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  1. Hart is younger than Kasper?? Fook me I thought he was about 34! Also top post, agree.
  2. These attacks don't even shock me anymore. It's become like a normal occurance now. Absolutely ****ed.
  3. NO!
  4. I was thinking that... Hope it's not an omen.
  5. Hate it. This season's is so nice why do we have to change.
  6. This will hopefully become a historical institution. I hope in 50 years Leicester City players still do not talk to that joke of a radio station.
  7. No I just don't like people acting like a WUM over politics. It's a particular bugbear of mine.
  8. You've been fishing for hours now, time to pack it up.
  9. No worse than the left's continuous whinging over brexit.
  10. Great post, I said I would be happy with 8th but this is a very convincing argument.
  11. Streets of Rage 2 Rocket Knight Adventures Alisia Dragoon Mickley Mania Phantasy Star 4 Pier Solar and the Great Architects Puyo Pop Tsu Gunstar Heroes Sonic 3 Chuck Rock 2 That's not my absolute top 10 but those are the first that came to mind. I love the mega drive and still have it hooked up in my study. Has anyone seen Paprium? New mega drive beat em up being developed by Watermelon who made Pier Solar. Pre ordered the special edition.
  12. I'd be really happy with 8th. Just want some stability now.
  13. **** Spurs honestly. Posers