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  1. I don't see a lot in there that is wrong- I'm sure Newcastle fans were delighted when they were near the top of the league and thrashed by a struggler with very little complaint afterwards. I remember a time when Newcastle reached a European semi-final, were still in Champions League contention and deserted their team on a lap of appreciation after a crap result in their final home game. Fans being pissed off is nothing new, despite success and progress.
  2. They'll proceed from here with the next step (meeting indoors), nothing in the data is alarming.
  3. If he's sucking up to Surrey he could work for Sky.
  4. If anything it makes me more annoyed about Friday. There was always a chance that Everton, who are excellent away from home, would get a result today. We just had to turn up and do the right things, win the game and our position would be very strong. Unfortunately, we're still vulnerable. West Ham aren't in great form but matches against strugglers to come- what a wasted opportunity to put real distance between us.
  5. 6 down now, a couple of bowling points taken.
  6. Callum Davidson reaches his second cup final of the season with St Johnstone.
  7. A Man United win suits us, too, but that is still a penalty under this season's guidance.
  8. Pretty much every other instance a player sticks his arm up a penalty is given this season.
  9. If we win this we don't need to bother with the Europa League qualifiers. Bring it on
  10. Jeff Stelling banging the drum for Portsmouth being a huge club. Just don't see it. They've spent less than a decade in the top flight in 60 years.
  11. Take the draw whatever, don't want any sort of repeat of last week.
  12. Goodness me, I think Schmeichel has a similar record
  13. Wednesday. I agree though, for a club of their supposed size three relegations to the third tier in a relatively short space of time is ridiculous. You might have one but three is terrible.
  14. Plus their manager has a look and aura of Billy Davies about him.
  15. Pressure is seriously on, Brendan. People are talking about you and your mentality in tough situations. Time to prove them wrong.
  16. Yes, it might be nice to stick one up the Super League teams but let's live in the reality- West Ham are a more natural competitor, with the pull of London already working against us, Champions League too will harm our chances of getting players whilst improving theirs.
  17. This weekend was always going to be tough after that shitshow last night. Winning that game would put serious pressure on the others and make sure we were pretty much in control of our destiny in the final match. We've had the double blow of letting other teams pull closer whilst also not knowing how that result and performance will affect us going forward.
  18. Redmond and Walcott are absolute Premier League mediocrity.
  19. I think, honestly, Liverpool getting 4th instead of West Ham is better for us if we fall away. Us and West Ham will probably be shopping in a similar market- Champions League is a massive advantage to whoever is in there.
  20. I think we're done, to be honest. Last night was truly alarming.
  21. Good job we turned up last night and kept hold of our position.
  22. He scores that and it's game over. I wouldn't be shocked if he's dragged off and replaced.
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