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  1. Problems at Watford; that’s 3 wins in 12 or 2 wins in 11 - the wins being Fulham, Huddersfield and Leicester Their owners are cited as a model but it’s equally used by players and managers as a platform with ambition hardly bursting
  2. His signing was an own goal by the scouting staff. He is clearly a better player as part of a two player strikeforce. We don’t play that way
  3. I don’t whether you noticed from the rest of my post but it was firmly tongue in cheek. Alas thats the difficulty with the written word
  4. After a successful prediction last week - I'll go 2-1 Chelsea Tight first half where Wilf, Hamza and NG don't allow the ball to leave the centre circle. Vardy gets booked when charging thirty yards to forcefully win the ball of NG. Second half. Soyuncu slips on his arse and Abrahams scores. Vardy tap-ins after Ricky rips up the right wing. Then Barkley scores a winner which deflects of Giroud's hand into the top corner over Kasper
  5. Like most away trips - I know places but why risk them being rammed at the bar?
  6. Club Brugge in for him. They are also considering Imbula
  7. Any thoughts? We just get random requests for tickets off posters with minimal or zero posts.
  8. Love it when Sky’s commentators start giving it the big un and the bowler (Parkinson) sends the stumps going Knight with the comment about Durham was hilarious too - just lost to Worcs by 3 runs
  9. I understand the attitude, I'd say I share it to extent but then I go some of the Greek islands...and it's like a detached reality where relaxing is brilliant. Ultimately I think the bottom line for any city is explore it and understand it. I mentioned Rome as mine but being a more experience traveller I am now rather than I was, there is no way I'd cart myself around the tourist traps like I did (for example went four of the boroughs in NYC and loved it)
  10. They have three lager variations - possibly one of the best lagers I've had. The smoked one is a bit of a surprise mind.
  11. The Athletic claims both Sheffield clubs and QPR were interested him this Summer.
  12. I just think it badly skews the results - it’s not fair on everyone if some teams are playing opponents on nine days rest whilst others are playing them on say five days rest.
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