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  1. What the 35 year old 'little migrant kids'?
  2. This
  3. What a pathetic thread. I do do wish they would bring back Hagar the horrible though.
  4. Got a spare ticket - face value £30 - will be in the harvester by the ground from 12.30 onwards. Pm me if interested
  5. Oops. Messed up here. Has block 37 not been released yet? Otherwise it has pretty much sold out
  6. Proof again it's all about where in the away end you are. I was end seat next to the Liverpool fans (behind the goal) and we all commented how good the atmosphere was in the away end. Speaking to someone sat in their new stand they also said we were loud. Then I read that other people thought we were crap.
  7. I knew the rules as I looked it up a couple of years back. But as Jammie's post shows - we are giving a minimum of 350 tickets more to away fans than we need to ( and more if we can justify it like Liverpool and others). I just think we would be better served giving these to city fans.
  8. I have been banging on about this for a couple of years now. Can't understand it. We give 3,350 tickets to away fans (according to the match day magazine that's what Arsenal brought last season) out of a capacity of 32,500 yet next week we are getting just 2,894 (the back 4 rows of which are retricted view) at Liverpool where the capacity is now 54,000. With tickets in such high demand I cannot understand why we don't at least get in line with other clubs and offer maybe 2,800 to away teams freeing up another 500 plus tickets for our fans. As above, giving 3.350 was ok when we couldn't sell out but not now.
  9. I am p2 so can buy tomorrow (Tuesday). Do the tickets become available at midnight or 9am?
  10. Nantwich - 4 season ticket holders - myself and my 3 kids. Go to most away matches too. I have accepted the fact that I will die a poor man! a couple of other foxes here too.
  11. Count me in
  12. My mate from Coventry has one adult and one child ticket. Unfortunately he has been taken ill so these tickets are going spare. They can be collected from Coventry or we can have a word with the club in the morning and try and sort something out. If anyone is interested call me on 07740 759250
  13. I am not going to join in with this. I lost £50 on non-refundable train tickets - so I am as p*ssed off as the next man but I am not going to miss the first five minutes. I don't think it will do the players much good to walk out to a half empty away section - I always think it must give them a real lift seeing a packed out away section in full voice plus I got 3 kids there & don't fancy being in a full concourse if we were to score. I also think there are better ways we could have protested especially if we can coordinate with the Arsenal fans. Of course it would be affected by what is going on on the pitch but maybe everyone turning their backs for a minute at the 23rd minute or a minutes silence on 23 - mind they have tried 90 minutes of that at Goodson & that's had no affect.
  14. As posted above - I bought 4 train tickets from Crewe £51. They are non refundable. Added to which the earliest train I can get from Crewe on the Sunday gets us in at 11.06. It's a disgrace.