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  1. I didn't play the first one, but I've been really into the whole looter genre lately and I think this is fantastic. Enjoying it more than Warframe even. This will keep me busy while I hope they improve Anthem.
  2. I used to be so good at COD in my twenties, I played MW3 religiously! I think I had a KDR of 5 or something. I get absolutely destroyed at any online shooter now, way too frustrating! Just stick to games without PVP now like Warframe.
  3. Not one of which would go to Leicester. They're also mostly old players. Their academy is a bit of a shambles at the moment.
  4. I said no more Sporting. Porto and Benfica are by far the bigger and better clubs. We signed one Porto player and within a few weeks he was our best player. We sign 2 Sporting and I'm still taking gaviscon.
  5. Not more Sporting players.
  6. I took it as meaning every player in the squad is an extremely talented player so there are less nerves in this situation. I don't see wtf is wrong with saying that, it's true!
  7. I hope to ****ing god he doesn't read this forum. Every month this fanbase manages to make me more and more ashamed to be a Leicester fan.
  8. When I bought my cat the previous guy who owned her had talksport on all the time as she seems to like it. She complains if I don't leave it on all day. I've tried other talk radio stations but it seems to just be shitting talksport she'll accept. My life is a living hell.
  9. Schlupp is in a team that just smashed us 4-1 at ours so I wouldn't be so quick to put him down.
  10. Coming on and off night shifts is the worst, I finished nights thursday morning but I still woke up at 2am last night and been awake since, now I'll feel like grumpy wet shit all day.
  11. The game is beautiful, but that's it. I think Bioware have lost too many of their most talented staff due to the poor working conditions in the industry at this "AAA" level. You can see the artistry is still there, without any of the 'soul' and intelligent design needed to bring it all together. I really worry for them now with EA's history of killing teams. Highly recommend Warframe if you like the looter shooter genre, it's incredible and has been constantly developed and improved since it came out in 2013. It's also completely free to play. Huge new player learning curve, but I'd urge you not to let that stop you.
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