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  1. Cardiff_Fox

    Puel- Neck out!!

    Ric, I was busy blasting the ball around Ideal Homes car park pretending to be Collymore, (retrospectively dodgy as **** pretending to be Stan on a car park) the day before we played away at Watford. Came on did Stan the day after and blasted a header against the bar. We’d have been lethal with him and Hesk upfront
  2. Cardiff_Fox

    Puel- Neck out!!

    I hope not cos Collymore himself lasted about five games before a leg break and Heskey was flogged after they played 1 full game together
  3. Cardiff_Fox

    Europa League 18/19

    Eintracht continue to have fun on their European run. Their hools went running into Kiev for some fisticuffs the night before the game in Kharkiv. Sold out the away end no problem.
  4. Cardiff_Fox

    If only...

    The problem dates back to when they made the Kop the cheapest seat in the house. Rather than people being there for the atmosphere, they are there because it represents value for money. Now retrospectively they could have split the Kop or similar.
  5. Cardiff_Fox

    Non League Football 2018 - 19

    They’ve added a lot of seats on it to meet the regs. No idea if the rest meets regs. It’s not dissimilar to AFC Wimbledon’s ground
  6. Cardiff_Fox

    Non League Football 2018 - 19

    Solihull Moors went top of the National League last night. Last season they required a great escape to avoid relegation. They are mostly part-time. Players generally signed from the lower levels of non-league. It's an incredible effort.
  7. Cardiff_Fox

    LCFC Women

    Shame the Yanited game isn't next week when half-term is here.
  8. Cardiff_Fox

    Summer rebuilding of the squad

    It's a direct quote from someone at the club.
  9. Cardiff_Fox

    Summer rebuilding of the squad

    £40 mil for Tielemans is speculated at the club.
  10. Cardiff_Fox

    If only...

    PSG had the normal Man Utd allocation. Which at tops is 3k
  11. You'll find that 75% of 'Puel Cheerleaders' are largely realists of our situation, and there's very little reason to advocate changing manager mid-season in our circumstances. Puel has a personality which doesn't fit with our squad or current staff - that's the hard edge of the scenario. However, benefits exist which can't be ignored. Largely my arguments are defending Puel are because opinions are form off 'edited' statistics rather than looking at things as a whole. It's not that I am Puel In. I am 'why the **** tarnish the clubs reputation by hiring some rent-a-manager which occurs mid-season?' I am 'why insist that Top and his family go through unnecessary hardship at a culturally difficult time for them?' I am 'why not just have some faith given the club's general success in past few years has been where patience is shown?' I am 'why continually allow a squad to manage the club?' To add I think Puel will be gone in the Summer which sits fine with me. Gives a larger pool of managers to attract. Gives an opportunity for a new manager to asses the squad etc. The next few fixtures define if Puel has done the unfavourable work for someone else to succeed or if he will deemed as a total failure. If Puel gets sacked in the next month, we will either rush an appointment or we will appoint someone like Shakespeare till the end of the season.
  12. Cardiff_Fox

    League 1 & 2 Thread - 2018/2019

    I read earlier this week that the production team behind Sunderland till I die have been allowed access to film some sort of second series. Probably explains their average form currently.
  13. Cardiff_Fox

    If only...

    Well they did a good job did those Yanited lads. Absolute made to look fools by PSG. Something we never endured at KP in the CL (Copenhagen did an excellent job of making our stewards look mugs though)
  14. Cardiff_Fox

    Puel- Neck out!!

    I don’t think it’s as easy as Peter sharing Kasper’s opinion. It was well known amongst media circles that Peter Schmeichel was very, very vocal around the stadium on matchdays moaning about Ranieri post Champions. Similarly Peter’s rant didn’t consider the bond Kasper has with Top. From what I have been told, most of the senior players are supportive of what Puel is practising in terms of moving the club forward but he doesn’t communicate individual decisions well enough. Adding to that he does not listen to his coaching staff