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    His defending yesterday was first class- proactive, dominant with authority. An absolute steal for what we paid.
  2. I would expect the managers to defend and support their players, I would expect Rodgers to do the same, but you are comparing manager's comments with fans comments and, in the main, agreeing with a lot of our observations about the goals yesterday. Who knows, maybe the fans of Brentford and Palace were saying similar things to us?
  3. We're just getting what pundits have said for years- "anyone can beat anyone"- only this year it is actually happening.
  4. From what you read and hear, even he says it himself, he's not bothered about the team harmony unless he's ok. He admitted he pissed around in training when he wanted to leave Birmingham for Blackburn and he did an article on the BBC detailing how you force a transfer. He did a good job for us but I don't see him as a legend or a hero.
  5. Corky


    More noticeable when Ndidi isn't playing, Choudhury doesn't come short for the give and go pass. It's clear Rodgers wants us to play through the middle originally then spread it wide, but they'd cut off the area to play it where Choudhury was standing.
  6. Newcastle are going to finish about 10th with 34 goals, their top scorer being a defender, the strikers managing 6 goals between, the stats say they are awful every match yet are nowhere near the bottom.
  7. Well, why review actual chances when we can look at Tammy Abraham falling over and not moving?
  8. You want to finish as high as possible obviously, and if we didn't finish third from here I'd be frustrated, but it won't mean too much with regards to next season in the Champions League- I think Ashley said we're in pot 4 unless we win the title so 2nd-4th, beyond material pride, isn't really significant.
  9. Two of the game's greatest managers sharing a warm embrace there
  10. I was amazed they didn't even review it. They review virtually everything that is close to a hand yet they just played on.
  11. Glad Chilwell told him that he should've done better for the first goal, it's in the six yard box, you need to at least try and get the ball away. If Schmeichel got pissed off then good, he needs to be told. But then he's had the same coach for nearly a decade and still the same issues exist.
  12. Reckon all the top 6 will fancy automatic promotion this season, just six points between them.
  13. Generally thought we played well, first half was pretty dull but we had a couple of decent chances, especially Vardy. Second half we conceded the customary crap goal but it seemed to get us going, got ahead, then gave away another soft goal but should've won it after that through Barnes or Evans (or both). We needed a response from Tuesday and I think we got it, still things to work on but we now have a break to give players a rest, get players fitter and just take stock of where we are.
  14. Although I don't rate him as a pundit, he is generally positive about us. Great player in those two years, he and Heskey linked up brilliantly.
  15. Was a bit of a cult figure with us, didn't play very much. Better known for Chris Powell taking penalties at him in the pre-match warm-up.
  16. "Ah wash dishappointid in Jesshie. Jeshpurr Blomkwhist never give the ballsh away in 99, Jesshie needsh to know zhat".
  17. Something Cardiff Fox alluded to in the fans performance thread that I think will occur- A rise in clubs being formed by disillusioned top flight and Championship fans, not the same as FC United but people fed up of high ticket prices, kick-off times being moved, sanitised matchday experiences and probable changes to the game such as Cups being marginalised and cancelled. Wouldn't rule out AFC Leicester, Arsenal, Chelsea types etc in the next decade where fans want to watch football at a cheaper price, 3pm Saturday and the ability to stand up without hindrance.
  18. Will it get better then? I'm sure if we trawl through the forum back to 12/13 years ago you'd see threads moaning about atmospheres. We reached our peak during the survival run, the title season and the Champions League. Generally brilliant backing, even the clappers played a part and didn't just take over. it is a shame the away support seems to have subsided in terms of noise and enthusiasm, even in the poorer days we could still get behind the team or even just take the piss out of ourselves. Now it just seems flat.
  19. Imagine singing about people dying and throwing stuff at their house because your football team is underachieving. Who on earth gets that wound up by it all? Some people need to take a long, hard look at themselves.
  20. Not his best game recently but still scored and did well to get round Mings early on but the angle was too tight. Still has a big part to play.
  21. Maddison has had a very good season, tonight was one of his games where he seems to be trying to shoot at every opportunity rather than assess the situation. Grealish is not twice the player he is, Maddison has still been very effective and as Scouse says, is a marked player usually. He needs to cut out the going to ground, needs to consider his options more at times but when he's on form we're a much better team.
  22. A few saying they don't care about Saturday so it should be quiet if we lose......
  23. Oh ffs. No doubt that will get put on Twitter and people will pile in saying we're entitled and take the piss. I despair sometimes.
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