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  1. When are they finally going to ditch the awful Monday Night slot? Nobody wants it, have it on a Friday if you have to. Monday nights are terrible. 22 out of 31 matches moved this season from the original slot (including midweeks), 8 3pm Saturday matches and 1 3pm on New Year's Day. The rest have all been moved with more to follow.
  2. Clattenburg definitely earning his expert money earlier- "Robertson wants to foul him outside the box because if it is inside he gives away a penalty". Thank God BT provide this extra service for us plebs.
  3. We should offer a new contract just in case someone bids for him and we get something. He'd be an excellent free transfer in the market, hope he wants to stay for another year at least.
  4. The Birch and his speeches. The same thing every game, he even started laughing halfway through last night's. We really don't need him to rouse us, most of us are fully behind what is happening and will get over a couple of bad results.
  5. Noticeable how good his touch is, manages to keep it under pressure now and keeps the momentum going. His work for the penalty was exceptional.
  6. Much better last night, fortunately we had no real periods of struggle and the football throughout was positive so there was something to get behind.
  7. Really enjoyed that, from the first minute we were at it, had lots of energy and the movement was great, virtually all players contributed positively, only downside was losing two players to injury but hopefully not too badly. Think they felt they had to put on a show and did that, players recently criticised like Barnes, Perez and Chilwell all stepped up, Ricardo was back to his best, Tielemans looked heaps better and Iheanacho did a good job in place of Vardy, superb play to win the penalty. Yes, they were awful but we didn't let them settle and four goals was about right for the evening.
  8. All of these teams at the bottom must have really hard runs of games coming up, they've all been playing each other in the past month. Plus West Ham v Brighton and Bournemouth v Aston Villa in ten days time.
  9. That's really worked well in the last 12 years.
  10. If we play it right we could be 11 clear of Chelsea by the February break, what an opportunity.
  11. Agreed, left work today in daylight with a lovely sunset. Just looks so much nicer than the dark with street lights. Winter sunset is the best view.
  12. We've got a higher points per game ratio than any Championship club this season.
  13. People are probably watching in the hope/ expectation Liverpool will win against a top 4/ relegation rival now. That's why I tuned in yesterday.
  14. Two teams with the biggest fanbases get high viewing figures shocker.
  15. Injury time is a lottery really. No idea how they come up with these amounts most of the time.
  16. He does get fouled a fair bit but he tends to go over easily when he's taken too many touches or lost possession when crowded out and hits the deck. Very good player but can be even better if he cut this out.
  17. Liverpool were comfortable, Man United had one serious chance and that was Martial blazing over. Liverpool should've won by 4, Tyler and Neville making it closer than it was. Just a shame we couldn't increase the gap.
  18. We need Ndidi back badly, we need Tielemans, Vardy and Ricardo to find form and to pick a settled team. I realise we've had a lot of games in the past six weeks but all this changing can't be helping.
  19. The amount of times he's on the floor having wasted a chance to do something is ridiculous.
  20. Three penalties missed this season in league games, not good enough.
  21. Not particularly thrilling but we look the more threatening side, good goal by Barnes. Think another one will finish this, Mendy has played well.
  22. He's really going to want to play for a manager who slagged him off earlier this season.
  23. Stop the clock when the ball goes out, start it again when it is back in play- no moaning about time-wasting and you play the full game. The game will be quicker as teams won't take forever to take throw-ins etc.
  24. The current way generally is fine, you do need a spell during the season to make changes if required but no more than a month. I loathe transfer rumours so having it open for just a month is a good thing, and it helps the clubs focus on the season without players heads being turned after February.
  25. Still not convinced Vardy retired through his own choice alone but his time with England is done, he seems content away from it all and England look elsewhere. He could've been involved but Southgate chose the Kane-only route and that's his decision.
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