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  1. It’s quite common that teams will still visit a hotel pre match - have dinner, run through tactics, chill out and then go to the match as they would do for an overnight. Some clubs even do it for their home games.
  2. Cardiff_Fox

    Time for Puel to go

    Wenger wasn’t slow at his peak
  3. Well he’s angered me if this article proves true, absolutely awful attitude
  4. In early tomorrow, finish a report off within a day and then a train off to Leicester. Likely to be last train back and then off Ashford the next morning. Its a Cup Quarter-Final
  5. Cardiff_Fox

    Decent restaurants in and around town?

    I know there’s been a couple of occasions that people I’ve asked about places to eat in Birmingham - the city has woke up beyond all belief in the last three months. Look up Nocturnal Animals - what a ****ing idea that is and the food is to die for @Unabomber has been the Wilderness and he will love this spot
  6. I wouldn’t joke, that’s the type of test which is tricky at this time of year
  7. Cardiff_Fox

    Mr. Leonardo Jardim

    Can’t see him coming here unless we act quick. He’s spoken about as Man U’s replacement for Mourinho
  8. Cardiff_Fox

    Time for Puel to go

    Yep, exactly as I expected, I am right...you are wrong.
  9. Cardiff_Fox

    Time for Puel to go

    I just can’t see the hierarchy sacking him in the circumstances they sadly face. Yesterday was a turning point for Puel. It’s roughly a year now. If you use this season as a new beginning, the same mistakes I’d forgive in August are reoccurring. Neutral journalists are reporting each match by saying what an interesting squad we have but performances are poor. I hate the use of ‘a club’s DNA’ but it just ain’t us at the moment.
  10. Cardiff_Fox

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    Without him in January, we’d have the cover of two strikers (Vardy carrying an injury of course - which at some point is likely to involve surgery). The use of Gray up there is a waste of time
  11. Cardiff_Fox

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    We will need to do something pretty quickly about strikers in January. Shinji is likely to playing in the Asian Cup from the first week of January until the possible maximum of the 1st week in February
  12. Cardiff_Fox

    In a word....

    We aren’t rubbish, we are painfully average. It’s frustrating. But the squad is young and learning. The squad is also coming from an absolute awful tragedy. Seems that’s been forgotten very quickly
  13. Cardiff_Fox

    In a word....

    I think Chilwell’s career trajectory alongside the other players he named is pretty damn important to the club’s success. Chilwell’s first left back we’ve had since coming back up to the top flight with the ability to burst past a defender and not get a nosebleed past the halfway line Similarly when prospects from abroad and the lower league see how during Puel’s time as manager; Maguire, Maddison, Gray, Chilwell all made their first England squads...I’m sure it’s noted that he develops players.
  14. Cardiff_Fox

    In a word....

    Yes, he did. From the recent John Percy’s article It’s very similar at Leicester and in the first game at Manchester United there were five of us aged 21. I remember talking to Dimi [Demarai Gray] and Madders [James Maddison] in the hotel before the game about how we were just itching to have a good game - if we can start well, we can build on it. “A lot of credit goes to the manager [Puel] because he could have easily played more reliable players who maybe wouldn't make a mistake. He wanted to choose the younger players who could create something exciting going forward."
  15. Cardiff_Fox

    Racism in Football

    I agree - given racist idiots the idea that they have license to spout their bile