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  1. In the clubs defence they don't have an issue with them and even installed a wire for them to be hung from after a suggestion from a poster on here. However see the post earlier from @SemperEadem about flags being stolen and therefore the decision was taken by UFS as a group to remove most. Hard earned cash for someone to lift them is not nice. Even been cases at away games where flags have been taken by our own fans. I plan to put mine back up at somepoint. But maybe with metal cable ties meaning someone actually has to smuggle some wire cutters in and even then if the
  2. Fixed. Unless you are waiting until Monday to watch a replay.
  3. Yes better with grommets. Cable ties are a great way to hang if allowed. If not. I find shoe laces in the grommet holes make a good tempory way to hang. Tie them to the holes with a couple of knots half way along the lace then leave yourself the rest of the lace to tie round a rail etc like tying a shoe nice and easy to undo at the end of the game.
  4. Bayfox


    I'm married to a planning officer. Trust me some of the stuff that goes on you would think she had murdered their granny
  5. Bayfox


    Covenants are a domestic matter anyway so he would have to have the cash to take you to court even if he thought he could win. Its not something that the council will take into account when looking at planning.
  6. I'm on about the way to games. There's actually some really good articles on him in older programmes before he became ill you wouldn't recognise him when he was in his 20s/30s But there's no way he's walked as far as he says. Just a fact. I wish him no ill and he looks much healthier in the last 2 or 3 years than he has for 20 years previous.
  7. Sorry to be a ****. But don't buy this he walked everywhere. He was regularly on the train via syston for home games. And there was once a programme article or something on him where they claimed he'd walked to Sheffield or something during the week. Bloke was stood next to us on the train to the game But I do agree it's sad after all the games he's been to he's going to miss this.
  8. Well as he's gone MIA all week that would be as much use as a false positive covid test next Thursday.
  9. Ah how I long for a run of 1 nils. No seriously we could do with 4 now.
  10. Standard of the Championship this year is shocking. All 3 relegated clubs could come back up tells you how low the standard is. Also who currently holds the cloughie Cup 😆 cuz they are keeping it for a least another season 😆
  11. Completely understand why you feel the need. It honestly was one of the hardest choices I've ever had to make. Had a great conversation with a mate today who said if it takes another 52 years he will be 113 or dead. I suggested I'd try to hang in till 93 lol. But my boy will hopefully have time to maybe manage it before he turns 61. But I really will be so chuffed for those that go if we can Complete the domestic set and they can all say they were there. My hope is that next season we can return to full grounds and get those European aways in a
  12. Nailed on. I was on the FCC for a while and they discussed how many brought CL tickets and no showed. There was a definite black mark against those. As they knew they where buying for the point or in the hope they could sell on.
  13. Bayfox 0 my mates 5. Despite having more than enough points. The fact its under such shocking circumstances and restrictions and my boy 317 would have got a ticket but the government decided at under 16 he's likely to kill you all off. I've decided the correct thing is to sit at home with him and hope that CL or EL football next season makes up for it and an FA cup final may come round again in normal circumstances. But fair play to everyone going who will always be able to say they were there. It was the hardest decision I've made since sucking up the cost of flights t
  14. Everyone that wants to every see a game again. Absolutely nailed on the club **** you over if you don't get on the coach home.
  15. No members only. As per the t&Cs set out for away tickets.
  16. I've asked the question if the lead has a non LE postcode can you all avoid the coaches
  17. You need to ignore that and look at the personal details section your points total will show there.
  18. Yes I'd guess there's roughly 6k in that bracket. Once you remove those under 16s as well. And I'm not sure there's any of the younger lot 16-mid 20s that will fancy this Ballache anyway. I'm in my 40s and most of my mates are already considering opting out because of the bull shit coach crap.
  19. Shows how many over 16s have over 315 points at a guess. My boys on 317 so had under 16s been allowed he'd have got 1 which is a 2nd kick in the teeth. I'm seriously considering staying home. Too many hoops to jump through.
  20. I've got nothing to do youri with. So did the pl one and got mount My club is dead now. Got my pl side, championship side and eredivise and that's about it. Oh and she'd loads of loan icons **** it mount and half my championship side have gone and welcome youri.
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