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  1. What you mean is he was often off his box having taken too much disco biscuits
  2. Herd immunity. You move in those circles you’re bound to stop at some point. in all seriousness though I think the majority of them have been very good at doing the whole “lock down” thing due to the nature of them being in the public eye..... those that have broken it are generally few and far between let’s be honest
  3. Do they just decide to ignore a chunk then? Anyone cops it on a satdeh and it’s down as something else? the whole thing is wrong imho but that’s something else
  4. Sorry for my ignorance, and I’ve seen this constantly mentioned, but why are weekends lower? Does anybody know? Is it just luck? Coincidence? I see it said but I don’t understand why. TIA
  5. London road was mega that day. The absolute Leicester
  6. Did they get any of his medals? yeah I’m gonna be that guy that says it
  7. My employer has provided plenty of PPE and my staff have to wear masks at pretty much all times whilst in work. The only exception being if you are in a building on your own or work van alone. i work in healthcare however hence why we’ve taken it so seriously so swings and roundabouts I guess
  8. And that’s the problem with social media warriors too. Only going off dodgy info and fake news.
  9. Seriously tired of the social media warriors panicking before 7pm. Nobody has seen / heard the speech yet but you’ve got the “stay at home brigade” as I call them panicking. now don’t get me wrong I’m all for stay at home etc but these people on social media are just slaying anyone and everyone for even setting foot out their houses. I’m a key worker, my line of work is critical to the NHS and I need to go to work to pay my mortgage, support my two kids and wife who is on furlough. Since lockdown I have done all the work, shopping, taking stuff to mother in laws as she is in need. If I need to leave my house for a reason then I’ll leave my house. I’m not having bbqs in my garden with 20 mates but nor is EVERYONE else like they seem to believe. cant wait for this to be over so it cleanses social media of the salads as much as any other reason tbh
  10. I drive past the construction site near m1 junct23 every day and there are builders aplenty there every morning not complying so this isn’t exclusive to lcfc or seagrave. It’s life
  11. He could always just cup his ears infront of the empty away section. A scene id love to see
  12. I knew it would be Düsseldorf. Exactly the type of plastic spursy club who would do this kind of thing
  13. I remember, vividly, listening to this match in the front of my dads car in wilkos car park Syston. Back when the entrance was only on the main road and the car park went up the back via a small hill. A very vivid memory for some strange reason. Great times. I was 9/10 in 96/97.
  14. First one I ever saw was that Norwich melon in our title winning season. He made me hate Norwich since that day
  15. They built these as a precaution. Hindsight is wonderful but would you rather they did nothing, let hospitals burst at the seams and potentially thousands more die? personally I’m glad they took the precautionary route. Maybe I’ll pay for it in taxes the rest of my life but nobody knew which way this was going
  16. Nightingales a PR stunt wow. Yeah sure.
  17. First - filbert st last - King Power best - Barnsley away is my fave worst - Cardiff Ninian park was a miserable away day. Chopra hat trick when I visited. want to do - new Wembley for fa cup final
  18. Mike Dean came across as much as an absolute loonjob as we all expected him to be. the mother ****in D R E though seems a sound guy
  19. Joe wicks. Great workouts and he’s clearly knowledgable about fitness etc and I really respect what he’s doing with the whole pe with joe and all that but generally he’s a bit of a melt ain’t he?
  20. Stood outside me local Chinese and there’s about 20 people queuing for it. Never seen scenes like it
  21. Dot insta users. . . . . . #hashtag #insta we all know someone who does this. Usually a pretentious **** who’s just got hold of a DSLR for the first time. willy pullers
  22. The use of the confused emoji is just basically That poster being a bell cheese. i have used it sporadically
  23. Most of the female cast in holly oaks tbf. that Rachel Shelton used to be on that too
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