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  1. Another thing that has been mentioned about him is that he doesn't seem affected by missing. Look at him today- poor touches, scuffed efforts but then a clinical run and finish with the minimum of fuss.
  2. Wrighty will be eulogising over Vardy later.
  3. We played so well that night. That team wasn't the best but it gave everything for the cause.
  4. Pearson angrily finishing his water, hurling the bottle away and shouting TWAT is the kind of pashun we love
  5. Think back 14 months to that miss at Man City and look at him now. A totally different player, one who fits in and looks comfortable.
  6. I think 5th will get Champions League qualification so the gap to Wolves increasing is huge, although we've got a tough run-in. We've done our job today. Expected Man United and Wolves to win, Chelsea I wasn't fully convinced by but this is done, our position hasn't worsened which is the main thing.
  7. I'm not surprised, as I said he always seemed under pressure so four defeats in a row and play-offs gone. Hasn't managed a top six finish in four seasons at a very ambitious club.
  8. There was a lot of snobbery about Vardy. He has worked his way from knockbacks, rejections to be prolific at every level he's played at. I mean, he's scored against Italy, Holland, Germany at international level too. He was never a non-league player in the first place but any player reaching 100 goals in six top flight seasons is a wonderful record.
  9. Brentford and Fulham both winning, West Brom should beat Hull tomorrow so the gap will stay at five points. Bristol City in terrible form. Lee Johnson always seems a man who will get sacked, then gets a good run going, it falls apart and he's still under pressure.
  10. Can't see Arsenal coping with an in-form Wolves, Chelsea I'm not sure, they've thrown away a good deal of points against teams in the relegation battle. Maybe Nige can nick a point.
  11. I prefer him to Maddison in the role behind the striker- Iheanacho doesn't piss about with the ball as much, very good at controlling and laying off. Goal was straightforward but absolutely crucial. Had an impressive season for the time he's played.
  12. Another four goals this season and he'll have 100 in five seasons. An average of 20 per season in the top flight in a team that hasn't always been a top side, or one that creates plenty of chances, for a player who wasn't even a professional this time a decade ago. We've never had a player with an impact like his, surely?
  13. Good to enjoy a game for once, even if we'll be moaning again on Tuesday night Yes the goals were from errors but we forced them by putting the ball in the box and then putting pressure on- players in positions can then affect things. Liked the three at the back, wonder if we'll go with that now?
  14. Moss has been terrible as usual, fed up of this berk ruining every match he officiates.
  15. This could be a massive day for him. Let's hope it is the start of something huge in the next few weeks.
  16. 100 top flight goals in six seasons, just magnificent.
  17. Yes, they both came from errors but you've a better chance of creating errors by putting the ball in the box and putting pressure on them. Twice it happened, twice it worked. Need to see this through now.
  18. After an initial bright start, faded again into nothingness. Slow, laboured build-up, no threat in the box, passing it across but getting nowhere.
  19. His scoring record is so impressive given how little of the game he's actively involved in.
  20. Big Mick McCarthy has to be the most likely to swear live on commentary.
  21. Bloke's a wand. He got called up to the England squad by Capello and, as a thank you gesture, decided to link up with David Bentley to scream "POSTMAN PAT!" in Capello's face.
  22. I think Dagenham won their first leg 6-0 about ten years ago.
  23. Milan Mandaric next. TRUST ME! LEICESTER WILL BE FINE
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