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  1. z-layrex

    Corona Virus

    Got home to a beer delivery from@The whole world smiles just because he thought I sounded like I needed a beer the other day. Legend!
  2. z-layrex

    Corona Virus

    I can't tell you how disheartening it is when you get out of a shift, your face is killing you from the mask, you're totally stressed out and then you just see people everywhere thinking it's fine that they're out as long as they're in gym clothes.
  3. z-layrex

    Corona Virus

    Boris is the exact type who has been dying from this. 50's, tummy, probably hypertensive.
  4. z-layrex

    Corona Virus

    Judging by how so many of our patients are men, I reckon it was started by a woman.
  5. z-layrex

    Corona Virus

    My worry is for when lockdown ends we will see another surge. The doctors at work say there will likely be staged lockdowns again, each time the peak is hopefully a lower number than the surge before. We are in for a hell of a year or two I bet.
  6. z-layrex

    Corona Virus

    My wife was an icu nurse too but works for a healthcare tech company now, she says shes getting so much work done without the commute, productivity is through the roof within her team. Shes going back to work in an ICU for a couple of months now as the country is so desperate for anyone with icu experience. Think shes a bit sad about it tbh but it's her own decision.
  7. Hope you're right, I've been witness to some pretty dodgy shit during my time in the nhs.
  8. I can guarantee plenty of people within the NHS and outside of it will be making shitloads of money out of Nightingale. This kind of thing happens all the time within the NHS sadly.
  9. Yeah I'm exaggerating for sure and I'm not serious, but it's how I feel about it sometimes.
  10. They should not pay another penny of player wages for the foreseeable and the players should be bloody thankful for it. Every single premier league player, down to a man, could live for months, even years without another paycheck. Funnel that money to where it's needed.
  11. z-layrex

    Corona Virus

    Have they?? They're doing strict 1 in 1 out in their stores and lots of products on the shelves. I can only speak for my experience as a nurse, but they let me in ahead of the queue, keep a private checkout for frontline staff and even gave me a load of money off a couple times. Bloody expensive though but that's Waitrose. They've been so nice to NHS staff i'll probably shop there forever now.
  12. z-layrex

    Corona Virus

    We are admitting more and more healthy men in their 30s.
  13. z-layrex

    Corona Virus

    Another day, another mental shitstorm. Its hard to describe it to anyone who hasn't worked in an ICU before, but all I can say is that it's a ****ing warzone. It still doesnt seem real, like everything is a movie or a dream and you'll wake up soon, it's that surreal. None of us ever thought it could be like this.
  14. z-layrex

    Corona Virus

    Just a bit shattered to be honest but everyone is looking after each other. Thanks for asking.
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