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  1. Nuge. Absolutely sexy
  2. Carabao 4th round draw - Leeds (H)

    0-0, first home game of the season, live on telly. Absolutely awful game and one of the only times I think Leeds didn't sell out at our place.
  3. 3atb.

    We gave it a go against Chelsea in the second half and we looked an absolute shambles. You play 4-3-3, you isolate Vardy so much. Unless you can get Gray and Mahrez working inside as well as out
  4. The Iborra Thread

    His passing was very hit and miss but I felt ten times more secure with him than anyone else alongside Wilf. With his organisation and breaking the play up a bit more, Wilf was able to commit more.
  5. He wasn't their reserves in midfield was it? Only missing Can over Grujic. Other than that it was first choice for their midfield.
  6. It's happened before - Leicester 3 Palace 0 at the start of last season. Similar scenario where Shinji is being pushed out of the team comes in and provides balance to the eleven.
  7. EFL Cup 4th Round Draw: Wednesday Night

    This will do.
  8. Would any other player in our squad have the intelligence to cushion that header for Shinji's goal? I don't think so. He's a work in progress but there were encouraging signs. Did he make an impact on the game? Yes, far more than any other centre midfielder for us recently
  9. Shinji made the difference but it was great to see certain players stand up second half. Amartey and Chilwell in particular. Iborra can't pass water but he can read the game and get stuck in. Him and Wilf were doing a great job second half pinching the ball. Dragovic very impressive - he just defends, nothing flashy
  10. As much as I love Leicester

    My point is that if you are a club of smaller size, then even after being Champions they had have to go lower leagues for managers or appoint within. You don't become any more attractive suddenly for managers
  11. Will our fan base ever be happy again?

    I didn't think I'd ever see the day Leicester City fans ramble on about 'identity'. Whats been lost in all the negativity is fans actually supporting the players and manager during the game. Instead moaning like f***k about a midfield issue they can't do anything to change or alter. Foxestalk at the moment is not far off looking like an Arsenal forum.
  12. Demarai Gray

    My patience with him ran out on Saturday. His pathetic dive rather than attempt to score a last minute winner really got on my nerves.
  13. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    So what would he do then? Play three in the middle of King, James, N'Didi? Worked a treat against Chelsea.
  14. As much as I love Leicester

    There are quite a few examples where traditionally smaller clubs win the league but then appointed managers of relative inexperience after. Dave Mackay lost more games than he won as Forest manager before he joined champions Derby County as manager. Mick Hartford hadn't managed a club in four years when he went from assistant to manager at Blackburn. Jimmy Armfield was a lower league manager when he replaced Clough at Leeds. Howard Kendall won Everton the league twice in 80s and you guessed it....he was replaced by his assistant, Colin Harvey.