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  1. Milan Mandaric next. TRUST ME! LEICESTER WILL BE FINE
  2. I understand why teams do it- I really don't like it as it is a cheap way of stopping the game and benefits players who basically can't be bothered to win it back fairly- but, as you say, the trade off was the certain yellow card. I do wonder if players will now not look for an advantage and hope the ref gives the yellow card for blatant gamesmanship, which is what it is.
  3. Tielemans v Bournemouth yes, but then Lerma made a similarly poor challenge later on that was ignored. Most of the calls earlier were correct but came under the without VAR they wouldn't be given banner.
  4. Logic would suggest that the lesser sides would benefit more but watching matches, it is definitely the top sides that tactically and cynically foul the most.
  5. Thank fvck for that. We can get Mahrez, Kante and Kingy back and bin off these frauds and chancers
  6. Can't they bin Martin Tyler off? Just witters on most of the time, eventually lost it all by going on about some spurious stat when Graeme Souness was manager years ago.
  7. Balanced line-up tonight- three former Liverpool players, daughter of a Liverpool hero and one former Man City player.
  8. There was nothing wrong with the original rule- you make no attempt to play the ball, just go to stop the man and you get a yellow. Now they've given licence to players to commit fouls and get away with it because, even if you play advantage, the momentum is delayed and it helps the defending side.
  9. What? The comment I was responding to was questioning whether his lack of a playing career was an issue. I was making the point that it wasn't. If it was, the players wouldn't have responded from the start of his tenure- for 9 months they did. What Peter Taylor has to do with that I've no idea.
  10. Defenders are allowed to blast the ball at attacker's arms from no distance and they'll get a decision, it really is ridiculous when it is broken down. Sheffield United have been impressive.
  11. Rodgers didn't seem to struggle to coach Luis Suarez. Nor was his lack of a top playing career a problem from March to December last year.
  12. It seems to be a lottery as to what will actually be reviewed- if every handball was reviewed then at least you could analyse it but they seem to pick and choose which ones they want to go over again. With the offsides, for however marginal and miniscule, they have been checking every goal. With handballs, you're waiting to see if the video ref can be bothered.
  13. His run for the Coleman handball incident summed it up. Did brilliantly to get away from his marker, momentum going towards the box then decides to slow down, multiple stepovers for no reason and a crap cross. If he'd kept on going, attempted to go past Coleman and drill it across something could've occurred.
  14. Chelsea's penultimate league match is away to Liverpool.
  15. 2009? This is 2003 and Micky Adams all over again.
  16. Also shows that other teams around us aren't special either. Chelsea have taken 1 point from West Ham and Bournemouth this season.
  17. The Wigan owners had been in charge for a month.
  18. 3 and a half minutes to check on VAR, 2 minutes drinks break, probably another 30 seconds of delays. 3 minutes added on. Takes the piss.
  19. Maybe they have, which is concerning given his man-management was a massive factor in not being Puel. I'm not sure about the transfer market, we have to hope we improve in the right areas. Very much a case of fingers crossed currently.
  20. The Southampton and Burnley games were crucial in things turning negative. We managed to win convincingly at West Ham and Newcastle, took the lead in both matches above and lost both.
  21. Maybe an overhaul of the squad, players fired up to put things right? Pearson has managed it before, we have to hope Rodgers gets something going. As ttfn said, we can't afford to sack him.
  22. He needs a strong end and good start to next season. I really don't want another managerial change after 18 months, another massive pay-off and another period of uncertainty about who is coming in. Start of next season is huge.
  23. Not VAR but giving a free kick to them when their player loses his footing and crashes into ours was one of the worst decisions you'll see.
  24. West Ham are hopeless, our third team managed to beat them. 2-0 Chelsea.
  25. I'd give Iheanacho a go on Saturday but I fear he'll be isolated like Vardy is. Vardy isn't playing well but the safety first approach will leave any striker alone right now.
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