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  1. It's incredible how a supposedly cautious manager is struggling to see 3-0 leads out here.
  2. And bring on who? The only one I could think is Mendy for Ndidi so he doesn't get sent off. No serious attackers left.
  3. I don't see them finishing above West Ham, Chelsea and Liverpool.
  4. All that has happened is that we lose players for a crucial game, the squad is weakened, the bench severely and we'll probably have to wait a bit longer to see if they all test negative so they can return. Shit all round.
  5. Good goal, to be fair. Shows what can be done if you hit it with pace and not scuff it along the floor.
  6. Is it to compensate for Castagne and Ricardo not being completely fit or the lack of wingers?
  7. Wasn't Perez moaning about a lack of game time a few weeks ago?
  8. I know West Ham defensively have been poor but they've been scoring for fun lately. I'd imagine the off-field issues have disrupted the game and we've tried to shove most of the best remaining players into whatever formation they can. I don't think we're bottling it currently as West Ham are a good side who are capable of this, if we struggle in the next four I think it can be chucked at us.
  9. Having a genuine left-sided player will help, Castagne pushed forward?
  10. I don't see how it could. It's not other people out to get us, it's our own doing that leaves us with fewer options in a stretched and heavily worked squad. There's nothing positive to come out of this episode at all.
  11. Our shooting has been awful, either daisycutters into the keeper's arms or aimless hits well wide. We've had promising positions and not done anywhere near enough.
  12. I think we can now see why we played so deep last week.
  13. I don't think we've played that badly but the final ball has been lacking and the shots not enough conviction. Just a shame the bench is so limited to change things.
  14. You could tell in the Sky interview he wanted to reveal more but held himself back.
  15. Nobody is allowed to break the rules but given their profile it is far bigger news than the bloke down the street attending a party. The bloke down the street may be fined whatever amount for attending anyway. You know what, their job may be impacted too? In the age of social media, it's a bonkers thing to do and expect to get away with.
  16. Both of those are injured so they don't directly affect the team selection for this game. They will be dealt with accordingly. Every game right now is huge, the full focus should be on the final 8 league games and the semi-final. I don't think they should be thrown out of the club or pelted with rotten tomatoes but they know this can cause issues and there was just no need for it.
  17. Newcastle badly need this with their run of games coming up.
  18. There is just no excuse. Age, naivety, boredom, whatever. We're all bored. We're all fed up. They've surely seen how delicate the situation is with a team-mate catching the virus and unable to get back here. To do this is just ridiculous. The manager must be livid- having spent months dealing with injuries and the disruption he then gets close to a full squad back only for this to occur which weakens the squad for no good reason at all.
  19. I can't believe people are criticising the club/ manager for not including them. The only people weakening our position are the players who ignored the rules. Simple as.
  20. Bench looks short of quality again. Well done lads, options seriously reduced for no fvcking good reason.
  21. If they've done it there's no excuse. Reduces the manager's options for crucial games and has the potential to spread a virus around the camp. Brainless and unprofessional.
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