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  1. Really disappointed he did this. Also many Turkish people have taken our clubs Twitter post of him kissing the badge to mean we support their murder campaign against the Kurds. The salute was totally classless.
  2. Our owners are incredible. Also whether things are going well or going south we are never boring.
  3. Nah not true at all. I've tried all sorts of headphones over various price ranges and the astros, while £250 with the mix amp, have been worth every single penny over the years. The sound is phenomenal. Would I still be using a £50 set 7 years later? Doubt it. I'm saying this as someone who will usually go for the best budget option with electronics.
  4. My astro a40's have been going since 2012 and are absolutely legit. Also incredibly comfortable. Turtle Beach are totally overpriced.
  5. Thanks a lot mate! I'm abroad for 2 weeks now so will show him how to work steam and use the key when I get back.
  6. I've just built my 71 year old Dad a gaming pc out of my old parts, he loves the old CoD WW2 games and has been playing through them again so would love a key for him if possible?
  7. z-layrex


    I built a gaming pc, but honestly spend 95% of my gaming time on the switch in bed.
  8. They didn't earn it lol? Who else did then?
  9. "Oh dude I was watching the Leicester Foxes face off against the Hotspurs and Jamie Vardy totally hit the goal bar"
  10. I think it'll end at the Midgar escape and that'll be it. We won't see any more.
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