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  1. I think it may have reached a nadir this weekend when Martin Keown complained about Arteta speaking to players in their native language, as though he's ignoring the local lads when he clearly speaks perfect English.
  2. Most results weren't surprising really, I'd expect us, Arsenal, Chelsea and Wolves to have won our games. Only surprise was probably Everton, West Ham v Newcastle was a much of a muchness match
  3. Great bloke and a fine ambassador for the club. Wish him well.
  4. The point that is being made is that Vardy is in elite company in the Premier League, not that he is better than Drogba.
  5. Jenas himself took a step down from Newcastle (where he'd played in the Champions League and UEFA Cup and finished in the top four twice) to join mid-table Tottenham who hadn't been anywhere near Europe for years.
  6. Chapman's a very good presenter. I recall he once had to host the Monday Night Club on Five Live with Sutton, Savage and Danny Mills, audibly getting more exasperated by the minute as the levels of drivel spilling out no doubt caused him to wonder whether he'd paid for past sins being forced to suffer this torture.
  7. Some of us only had to wait 20
  8. These pundits are desperate for the status quo, aren't they? Any player who looks half-decent should immediately move to another club. Heaven forbid other clubs show some ambition- no, it's all about the top 6 (which we were part of last season).
  9. I know fans of all ages appreciate him, but kids now can talk about somebody every fan in this country has heard of and knows about rather than, with respect, the likes of Matty Fryatt and David Connolly.
  10. Kane always seems to be excused that he's not match fit. Even taking into account the six week break, he played all of Tottenham's nine matches in the restart, both England games last week and today. How many games does he need?
  11. Superb from all the bowlers there, even Tom Curran without a wicket went at under 3 an over. Eoin Morgan is a brilliant captain.
  12. Winding someone up when he scores winning goals against one of your biggest rivals? TOP RUSTLING
  13. Corky


    Ross County manager Stuart Kettlewell David De Gea
  14. Oh I know they don't always help themselves, just predictable how they go from wonderkid with great future one week to naive badboy the next. Build them up to knock them down.
  15. He frustrates me hugely at times but I can't deny the squad looks better with him in it. He impresses me with the way he talks and has shown real glimpses of talent and was a big part of the first half of last season. Good to have him back.
  16. Muzzy was mine and no shame in that either, both he and Lineker were iconic players for the club, and Lineker beyond. But from 2004 for a while it was tough to get a genuine hero- Vardy comes along and becomes huge in the game, let alone Leicester.
  17. Historical picture that conveniently appears in the press in the week he's been sent home by England? The same press have been queuing to defend Maguire, remember.
  18. Envious of the younger supporters, to be honest. Imagine having Vardy as your first footballing hero...
  19. That Richarlison finish was horrendous.
  20. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54136699 Press are now after Greenwood. How predictable.
  21. Pitch seems to have been fine for Durham. What a let down after Friday.
  22. Beaten them in three of the last four home matches.
  23. It is like being in 2001 again. I suppose it also shows how great we've been to watch in the last five years that this is a huge shock.
  24. The club gave him a glowing send off when he left, not the usual "thanks for his efforts, wish him well" but seemed to detail how good he was around the place. Got a tremendous reception when he came back with Derby. One of those players you could relate to.
  25. It's going to be the tight matches that decide our season again, for me. I still fancy us with our quality to whack a few teams, if we can nick some more 1-0's and 2-1's that will make such a difference.
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