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  1. Wtf happened? A solicitor not doing their job I imagine?
  2. What do you mean by double vaccinate? Two doses? That's the same everywhere, you need both doses.
  3. How is the UK's rampant vaccination success being portrayed in the EU I wonder? I know we are not allowed to look good under any circumstances these days. Both my parents now had 1st Pfizer jab. My wife's 98 year old grandfather in Portugal hasnt had his, let alone anyone else there.
  4. I think journalists have a lot to answer for over the past decades. They quite literally cause deaths and ruin lives with zero accountability.
  5. Sign up to part alert on Twitter and discord, it's how I got my 3070 for a good price.
  6. No, he's on 4. He's had 8 in his whole PL career. EDIT: Oh it goes by fixtures not season.
  7. Got the work experience kid doing proof reading today I see. That's ****ing embarrassing.
  8. Yep, this time of year the ICU's are usually full of Flu patients. Not had a single one this year.
  9. That's enough FoxesTalk for today.
  10. Feeling rank is probably better than dying from flu. I would get your jab if you are vulnerable.
  11. I can promise you ICU beds are not full of old people - they don't even get an ICU bed, they die on the wards. Critical Care however is rammed full of fat people and we are ****ing sick of it. Referral after referral of 100kg + people. I have to find 4+ nurses to turn and clean half these patients. Some shifts it's so bad, if you are really fat you get 1 turn a shift. As I lift yet another patient's huge tummy so a colleague can clean in the fat folds to try and stop them smelling like a wet dog I think to myself "how the hell did we get like this as a nation".
  12. You can recognise that the ICU's are full of hambeasts and this country really needs to sort itself out health-wise whilst still being fat yourself.
  13. You're not even remotely average Geoff!
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