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  1. I've just been banging about the Dutch and their fixture planning. They've just gone and moved an entire set of fixtures !
  2. I sometimes think Pep is not the best builder of a team and doesn't appreciate experience or senior pros. He succeed very well with Puyol at Barca as a on-pitch assistant. Bayern he had a very up and down relationships with senior players. At Man City, his player for this role is Kompany whose just looks spent and actually lacks Champions League experience. Man City in these moments need players who've been there and done it. When actually look at their squad - only Bravo has won the Champions League (but never played) and only one of them has played in a Champions League Final (Gundogan). You could say the same for Spurs - but my point of view stems from Man City had the lead, great teams control that.
  3. I'd say quite the opposite. There's clearly a personality clash. Alongside that I firmly believe Mendy will become a crock. His frame struggles with the demands of a PL full back.
  4. The data you are asking about has been done in Italy and they still find a bias towards the bigger teams.
  5. Well to be even more pedantic PSV never played in the Europa League this season. https://www.tellerreport.com/sports/--knvb-changes-eredivisie-schedule-to-give-ajax-peace-again-for-cl-.H1gm005Uv4.html There has been changes this mind but if you read only three games actually changed days. The kick-off times were altered instead. The Dutch fixtures is an extreme but you can take the German Bundesliga/Serie A approach where they announced the fixed dates post European draws. There's none of this - subject to change nonsense and where by standing games get moved (e.g our home game against Palace). At the moment, Sky are picking games for the sake of ensuring their TV selections are used. Six games televised in the penultimate weekend - and only three are likely to have something riding on them.
  6. Any craft beer fans, Crate Brewery allows away fans and it's about a five to ten minute walk.
  7. They will be a lesson in the next five years that our relationship with sport is not scientific but it's about passion.
  8. It's rare though isn't it? Although the league benefits as a whole if Ajax succeed, in the past two years they pool the European winnings and distribute it across the division. The big three recognise that the smaller clubs play an important role in fostering youth players.
  9. Accepted it's a necessary evil and I have no issue with the original switch. However, they shouldn't have the ability to move a game twice. A rule should be asserted by the FA and the Premier League that gives a latest date that a fixture can be moved. Six weeks seems sensible. My point about Ajax and Eredivisie is that they take into account all the potential factors and they can name dates nine months in advance. For example the Arsenal home game should have been announced as the Sunday noon as that was possible regardless of their success in the Europa League.
  10. Throw in the pinstripe home by JJB too
  11. Fair if you want to buy £35 plus on top of something available for £15 to £20. There’s various clubs of similar standing in the PL and they are getting bespoke designs
  12. Let’s place it in the context of the time. We were lower half Championship and no attraction to anyone. The burrda yellow we had was probably the worst kit of all time. Now we are recent champions, and a top ten PL club...wearing kits that the Dog and Duck can buy at half of the price. Collars are odd
  13. He’s seen the new shirts and thought I ain’t wearing that binbag
  14. Do we have actual confirmation? They are utter wankstains the TV companies. Ironic that Ajax who are in the CL set their fixtures in late July and they never change, they factor all the potential European qualification and television coverage into it
  15. Possible the worst set of kits we’ve ever had. Looked worse than Sunday league. Like something your PE teacher says ‘I’ve found this from our store cupboard’
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