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  1. I swear you could just play him on repeat for the last five years.
  2. We aren't the only ones, Klopp has failed to win there in five seasons.
  3. No doubt the penalty will be the main talking point but make no mistake, Palace fully deserve this win. Great to hear Neville ranting about anything and everything.
  4. Yeah, so British for some to ignore the graphic scenes and talk and focus on the smoking as the worst thing.
  5. People complaining to Ofcom. This time specifically about the Dennis Nilsen programme. I mean, what did they expect to see? A programme about a serial killer might have some upsetting scenes. Do people not research before watching these shows?
  6. Mitrovic deserves better than this, surely? I know he's a headcase at times but he's better than Fulham finishing, in all likelihood, 19th/20th again. I've been wondering for a while too who Ian Darke, the BT commentator, sounds like- Steve Wright on Radio 2.
  7. We've been constantly told we'll have a second wave yet the leaders seem baffled that it has arrived. We're bombarded with calls to get tests yet are criticised when we actually get them. We're told to go back to work, it is safe, public transport is safe yet we're heading for another restriction. Just fed up with it all- the confused messaging, the "victim" blaming (the victim here being the public looking to stay safe). Just admit that you've got it wrong, we're still a long way off in a difficult time. Continually saying how great you are, how world-class the service is when it blatantly isn't, then blaming the public when it doesn't work is pathetic. That's why people have had enough of being lectured.
  8. For all the talk of quality football, sensational goals, worldies- there's something reassuring to us mere mortals in a long throw causing havoc in the box.
  9. Was really hoping Slav went for Mike Dean there.
  10. Keown- "The legends like Dixie Dean, if you remember him Fletch". Dixie Dean finished at Everton in 1937. And Gibbs, seriously? Why do players push others in the face? Guaranteed red card, pathetic.
  11. He'll stay until we get an acceptable bid/ replacement. The power is fully in our hands.
  12. £45 million for a back-up player. MICHAEL EDWARDS IS A GENIUS
  13. A QPR fan pointed out on Twitter that their club has a diverse backroom staff, supported minority groups after Grenfell and the stadium is named after a young black player who tragically died. They've done more than enough to promote the BAME community.
  14. I'm surprised we haven't been asked to give them a weekly applause yet.
  15. It's taken the edge off it. All four televised matches would've been great with a full house at a smaller ground, empty stadiums take the appeal away..
  16. We're going to win it the hard way.
  17. The problem occurs because cold symptoms are not a sign of the virus but sneezing can spread it.
  18. Did we put a bid in for him at one stage, over a million I think? Why didn't they accept it? To reject a bid then not play him seems odd.
  19. Locking down nationally would just suppress the virus (and not as effectively as before as fewer would take notice, I reckon) for two weeks before things opened up again. We have to accept the virus is with us, is bloody hard to stop too. All this talk of beating the virus etc isn't helping, we've got to learn to live with it now and take measures to protect ourselves. If we're going to increase testing, we'll find more positive tests. That's the nature of it. If people are still not taking notice, they never will. You just have to hope they don't come into contact with you.
  20. Why do these threads come across as though the club hadn't noticed these players are still here and are doing nothing to move them on? God I loathe transfer windows, the months of the season without them are bliss.
  21. Noticeable on the news and radio I've heard the amount of people wanting tests when their child/ grandchild has symptoms. Virtually all were looking for a youngster to get tested.
  22. I see Sky have gotten over their moral dilemma. Around the time of the Arsenal redundancies, the presenters were musing about how they could discuss transfer deals worth hundreds of millions of pounds whilst redundancies were occurring. It probably lasted an hour before the next bit of transfer bullshit hit their desk and business as usual. A club being wound up won't affect them in the slightest.
  23. Dreadful result, chasing just over 7 an over, lose four wickets and still lose. Would've given us some security in the top four, what a careless waste.
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