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  1. Kavanagh was wretched as usual, so many soft free-kicks and giving that corner when Sian Massey (who made a great decision for the disallowed goal) clearly said it wasn't. Some odd advantages too. Let the game flow.
  2. Making all these changes affects how we play, Brentford are clearly very well coached beyond their first team and made it difficult, we probably should've wrapped it up before half-time. But little drama really apart from the cross that hit the post. Fuchs was excellent, Praet in the first half ran the game, Iheanacho with another good display, others not so great.
  3. Fuchs' positioning was pretty good there. Think we need Tielemans to settle this down in the middle.
  4. Happy enough, not really been troubled and missed a couple of good chances ourselves, I think another goal will settle this and we have enough on the bench if required. Entertaining game.
  5. Can the BBC stop showing multiple replays of nothing? The game is moving quickly, you can hear the crowd anticipating something and we're well on the attack.
  6. Questions about his pace and positioning at times but Fuchs' quality on the ball is still there. So composed.
  7. These teams have never won the FA Cup which you, Alan, know all about
  8. Fair play to Lineker for that dig at Shearer.
  9. Decent enough team with a strong enough bench should we require it.
  10. Scott Mills is terrible. Bring back Mark and Lard on Radio 1.
  11. And the play-offs for the Euros. Replays should stay, if you don't win in 90 minutes then tough. The FA Cup still has an appeal with replays, open draws etc, should be left as it is.
  12. When are they finally going to ditch the awful Monday Night slot? Nobody wants it, have it on a Friday if you have to. Monday nights are terrible. 22 out of 31 matches moved this season from the original slot (including midweeks), 8 3pm Saturday matches and 1 3pm on New Year's Day. The rest have all been moved with more to follow.
  13. Clattenburg definitely earning his expert money earlier- "Robertson wants to foul him outside the box because if it is inside he gives away a penalty". Thank God BT provide this extra service for us plebs.
  14. We should offer a new contract just in case someone bids for him and we get something. He'd be an excellent free transfer in the market, hope he wants to stay for another year at least.
  15. The Birch and his speeches. The same thing every game, he even started laughing halfway through last night's. We really don't need him to rouse us, most of us are fully behind what is happening and will get over a couple of bad results.
  16. Noticeable how good his touch is, manages to keep it under pressure now and keeps the momentum going. His work for the penalty was exceptional.
  17. Much better last night, fortunately we had no real periods of struggle and the football throughout was positive so there was something to get behind.
  18. Really enjoyed that, from the first minute we were at it, had lots of energy and the movement was great, virtually all players contributed positively, only downside was losing two players to injury but hopefully not too badly. Think they felt they had to put on a show and did that, players recently criticised like Barnes, Perez and Chilwell all stepped up, Ricardo was back to his best, Tielemans looked heaps better and Iheanacho did a good job in place of Vardy, superb play to win the penalty. Yes, they were awful but we didn't let them settle and four goals was about right for the evening.
  19. All of these teams at the bottom must have really hard runs of games coming up, they've all been playing each other in the past month. Plus West Ham v Brighton and Bournemouth v Aston Villa in ten days time.
  20. That's really worked well in the last 12 years.
  21. If we play it right we could be 11 clear of Chelsea by the February break, what an opportunity.
  22. Agreed, left work today in daylight with a lovely sunset. Just looks so much nicer than the dark with street lights. Winter sunset is the best view.
  23. We've got a higher points per game ratio than any Championship club this season.
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