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  1. The midweek off next week is so welcome presently. I think we all need a week off- players, manager and fans.
  2. There's a reason we were looking to shift him on. Not a bad player but not good enough all-round for where we want to be. Try and get a decent fee in the summer and wish him well.
  3. Superb finish, I know the keeper went walkabout but the technique was glorious.
  4. Albrighton and Under starting is the attack we had last Thursday. People weren't exactly thrilled then, too. I'm afraid we're going to have to accept strange set-ups and personnel until the key players are ready again. Rodgers doesn't purposefully choose these teams as a laugh.
  5. Because our first 14/15 have done very well so far. Players like Fuchs and Albrighton gave us some respite earlier in the season. Three of our four best players (Justin, Barnes and Maddison) are now missing. Others aren't up to speed yet. It was always a fine line when we lost key players for any length of time. The deeper squad is nowhere near the same level and it is showing.
  6. That could be part of it, if we use every attacking player from the start the bench will look even worse than it has been. I really don't envy Rodgers at the moment trying to cobble together teams and formations out of this lot available.
  7. T20 was the necessary evil if anything- it brought crowds into grounds that hadn't seen it for years. Grace Road was packed (and vitally, the first four years were successful which kept people interested) which it wasn't for Championship and National League games. But most importantly, it was the same sport. The same rules.and regulations. It was just a shorter version of the game. What actually is the Hundred? Made up teams. A version of the game that has never been played. No doubt other crap gimmicks along the way. Can't wait. County cricket may be deride
  8. Any line-up shorn of Barnes and Maddison will look weak in attack. That's the problem. The defence will probably hold up ok but the attack, whoever plays right now, looks cobbled together.
  9. Better to overestimate and scale back than start off short and playing catch-up. We've no idea when everything is likely to open and this protects jobs at places like events, theatres etc. I'd imagine we won't be too far behind schedule but this provides a safety net.
  10. Well they aren't going to see him for six weeks at least so why not wait?
  11. The media- Rodgers should/ will go to Arsenal. Should/ will go to Tottenham. Should/ will go to Chelsea. Also the media- Why are Leicester looking at replacements for Brendan Rodgers? Why is this major news? It is good planning. We appointed Rodgers two days after sacking Puel- we didn't pull his name out of a hat and decide he was the one 24 hours before getting him. I'd expect us to have a list of names we're monitoring, especially in a volatile business like football management.
  12. "He caps the goal with a man of the match performance"
  13. Dinosaur 4-0 Wayne Rooney's Derby County
  14. These games are so dull. It isn't Wolves fault, Man City have far too much for most and for the second straight year the title is done going into March.
  15. Ordinarily we wouldn't have sold for less than £50 million. Chelsea got a bargain. Of course this is all relatively speaking. Fortunately our stance has hardened and we're now getting great fees for our big players.
  16. He'd have played one or two of the FA Cup games surely? Plus Rodgers loves to throw him on to defend leads late in games.
  17. One of those who younger people of my age (30) never really saw on TV as a pundit as well as playing yet instantly recongise. Sad loss to the game.
  18. Not happy but Southgate does seem resistant to hype about players playing well outside of his usual squad choices. I think Justin and Barnes would've been involved in this squad but his Euro squad is probably sorted already.
  19. Fulham are improving but still not winning a huge amount, Saints need 7 points at most I reckon.
  20. They weren't, I think they were 5th at New Year. They went on a storming run.
  21. They've found a new variant so naturally they drag Hancock out to patronise us.
  22. Hopefully, if we're starting from a lower base, it won't go back to much above the figures from the past few weeks. The better weather may help.
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