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  1. West Brom have conceded three goals or more in five consecutive home league matches. Must be a record?
  2. I take it Karren Brady won't be calling for the season to be declared null and void this time? https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/mar/14/west-ham-karren-brady-calls-for-premier-league-cancellation-coronavirus
  3. They haven't got as much cricket as they used to. BT have taken the rights to the Australia and New Zealand home series recently which Sky usually had. Sky had the South Africa v Sri Lanka series a few weeks ago.
  4. I think we should rename it Agnew Arena to see how he reacts when a club he wouldn't mind seeing disappear gives him the prestige of his name on the stadium address.
  5. As opposed to finishing with fewer points than Gary Rowett managed the year before?
  6. The Government are stepping up the guilt-tripping by showing people needing oxygen and "telling them you don't bend the rules". I mean, only a few months ago quite prominent people were prepared to shake their hand. Times really have changed.
  7. That bit you quoted wasn't my view but in a wider piece about the perception of the club when we were looking to appoint before choosing Puel. I've no doubt Puel alienated a lot of people.
  8. Puel and Rodgers were initially given a similar length of contract, Rodgers signed his new deal 10 months in. They were both given a three year deal give or take a few months with the appointment dates. Maybe not a stop gap but certainly not someone who would stick around for a long time. We seem to give each manager the same type of initial deal, let's not forget Shakespeare was given three years to begin with. It's probably as much to do with giving yourself some protection should they do well and are approached by other teams. When I say lined up, I mean that he was the first ch
  9. The whole process was thrown out due to Ranieri's second season. The ideal scenario was for Ranieri to give us a couple of comfortable years after the title win and drift off into the sunset leaving us a settled Premier League team. Clearly that went by the wayside and the Shakespeare experiment looked forced rather than natural. We therefore had to find somebody at short notice to drag us out of the poor form we were in and get us stabilised. Let's not forget that at the time the options were limited- reputationally we were poor having been seen as the villains who binned a league
  10. The only cricket that should be shown on a Mickey Mouse channel is The Hundred.
  11. According to Henry Winter, Lampard leaves Chelsea in the last 16 of the Champions League, in the fifth round of the FA Cup and had been top a few weeks ago. Which is a neat way of avoiding saying they are 9th with five defeats in eight league games and got past Morecambe and Luton at home in the FA Cup. Reminds me of Jeff Stelling's outrage at our sacking of Ranieri, citing he left us on the verge of the Champions League quarter-finals. Again, did very well to avoid saying we'd lost the first leg 2-1, were 17th, hadn't scored for six games, lost the previous five and be
  12. How many matches has he missed in that time, though? We've won the last three without him scoring which is encouraging.
  13. Players and managers seem to really respect and value the people behind the scenes. RIP Sheila, she was clearly loved around the place.
  14. Hell of a victory, any win in Asia is a huge effort.
  15. Enjoying the shock that a club who routinely sack managers have routinely sacked a manager. Only this time it would be different because it's Frank and he's a legend and they deserve time etc. Only change this time is that he's not been sacked after winning a trophy. I don't think they ever really wanted him but it suited to go through the transfer ban and losing Hazard.
  16. For however poor and toxic it was with Puel, Rodgers wouldn't have taken the job when Shakespeare left. We needed a go-between. We've clearly upgraded massively, Puel was never a long-term thing but we brought in players during his time that have allowed us to attract top coaches. He's gone and nobody wants him back. Every single one of us would choose Rodgers any day.
  17. One time their fans started chanting "Oh my God I can't believe it, we've never been this good away from home" which I liked. I think it was when they started in League One. Can't believe we've missed out Lembit Opik for our celebrity fan. He was in FourFourTwo an all. EDIT- Been mentioned.
  18. Unlike Klopp, Rodgers will just get on with it.
  19. Perez. Though clearly both well behind Vardy in the quality and effectiveness stakes. We may need the others to contribute goals as they've been doing.
  20. Jenas- "I don't even know what day it is" I wouldn't worry, you'll probably be on TV somewhere.
  21. Best player in the first half, lovely finish early in the second, seemed to have a point to prove and did himself no harm.
  22. Started well, conceded a poor goal and didn't look good until half-time afterwards. Stepped it up in the second half and turning it around quickly put us in control, just needed the third after that. Tielemans, Under, Maddison all excellent in the second half, Under was good throughout. Soyuncu looked better later on, Amartey looked shaky in the beginning and Ward had a mixed day, couple of good saves but poor near the end. Glad we're through and with a home match in the next round.
  23. Can't have been the only shouting GET UP when Ndidi went down.
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