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  1. Edit: lost my head. That’s me done with FT for probably forever
  2. Boris said on This Morning (of all places):- ‘‘that’s where a lot of the debate has been and one of the theories is, that perhaps you could take it on the chin, take it all in one go and allow the disease, as it were, to move through the population, without taking as many draconian measures.’’ Now we can debate about context all day. But the key thing you take from that is the Prime Minister suggesting that you let a virus run through a population.
  3. It will be three months as it is. When this week ends, that will be 1 down of 12. Italy was expected to peak earlier this week and its still soaring. Clearly the NHS capacity has been bust. Asking around for retired doctors/nurses, thousands of volunteers and setting up hospitals in huge conference centres. It’s a ****ing mess and I’m scratching my head to wonder how the **** these charlatans in charge of the country are getting defended. They had the warning and ignored it. Half of the ****ing parliament has it because they’ve insisted on still holding PMQs in a single location.
  4. AFC Telford Won Conference North first season - just signed some youngsters who did the business. Conference finished 17th - signed half a new team - started well, finished dreadfully. Conference now 11th - going well in the playoffs until the deadline fixture pile-up start. It's so difficult with a part-time club having to play so often. I think half of my squad are on life support machines at the end of every game. Also when you sell players it's at a lot lower price because their contracts are worth naff all - lost two decent players to Exeter and Charlton. Hence I am now courting myself around League 2 clubs. Oh and Callum Wright has been superb for me.
  5. I understand Baker's POV - there's a uniqueness in County Cricket that it's not dominated by companies or owners. Equally, multi-sport ownership in the UK hasn't gone well in the past - looking currently at Bristol and Sir John Hall's time with the Newcastle clubs.
  6. He scores goals unlike most full backs which suggests he isn't.
  7. Three clubs I feel really sorry for are Vauxhall Motors and Jersey Bulls who are already promoted. Then Halesowen who from Step 4 are in the Trophy Semi-Finals. Plus the clubs in the Vase semi-finals.
  8. The real reason is that a number of clubs have contracted players. With no income, the clubs can't service these contracts. Which foolishly are paying such an amount that there are players at this level which work part-time because their football pays so well hence their reliance on it and they won't forego their associated wages. Bottom line is about 70% of clubs at those levels will be fine - particularly where they own their facilities or have a sensible lease but those which gamble on contracted players and rented stadiums are feeling the pinch (**cough Nuneaton again cough**). Some clubs don't have access to their pitches from May until September. I still personally believe that 2020 should be used to complete the season from say September/October and then a tailored fixture list in the first half of 2021 to suit. Additionally in the background, the FA were due to perform another re-structuring. I suppose that ruled out the option of a shorter season next year.
  9. It reads as though most clubs are taking UEFA's deadline as literal when it can be moved. As clubs are complaining they don't feel it's right they should be playing during the lockdown/crisis. UEFA move the deadline for leagues to complete and then everything changes again. The Championship don't want to null and void as their clubs are far more reliant on the TV money they may forfeit. Similarly in League 1 and 2, the divisions are so tight that teams still have a chance of the playoffs. The Conference has a similar issue - Barrow for example, leading, could return to the Football League for the first time since the 70s and they have invested a lot on improving their ground for promotion. I think null and void opens up so many claims for compensation etc whereas pausing the season doesn't.
  10. The Athletic says there is growing support for the season to be called null and void
  11. Always remember it’s better a government is challenged than not at all. That’s how democracy prospers.
  12. I would be very careful to take yesterday’s figures as a good thing - the figure was caveated that it wasn’t a 24 hour period. Equally the cases are now beginning to focus on cities as expected. So these hospitals will begin to get severely tested.
  13. I’m getting a routine pattern which is working for me. You have to live in your bubble
  14. I went yesterday evening - certain items raided but it was virtually empty of people and I got enough together to avoid it for another week
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