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  1. z-layrex


    They accepted our offer for 10k under! We are over the moon as love the house. Apparently they've found a different new build that's ready to go, we checked out the development, it's near by and has quite a few houses ready to go so hopefully it all works out.
  2. z-layrex


    Accepted an offer on our flat from no-chain buyers, 5k below asking happy with that. 2nd viewing on the house we want to buy now, but we need to find out when their new build is going to be ready, their agent seems sketchy on the details of that.
  3. z-layrex


    The situation in the south east is a joke. The tiny 3 bed victorian semi we want (which needs work), is going to cost us over 400k, plus with a 15% deposit. Just ridiculous, but we dont want to live in a flat anymore and loads of flats are being built here for London commuters so need to sell while we still can.
  4. z-layrex


    Had a second viewing on our flat yesterday lunchtime, the lady brought her mum who is helping her with the deposit. Our agent hasn't said anything about it to us or replied to my email. What kind of agent doesn't tell you how a second viewing went?? We have a second viewing of another couple tonight too who saw it Monday eve. Do you think we had an offer, but the agent isn't saying anything so that they can put pressure on this couple and hope for a bidding war? Are they allowed to hold back an offer? We found a house we want to buy and are waiting to be in a position to offer on it, which our agent knows.
  5. Chilwell all smiles, **** off.
  6. Load of rubbish, your perceptions of things are not everyone else's perception. Heaton from SK gaming in the 90s for example was every bit as much an artist, to those people who enjoy that medium. Just because you enjoy guys playing football on a field doesn't meant it's any better or worse than a game that is happening on a digital field.
  7. Try watching a top level counter strike tournament, the production levels are top tier and commentary is as professional as any televised sport. The teams are very well paid professionals who dedicate their lives to it.
  8. Pretty ignorant comment. Esports makes more money than football in some countries now.
  9. z-layrex


    Why are they only offering 85% mortages to existing customers looking to move?? We are both nurses, totally secure jobs, never missed a payment. Nationwide refusing to offer us anything above 85% LTV so we can't move. That's that. They say sorry as if I was ordering a taxi and and they don't have any available. This blanket rule makes no sense. Why can't they make individual exceptions to safe existing mortgage customers who want to move?
  10. And yet they will continue to bleed us ****ing dry.
  11. London very quiet on the covid front.
  12. Even the food in those fake chicken shops you always see in the shit parts of town centres is usually better than KFC.
  13. Watford, Brighton, Hull or Charlton. Any of these 4 clubs fans could do something like this. Why has mankind strayed so far from the light:
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