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  1. It was 1998 I think when my Grandad took me to see Leicester play Everton age 10. I have always lived in Surrey and London, but my Grandparents lived in Coalville and we visited quite a bit. My Dad wasn't into football so naturally seemed to go with Grandad's team instead. He bought me a shirt with Walsh on the back.
  2. The problem isn't teaching your kid to stick up for themselves, whether they can or not is usully irrelevant. Their face will either fit or it won't. Even after I realised I could take any kind in school, after the fight about 30 kids would come looking for me because apparently I was the bully. Or they would vandalise my home if they couldn't get to me physically. You just have to send them to a good school and not the prison camp I had to go to. I was never scared of the actual bullies, it was the consequences of fighting back that frightened me. On the plus side sixth form college felt like a dream after 5 years of hell.
  3. Same for me. It was an absolute hell hole for me. Apart from the general lack of education due to half the little criminals in my classes being too disruptive for the teachers to actually teach, the following injustices come to mind: Watching the bullies and feral kids from broken homes receive awards and vouchers in assemblies, just because they could be bothered to turn up to school a few times that month. I never missed a single day of school and no one gave a shit. Standing out in the freezing cold, watching the bullies sit in the PE offices drinking tea because the sports teachers loved them. Being bullied by the same few kids for many years with absolutely no help from the school. I would shake and cry on the way to school each day. One day I realised I was bigger than them, proceeded to fight back outside of Science. Ended up seriously injuring two of them to the point they had to go to hospital. Guess who gets in trouble with the school and police? That night my parents cars were vandalized. As they always threatened to do if I fought back. I still remember a teacher running out of the gates in my last day to tell me I was missing all the goodbyes in the hall. I just laughed and kept walking. Man even at 29 I still get strong feelings about that place. I remember being in a pub in my home town a couple years ago and a girl was getting very friendly, she had once told me I was the ugliest boy in school. Had no idea who I was!
  4. Go to network, create new connection, custom. Click eveything as normal but when you hit DNS change it manually to and, at MTU go manual and change it to 1473.
  5. Yeah done that they asked for pictures, I sent them my blurriest work.
  6. I'd been waiting for a long time for this to be ported to the PS4. I am a huge sci-fi/space exploration fan and I'm absolutely loving it. Took me a few days to get disconnection issues sorted however (seemed to be a problem affecting BT homehub users, made the game almost unplayable for a while). I'm mostly trading in my little hauler with some mining on the side, planning to get enough money together for a deep, deep space exploration trip eventually. Following that maybe passenger missions. No Man's Sky was such a disappointment I'm just relieved at how good this game as become if this is your kind of thing. I'm keeping a close eye on star citizen, but I'd need to buy a better computer to run that. I was also excited to see my first neutron star last night:
  7. I just don't understand. On what planet do you put a bench press in the small shared corridor of an apartment building and ****ing lift outside of your neighbour's door?? Maybe in Romania it wouldn't be a big deal? i'm fuming.
  8. I was indeed!
  9. Usually its like this. This is still well rude in a small shared corridor imo, even if we don't have to pass there. Wankers. [/img]
  10. We have new next door neighbours. A really nice couple used to live there (from Romania), the guy is a stock broker or something and does quite well for himself. They recently moved to Manchester and the guy's sister had moved in with her partner and 3 kids. They don't seem to work as they are at home all day and don't seem to speak much English. They are keeping a lot of belongings in our shared corridor and the utilities cupboard opposite their door where our electrical metre is located. Whilst irritating and probably illegal this was not a big issue for us, but now they have put a large bench press right by our front door. The male resident fully works out on the bench press by our front door every morning, causing a strong odour of sweat to saturate the small shared corridor and our hallway. It is also very noisy and we can hear him working out throughout the entire flat. I was trying to sleep the other morning whilst on nights and I can just hear him grunting ffs.He has not stopped doing this despite voicing our objections at how ridiculous it is to have someone weight lifting outside of your front door in an apartment building. He just says "it's just morning it's just morning". I've complained to management who asked me to send photos. Am I crazy for having such an issue with this? The picture is taken from my front door opening.
  11. Me and my Mrs are both nurses working in London, we had to move out of London to buy. In the south east within commutable distance the most we could afford for our first home was a 2 bed flat for 265k. We both have to work an extra shift a month to make ends meet with the cost of living considering we get a pay cut every year as our wages rise below inflation (which the tories just voted to keep). **** knows what we'd do if we had a baby. At what point on top of all of this are we supposed to afford to pay their criminal subscription feeds?
  12. I used work in Kensington at the Royal Brompton, you know why I lived ages away and commuted in? Because I couldn't afford to live there!
  13. It drives me ****ing mental. The security staff have to process thousands of people while keeping everyone safe at the same time, the least you can do is help by making things as smooth as possible. Keep the clear bag for your toiletries and prepare them at home, and have your electronics and shit ready to go in a tray while you're waiting in line. It's not ****ing difficult!
  14. Thanks a lot for your help. Sorry was too lazy to read the thread.
  15. Thanks mate. So how do we sit together?