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  1. Win the game then enjoy the break. I think we all need some time off, so many games recently, a few poor performances and this place is becoming bitty and niggly again. Hopefully they'll have frustrations to take out.
  2. BBC and Sky missing parts of the game due to showing multiple replays. Move with the times please- the game is far quicker than it used to be, teams are taking goal kicks quickly, we can hear the crowd noise grow yet are watching the fourth showing of a fairly mundane shot or save. One replay, then back to the action.
  3. We scored two well-worked goals and didn't take enough of our other chances. They did. We've played far worse than that but the size of the game makes it stand out. Strange that we've scored around 65 goals this season in League and Cup yet we still don't look particularly clinical. The FA Cup becomes huge now.
  4. His first two efforts were really good, after that nothing.
  5. A shame we aren't going to Wembley, threw away a great chance. But we defended so badly at the end of the game. Just hope this doesn't batter the confidence of the team.
  6. Frustrating, most of the play, plenty of shots and we let in a soft goal Schmeichel should do better with. Can see it being one of those nights.
  7. We used to play that at school- I hated the format. We used to lose five runs if a wicket was taken, so you could in effect play a great shot for four, get a crap decision and lose one run and that boundary counts for nothing.
  8. This movement seems to be growing at the moment- trying to ban or stifle things you don't agree with that aren't illegal or libelous, see also the comments about grid and walk on girls a while back. I don't watch reality TV so I'd be excluded from those conversations, they hold no interest to me- but I wouldn't want them banned. People have the right to discuss them. And that remark about football chat leading to boasting about sexual conquests- has anyone ever heard that happen?
  9. Lady Godiva, the origin of the tits out for the lads chant.
  10. The League Cup will go. Too much talk about too many games and that will be sacrificed. The Champions League will expand, can see teams playing 4-6 more matches to increase revenue. England will see a £1 million per week player. The 39th game, or the round of matches played around the world, will happen. The bottom two divisions will become regionalised.
  11. TV games will be Sheff Weds v Man City, Derby/ Northampton v Man United, Chelsea v Liverpool and Arsenal at Portsmouth if they get through tonight.
  12. We'll find out after tomorrow. If we go through, the earliest will be Wednesday as we'll be in the League Cup final the Sunday before. If we go out, we're playing at Norwich on the Friday, I assume both the others are Saturday so Tuesday becomes available. Most likely Wednesday I reckon.
  13. Should be another big crowd too, and a large away following whoever gets through. Doubt Leics police are too keen though.
  14. I don't think West Ham are in a position to mock others for not winning titles.
  15. It doesn't bother me if a manager puts out the kids, reserves, veteran's team or whatever- the manager has the choice of whoever he wants. It is his risk. But at least turn up and do the courteous thing- let the reserve manager train the team, turn up 30 minutes before kick-off having not been to the training ground- have some respect for your opponent and not flounce off because you're having to play a match you knew could happen.
  16. Why do these managers act as though playing football is a really bad thing? Replays have been here for over 100 years, they haven't suddenly been introduced to piss you off. You have a maximum of two replays in the FA Cup this season if you start in the third round. Get rid of replays, get rid of the League Cup- why don't you stop trying to ruin it for the many because you can't beat a League One team at 2-0 up.
  17. I'm sure they were hoping for two weeks off when it was announced.
  18. Cardiff or Reading at home. No travelling, mid-table Championship side, should be able to rotate and still have enough. The League Cup will be done whatever so we could even put out a pretty strong team.
  19. That's fvcked your winter break. Oh well.
  20. What a crap day of football so far, both matches done after 15 minutes. Hopefully Shrewsbury can make it interesting.
  21. A happy 47th birthday to Brendan
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