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  1. This is very good news. It signifies that our current structure is sustainable and our success has an increased chance of being maintained. As long as we can continue to develop all areas of the club, as we seem to have been doing, and not splashing silly money on impulse purchases we will continue to build a sustainable long term legacy. Another big tick for our wonderful owners for me.
  2. I think we need to factor in some of the changes/ improvements we have made. We have a large number of young players we can expect to improve. We have had time to evolve our tatics/approach. We are actively looking to recruit and have a very good recent history of recruitment. We are a good if not great lcfc team. We have the potential to be as good if not better than most of the Leicester teams I have ever known. Football is very psychological, and negativity can spread. We are where we are, it.could be better but it could be much worse. We are on the eve of the new season, so let's get
  3. Fair play to Wolves, I think it is a sensible approach which seems to be having great success for them. Just a different way to try and compete with the established clubs at the top. From what I can see, developing new approaes to attract the top players is the only way that teams of our sizes can compete, because the top clubs have too much financial muscle to do it any other way.
  4. Woah Harvey, That was almost quality. A very good run there, I love it when he gets on the front toot.
  5. Really looking forward to this. 1st step qualify for Europe regularly. Help build our brand, and increasingly improve the perception of lcfc to potential future signings. In reality if we ever managed a Seville I would be delighted. Haven't they won it 4 times in 7 years or something?
  6. Very happy with this. Good business. Will know his role and clearly fits into the culture at lcfc. Much less risky than trying to integrate someone new who won't play much.
  7. It is rather lengthy I agree. See jamie82's post above (typical, it's now on the previous page!). He has quoted the relevant part
  8. Think it seems fair enough to me. I pay £70 and will get this knocked off if we are able to purchase season tickets at a later date. I retain my rights to a season ticket in the future. I will have to pay for full match day tickets if I am successful in a ballot. Which I assume will mostly cover the costs of hosting the match in the stadium (police etc) with such reduced numbers. If I am unhappy with full match day pricing I don't have to go. Also members are shown they are valued with representation/consideration in this process. Think they have got it pretty
  9. I think my shock with the David Silva statue is that they have had so many iconic and important players recently. Aguero, kompany (although I believe he is getting a statue), Dr bruyne, fernandinho etc. I am sure they will continue to have players of that stature/importance moving forward. It just feels a bit premature for a statue (and probably shows that I have underestimated his significance to people at man city).
  10. I am not sure that will age well. A very good player but a statue? 👀
  11. I would love wolves to win it and be in the champions League. The more clubs like wolves, ourselves etc can break the media narrative the more likely we are to be able to break the status quo longer term. It wasn't long ago that good young players only went to the 'big' clubs (mostly to sit in the reserves), now they all want to play at 'medium' sized premier League clubs or go abroad to establish themselves first. The next step if for teams like ourselves, wolves etc to qualify for the bigger competitions, generating increasing revenues and start to keep hold of the talent we are developing-
  12. Unbelievably it's still in our hands. Hopefully, we will see over the next few weeks Brendan's experience shine through. I am definitely against sacking him, and am hopeful he is learning about where we need strengthening in our squad. It certainly seems we need another leader in the team, because we seem to go into major periods of panic (Arsenal after they scored, Everton after they scored, today after the penalty). If we can control that over the next few games we might just squeak it. 🤞 Otherwise we need to look for some players who could bring us that over the summer as we undo
  13. They need to get a VAR system whereby a smallish team make all the decisions (say 10). They could be based in one place and referrals could be made to them from each game across the games on at the same time in the day. There could be enough in the team to ensure at worst, ifall games had a var referral at one time they all could take one. All VAR decisions could be categorised by an independent person overseeing all decisions. They could be rated say 1-10. The whole team could review each Monday all the poor VAR decisions (say 3 or below) and discuss what went wrong, and all the very goo
  14. I am hoping for a few things t drop for us early today and therefore going for an optimistic: 3-1 Leicester Vardy double and Soyuncu. Crystal Palace will be a very difficult team to beat, but I think it is time our luck changed and a few things fell for us. Hopefully the catalyst for a winning run and getting over the line. Keep the Faith.
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