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  1. 400th match for us today.
  2. Pretty much full strength with who is available. Can't argue with the ambition.
  3. This is Michael Owen we're talking about
  4. Maybe not a complete bubble, as @RowlattsFox said have a couple of days at home straight after a match but other than that, all together in the squad. Something is going to have to give.
  5. Johnson himself mocked Starmer for wanting to cancel Christmas when he suggested it wasn't the best idea to allow families to meet up with the virus still strong. There was a huge demand for a normal Christmas, not particularly helped by Johnson saying we'd be back to normal by then anyway.
  6. And have no idea who the others members are.
  7. This is a good one- Town Councillor who tested positive broke isolation and wandered the streets without a mask https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/lindasy-beech-swaffham-town-council-coronavirus-isolation-6891118 Even better, a brilliant excuse- "I thought I was allowed to exercise once a day when self-isolating"- which has never been the case. How can you misinterpret every message to stay at home WHEN YOU HAVE THE VIRUS. At least she didn't go for a "picnic" with two cups of tea, though, in a quiet area. No, just around town with symptoms and no shield.
  8. Could you rule out players being put in a bubble environment for three months like the cricketers if cases continue to rise? Sounds cold but the financial consequences of the season being stopped, suspended or even cancelled are huge.
  9. Could be more to do with how we stuck with him after his difficult first year.
  10. If they just binned Gunnersaurus again, that would take the attention away from this.
  11. We won 6 home matches that season. 6 out of 23. Even in a season where we were bottom of the league for four months (2014/15) we still managed to win more (7) in fewer games. Shameful record.
  12. I'm not surprised, he seems have play a blinder in each Denmark match.
  13. TV companies won't want Liverpool matches cancelled, either.
  14. Deaths still at appalling levels (over 1k again) but 10k fewer positive tests today.
  15. I clap for the NHS whilst wearing the Poppy so I can doubly look down on you disrespectful cvnts
  16. Emile may be on the move soon, favourite for the Port Vale manager's job.
  17. In my workplace the vast majority have been great in terms of mask wearing, distancing, sanitising hands and workstations. Really impressed and encouraged by it and we've only had a few isolated cases.
  18. Some people think football only began in 1971.
  19. I think we've still got a romantic notion of Elliott, Walsh, Taggart all going forward and getting their share of goals from corners but we aren't as bothered about set-pieces now. Of the current crop, I'd say Morgan is the most likely/ comfortable in front of goal. He was good for a few goals per season.
  20. I meant more about wearing masks on crowded public transport (which should hopefully reduce colds and coughs from germs spreading). I'd love to go to the football again. I do think there are some things that we could continue such as the above but I want a return to near normality too, any lowering of restrictions would be extremely welcome.
  21. Does anyone expect normality, as it was before, again? I just want to safely meet up with people and socialise again. If I have to wear a mask then so be it. I think people will put up with smaller restrictions or practices if it enables bigger things.
  22. Who asked that? ****ing hell, let's get through the next six weeks first!
  23. Probably box to box, a great finisher (had a sensational goal highlights video), keeps it simple, not a great tackler and not too flashy. Off the pitch, pretty much everyone who's worked with him says what a great bloke he is, was with us for over a decade and I don't recall any issues with discipline or a lack of professionalism. A good player and a thoroughly likeable bloke.
  24. Barnes is one I think isn't that keen on moving on. He's a local lad and a boyhood fan. Qualifying for the Champions League strengthens our hand, too.
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