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  1. I saw twenty-two players on the pitch at full-time look absolutely knackered. I saw two teams in the second half work their bollocks off. At the end, they can only be one winner sadly and Atleti hardly rubbed it in our faces. That's what football is all about for me. There was no over celebrations. Their players mostly went to ours after congratulating each other. Would you rather Atleti dismiss us as some 'lucky' or 'hoofball' team? They actually appreciate the way we do things. If you were talking about Sevilla, you'd be right. They never respected us. In an era where football fans talk more delight in seeing rivals lose than their own team win, it was refreshing.
  2. Not bad for me.
  3. Yes, although it's looking like it will be played solely in Hong Kong. The curse last time was playing too many games in different time zones. If we have a good week out in Asia, we can take our time. We were the only side in the International Cup rubbish to go play in difference continents. And we will be the opening game for Atleti's new stadium.
  4. Interesting blog this - Atleti fan actually comments that he can't believe English teams are more direct and applauds us on it. The comments are full of praise for Vardy. There was a recognition that second half was a football battle. 22 players zapped of energy at the end. We went toe to toe but just couldn't get the final blows in.
  5. It's called having a Plan B. All this shit about Atleti weren't rocked. There was one player who got his head up once we scored - Godin. They blocked shots within their own six yard box. The only people who have gave us any respect are those who we faced. Speaks volumes.
  6. Fifth English club to be in the quarter finals out of the last six seasons..... I don't think many can sneer really.
  7. Spanish Policia decided to storm the Bayern away end after 90 minutes tonight - appearing to hit anything in sight because of 'banners'
  8. Spain appears a real bastion of freedom of speech. Just read a story of a mid-twenties girl training to be a teacher whose been given a one year suspended prison sentence for posting a joke on twitter against the King. Basically with the use of the 'gag law' anyone would took pictures or videos of the Policia could be charged.
  9. Surprised UEFA have passed that
  10. We have nothing to lose. It's an expected exit if we go and we've last longer than our domestic counterparts. Pulled off the result of the competition in the last round other than Barca v PSG
  11. I have looked at potential semi-final flights.....
  12. It's fairly easy to put your finger on it when you think. The 1,400 at Brugge was your utter hardcore. A good half of that was ready for the sing song and others joined in. Some of the folk going are just those who've had their season ticket used by someone else. The reason they don't go domestics is because of their age most likely, so they lend it out. Now they have no appetite to sing or anything. In Madrid, our away end looked a mix of the normal faces trying to make a noise, people genuinely shaken by events of the day and people who so pished their hangover was coming. Anyway we've got put that behind us and get the stadium rocking. We've got a shot at being in the top four of Europe, don't leave anything behind
  13. Having seen the games Spurs got left, I have no doubt they will moan about that.
  14. Was just going to add I have yet to hear him concede he made mistakes
  15. Their announcer was rabbiting on about clappers at half time