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  1. I disagree - Burnley sit on the same TV deal as everyone else. Whats their goal this season? Stay up what was it last season? Stay up what will it be next season? Stay up He plays reserves in the Cups and has developed at most three or four players. They are just boring and short term thinking rules the club
  2. Was in the process of typing this. Deserves coverage
  3. Said years ago he is very left footed and that was a problem. He’s ironed that out but it still manifests itself in a technique issue. When he receives the ball, his body faces inwards and therefore backwards. You compare that Ricky P whose first action is to control and open up his body...therefore passing options are so much more Then again spotted out he’s missing Maguire a little bit in terms of getting the ball out. However Burnley’s first goal he deserves the bollocking from Kasper
  4. Exactly why I can’t help but feel the decision on the second goal was karma. I don’t see what Burnley gain with those tactics (particularly given their urgency post Tielemans goal, they looked very likely to equalise). They will keep doing it for countless seasons though until their squad begins to get bored of it. The way they play is unsustainable. They will win the odd game, get 40 points and repeat. But it’s ****ing boring. Will lead to Burnley just being so middle of the road.
  5. The 7.30 kick offs allows a broadcaster to kick a game off at 8.15. Therefore being in a position to cover two games rather than one
  6. So West Ham away isn't on TV - it's moved to 1730 to assist with resting time. Newcastle away appears to be shown on BT regardless. West Ham home is 1930 on TV as well. Loads of stuff here I didn't know they had rights too.
  7. Trying something new - Liverpool derby kicks off at 8.15
  8. I might being dim here but do the supporter club buses still run for home games? I don't think Walking and Cycle are the safest options for most at 10pm.
  9. If we take drinking out of the equation, I still see a 8pm kick-off and 10pm finish as very disruptive to a family's plans on one of the few days that the vast majority of people get off work. If the kick-off was 5.30 with a 7.30 finish, there's still opportunity for people to share each other's company.
  10. Very poignant questions. Parts of the media have said that at half-time, the vibe was that they wanted to hammer Bulgaria.
  11. I’d love to be in one of these meetings. Theres no real excuse why August and September are set a couple of weeks after fixture announcement. Then the rest until February post European group draws
  12. I’ll walk as my parents live a couple of miles from King Power but I have plenty of friends who live across the county who either spend their day not joining in the festivities or spend a fortune
  13. It’s dead. I’ve struggled to find many pubs open at 12 in Leicester on Boxing Day
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