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  1. Tbh the Totally podcast is no better - their ‘analysis’ of our win at Newcastle was restricted to going about how Andy Carroll scored. Paul Doyle when he comes on the Guardian podcast is very good because he’s often our appointed journo for games - so in the same way Percy understands it a bit deeper, he does too. I fully understand the lack of coverage in print media and online articles because it’s all about the hits and clicks. I do find it disappointing podcasts don’t go deeper - isn’t that the whole idea behind them?
  2. As a playing CB, it’s a naughty little thing called leaving one on someone - particularly given Long’s normally combative nature. JV did a corker on Thiago Silva last night
  3. I dunno Long was a good few yards ahead of the defensive line. Given it was a direct opponent of Evans as well. I did think it was foolishly at the time but on the replay may be not so sure
  4. Having read/listened about the work permits situation post Brexit, it looks he and his agent might have been right citing that as a reason for wanting to depart. He’d have been borderline for a work permit now
  5. This common media way. Another day a Redknapp in a game such as Liverpool away will describe him as rash. He can be that as it’s the nature of his defending but when he tempers that and keeps steady, he’s brilliant
  6. Get the feeling he’s the Dad of our squad. Makes a bad pass or a rash foul, you don’t argue
  7. This for me proved Lampard is not a manager. Absolutely crazy shit tactics
  8. Didn’t really want to say it during the game. But dear god Albrighton have Chilwell some medicine. Knew he didn’t fancy it when his first touch was a dive
  9. Actually want to us to do that, that Chelsea line up got so many soft touches in
  10. Got done by a dodgy ref in European Cup. Ref was later banned when it was proved Juve gave him a gift or something. Forest have the same thing with Anderlecht. It’s quite funny really. Derby and Forest have their thing with us having an one side rival. Yet they are to the point of a rimming contest and have numerous ‘one sided rivalries’. See Forest and Liverpool
  11. The greatest irony of the administration is that the punishment would have been 15 pts deducted. We were 12 clear of 3rd and very much turned off the gas at the end of the season. Now if you advocate that administration should lead to relegation - that happened in the same way it did for Leeds and Southampton
  12. It’s more deaths than last Monday sadly
  13. To give some context to the ‘blame public’ narrative, they believe in the cases of self isolation being ignored, that 70% of examples were people needing to go work or asked still to attend a workplace. Also the vaccination effort will be totally worth **** all if they can sort out the shambolic test and trace. If there’s an outbreak again, that service needs to be totally on it. Only have to look at the Aussies for that
  14. The baffling things about Fernandes when he’s having a poor bloke is Solskjaer’s complete ignorance in the very adequate dutch international replacement on the bench
  15. Also signs that the hospitalisations are slowing in the areas who've previously been hit hardest in recent weeks (South East and London)
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