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  1. A good mortgage advisor could really help you with this.
  2. Great choice. Hoping they announce a 5600 at a more sensible price point for Ryzen 5 in the new year. Component prices are really pissing me off.
  3. I will never be ashamed of voting tory last time, because no matter how badly some people will accuse them of handling this, the thought of a Labour government during this disaster makes me shudder.
  4. I'm not taking about sales, I'm taking about framerates, tearing and resolutions.
  5. I am, the PS5 is weaker on paper. Digital Foundry are blaming it on the Xbox dev tools being really behind at the moment.
  6. PS5 outperforming Xbox Series X in every game comparison so far.
  7. Lists get moved to "clean hospitals", often in the private sector. All patients have to isolate for a set time before their procedure. So for example in London, some hospitals are running their lists at private hospitals, so a cardiothoracic surgeon for example will work there. If you need emergency cardiothoracic surgery, hospitals like mine can take you, with designated units you can be nursed on after surgery until you are cleared for covid.
  8. I would never build a PC now if I didn't already have one, component prices are absolutely ridiculous compared to the performance you'll get out of these new consoles for relatively little money. It's a shame but even at 30fps you'll probably adjust and hardly notice after a while. Death Stranding was 30fps right on PS4? I played that after 100+fps gaming for a couple years. It was shit for a little while then my brain just adjusted.
  9. 30fps? Puke. Game looking seriously impressive though, what a relief.
  10. I've always loved Villa's badge.
  11. Finally moving into our fixer upper Friday. Excited to not live in a flat for the first time in my adult life. Exchanging and completing on same day so hopefully all goes smoothly. It's going to need a lot of work, but the only way for us to live where we wanted to was to buy a bit of a dump. Redhill - Earlswood in Surrey if anyone knows it.
  12. Don't they say God kills far more people in the Bible than Satan? I wouldn't know though.
  13. "Shut the **** up, mask the **** up, grow the **** up". Has a better ring to it than "Hands, Face, Space".
  14. That's fine, I respect you because you're human and it's why I dont like to discuss my thoughts on religion so I'll leave it there. But please realise your beliefs, or church going, is of no more importance than my love to go to the pub and get shitfaced or do anything else, you have to try and remember that. Your beliefs and church are no more special than anything else people want or need to do with their time.
  15. It doesn't matter to me what they do, just don't do it when there's a virus going around that could kill my parents and has given me the worst year of work in my career in healthcare. You think my view is silly, believe me I think your belief in a God is just as silly. Why is the Bible so important and Lord of the Rings isn't? Both are books written by people. Where is God now? Why is he letting so many people suffer? Is he sleeping like he did during the holocaust? Why do you want to pray to something so cruel? Oh yes because he 'works in mysterious ways'.
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