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  1. Yep, awful. They praised the young lad for Durham for hitting a shot what scored two. After all that build-up, he was out two balls later - his figures were 9 runs from 15 balls. It took until about the 15th over of the Durham innings before anyone praised Leicestershire - unsurprisingly from Cork who is more in tune with the county game. The broadcasters from Sky had clearly done no research on us before the game because the performance had huge similarities to our victory at Edgbaston and that game wasn't mentioned once. From a broadcaster point of view, it was awful commentary. There was no chemistry between Cork and Botham. At times, there were long silences. Neither Plunkett or Stokes added any significant insight. It was dire.
  2. Something what's crossed my mind on more than one occasion recently when look at the players strongly criticised.
  3. Yep. We are on the same lines - if you charge for a membership, you've gotta to provide a ticket surely. How that works out - who knows? But system like what me and you suggested are much fairer than the current.
  4. Similarly I'd back have a membership card with photo ID which must be presented with the ticket. There's no point trying to make a fair system without such a chance for open abuse.
  5. Personally think the ballot is a step in the right direction BUT to pay £60 for the right to apply is nonsense - there should be a guarantee that you will at least have the opportunity to attend so many games. This is done simply - everyone goes in today. Some get lucky, others don't. The next home game there is a first ballot for those who apply but failed for the Brighton game etc. If tickets remain, it rolls over to those who did get a ticket. You build levels of priority within that. Most of all, all games should be included. Okay it's not perfect - you could get fans who sit and await the big games but it would be a good starter for ten. If you charge for a membership, you must have some value to it.
  6. Is this Durham TV? Absolutely amazing bowling performance so far and there hasn't been a single word of praise
  7. Brighton already sold out the away end apparently.
  8. Under 19s playing in CEE Cup, Prague over next few days. 2.15 pm - - streamed on there
  9. First game was a wet night at Filbo against Pompey. However, it was Swindon playoff when it became an passion (and some would say obsession). Double decker throughout the 90s. What's this club done for me? It's taken me on the most amazing adventure and in the past twelve months, I have gone on trips with friends that I'll never forgot. It gets to that point where it supercedes football and watching your team - merges into time with your friends which is unreal. Being an exile, it also gives me a reference point for conversations with 75% of males.
  10. Watching the highlights - heat and humidity clearly an issue combined with an awful pitch. However, it was noticeable that players have bulked during off-season.
  11. Sorry but an extra game completely skews fairness in competition. I don't care if the games were played in Coventry and Lancaster. All the American sports what have moved games over here - it's not an additional game, its part of their season. What happens if the 39th game - the draw means the top side play an already relegated team in US (where the weather is less severe and the East Coast isn't so much a problem) whilst the 2nd best team play a team in 8th chasing Europe but its played in high humidity in Hong Kong or with a major time difference in Australia? How do you make it fair opposition on the 39th game? (Rugby League as this problem with its Magic weekend - they played derbies but in effect, it gives a club an extra two points over a traditional giant of the sport simply on region). Would it be a success? You only have to see the crowd when we played West Brom yesterday. The big clubs are pullers. If they wanna play any game abroad, make it the Community Shield like various countries already do. Premier League need to realise how far they can take the sport/competition before it loses its unique, redeeming features over other countries. The PL is idolised because of atmosphere and the passion. It's certainly because the quality of the players (which are poorer than La Liga). You take the atmosphere and passion, the history of English football away, you have nothing unique to any other football league. You play games on Sunday mornings and you lose that. Added to this, they are reaching over satuation point on the televising of games - people don't care about middling games.
  12. Apparently not. One of the reasons mentioned is that UEFA retain the rights to CL games. If you have a BT log-in, you can watch any of the CL games from start to finish. I have done it for Brugge away, Sevilla home, Atleti away and Atleti home.
  13. Roma playing the peasants. Mahrez is huge to us - 26 or 32, we ain't letting him go cheap. You want him? Pay the figure or place a bid worth negotiating.
  14. He doesn't want to play striker. Prefers left wing. He's had just flashes. The club would be well within their rights to get rid.
  15. I watched Sudbury by chance last season - great set-up for their level. I hope he wasn't playing - because they were awful, lost 4-0 at home and it set them on the way to eventual relegation.