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  1. Morning lads we won the fa cup yesterday.
  2. I love this club. There isnt the English words to describe how much I love this club.
  3. Just downed 2 large glasses of red wine. Off to do a poo in the garden.
  4. All my Chelsea mates sending lovely messages. They've surprised me.
  5. Half my mates are the most insufferable kinds of Chelsea fans. I cannot face 27 videos of Wagner shouting "up the Chels!". We have to win this.
  6. For me its just stupid value and the obvious choice this gen.
  7. They are really worried about the Indian variant at work. All staff having PCR tests for it. Expecting a 3rd wave.
  8. And please dont get me wrong, I'm not one of these militant socialist NHS workers, I get really annoyed at the entitlement and fart sniffing of some of them. I just want to be paid the appropriate amount for a skillset that I spent years building, as any trade do. Nursing is not a vocation.
  9. Absolutely. And our unions are pathetic, they've just rolled over after a bit of a moan, like they do every time. We were all fully up for striking.
  10. So what? 13 shifts a month is the same as a 37.5 hour working week (and they dont pay you for your breaks). If she groups her shifts so she has a nice run of days off she still worked all the hours either side to have those days off in a row. Also why should I have to work even more hours to top up my shit pay? Nurses have 8.5 weeks of annual leave a year after 10 years of service, but you dont get bank holidays so it's not like it's a ridiculous amount. It's literally one of the few benefits you get. The public are generally hypocrites. They dont want to pay for the be
  11. 12.5% is the RCN's figure.
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