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  1. Sorry but when my dog or cat dies it will be like losing a family member (because they are as much a member of the family as anyone else) and I will not be coming into work until able to cope. I don't think that's soft at all and I hope my manager would understand that. My pets are individuals with their own personalities and capacity to love. Their deaths are just as tragic as any human's.
  2. z-layrex


    Please take it from a theatre and ICU nurse of a decade, don't worry! You are in very safe hands and although no one wants to have surgery, at least you get some nice opiates. You'll get brought into the anaesthetic room which is a little room next to the operating theatre, you'll be having a chat with the anaesthetist and before you know it it'll all be over. Depending on what surgery you are having you'll probably wake up slowly in the recovery room, you won't remember much of that part. You might get a bit of IV re-hydration and maybe some pain killers if you're a bit sore. A few people feel a bit sick, but there's lots of drugs to fix that too. Seriously try not to worry too much promise.
  3. I honestly have no clue whatsoever.
  4. Most of my Chelsea mates think they'll win this comfortably.
  5. Fact is we can't stop our stars going to bigger clubs, we've had that demonstrated to us time and time again. You can't build anything at a club like Leicester because you will just get financially picked apart following any kind of success. All we can do is bleed them for money and try to carry on.
  6. Like Kante did?
  7. Oi! I'm southern and I'll drink you under the table. I once had nearly an entire jug of Pimms to myself, mother had to pick me up in her range rover.
  8. It does indeed. Nothing good about this. Today is a sad day and anyone who says otherwise is in denial.
  9. What has Harry done that deserves a hero's goodbye? This club plucked him from relegation and championship football to the point he's now next in line for England captain. If he goes he's had a couple good seasons for us and pissed off to the most hated club in England on the eve of us doing something special again.
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