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  1. We know more about the FA Cup route but we're still probably going to have to beat at least two of the top six to win it. Europa League is going to be a real challenge. If we can reach at least one semi-final I think we've done well.
  2. He's had a brilliant career. Look at other players who've got famous fathers- Alex Bruce, Tom Ince- and what Kasper has achieved compared to them is startling. For me, I was a keeper when growing up and Peter was the iconic goalkeeper of that time. To then see his son stay at the club I follow for a decade, play 400 times and win titles with us is remarkable.
  3. Didn't Langer go on a drive to improve their conduct and behaviour? I know we aren't a bunch of angels but they are something else and so many people thrown out for abuse in this Test alone from the stands.
  4. And they'd choose this one being rearranged quickly instead of the Burnley match. I think they'd lose this whenever it was played.
  5. Brentford are playing on Wednesday before, we're playing Everton the Wednesday after so either Saturday or Sunday for this one.
  6. West Ham at home then Swansea a week later. The man stood up and delivered when it mattered. Heroic.
  7. This to stick in front of your non mask wearers in supermarkets.
  8. I take it we're ball 15 in the fifth round based on our placing?
  9. Fvcking hell, terrible news. Get well soon, Sol.
  10. Shame they played at home in the last round or we could've been the last to play an FA Cup tie at Griffin Park and the first at the new ground.
  11. Is seven miles for exercise really necessary though? This is the problem they've left themselves with- not putting down a number to stick to leaves it open to interpretation.
  12. Oh what a surprise. Hancock backs the police fining the women £200 for travelling five miles yet says Johnson going for a bike ride seven miles away is ok. What a tosser.
  13. Yeah, it was harsh, I meant more that if Whitty isn't required to speak we're doing well enough.
  14. I hope when all this is under control and most of us are vaccinated the likes of Hancock and Whitty disappear from public view. You hear their name and instantly think bad news is coming.
  15. Of course they are but I'd guess the vast majority on here are in the lower priority bands so we've still got plenty of time to wait and harsher restrictions aren't going to improve people's outlook.
  16. What is there to be positive about apart from the vaccination figures?
  17. Teams are going to have to accept inconvenience this season, I'm afraid. At least Fulham get an extra day off after their midweek game which several teams didn't get over Christmas.
  18. And once again the people hit hardest are those that comply.
  19. Oh well, at least 2021 will be better. Will there be many pubs around by then?
  20. Last season's quarter-final against Everton. We've had loads in the past three years.
  21. At least they've moved on from Wycombe.
  22. Marine 0-2 Tottenham- Marine 8 shots, 3 on target. Tottenham 4 shots, 2 on target. Marine 63% possession.
  23. I don't think showing the video of the 9-0 made that much of a difference. I doubt their squad would've avoided talking about it. Far more pertinent was that in the return game they were in much better form and also were much better away from home last season.
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