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  1. As long as they stayed local, what's the problem?
  2. Leeds are usually good for an FA Cup shocker. In the past 15 years they've lost to Hereford, Histon, Rochdale, Sutton, Newport and Crawley and very nearly went out to Kettering.
  3. To be fair to Keown, he may have switched off and zoned out sitting next to Pearce. Drones on more than Martin Tyler.
  4. All the supposed fanboys on here and yet only one person is updating the thread
  5. Pearce- "I was driving home last night and I thought this game might be off because of the fog" Keown- "All credit to the groundsman for getting the game on" Yes, well done to the groundsman for clearing the fog.
  6. I agree. I think the 2004 team was very good obviously but that 2002 team won their last 9/10 games to win the title plus doing the double over Man United. They were also unbeaten away that season and won the same amount of matches overall. On the Nige point you made, I don't think we'd have won the league but would've settled in the Premier League, the squad was upgrading and we'd had a great run of form. I think he'd have got used to the media side and been a calmer figure with the press too.
  7. Big game, only three points behind us. A win would be a huge result but a very tough match.
  8. His amazing cup record will deliver for us.
  9. For all the rumours, I still think he's well down the pecking order for choices at other clubs. The media probably promote him more as the British choice. He's very well paid with supportive owners, all his own staff and a new facility he was tempted by to join originally. He's able to get on with the job without too much external pressure. Would he leave for a bigger team? Yes. Is he desperate to go? I doubt it.
  10. The only reason for putting a manager on a long contract is to protect you if they do well and you gain more compensation. I know we did it with Rodgers and so far it looks a decent decision. I don't see why a Football League club, in an environment that is very volatile, would in effect make it impossible to change manager when results aren't good.
  11. That decision to give Lambert a long contract last year is looking more baffling as time goes on.
  12. Today was our first Saturday 3pm away game since Brighton in November 2019
  13. Is their squad much worse than Southampton's? I wouldn't say so. Yet Hassenhuttl has a clear plan whilst Bruce seems to get by week to week with a top keeper/ defensive performance and a bit of luck/ Callum Wilson up front.
  14. Except they haven't gone against the rules as there is no limit written down as to how far you can travel. It doesn't take much- "no further than 10 miles, stay within 5 miles, go to your nearest park or open space"- to inform people but they've left local open to interpretation.
  15. Regular testing in these divisions from next week. Hopefully that, along with stricter guidance around protocols, will stop a lot of the outbreaks in squads. Not before time.
  16. Only the Mail but it seems Rodgers isn't on Chelsea's list of potential new managers. He's moulded us very well and has coped with the tighter schedule this year.
  17. Fantastic goal in a tight fist half, excellent goals in a much more dominant display in the second. Can't argue with the line-up and the result with some superb goals. Shame about Praet's injury which I hope isn't too serious but job done very nicely.
  18. At least he's come straight off and not played on with an injury, might be able to reduce the severity.
  19. Not good, we can't afford to lose players now.
  20. Extra quality has told in the second half.
  21. Surely it's better to walk in open space if there's the chance? I'd rather the authorities clamped down on people gathering in huge groups and blatantly not caring about themselves and others than single out people going for a distanced walk in the open air a few miles from home.
  22. First 30 were dull, after the goal we stepped it up a bit and just about deserve the lead. They've got threat from set-pieces and we need to stop giving so many away. Tremendous goal from Justin.
  23. And, as others have suggested, it may be that clubs don't want first team, reserves, kids to all be mixing so we're left with no choice but to keep the first team or go with all the youngsters.
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