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  1. Cardiff_Fox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Agents and club officials will either be on holiday or at the WC.
  2. Cardiff_Fox

    Championship 2018-2019

    Speaking to Birmingham fans, Rowett did a good job for them but wasn’t the most entertaining. It also became increasingly tiresome as he touted himself out for other management jobs
  3. Cardiff_Fox

    You Beauts

  4. Cardiff_Fox

    Fousseni Diabaté

    Too closed off to say Diabate has just one good game. His impact at Brighton for example won us the game.
  5. Feel sorry for the bloke. Sullivan can’t help himself getting involved.
  6. Cardiff_Fox

    Russia 2018 - The World Cup thread

    Argentina’s defence is scarily weak
  7. Cardiff_Fox

    World Cup on UK TV quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 83 seconds  
  8. Cardiff_Fox

    Roma or Lazio?

    Lazio can blame themselves. Last weekend, they failed to beat now relegated Crotone. In fact it was De Vrij who was superb in that game keeping them in it at times. Serie A I’d say is the most entertaining league in Europe right now. Even teams like Sassuolo and Torino have stand out players
  9. That tournament you describe is EuroBasket which is absolutely huge in Europe. That’s the first tier competition. Riders are eligible for the third tier European competition. Some very, very good teams in it still. The difficult is that a lot of Riders staff will be backroom and behind the scenes part time; Europe means a game every midweek too.
  10. There’s not much debate to be had Wolves will be fine. Pushing 12th to 10th dependent on fixtures and signings. Like or not they have a pull now for players given the reputation the coach has built and the players they have. Their depth isn’t great as it stands but I can see that being sorted soon. Very surprised given that they have been promoted such a long time ago, they haven’t signed a couple already.
  11. Be interested to see if they go for Europe this time. Totally dominating this afternoon
  12. Cardiff_Fox

    Jamie Vardy

    Ignore the evidence I’ve presented to you then. Arsenal for years were high in the same money league but rarely paid huge money for a transfer.
  13. Cardiff_Fox

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    If he’s well advised he’d join a club like ours this summer and play 2/3 seasons before moving up again. I think he will need that ‘bedding in’ in a top league