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  1. I had this morning. However every single place I checked in, I did it with someone else. I asked everyone else and no one else had a notification. I see there’s no change in patterns but the increase in hospitalisations is getting worrying
  2. Cup Winners get the Europa League spot
  3. https://oldfootballdvds.weebly.com/premier-lge-2019---2020.html Used this fella before
  4. Man City’s issues stem from the lack of protection to the centre backs. Partly Pep’s demand on his full backs and his recultance to play a proper defensive midfielder
  5. https://www.ft.com/content/ff1dc189-5531-4d81-8d17-7f332596f2cd This cabinet really are something special. Priti Patel considered sending asylum seekers to a volcanic commonwealth outpost in the South Atlantic
  6. I am talking from the angle as a match going fan if I’m perfectly honest. I totally get the argument that this is an opportunity where the ‘order’ can be shaken. I just don’t see our current squad depth capable to sustain. From October 22nd, it’s a game every three to four days until late January.
  7. Surprised people think that. He seems to have a bench of about 75 assistant who all run out of their seats at every goal
  8. Three points here. 1) Man U were afforded the chance to play reserves and rest players with the Europa League last season. This won’t be the case this year. They will have to play the same players across the two competitions. Hence they will struggle as generally speaking their back up brigade is crap. 2) They don’t have a coherent plan in their recruitment which we all know. They play a very set 4-3-3 system currently. This leaves the centre defenders exposed. The right back they have whose very good at using his pace to cover has no decent replacement. They finally realis
  9. Ironically though I think this season has an air of free hit, so pressure won’t be as intense. The wars race of transfers has continued despite a global pandemic. We all understandably expect a dip when the Europa League kicks in (I actually think that’s dependent on the draw and the telling point will be December onwards as opposed to the EL aftermath). The improvement in performance at West Brom in the second half was huge as a confidence builder. Combination factors such as debutant, low confidence, injuries throws were put aside. I think the PL is so average that confidence and m
  10. The most important factor on Sunday was that the victory involved four ‘squad’ players or not necessarily first choice. Might seem pragmatic but this season for me is just about getting it done. Love us to concentrate on the cup competitions and let the points just tick over for mid table.
  11. Absolutely fair play for Sunday, that’s an example where his tactical gambles go well. I sincerely hope it continues.
  12. Interesting to pick up Castagne’s reaction to the flicked finish. I’d assume as a new player joining the club he’s the player you’d must be interested in seeing close up. The admittance by Aguero in that doc is that he’s a footballer’s footballer. There’s every chance with this start, he gets into the top 20 to 15 of PL scorers. All at Leicester. He’s highly likely to be in the top three all time scorers for us. His top flight record only surpassed by Arthur Chandler who was part of a team which finished 2nd. That we discuss him in comparison with Chandler, Rowley and Hine
  13. Still leaves a week for another one
  14. Dunno; he had a good go at Peter Beagrie 😂😂
  15. Chelsea and Spurs have ran them to and from Leicester recently. They normally stick the first team in first class as well. I swear as a kid I once went on one from Witton in about 99 or 2000.
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