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  1. To be fair, for a second striker he really is the best we could hope for. He is not perfect, but I always feel a good run of games would do him the world of good and he doesn't seem to unsettle the team when he is not playing like slim did and Jermaine beckford.before him. He also seems to score a lot of goals in the minutes he gets, we could have a lot worse.
  2. We have a lot of young players who will benefit from games like this so really pleased. 🙂
  3. I am if the school of thought he is being prepared for the rigours of the premiership. I like what I see I. Terms of raw talent, and am not surprised that he has taken time to settle to a new country/league. I think the loan with an option to buy was based on understanding his fitness, robustness and mentality more than anything. I expect him to sign in the summer (any injury etc permitting) as he seems to fit into the group and has bags of potential.
  4. I missed this! What fantastic news! (Although a month late to the party! 🤣)
  5. The thing I don't get about drawing the lines for offside is the sleeve thing. They don't actually draw the line from the sleeve of the shirt do they? If so what happens if the wear long sleeve shirts etc?
  6. That goal against Norwich at home, and that penalty against West ham. What a man. ❤️
  7. The villa youngsters are playing very well at the minute.
  8. We took a long time to change our playing style, however no one can argue it was for the greater good. Just hope the wolves board have spoken to Nuno and this is a plan they will have patience with as it has done us the world of good. I am all for the Leicester's, wolves and Southampton's of the world disrupting the monopoly, long may it continue.
  9. Good point. I didn't really think it through. 😆
  10. Ignore, I have just seen the bears response above. 🙂
  11. I think once the whistle goes it should be a free for all with the penalty taker and attacker. Keep the rule where the taker can only touch the ball once before someone else but the rest is open. Keeper can sprint off their line, penalty taker can stutter, even pass to the side for.someone else.if.they wish. Certainly would make it a bit more interesting (however not as clear a punishment as previously perhaps!).
  12. A very interesting season. I am fascinated by how this season pans out. I think the lack of a pre-season may still have an impact moving forward with player injuries etc. On top of that, the fact that games are being played in front of no fans is going to have a massive effect on some players. It will be very interesting to see who thrives in this environment and is less effective when fans return and vice versa. If I was a scouting department at the minute I would definitely undertaking analysis of player performance with and without fans with the notion of doing the right business when fans
  13. Andy King? Won L1, Champ and Prem?
  14. This is very good news. It signifies that our current structure is sustainable and our success has an increased chance of being maintained. As long as we can continue to develop all areas of the club, as we seem to have been doing, and not splashing silly money on impulse purchases we will continue to build a sustainable long term legacy. Another big tick for our wonderful owners for me.
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