let's be fair, it's not good behaviour to constantly shout abuse at the referee. He needs to tone it down.
  13. Much better second half, great to see Thomas bag.
  14. Why would we have a lockdown if rules are complied with?
  15. Referee you said ****ing twenny seconds 40 seconds ago, ****ing hell.
  16. Can't wait for the first choice defence to be back, we've been all over the place. Schmeichel has kept us in it (and enjoyable amount of swearing too). Not too much going forward yet we probably should have two, if not three, goals.
  17. Stan, it happens every year mate. We don't make a huge fuss about it though.
  18. Liverpool going out/ losing in Europe when McManaman is commentating is a highlight of the season. Nothing will top the Atletico game in March for enjoyment.
  19. Messi would be sensational to watch. But I think it would be all about him. Vardy gets a lot of attention but you still feel he's under the radar, to an extent. Plus we know what Vardy brings.
  20. I don't think it will make a massive difference in the Premier League, to be honest. Leagues One and two a different story, though.
  21. Well, every other game we have kicks off then so why not?
  22. Defence looks a bit League Cup second round but going forward, plus the bench, look strong. At least the three wins so far, including the score in the first game means we'll still have it fully in our hands barring an absolute thrashing. A point pretty much seals it, I think?
  23. I was in an area that was Tier 1 and now Tier 2, primarily because the population is bigger towards the 60+ age group therefore more cases despite the overall number reducing hugely after outbreaks in factories etc. No surprise London gets a blanket Tier 2.
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