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  1. Be a bit weird Shakey on the boat sitting next to Vardy smiling yesterday (as seen on Instagram) then
  2. They are there for the Grand Prix, so I am not expecting anything until next week.
  3. Maybe a few years back but it's pretty clear the transfer fees in PL are so inflated, it's not worth using it as a rating of quality
  4. Yep, people throwing in the likes of Wagner or that chap mentioned managing SPAL. Never managed a top flight game (abroad, let alone in England) but going to be the figure heads of us getting in top 10.
  5. My thoughts are towards the latter.
  6. Off to Leuven he will go.
  7. We already have a 'Director of Football', Jon Rudkin. And the players be stumped by a tight call on offside. The players will have had bonus pool payments riding on a higher finish. I suspect of all those involved, the owners probably the least fussed given the CL windfall. Yet Marco Silva gets suggested as a replacement despite his last three games being a 0-2 loss to Sunderland, a 0-4 hammering and a 1-7 whacking.
  8. Useless Hahahaha. He did virtually nothing wrong
  9. Yet Sigurdsson shone in an Iceland team very similar to us last Summer. For this summer you want players with work ethic and the technical ability to keep possession. He completely ticks that box. You'd be looking at three or four of this type of player this summer. Then one in January. Then another three or four next summer. You gradually integrate it and change it. You don't just impose a style on a bunch of players or completely fcuk with team morale by introducing eight new signings.
  10. I'm surprised you make that conclusion on Cambiasso as the way I read Vardy's autobiography is that most of the squad were happy to see Cambiasso leave as they felt he was being accommodated by us trying to shoehorn him into different formations.
  11. Just a week ago Guardiola was citing how difficult we can be to play against. We had the likes of Simeone and Godin praising it too.
  12. I agree completely. My worry is if you change it too quick with the wrong type of player. It needs to be a gradual change.
  13. Yeah that was a horrdeaous challenge. I called Shawcross a coward for his tackle on Gray earlier this season. It was a similar act. No attempt to play the ball and didn't even attempt a trip, it was just a kick at the Bournemouth player.
  14. Cheers for the diplomatic reaction to a difference in opinion. I didn't say tactics or changing personnel. I said 'style'. Our style of play (high tempo, in your face) had originated during the great escape. There was a clear switch in formation for starters when Ranieri arrived which I mentioned in my other post. Tweaked it too with Vardy etc. Kept some good bits like playing a 10 and half aka Okazaki. That was his genius. Acknowledging the good bits which is a incredible trait to have as most managers immediately try to put their stamp on things. I've said elsewhere god knows why he so quickly stepped away from it. We do need to make the change but it needs to be gradual with players capable of doing it.
  15. Totally agree and said it a few days back. Experience of working with a team in the top flight and doing very well too.