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  1. Wycombe still appealing the 2020/21 relegation
  2. wHo PuT tHe GoLd In ThE kIt. We ArE lEsTaH. We ArE bLuE
  3. I believe Zadok the priest inspired the champs league theme am I right? abide with me is a banger man. Even better now it’s my team going to be there for it
  4. Just like West Ham beat Everton the other day.... wait
  5. Dunno mate I’m just typing bobbins and hope nobody notices. Hadn’t thought about it literally
  6. I genuinely believe chelsea will be in Portugal for our league fixture. They won’t want any issues come CL final. The game at the weekend will be tough no doubt, the league fixture is anyone’s. game against Spurs at home? Step up Sir Jamie Vardy
  7. Oh no not silent fans sat socially distanced. The atmosphere will be electric NOT. We will get a draw in this game. Probably 0-0 as it’ll secure top four for both of us. beat spurs at home and it’s signed sealed delivered im yours
  8. 4 points from those two. Liverpool can only get 69 maximum. We doing this
  9. This final was built for Jamie Vardy and Kelechi Iheanacho
  10. Do you think 4 will be enough? I have a horrible feeling it won’t. Ideally we need 5 but I can’t see us not losing at least one and I can’t see us winning two also :-( it’s weird cos if we’d won last night I think the points on the board would’ve been enough but now the mentality has shifted. West Ham and Liverpool can smell us, especially with Chelsea getting a late win. They’re now chasing us as the fourth team. Not chelsea. We weren’t on the radar before purely cos we were third. Now it’s us
  11. Literally everyone is talking like West Ham have done it. Let’s not forget Everton, a good side, have plenty to play for still tomorrow! I think we will get 4 points from our 3 games. Probably lose at United. Win at home to Spurs and draw at Chelsea. If it isn’t enough it’s our own fault. The games we lost at home over the season have caused this. west ham Everton villa fulham leeds newcastle all games we should’ve took points from you’d have imagined. and in every single game we were our own worst enemy.... we had the mentality of a
  12. Drive down. Enjoy the final. Get blottoed after. Sleep on Wembley way. Home next day
  13. Jumping on the Man Utd bandwagon??? Good let it turn sour and toxic for them. Rot in the lower leagues Derby. that’s “the Derby way”
  14. It’s a must win game it has to be said
  15. I’m rioting mate we were doggo. Absolute lack of quality conviction and bollocks. Ten men and we couldn’t get a clear cut chance shows we haven’t got minerals
  16. It was woeful mate, 80 mins vs ten and we couldn’t do a thing
  17. Nah mate it’s be hilarious if they go league one. They deserve a stint
  18. Yeah but you still fancied 12 year olds
  19. So I’ve just ordered a box.... is it £19 for the first week and £41 thereafter? See how this first one goes but meals look good
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