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  1. Three penalties missed this season in league games, not good enough.
  2. Not particularly thrilling but we look the more threatening side, good goal by Barnes. Think another one will finish this, Mendy has played well.
  3. He's really going to want to play for a manager who slagged him off earlier this season.
  4. Stop the clock when the ball goes out, start it again when it is back in play- no moaning about time-wasting and you play the full game. The game will be quicker as teams won't take forever to take throw-ins etc.
  5. The current way generally is fine, you do need a spell during the season to make changes if required but no more than a month. I loathe transfer rumours so having it open for just a month is a good thing, and it helps the clubs focus on the season without players heads being turned after February.
  6. Still not convinced Vardy retired through his own choice alone but his time with England is done, he seems content away from it all and England look elsewhere. He could've been involved but Southgate chose the Kane-only route and that's his decision.
  7. Hope he can settle there and have a good career beyond us.
  8. In the last winter one (2017), Mahrez went out on the Monday/Tuesday and was back playing for us on the Friday.
  10. Although frustrating for us, they should play it at the best time for the players. No issue really.
  11. Football journalists. Is it a competition to ask the same question on repeat? "Nigel Pearson, you're linked with x player, are you interested?" "I don't talk about players at other clubs and speculation". "Ok, but what about this player at y club?" Pearson, struggling to hide his annoyance- "I've just said, we don't talk about other players until they've joined" "Oh, go on Nige, give us something, pwease". Rodgers has had it with Maddison too recently.
  12. Really poor. There were six subs which is 3 minutes, then they didn't even play the minute added. Doesn't matter about the score, play as much as possible. If lots of time is needed, add it on.
  13. Rodgers needs to have a serious look at our left side. Barnes and Chilwell just aren't helping each other and it is being targeted weekly.
  14. Depends whether they can take the hit of relegation. Tough decision yes but you need to be ruthless and take the risk because, presently, they are going down. 3-0 at home to a relegation rival is an appalling result.
  15. People used to call Big Nige boring yet he fights dogs, strangles players, calls journalists pricks and ostriches and tells his own fans to fvck off, then produces great results and brilliant photos like him hugging the monks and going mad at Burnley. Can anyone name anything remotely interesting Eddie Howe has said or done? This league needs Pearson, not Eddie fvcking Howe.
  16. Watford will finish sixth this season.
  17. Yeah, I don't think it made a huge difference. We are there to cater for our fans, remember, and showing classic moments and goals is what I think plenty want to see. I'd have expected them to do the same if the situation was reversed.
  18. The regular moaners in the ground must be delighted at the moment. As Dan said, we are a strange bunch who are quiet when doing well (apart from probably the end of the Tottenham and Arsenal games) and seem to raise the noise when things aren't going well.
  19. Linesman should've put his flag up for Evans' goal, he knew he was offside but by not flagging it gave the impression it was fairly close when it wasn't.
  20. His performance was dreadful but what doesn't help either is that both he and Barnes were pointing at who to mark and track and both seemed to ignore each other. No wonder our left side looks so vulnerable right now.
  21. Deserved defeat, they were much better and looked like a team in form. We missed Ndidi badly, several players were off the pace and teams will usually look better if you give them the ball all the time, as we did. I don't think it is a crisis but we look much more comfortable away from home at the moment and need a good home result again soon.
  22. Football is a hugely subjective game- people will always look at the same incident different ways depending on their bias. Most of the offsides, for example, haven't been controversial- the issue is that the rule was brought in to stop players goal hanging 15 yards behind the defence, not to judge if a player's armpit or head was further forward on a TV screen. But the rule states that if a body part that can be scored with is ahead of the last defender when the ball is played, it is offside, so those decisions are correct. As I've said before, I've little sympathy for the teams, players, managers involved here. The Premier League didn't force this- it came about because people couldn't accept a bad decision. All those comments about "costing us millions, relegating us, costing jobs" meant we have to sit through this to get to the right decision- and they still aren't happy. As ever, the focus was on the negative impact of decisions- have you heard any manager call for video assistance when a decision went in their favour? Or did they play it off with a "sometimes they go for you" excuse? The game wasn't perfect, it never will be, but this stuff is just tedious now. So do something about it- accept it is here and you'll be impacted or get rid of it, still be impacted but have the chance to celebrate or moan accordingly. If everyone hates it, join together and ditch it. The game will carry on.
  23. The West Ham players, manager and fans seemed to celebrate.
  24. Clubs signed up to this. Clubs can get rid of it if they want. Up to them now to accept it or change it.
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