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  1. My bad yes East Stand for Cup / West Stand for CL.
  2. When there’s a Cup game with an expectant low crowd, members of the West stand are unable to purchase their season ticket seats as it’s closed. It’s the same process pretty much. Similar scenarios occurred during the CL games as well, the tv companies wanted to rig up their cameras in certain seats and the UEFA mafia get seats too
  3. It’s begun on social media. Despite the dim chap not realising that this is something the West Stand season ticket holders have gone through repeatedly
  4. You have to remember that Michael Owen whilst at Real Madrid used to drive to the airport so he could buy a British newspaper. Dim isn’t the word
  5. This is a big point. Plenty of press about Manchester City etc failing. Liverpool are 46 points from 48 points - it's incredible. Being second to that is incredible. Sometimes you just have to say fair play that's expectational form.
  6. At the game you could see him about to whistle and then stop himself looking at the linesman. Well the linesman would have been more concerned about the ball going out. Anyway signals a goal kick. Heaton boots it, Wesley penalised for a barge of exactly same type of foul
  7. The Athletic saying Liverpool want a pre season friendly in China, July 2020. Klopp the hypocrite again
  8. But that’s what makes Vardy a freak - not at a big club but still stacking up the goals.
  9. Just seen the VAR official...same bloke who gave the penalty at Anfield.
  10. Grealish was a disgrace in the last ten minutes today. Quite easy when you see him kick out on three occasions in five minutes why England won’t have him
  11. When you consider the other names mentioned were Hughes and Hughton - who have both been serial failures in attempting to turn clubs around, his selection is perfectly understandable. Pearson has three times in his career faced relegation scenarios and not been relegated
  12. The cheek Chelsea to moan about punishments when it’s inspired them to a well need evolution of playing staff. Just take it on the chin and walk on
  13. Well factually achieved and won trophies to place him in that bracket of our best ever managers.
  14. All well and good saying that in retrospective but at the time Pearson left the club with us still in the Premier League and achieved something only O’Neill before that had done. Other pretenders had failed
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