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  1. Was he really substituted because of that incident? I thought we badly needed to change the system as we were all over the place and bringing on a winger and taking off a striker seemed natural, as was Barnes coming on in the second half. I think the ball should've been given back but the way players piled in wasn't good either.
  2. Didn't hear any in the Kop, seemed a disappointed reaction but most stayed and clapped the players and manager. Don't think we need to make it a massive issue, it wasn't a majority by any means.
  3. Disappointing not to win after seven straight at home and eight overall but we will have off-days. I think a draw was about right, they had good chances but us also, Krul making a couple of good saves. Norwich looked better than 19th place on that showing and hopefully will trouble the sides around us later in the season. Not the best game for us but we're still excellently placed in the league with a cup quarter-final and two huge league games to come. We shouldn't be despondent.
  4. Our third home Saturday 3pm kick-off this season. One more in January (Southampton) and I reckon that could be it given our February matches are Chelsea and Man City and, with our league position, I wouldn't rule out the rest being on TV after February.
  5. Exactly. Plenty believe we won it because others didn't perform, if we manage to overhaul Liverpool that excuse goes out of the window. That achievement is remarkable because nobody at all expected it, this would be astonishing in a different way given Liverpool's record in the past 18 months and also Man City's over two years.
  6. They love their quick vote counting up there, a real hotbed of it.
  7. We're just going to have to accept that when we have players play well, they'll be expected to go by pundits. Hopefully we can still make it a difficult choice by performing well on the pitch and showing ambition off it.
  8. Knew I'd seen Lottie before
  9. Even harsher when it was Sven who sold him.
  10. Four years ago they were in the League One play-offs and now heading to National North. What a decline.
  11. The team weren't match fit either, we were knackered after 70 minutes which is why we conceded a fair amount of late goals under him.
  12. Embrace with Knockaert straight after the game.
  13. Did well at many clubs, seemed very popular in the game. Sad loss.
  14. It will sink eventually that the reason we enjoyed that so much, and our current performance, is because we don't think we are something special or entitled and are proud we're working very hard to achieve something against supposed special clubs. The last thing I'd want to be is part of a snobbish elite who think we have a divine right to be somewhere.
  15. Watford may be a worse team but there's no way a Pearson team will be that lacking in urgency or desire.
  16. You can see why Sky are showing so many of our games at the moment when they offer this dross as an alternative. Arsenal are pathetic, no urgency or quality whatsoever.
  17. It's well known Garth Crooks normally just picks players who have scored, a keeper who made a save on MOTD and often throws a player in just to talk about something completely unrelated.
  18. Until he misplaces a pass on Saturday.
  19. I know, and the remembrance yesterday made it even more likely we wouldn't sing it.
  20. Ordinarily, after 16 games, the league leaders will probably have dropped 5-7 points- a defeat and a couple of draws, or maybe three draws. This is the second time (I think) that a team has won 15 out of 16 (Man City two years ago being the other one). We are chasing a formidable team and relying on them to lose more games than they've done in the last 60 or so. We should both win next week, then they don't play. We are at Man City, the next hardest match, before we have a chance to affect Liverpool directly by playing them. If we can somehow get six points from those two, even with Liverpool's game in hand, we're much closer and with even more momentum given the teams we'll have beaten. But it is a serious ask. We're in a race because we're the closest but still a long way behind and the odds still stacked against us. Until we see Liverpool have a sustained difficult run (three or so without a win), I can't see them faltering enough to let us or anyone in.
  21. You'd have to be pretty dense to sing about somebody not being Champions of England on a day they are remembering a manager who made them Champions of England. I realise some of our songs are shit but that is a different level.
  22. We haven't flirted with relegation for two years even with a manager who everyone hated yet if we lost three players under a much better manager (and decided not to replace them) the club would collapse.
  23. Our issue is complicated given the fact we play on the Wednesday before and we won't know until the 18th December whether we play the midweek after in the League Cup semi-final and what day that might be on. We can't leave it too late to change.
  24. How many clubs have 22 players of equal ability or effectiveness? You will always have a weakness if a key player gets injured/ suspended so we aren't alone in that. I think we have the capabilities of adapting should an issue arise.
  25. Iheanacho deserves to keep his place, as does Praet. I get the calls to rest Tielemans so does Choudhury come in or do we play Iheanacho out wide with Barnes/ Perez the other side?
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