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  1. This kid shouting on the Arsenal Brighton game is well annoying.
  2. LinkedIn. Everyone on it is presenting a totally fake picture of their own professional competence whilst simultaneously sniffing their own farts.
  3. This, we've seen time and time again if they cant beat you on the pitch they will just take your players.
  4. Over the past couple years he's fast becoming one of my most disliked footballers.
  5. I go to Selhurst quite a bit and it's not very loud at all. The holmesdale corner give it a good go which is where the rep comes from, but they're in too few number to make much of an impact.
  6. Why do chavy teenage lads always have a little man purse strapped across their front? Looks ****ing stupid.
  7. Still sinking hundreds of hours into warframe. It just gets more and more addictive the more you learn about it.
  8. Someone on Reddit called him Brexit's Ronaldo.
  9. Do you think we'd stay in the championship if this was our first 11?
  10. Leave the plate with their stupid ****ing pastries out in the stairwell, that'll get the message across.
  11. I know people rip on him, but I can't help but feel good things for him and that squad.
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