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  1. He was our third choice cb mate. Morgan and Evans were better last season. We got £80m because of an internet meme during the World Cup. Class
  2. Christ, I couldn’t really have got it more wrong could i
  3. I don’t really know who Caitlin Jenner is other than Kim kardashains dad? Is she going to add any value whatsoever? nadine coyly shower scenes could be good. And Jossa too
  4. Liam Gallagher is Birmingham last night. encore finished, lights went up, most people out the gaff and he comes back on and says “silly billies” then performs cigarettes and alcohol as a bit of an unplanned treat. edit : very good gig overall.
  5. I’ve no idea who luis fonsi or BT’s is
  6. Opposing fans chanting about Vardy and his wife ; please keep it up
  7. Did the winter wolf and completed all four seasons this year earning the alpha wolf status. Great atmosphere and really well organised event as ever. some of the course was un-runnable though so I dread to think how they’re gonna get on tomorrow with it. Gulp
  8. Honestly disgusting he is still able to play for them
  9. Imagine genuinely thinking Kane is better than Vardy. Wow
  10. Went straight for her instagram. The gear on that. For such an abhorrent human is unreal
  11. Do you have any tips for existing customers? What can we do to reduce sky high (no pun intended) fees? What can we say on the phone?
  12. I genuinely don’t know who I would vote motm. i think Barnes ran it for us, Perez and Vardy will take the plaudits but our left side was sensational
  13. On the telly the saints fans do sound good so fair play to them.
  14. Last time I remember them bottling it was at home to Yeovil in the league 1 play off my word that was hilarious
  15. Always liked them as a club to be fair.
  16. Toms mum was a ward clerk on AMU at LRI whilst I worked there. I believe she still is. Looks and sounds exactly like Tom. serge and Chris used to take their kids to the same football class my kid attended at Judgemeadow. thats about as linked as I get
  17. ward prowse loves a penalty / direct FK against us
  18. No. He was given eight years. LADBible said so
  19. Lottie would definitely take a punch in the throat. Rancid
  20. Why’s that do you know?
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