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  1. Not sure about that, he hit with some pace. Pope went walkabout because he didn't expect Iheanacho to hit it first time.
  2. According to Football365, the only player possibly affected is Amartey and he's not played for Ghana for years.
  3. Too close to the pitch. I'm sure it was further back when we played there.
  4. I'm ok with it. You'll get some for and against you but remember, DRS was brought in originally to clear up howlers and by and large it has done that (unless the third umpire stops the video halfway through). Some decisions are marginal and the umpire deserves a bit of leeway.
  5. Although we're on the same points and position, the current form is vastly different. We'd lost 5 of the previous ten on reaching 27 games- this year we've lost 2 in 14. This season feels different even though the outcome may be the same.
  6. Leicester City aren't in terrible form.
  7. Maybe shutting the gyms and restricting people to one lot of exercise per day wasn't the best move?
  8. I know. Some stories look strange when they appear- this didn't. Bruce has always struck me as somebody who'd have a row with players.
  9. Yeah, the keeper's position looks odd because of the fact it was a first-time shot. Had he taken a touch (as most would) then as you say the angle changes. It was a brilliant piece of instinctive play.
  10. It doesn't appear that fabricated. A perfectly plausible scenario.
  11. Six 0-0 draws for Manchester United this season.
  12. Much will be made of Pope's positioning but Iheanacho didn't even look at the goal, he knew where he was putting it from the moment Ndidi drifted it over. If Pope had been in the centre of the goal he'd have still had plenty to do to stop it.
  13. Have we ever played on seven consecutive midweeks before? I can't recall a run like this.
  14. He's not proactive enough. At times he can make great tackles and get stuck in but too often he dawdles and simple passes go past him and he gives the ball away cheaply. You can't afford that at this level.
  15. Commentators mentioning Schlupp's trial at Man United- anyone remember that? He went over there for about three weeks mid-season when we were in a bad run, came back and went straight into the team.
  16. @Cardiff_Fox said we earned just under £7 million.
  17. Wouldn't change him for anyone in this league.
  18. I don't quite know what people were expecting tonight. A reduced quality team brings a reduced quality performance. We still could've nicked it. Think the players and manager deserve better than to read some fans have given up.
  19. Fofana will start. Possibly Luke Thomas back at left-back or Ricardo and Castagne as full-backs. Iheanacho should play. Perez back to boost numbers on the bench, hopefully. Blimey it's relentless at the moment in terms of games.
  20. We were playing well and looking threatening. The past two games have since us miss and lose half of our best attacking players. Of course the quality reduces. There is a reason a lot of these players are back-ups.
  21. I think the timing of the game was important, too. Unusually this was moved forward two and a half weeks, had it been played later in the season it might've been different. Let's not forget Burnley were unhappy it was moved to this week. It went as I expected, we were trying to get into a rhythm with half the reserves in plus players out of position. Barely any time on the training ground to try something new. I felt we could've done with this week off.
  22. Twice- West Ham and Aston Villa, Liverpool and Fulham. We've not lost more than two in a row under Rodgers.
  23. Didn't deserve to be subbed. Deserves to start on Saturday.
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