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  1. Dreadful game but a win is a win and a good goal to win it.
  2. Entertaining first 10 minutes, the rest dull.
  3. England desperately need more left footed centre-backs if we're having to play Mings. This set-up plus the weather means it will be cagey.
  4. It looks a bad error but it's very close to him and bounces awkwardly just before it reaches him. He can't stretch his arm out, too high to leg/knee it away too. I've seen much worse.
  5. To be honest, you should only get a refund if the weather stops play, not one of the teams being shit.
  6. Trippier isn't a bad player but why he is playing ahead of two natural left-backs who are in good form?
  7. 2.30pm start time today. What crowd numbers are we looking at? Couldn't they have moved it to half 4?
  8. I know Schmeichel will be disappointed with the goal but it was very close to him and he had to adjust, a yard either side and he saves it comfortably.
  9. The players will have okayed it. Fair play to them if they have but I'm amazed they haven't taken a break and looked to play it again midweek.
  10. Getting a lot of praise for his actions on 5 Live.
  11. They honestly cannot play the game tonight.
  12. I don't really see how you can fake this image.
  13. Dreadful again. Why aren't the likes of Buttler and Bairstow playing? Where is the strongest team? With Stokes out we needed our best players.
  14. Cut away from the scene and show some respect.
  15. God, hope he's ok. Absolutely terrible.
  16. I know, I was only messing. You can't knock his enthusiasm for it and he wasn't overly biased today (unlike Carragher or Neville are on Sky) and pretty fair.
  17. Ward's a good keeper but which Premier League club would he get in the starting eleven for? Maybe a Brighton or Southampton and maybe he feels his profile is better at Leicester?
  18. Excellent from Danny Ward, justified his selection totally.
  19. Savage on co-commentary. Couldn't Kingy be the Welsh bloke for the tournament? I mean, he's won more and got more international caps
  20. All of our involved players will have played their first game by tonight.
  21. Yes, basically this. You were told to not see anyone, not go beyond "local" but people were seemingly able to fly from other parts of the world.
  22. There wasn't mass testing in the first wave though so we don't know the true amount of cases from that time.
  23. Getting Claudio in was worth it for that.
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