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  1. z-layrex


    I don't believe this has been confirmed yet? Be wary, the PS4 Pro doesn't support 1440p, it looks like total shit on my 1440p monitor. It just downscales to 1080 and it does not look good.
  2. Seriously tempted by an S. I play on pc on a 1440p 144hz monitor. I dont generally play many graphic intensive games, so maybe for the ones I do want to play in the future, the series s will be a much much cheaper way to do that than eventually needing to upgrade my cpu and gpu etc.
  3. I can't stand talking or thinking about it anymore I'm afraid.
  4. z-layrex


    Agent called this morning, saying they had the asking price accepted on the bigger house and vendor said no more viewings. We insisted to be allowed a chance to counter offer, I even called the boss of the agents on his day off. They let us view, we offered 5k over, chain free ready to go same agent so they know us and our position. Blokes now asked if thats the best both parties can do and to come back to him tomorrow. The house needs so much work ffs, our offer is amazing and we are perfect buyers. We are not going to offer more money, the 5k over even feels wrong. The people in the house we were set to buy have said they won't move out. So we will no doubt lose our sale soon as they won't give us a set completion. We will probably just stay in our flat for a few more years, nothing is worth this stress.
  5. z-layrex


    Yeah for sure. They have offered exactly what you said, but our buyers are not happy with that, and I completely agree. We are going to see the chain free bigger house on Monday afternoon, if we like it we are going to offer there and then. If accepted we will withdraw our offer as no money has been exchanged so we are legally allowed to, I am not prepared to be messed around waiting for their new build any more when we were led to believe it was almost done. What I don't understand is their agent hassled us so much when we were having trouble getting our buyers queries sorted. Why were they so desperate for us to get to exchange when their new build remains a shell (we have visited the site and we think we know which house it is, no where near ready).
  6. z-layrex


    I think we've all been very patient, we have said to them we want a set in stone completion date for early December, which I think is more than fair considering we offered in June. I get the impression my buyers will agree to that.
  7. z-layrex


    The other house is chain free and we are ready to exchange on our flat so it should be fast move. It's in quite poor condition as has been rented for years, but it's on same street and we will be able to get it for significantly less which leaves us with a lot of money to do it up. It's also the same agent selling it as selling our flat. It's also a bigger house with a south facing garden. We still prefer the house we are lined up for now as it's Victorian and we like Victorian houses and it has so much character... But as I type this out, they are obviously not going to agree to move out and they really are just messing everyone around. I don't think it's fair to sell your house to someone in June but expect them to just wait for your house indefinitely into the new year.
  8. z-layrex


    So. We are finally all ready to exchange with our buyers of our flat. The house we are buying, the sellers are waiting on a new build. When we offered on their house in June, we were told their new build was almost ready. Well it's not, and every month it seem it gets pushed back, now the development company is saying December, but it will likely be even more. They want us to exchange with them now and just wait for their ****ing house to be finished. Our buyers now are understandably not willing to wait with us and have asked if we will move out. I don't think it's fair that we should move out when we are all ready to move and it's them holding this up. I have asked them to move out while they wait for their new build, but of I'm sure they will refuse. We are considering dropping our offer even though we are in love with the house, paid for full survey etc. There is a house on the same road that is empty and chain free, needs a lot more work, but ultimately could be a great house. Ugh, I just don't think this is fair on us or our buyers. I get that they have 3 kids, but why should us and our buyers be ****ed because of their issue? They should move out.
  9. London is a horrible place. I hate having to come into it for work. I guess I can see why it appeals to a young rich footballer for a while though.
  10. Don't like him look at his eyebrows. You can't trust a man with eyebrows like that.
  11. The Eiffel Tower doesn't stop Paris being a shit hole either tbf.
  12. Having a fantastic time staying in a tiny cottage in the Brecon Beacons. Wales doesn't seem too busy, except for if you do the really obvious walking trails. Tiny Rebel brewery today.
  13. Exactly! Just our luck. We used it all up winning the league.
  14. I just dont get how a player can be so good at Sporting only to be written off so quickly here. I get that the leagues are different, but ffs if you're that good at football that you can be a star at Sporting ****ing Lisbon why can't you eventually adapt here. I mean one of the things the Sporting fans at work were saying is how how good he is at adapting to different situations and styles of play!
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