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  1. Honestly, we've been disgracefully bad. The only chances from a blocked free-kick. Giving the ball away cheaply, no tracking back, half arsed work and brainless challenges. ****ing bollocks.
  2. Absolutely ****ing diabolical. Negative football and rotten defending. How much are we paying Rodgers a week for this shite?
  3. I like how Ty seems to anger every bald bloke on there.
  4. DT telling everyone to **** off, all the others moaning about how shit they are and Ty complaining about the ref and nobody listening
  5. The biggest protest I've seen at Leicester was people throwing season tickets when Sheffield Wednesday scored a third goal. It was the last home game of the season.
  6. Lovely to see that salty twat Arteta beaten at home yet again.
  7. Fair play to Lo Celso at the end, deciding this borefest didn't deserve a winner so instead of shooting or crossing just passing the ball out of play so we could bin the game and never hear of it again.
  8. Corky

    2020 deathlist

    He scored a stunning goal against Man United once, outside of the foot and it curled back in towards the net.
  9. You watch Marine v Havant and you still can't avoid Macca. ****ing hell.
  10. The bulk of Lennon's managerial trophies have been won with Rangers in financial turmoil or out of the top flight. Even then he didn't dominate everything as Rodgers did. There's no way Lennon would do with us what Rodgers is.
  11. Classic Mourinho away to another top side, boring the hell out of the game. Only this time Tottenham fans probably trying to justify it rather than deride it.
  12. Glad other people have mentioned being annoyed by Alan Smith's commentary. He doesn't really say anything controversial but his whole style is grating.
  13. I thought Lennon was a better manager than Rodgers?
  14. I didn't realise he is 53, I thought he was mid-40's.
  15. Hassenhuttl is doing a superb job. It's not really a special group of players, they are incredibly well coached.
  16. Tight at the top, two points from 1st to 5th. Norwich top but with a long injury list.
  17. Yes, I think the way it's done over here is better. I agree that Nicholas is crap but Atherton has been excellent since he retired and on both Channel 4 and Sky, Hussain has improved enormously in recent years. Two of the best pundits for me. My prejudice may stem from the fact I don't like Shane Warne's commentary style and he was on most of the time I was watching. Richie Benaud is the best commentator I've heard and I enjoyed Ricky Ponting when he was here doing the Ashes so it's not an anti-Aussie stance. I just felt they could've done more.
  18. Watched some of the Australia v India ODI on BT this morning and was struck by how much better the commentary teams are over here. Far too much bantz, crowd stuff, matey chat- give me Hussain, Atherton, Holding, Ward any day. We are blessed to have the quality of insight and analysis they provide.
  19. Especially when we've agreed to it. There's no point us moaning about the schedule and the amount of games- we knew qualifying for Europe would increase our workload. My complaint about the 7/7.15pm games on Sunday is purely because I don't think it's a time for live football and that matches could be doubled up and played simultaneously (which would also, potentially, stop complaints about teams having extra rest time). @ttfn made an excellent point about the demands Klopp makes on the way his teams play and how Rodgers has adapted this season- but I don't think it will be part of a mainstrea
  20. Agreed. A solution might be to move the BT slot to 5.30pm (I think they used to have it) so Sky can vary who plays at 12.30pm a bit more. BT can still take a big team's match but the gap from the previous midweek is longer. Managers and players want the longer rest, boardrooms want the most money, TV companies want the best kick-off times. Who will concede ground? Presently, I don't see the clubs above the playing staff giving anything up so we're stuck with this cycle of complaining for a while yet.
  21. Pulis only became relatively popular (and newsworthy) after his promotion with Stoke. Before then he was unpopular at pretty much every club and even his promotion wasn't a glorious ride into the sunset- a few games before it their fans were criticising him. The final match was a 0-0 home draw against an absolute basket case in ourselves who would be relegated yet had by far the clearest chances. Only when he got to the Premier League did his methods come under real scrutiny and they worked- he kept Stoke comfortable for years. Eventually they were bored rigid by it. It is probably
  22. These type of matches needs a low key, quiet ref like Mike Dean
  23. Pretty entertaining, I thought. Sheffield United missed at least five great chances.
  24. Everton look better than last season but are still an inconsistent side. Defensively they look shaky.
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