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  1. Well given that the past few seasons spending has been funding by the departures of Kante, Drinkwater and Mahrez....I'd say Sylo's foundation for his opinion is sound.
  2. Ellie White, striker for England was quoted in the press recently saying her wages are £35k a year. So comfortable for a decent life but nothing major.
  3. Defo at the explosion of the PL there was a factor of this. I think internationally it works far better than at club level.
  4. They have Dalot and Darmain. Average right-backs who'd do a job whilst the rest of the team gets an overhaul. They have no CL money next season and have ignored three of their huge issues whilst signing a player where's perfectly capable players; deadwood off wage bill, centre midfield inbalance and lack of a dominant centre-back. Manchester United have no direction at all.
  5. Spent £50m on a position they have Dalot at the same point of his career
  6. Probably not the best examples. Kovac managed Salzburg, Croatia and Frankfurt. Di Matteo MK Dons and West Brom. Klopp, seven years at Mainz. Guardiola and Zidane more comparable as they had 12 to 18 months managing B teams of Barca and Real Madrid.
  7. That’s his time at Yorkshire. Aussie fast bowlers always use their time as an overseas player well in developing their game
  8. Beg to differ, the places you've mentioned don't have rugby clubs based there, so I'd say the feeling isn't the same. Western Park....really it's a single road and a section of road which has anything defined as 'posh', it quickly leads into New Parks and Braunstone on either side of it. Syston, Hinckley, Lutterworth, Market Bosworth, Melton, Oakham - towns with large rugby teams and representative of rugby better than football attitude.
  9. It wouldn't. Saracens the most successful rugby club in Europe are losing money big time with their own stadium.
  10. England NT really lacks a box to box midfielder (much like we did until Youri came along). Foden I believe could be that player. It's no surprise a back four failed which two centre backs playing at Derby and Vitesse Arnhem last season.
  11. But that's it though. Tigers don't feel representative of the city, more of the county. As someone who played rugby as a child from a city background, I totally get why City fans dislike Tigers.
  12. Personally I think he is over-rated. He's done an okay job at Newcastle. Since coming back from the Championship, he spent £45 million including a whopping £12m on Murphy and throw in 3 high profile loan deals with decent dollar. Then spent a similar amount the season after. Their cup progress is gash but their league performance a bit better than average. But ultimately a club the size of Newcastle is still finishing lower than Palace and Watford.
  13. Perez has scored 7, 6, 8 and 12 in his four Premier League years. Would love that output from one of our wingers.
  14. Wider point I was making was shit teams qualify, shit games happen.
  15. Yeah made this point to a friend after the Thailand result. Remember Tahiti at Confederations Cup? 9-0 loss to Spain. Be the same with the new World Club Cup as well
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