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  1. Solid first half, think we will up our game second half. Pleased we have looked fairly strong defensively. Fancy a Harvey Barnes opener.
  2. I thought we played well and were unlucky. We seemed to have a lot of chances and get around there defence pretty effectively considering how deep they sat. Vardy had a number of chances first half where he was a little wide bit worked the keeper. Perez had a good chance first half to. Madison and vardy also had chances second half. A bit of a frustrating game, but that's what they were playing for, on another day I felt we would have won that game. Now we dust ourselves down and go again, quite capable of getting a result at their place (but so are they!).
  3. Norwich seem to have been rather unlucky recently, I fancy them to turn the corner. I think however they might be too far adrift to survive now.
  4. To be honest, the club are not going to base expansion of our stadium and on a 3rd round cup game Vs Wigan. The club will be looking at the demand for season tickets each year, over a number of years. Maybe build in a bit of sustainable growth and ambition within the numbers and will take it from there. Whether that means there is demand for us to expand the stadium, I don't know, however I have faith in the owners as they have shown themselves to be very astute.
  5. Surely this is easy to sort out, why don't linesmen/women have the same technology on their wrist that tells the referee the ball has crossed the line for a goal? e.g. right wrist ball has crossed the line for a throw in their half, left wrist ball has crossed the at their end for a goal kick (keep the cross the line for a goal to the ref only)?
  6. I think this is the best idea, VAR can only change a decision based on where on the pitch the feet are placed. Surely then they could make it very accurate and it would provide something tangible to view in terms of 'clear and obvious' or 'daylight' (as there is only so far any human can lean before falling).
  7. I love Nigel Pearson, an absolute legend. I think (and hope) Watford do amazingly now. I think West Ham will be gutted that they have missed a trick on Big Nige. One of my favorite LCFC managers, a big catalyst to our recent successes.
  8. I am sure I saw a goal where he ran half the length of the pitch for wba. But you are right, I can't really remember one for us.
  9. I have a policy of not mocking anyone who supports their local team (regardless if it is a local rival and unless o am mocked by them). In this day and age I have more respect for fans of forest than the glory fans that have helped erode some of that rivalry. However, that said, I always want to finish above them and don't mind seeing them lose!
  10. Winning in the rain, We're winning in the rain, We're Leicester city, And it`s happening again, Because we're (repeat).
  11. Sheffield United remind me a little of us when we got promoted. I heard the statistic that they hadn't lost by more than one goal for over 50 games or so (?). I am hopeful that they (or someone else) might start to help shake up this top 6 notion regularly. Football would be all the better for it imo.
  12. What I never got was why we persisted with Kane when we played the top international teams. Kane is a flat track bully, vardy is a giant killer (and now seemingly both). Seemed odd to me, but unlike rugby it seems the England football teams have always picked the brand not the best players (used to be the players from the biggest clubs, it had now become the elite youngsters).
  13. To be fair, VAR was sold as something that was going to make decision making consistent. What has become clear is that most decisions in football are subjective. The way forward imo is either, 1) It is used only for decisions that are 100% factula. (Eg. Offsides even if it is 1mm). 2) is accepted for subjective decisions based on the assumption some decisions, whilst subjective are better considered under slow motion review. I have come to terms with the fact that an element of subjectivity will remain in VAR decision making now and am much happier with it as a call consequence.
  14. I like how if you include the players who nearly made it, it is essentially most our team!
  15. Whitlow was another. Loved a good Whitlow challenge.
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