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  1. On house extension not sure it covers 10-12k on a football stadium
  2. Possibly to do with the stadium expansion. We borrowed the money for the training ground against part of the mahrez fee 2nd instalment and the future TV deal as well I believe. If fans aren't allowed in grounds anytime soon maybe they will try get the planning through before Christmas and start works when less likely to affect crowds and bound to be a small boom once football fans are allowed to return.
  3. Think most if not all. Were available so long as you had an lcfc.com account yes.
  4. 2 nil up. Back to 2-2 in the 88th minute. Vardy scores a winner. 7.23 into 2 mins of added time
  5. basically they are lengthening the central queuing point. As for the fly over. That was meant to go in before the golf course was allowed to open years ago. They then deemed it too expensive. In fairness to the club. This is highways englands decision and has no reflection on the club.
  6. Originally I was told they had been specifically done for 2 current players. Was lead to believe it was kasper to reduce his travelling and fuchs presumably for similar reasons that he could be based there when not in the states. But never managed to get it confirmed. But they have definitely now been removed
  7. Apparently the 2 players suites have now been replaced with hospitality facilities. So Top is the only one with a suite now. All players will now get the same level of room. Still love to know who the posher suites were meant to be for and why they have now been replaced with essentially posh meeting rooms.
  8. Legendary merch. Still got 1 of those hats kicking about somewhere. As well as the away shirt. But as I was about 11 it's a little well worn. Not sure my lad will be wearing it as retro.
  9. that was never meant to be the entrance. The original plans submitted had them using a new entrance. But it turns out it was held as a ransom strip by the parish council and they demanded 5 million for it. To rich even for our owners it seems.
  10. already 6 weeks behind and apparently the fines are 100k a week for late completion so at rhis rate we will have saved a few million
  11. It's also fro. Highways England saying there stance on it won't change even then. So no way are they gonna change there minds on opening it fully without the works anytime soon. Plus with the club having done everything to actually build a relationship with local residents during the process it will be a huge PR own goal at this stage.
  12. If he's out for pre season your mates a ****
  13. they probably could. But how do you enforce it. Without closing that junction altogether for the mean time. Don't see that being too popular either for residents of thrussington especially
  14. essentially your correct its just the most recent so the best. Until someone else builds a better one. But I guess the answer to your question is, not many training grounds have a 9 hole golf course round the perimeter. Not many have a 7* equivalent suite for the owner. Very few UK training grounds have suites for the whole 1st team squad. Granted this is more common in places like Italy. Where players are often expected to stay for days at a time. Again the pitches being the most recent to be laid. They are the pinical of current technology, along with the turf academy meaning the club will be at the forefront of future development. Ok granted that isnt going to impress a player Overall it's highly unlikely that it will mean we can start taking players off the so called big clubs. But if you have the choice of similar sized clubs it's certainly one hell of an environment to train in day in day out. And I think most of all it is impressive for youngsters and parents. If you have the choice of clubs as a kid. You are gonna struggle not to be impressed with the place when you arrive to look round.
  15. Under the permission granted legally they can't use it before the junction works are carried out. Will have to go back to the council if they wish too and there's little chance it gets over turned.
  16. I've seen loads of stories saying most people have been told to return home if from UK. Apparently unless you are on a flight by the 3rd you are stuck there. Someone I know has decided he's saying **** it and rented a place till Oct and will risk staying out in ibiza until the end of the season. Issue is. With no customers a lot of places are now also starting to close due to lack of trade.
  17. Nope played against her twice. She played for the lion in thrussy I think but that place is shut now. He came down to watch both times. My 1st ever leicester game was his debut away at West brom.
  18. Got to be Carl Muggleton. Syston area. Side note I play petanque against his partner
  19. Could still end up at boro if warnock doesn't want it full time.
  20. Few pints of amstel last night sat outside the local. Great to be able to sit round a big table and chat to a few mates. Downside the tenants have decided to leave at end of lease so in October I reckon that's another pub gone. As you would have to be mad to take on anywhere at the moment, especially when the weather turns and the maximum they are allowed in at 1 time is 19. How do you make a living of a maximum of 19 drinkers unless you invite alcoholics not so anonymous.
  21. all mine are now showing as processed yesterday in my online account. You can check this in payment history so hopefully they will show in my bank this weekend.
  22. Anyone think this maybe a little icon heavy. Obviously I don't actually play using that side. But afterall those icon swaps I still haven't actually got anything rated better than 91. Is it too much to ask for a Maradona, R9 or ronaldinho.
  23. I emailed Jim yesterday and they are still working in them, having to do each game match by match. I've had mine but the 3 others out of the same account still haven't even been started to be processed yet. They are still adamant they will all be done by the 31st. But yet again lcfc have just made life hard work for themselves. Surely when they went into each lead account they could have just ticked off each person claiming from that account and credited that refund for all 4 games for all 4 client refs in one go. There's absolutely no logic to the way its been done.
  24. I had my Everton Away refund today and yes the tight bastards kept the administration fee and deducted my away point. Infact for some reason they seem to have deducted 2. Club are gonna be dealing with some pissy customers as they consider us soon. Also now had my 2 new season tickets refunded to CC however they have been done as 4 transactions of the cost of 2 games each time
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