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  1. Norwich and Saints yes worked us out. Man City did similar but you’d have expected them anyway to do us. Liverpool did what they always do. Burnley were just Burnley and we didn’t fancy it
  2. This is the problem. Inconsistency with it, like the weekend
  3. It would be kids. Disappointingly kids are obsessed with YouTube now
  4. The high point was the Schlupp rap
  5. He works for BBC Leicester - there’s no need to sell a story like journalist from rival organisations. Local radio is a bastion of the Reithian principles, keep it simple and avoid sensationalism
  6. I am on an updated version of 97/98. Played 01/02 and it seems to make my Mac make the sound of an airplane engine, so I had to get rid but it's the perfect level of detail.
  7. Wolves have done excellent in the circumstance but are now struggling with injuries etc. Their fans are pretty concerned eventually they are going to run out of steam. If we achieve Europe replicating their season should be the aim
  8. I think there was a desire for a domestic cup judging from line ups against other PL opposition
  9. That Mee handball is pissing me off the more I see
  10. If look at the benches Wolves are playing at the moment, you can see why they are moaning - they are an injury or suspension off playing kids.
  11. Given that Cork got straight back and ran after the ball, I think it spoke volumes. However in the context of Wood trip at our place, then VAR should have over-ruled but equally both decisions would be/are nonsense.
  12. VAR in essence isn't a bad idea but the inconsistency is absolutely baffling. Liverpool on Boxing Day get a pen for the same thing. Mee was off (I debate whether he made a genuine attempt to play the ball on the Barnes penalty in the first place) if he gave that - another penalty to us and at the very least 1-1 playing 10 men. Game after in Man U v Liverpool, we had a foul on De Gea yet an incident with more contact allowed against Everton invoiving DDG.
  13. That Mee handball is pissing me off the more I see
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