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  1. Cardiff_Fox

    Non League Football 2018 - 19

    It’s about the second time Nuneaton have found themselves at this point (the Borough only just reappearing after having to reform as Nuneaton town). The club has been crisis after crisis. I find it very hard to have any sympathy, particular last year where it was known they were bringing in managers on a decent wage and then spent this summer offering big wages to players. Said players now not getting paid.
  2. Cardiff_Fox

    Spotted in Rio De Janeiro!

    Agreed on that - I think story of our title win resonates more abroad than it does here.
  3. I think that Copenhagen game is probably the worst ever I’ve ever watched live. Sadder than ever looking back that season.
  4. He ticks a lot of boxes for me if a change was decided But I really have no confidence that Rudkin has that kind of foresight or knowledge
  5. Watching us plod along with a ****ing reserve XI get outplayed by Millwall was just absolutely rank. Fifth Round of the Cup as well!
  6. Cardiff_Fox

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    Was suggested in Wisden magazine that the fall out started with the Durham follow on debacle
  7. Cardiff_Fox

    Non League Football 2018 - 19

    No. They were playing a 15 year old when I watched them the other week. They are a tidy team and club Barwell.
  8. Cardiff_Fox

    New training ground approved

    By the way I can confirm we firmly have Forest fans rattled. Pre 2016, when meeting a forest fan....the second sentence after being introduced was always ‘European Cup winners’. Post 2016, it is ‘our achievement was better’. They hate it. Probably more so than if Derby did it. We are taking their potential fans from the county regions and give them sustained Premier League football. Frank Clark was Forest’s last manager who was anything other than a circus. Their fans in their desire to become a top flight club again:- Allowed a delusional and frankly odious bloke be their manager twice with full support. Billy Davies. Ran a brilliant bloke and die hard fan in Nigel Doughty out of the club. Celebrated the ownership of Al Fawaz who proved to be a total charlatan. Welcomed with open arms an alleged criminal and match fixer as their new chairman. Their latest manager has signed 36 players alone. One of only four clubs I’ve ever heard in the modern era to chant songs with a racist slant. (Hull, Leeds and Bristol City being the others)
  9. Cardiff_Fox

    New training ground approved

    One of the posters on that thread makes its his true agenda revealed when he uses ‘a lot of curryhouses’ as some kind of dig.
  10. Cardiff_Fox

    Non League Football 2018 - 19

    He’s terrible. Watched him earlier this year for Halesowen. Can’t run. Too much weight. Barwell severly lack a striker at the moment and that explains why they’ve gone for him.
  11. Cardiff_Fox

    UEFA Nations League

    Luxembourg to win Section D I think
  12. Cardiff_Fox

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    They’d be playing qualifying games instead over September and October. There’s no additional games here. The idea is to stop pointless friendlies which would normally occur
  13. Cardiff_Fox

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Ramos hahahahahahahahahah
  14. Cardiff_Fox

    Any other refugees from Bentley's Roof on here?

    I think they’d be a few on here who fancy a rematch at footy now. Bit harder to push young kids around when the kids are in their late 20s
  15. Rumoured to be Hoffenheim’s next manager