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  1. I certainly didnt mean to be racist and I apologise if I came across as so.
  2. I don't mean to profile by nationality, my point was that as Brits we are used to behaving a certain way that may not always be in line with how we truly feel, you cant deny that's our culture. Maguire behaved a certain way, Mahrez didn't, likely because of their nationalities. What matters to Leicester fans is that Mahrez is a ****ing Leicester legend, Maguire is not.
  3. Mahrez went to Man City, a clear upgrade. Maguire went to the Manchester ****ing United. That is the difference. How each respective player behaves is irrelevant. Mahrez is Algerian so behaves how he feels, Maguire is British so you never really know what he is feeling, it's all an act. People don't care about that. Maguire can just fake his feelings better than Mahrez (as most of us Brits are very good at, you can't deny it).
  4. A bigger economy does not always mean a better quality of life. The overcrowded south east and London is a testament to that. Something had to change.
  5. If you think it's bad here you should watch Portuguese football, it's become totally unwatchable thanks to the diving (cheating).
  6. Fair play to them both, lovely couple. Wish them nothing but the best.
  7. I dont agree with this, but I do think there should be child free flights. Especially longer haul.
  8. Man, you guys are ****ing mean sometimes.
  9. It's London so it's all pretty shit.
  10. I will never understand twitter, just manchildren winding each other up.
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