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    The way he keeps the ball under pressure is terrific and we could do with that against teams like Leeds, Liverpool and Man City who will press us a lot.
  2. We shouldn't go overboard but we shouldn't underestimate how big the win was. Plenty of negativity flying around, a pretty drab first half before total domination in the second. The sort of ruthless performance that made our name before Christmas. A vital win which will, temporarily, lift spirits. Castagne, Mendy, Tielemans all excellent, Praet contributed well, Ndidi was solid at centre back and two great penalties to get Vardy off the mark again.
  3. Belgium produce some quality players. Remarkable that three of them are with us.
  4. Bloke is absolute class, if he's fit and firing we tick.
  5. Love how Vardy is after every single Van Nistelrooy record
  6. If we could have a Mendy on the ball and Ndidi tackling hybrid we'd have an incredible midfielder on our hands.
  7. This is more like it, starting to dominate and create.
  8. Mendy's excellent with the ball under pressure, that's a positive. Castagne needs more of the ball. Vardy isolated as usual.
  9. We've been 20th in pretty much no metrics.
  10. Any sympathy I have with Rodgers over funds is tempered by his wages. Even half would be an exceptional salary. It's put him in a great position of being paid incredibly well and pretty secure in his job regardless of results. Yes the squad needs improving but he needs to improve what he's got, too.
  11. This will be much worse. Wolves are praised for the on-field improvement and success, Leeds are praised for existing it seems.
  12. Tyler- "In the Championship you'll see players coming up for headers from corners" It never happens anywhere else, obviously.
  13. It's not that much different, is it? Maguire and Chilwell have gone, Soyuncu has played a full season now whilst Evans mostly proved his worth and Castagne looks a promising signing. I'd say the fact the squad still looks similar is a factor in the lack of optimism.
  14. How many times in the past decade have we gone in with much optimism? After promotion in 2014 obviously and the title win in 2016, last season too, maybe Sven's first pre-season? 3 and a bit at best. Let's be honest, if Rodgers was removed today, was that many be disappointed? Although I think the problems run far deeper than just the manager.
  15. At least people feel the same about Rodgers now, all we asked for is consistency
  16. Stunning win, a decent Grace Road crowd (usually is when Yorkshire visit, they bring a few) would've loved that. A win against Durham puts us in a great position.
  17. Switched on to Sky this morning, a programme called Saturday Social was on. I'm very out of touch it seems, I've no idea who they are. Are they Fan TV contributors or podcasters?
  18. I mean, Kante has only been a massive influence on teams who've won league titles and World Cups.
  19. If you listen to TalkSport Leeds are finishing anywhere between 4th and 20th depending on the pundit.
  20. I don't think the Football Cliches twitter account meant to be belittling or nasty but still, you can't have it both ways. You can't big up your programme as a laugh where people take the mick then complain when others do it.
  21. Would explain the team's dramatic downturn in results and performances. I think there's still an issue with motivation at our place- the players seem to lose interest/ struggle for motivation/ get too comfortable after a while under most managers. Drinkwater was one of the few still performing to a decent level in the season after the title win, though.
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