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  1. Diana was a different event- that was unexpected and a car crash leaves a lot of unanswered questions and possible reasons. This is a 99-year-old man who had recently been in hospital passing away. There's no speculation, no breaking news beyond it, just a load of talking heads trying to fill time.
  2. There's only Wolves v Sheffield United at 3pm in the Premier League, that will probably be shunted to 8pm now. EFL to be split between 12.30pm and 5.30pm I reckon. Complete overkill but there you go.
  3. Get Ric in the dressing room before every game. Fvck it, let him replace the Birch on matchdays. The crowd would go wild. ABSOLUTE LEADER
  4. We can't then accuse the club of lacking ambition to win trophies if we'd prefer to lose semi-finals, too.
  5. Last year we pulled away before Christmas due to that eight game winning run where we looked unstoppable. This year has been less spectacular but more consistent. We haven't gone more than two league games in a row without a win which is ridiculous. Won three in a row twice. We've had no amazing runs but no shockers either.
  6. Watkins would've cost £30 million. We needed Castagne and Fofana more last summer.
  7. I'd rather we tried to tempt them down to watch the County. It's a shame that people would only come down to Grace Road to watch franchise teams rather than an historic county club.
  8. It needs to be closely monitored if it ever happens (I don't think it will). You can't have grounds staging games from other competitions and the counties profiting from it.
  9. I may be completely out of touch but isn't a massive part of the IPL actually being in India and going to the packed grounds there?
  10. If we can't have both, next Sunday. We have a chance to respond to defeat tomorrow.
  11. Highlight of the game was the Palace PA bloke still shouting the scorer's first name and expecting the crowd to shout the surname.
  12. On a side note, is there ever a match where Zaha doesn't get involved in some petty row over nothing?
  13. Chelsea are thumping Palace. You know what? Why don't we do the same in two weeks time? It's unrealistic to expect teams around us to keep dropping points. We're doing fine, generally. 3 defeats in 17. We should embrace the challenge.
  14. And Neville didn't actually criticise his attacking ability. Still, it gets Carra his clip on Twitter and no doubt G Nev's response. Berk.
  15. The Carragher v Neville thing needs to be binned asap.
  16. We were in a better position last year and they certainly weren't relaxed judging by the end of the season displays.
  17. Even if the teams around us don't win, we need to win our games. We aren't going to lose our way into the top four. They aren't all going to slip up. Next five games are huge.
  18. 10th April and a game delayed due to snow. Good old England
  19. Yeah, I thought it sounded odd. Never heard intent when missing the ball as a defender as a reason for a decision before.
  20. Did he ever take one for us? I suppose it would've been when Knockaert was the main man.
  21. Unless I've got this wrong, Carragher seemed to get Cash's involvement completely incorrect. I thought you had to touch it and then it was decided if it was deliberate such as a back pass or an attempt to block a cross. If he doesn't touch the ball it is irrelevant?
  22. Leeds also have the ability to play with freedom now their objective (staying up) is assured. If they drop two or three places then it's not a huge deal. If we do our season has a different look again.
  23. The title race is done, Man United aren't consistent enough to catch Man City.
  24. That goal had looked quite likely in the five minutes before, Leeds managed to break quickly a couple of times. I see Fernandinho had his customary off-the-ball lunge at the end.
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