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  1. It's in our own hands still and we still play a lot of our rivals. No better way to get ahead then getting a result against them.
  2. The club pays them tens of thousands each week, and they're lucky as all the players meet up physically every day so they've probably lost the least amount of human contact compared to other lines of work. The similar matter of fact is if the club were to overlook this incident and keep it in house then it'd almost create a precident that the players are bigger then the club and can do what they want. The rules are there for a reason and I don't care how key the players involved are, no one should disrespect the rules of the club and no one is above punishment if they do. 100% the
  3. Every player will want to play at one of the top clubs and test themselves there, but I actually think few players actually successfully are able to do that. A lot of careers have flopped after a so called big move and a few seasons later, they're actually worse off then when they left their previous club. Staying here may get you European football every year and a real chance to win the cups with the added bonus in playing in a team that seems like is a real close knit group. We're changing from being a stepping stone club to one that can challenge with the best.
  4. We sat back and gave up possession all game. It wasn't a carefree performance, if anything we'd overdone it on the tactical side and took very little risk. But then you see how good Man city were today and I dont think any team in world football could compete with them when they play like that.
  5. That game just emphasised how much better Man City are than probably most in Europe. We defended well all game and if we'd lost 5-0 it would have been a fair scoreline without playing that badly. We missed a real outlet today in the likes of Barnes.
  6. We've done well to limit them to just one real chance with Aguero's volley that went miles over.
  7. Yeah of course, but that's what is good for the game, you want the teams that play the best football to win the games and not because of controversial decisions. I'd rather we got there due to outplaying the opposition like we have this season and not due to fortunate decisions. I'd still love it ofc if we got a controversial goal to get there but that's not good for the game. And I don't buy this idea of decisions evening themselves out and even if they do, you wouldn't want a 3-0 to become a 4-0 against a Sheff Utd or a 1-1 to not become a 2-1 against a Man Utd due to a bad deci
  8. No but you can't change the rule of offside. Where do you draw the line, as to what is clear and obvious? I think an idea similar to cricket reviews could work where the linesman calls it as before and VAR can only overrule if it was wrong by more than 1 metre or some set distance, so it's linesman's call unless it's really wrong.
  9. I really don't get the big fuss with VAR. The decisions that are deemed controversial are those that are millimetres in distance and linesman were getting that wrong before anyway, so surely VAR only helps that decision to be more accurate. I get that it can be frustrating but imagine losing top 4 or a title to a clear offside goal which shouldn't have stood. I know what's worse.
  10. The integrity of the CL will have gone by this point. You should have to earn a right to be amongst the best in Europe and not because of your history or past performances. Where is the incentive for the teams to do well in it when some know they'll get a free pass in the following season. I wouldn't be surprised if teams started to treat it as a mickey mouse competition and prioritised the league instead.
  11. No of course not. Obviously the money has helped him, but Jose had it at United and so did various managers at Chelsea and they've not had the same level of success. We're the shining example that money doesn't necessarily buy success. In regards to his philosophy, yes he didn't pioneer that style of play as you mentioned with the Dutch and Total football but since his Barcelona team dominated for 5 or so years, every team now plays out from the back and sees it as the progessive way to play. We're seeing the emergence of sweeper keepers now and the value of ball playing defenders
  12. I think this idea of having more money makes the job significantly easier is flawed. It does obviously help Pep that he has significant funds to buy the players he wants but he has to still manage the team, create a system and keep everyone happy. It must be tough when you've got the egos he's had at Barcelona especially, but it always feels like he's in control. Pep has revolutionised football, with playing out from the back, the inverted full backs, the wide wingers... I've not seen another manager implement a strategy like this as successfully as he has. Take Chelsea last seaso
  13. Southgate said tournament experience will count for a lot and that he already knows his team for the first game. Guaranteed that none of our players are getting in the team.
  14. The way Mahrez just casually pulled that out of the sky and put Vardy through with one touch was unreal. I still maintain Mahrez has the best first touch of any footballer in world football.
  15. Maddison's against Watford was one of the best I've seen live. Reminiscent of Gazza in Euro 96.
  16. Someone asked me if I only supported Leicester because I was a 'glory supporter' 😂. That made me feel proud.
  17. We have so many silky, effortless midfielders that sometimes it becomes too predictable and having him whipping in crosses on a sixpence is a dangerous weapon to have. He's also our best set piece taker at the club from non scoring areas imo.
  18. Totally agree. I think it's safe to say we are now becoming one of the top clubs in England and we need to go one better than Spurs did a few years ago when they were in a similar position and hopefully win something. That will only help our longevity in being a top club as when we've done it once we're more likely to do it again. Didn't man city need a FA cup to start dominating the league as they had fallen short the seasons prior to that but once they had the win under their belt, they seemed far more composed and better in the big games.
  19. Arsenal - W1 L2 Chelsea - W1 Liverpool - W1 L1 Man City - W1 Man Utd - W1 D1 Spurs - W1 Including cup competitions, we have won 6, drawn 1 and lost 3 of the games against the big 6 which is some record imo. It's a massive improvement from last season where we struggled to take many points from these teams and it shows how our mentality and resilience has improved. The squad we have is impressive and it's only improving so if we can find a way to consistently beat those teams that sit deep then we will be in a title race every year.
  20. I'd go 4-2-3-1 with a fully fit team and rotate between Soyuncu and Fofana with a fully fit team. Kasper Castange Evans Soyuncu/Fofana Justin Ndidi Tielemans Maddison Iheanacho Barnes Vardy
  21. Bossed that game from start to finish
  22. Such a clever player brimming with confidence
  23. We seem to have moments in the cup competitions when it gets to the latter stages so I'm interested to see our mentality today when we come up against a very good United team.
  24. Definitely true, but I felt after the first lockdown last season when we'd lost some real key players we carried on playing in the same manner and didn't swallow our ego in games where we'd struggle with the team we put out (Spurs away sticks out). Rodgers has accepted this even when we've had key players back and it's made us 10 times harder to play against imo.
  25. I'm still really impressed at how we've managed to grind out results this season when we've had injuries to key players and not played well. Last season we whacked teams for fun but we'd lose important games and look to go toe to toe with everyone. This year we've been more pragmatic and we've got more results as a consequence. If we were full strength all season I reckon we'd have got a few more points still. Credit to Rodgers for taking that approach.
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