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  1. Good to have them back where they belong!
  2. Sicknote out again. What a waste of ****ing money.
  3. IMO most of the press in this country has totally abused its freedom for far too long. They have ruined too many innocent lives.
  4. Trying living in the south surrounded by them. It is sheer entitlement in its most sincere form, when they lose it's like 'how dare this happen'. Every Arsenal fan in our whatsapp group refuses to acknowledge even one achievement of Leicester the last 3 years. When we won the league one guy just said "you won't be so happy when we pinch all your players". My mates are wank.
  5. London's ****ing horrible anyway. Wish I could move to Leiceter.
  6. My Mrs even wants a goalie top with his name on the back.... 🤔
  7. Men who do this jfc.
  8. Me and the gf praying we can get a season ticket somehow this year. Not hopeful though.
  9. I love all 3 kits we have now. Our best kits ever this season imo. Can we just keep this one?
  10. Was it too warm to wear stone Island?
  11. We have a world class player who could walk most teams in the world, at LEICESTER CITY, and people still slag him off. Stop the planet I want to get off. (Riyad not Gray obvs)
  12. I have a feeling we are all going to have to adjust to not having these ridiculous highs for a while. Then again this is Leicester so **** knows what'll happen. Probably get relegated to league 2 and win the fa cup now.
  13. This team has given us memories to last a lifetime.