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  1. Are Reading a seriously good team or is it a new manager bounce? They've got a decent lead already.
  2. No, it'll be a distraction more than anything.
  3. Keep him fit and he's an asset for any team at that level. Just good to see him playing again.
  4. Vardy, Izzet, Walsh, Elliott, Schmeichel, O'Neill, Ranieri, Pearson, Heskey, Morgan.
  5. BT Sport no doubt distraught at not being able to lie about the amazing European atmosphere at Anfield.
  6. It is offside. Would we be annoyed if it happened to us? Probably. Correct decision? Yes.
  7. Before we all jump on the "well said Mike Ashley" bandwagon, Newcastle fans are still waiting for refunds from season tickets. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/oct/15/newcastle-fans-demand-season-ticket-money-back-supporters-trust
  8. Lost a great man that day. A truly horrific day. The fact we still sing about him in such a heartfelt way shows the feeling we have. The tribute was wonderful. Top is doing a magnificent job carrying on his work.
  9. Dyche quite happy to slate diving yet never complains about his own mob throwing elbows about.
  10. Rodgers needs to use his long contract to his advantage- he has the ability and time to build something here. He's got a very talented squad. He'll have Vardy here, I don't think Barnes will go anywhere, I can see Ndidi staying a long time, Fofana should be here for four years or so. Others may come and go but consistently doing well keeps your name in the news and keeps you attractive. Veterans like Morgan and Fuchs will depart soon and their places will be up for grabs. Hopefully the academy will bring through four or five youngsters to become first team regulars such as Josh Kn
  11. They were both standing offside and it restricted what both Schmeichel and Justin could do. Xhaka was making contact with Schmeichel before the corner came in. No surprise it upheld the original decision.
  12. Reports that Bilic is furious with West Brom for selling Hegazi to a Saudi team without his knowledge, allegedly. I think he'll go before too long anyway. If they and Burnley lose tonight then the bottom four will start to be cut off from the rest even this early.
  13. That's only to non-English teams, isn't it? I think we'll give him another year at least soon.
  14. He lifts everyone with his presence, it seems. The team seem uplifted and inspired when he plays, the crowd get right behind him. He carries a huge burden on his shoulders and seems to thrive on it and relish it.
  15. A baffling manager. We play the most exciting, accomplished football I've seen in 25 years as well as the dullest, toothless stuff. We seem to hit different extremes on a weekly basis.
  16. A privilege to watch a raw, out of his depth non-league player grow into a Premier League icon at an unfashionable club. Bloke deserves everything he gets for his hard work, his belief and his quality.
  17. Five Live's coverage was really good. Clear commentary, you knew what was happening, no banal chat like Stringer.
  18. Only going on the radio commentary but he seemed to be most involved from our midfield. He's stepped in really well.
  19. To be fair, for all our moaning in the first half (and it was justified, not going to change my view on that), the second seemed much better in reducing their threat and adding to ours. Positive substitutions.
  20. Rodgers has managed 10 points from four matches against Arsenal- how long did the previous ten take? First 1-0 league win under Rodgers tonight too.
  21. Brendan Pulis takes it. Baseball caps and club shop next week, please.
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