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  1. As someone who's hardly played a Zelda since the game boy era, what's the difference between BOTW and a real Zelda game out of interest? Large dungeons?
  2. The universities are one big mafia.
  3. Does anyone want to buy my MSI RX 580 8GB before I stick it on ebay? It's hardly been used, never overclocked, perfect condition.
  4. England fans abroad. Why are so many English people classless chav cu**s?
  5. Emilia Clarke's smug face.
  6. Why is our coach wanking himself off over wolves to the media?
  7. Did Ricardo play during Sousa's 9 games? **** me what a mess.
  8. People who talk on the phone on trains. Every single commute to work it seems like I have someone different blathering on at the top of their voice non-stop in whatever language. Wtf can they possibly be talking about for so long.
  9. Would you care to point out what was dramatic about my post? Like I said, yes the episodes are fantastic due to the budget and incredibly talented directors, yes the actors have all done their very best with a ridiculous script. Fact remains, the story itself makes zero sense and all of these brilliant character arcs have just been snuffed out like they're nothing. After the best part of a decade...
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