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  1. 10000 extra bums on seats wont happen in the championship, the club have done things the right way round. Being able to show potential signings this facility is a positive long term step. Some of the suites are the equivalent of 5star hotels, if you were gonna join a club, these things would sway your decision. The ground will follow but this is a long term commitment to growth and development of players.
  2. No chance infact theres been an issue with the ramblers who want access to pass one of the tees and the players don't want the general public anywhere near them. Not sure if that's been solved yet.
  3. There will be some open days, and theres the opportunity to go watch the u23s as they will play there once complete. But theres next to no chance the club will let anyone else in there other than that. If you think standing outside belvoir drive asking for autographs is bad. This place is like an oasis for the players and they wont be being bothered by us mortals from what I've been told.
  4. Nuneaton or rugby are about a 3rd of the price of going from Leicester.
  5. And the best bit is we seem to take this technology as matter of fact, yet does anyone know if they test/check the cameras pre ko every game. As the ones at the KP for example are located at the back of the kop and we know that can move more than just mm.
  6. Do we automatically finish 3rd because we are 3rd on the 18th of Jan sure theres 16 games left and yet we only need to play and win what about 5 more to win the cup.
  7. You wait till Carlisle away comes around again. 21 hours out the house for 90 mins of football. But as the post below points out, we should be there to watch Leicester not anyone else, so it shouldn't really matter where we are playing. It's about the team and the day out, we had a cracking time in Carlisle all be it all of 8 hours in the town. Of those listed above even allowing for my point of being there for us, Everton is a good old proper football ground and soon to be gone, visit it whilst you can, Newcastle anytime is a cracking night out, but had I the cash, NYE would have been a belter, and to be fair on the weather was shite, but no one was to know that when buying tickets, Southampton on a friday night is ok, or do what my mates do, jump on a ferry to the isle of wight for a night out. I guess what I'm saying is utilise those opportunities, create memories, some of mine are not of old Trafford, let's be honest we normally lose anyway, but of, leyton orient, southend, Carlisle, even the 4-3 at wolves was character building Ps that post wasnt aimed at you personally
  8. Mine are the same. A4 plastic wallets, in old a4 paper boxes, by season. With a list printed out for each season and taped to the front. Stopped collecting in the mid 90s tho when I couldn't be arsed to carry them round town on a night out after the game. Probably a good think as they take up way to much space. Only ones I'm bothered about are the play off and cup semis which all have my tickets with them.
  9. Holy shit. Just got kluivert icon as a reward for finishing the marquee match ups this week. Having just finished the zyiech one with hours to spare I'm all of a sudden enjoying this game. Although still a little pissed off I didn't play over Christmas and new year and missed out on storyline batshuayi by about a weeks worth of gold challenges.
  10. People adding to basket at 7.45 and leaving till 8am to refresh. Still leaves 5 mins to pay.
  11. Seems the sensible approach I'm trying to make sure Jennifer Aniston is ready to move in before I ship the wife out.
  12. But it's clearly jim replying I had him emailing me at the same time he was tweeting late last night. I mean the guy gets a lit of flack but the club hinder him by not allowing him to answer simple questions.
  13. Numbers over 400 points not looking like its that high. Still about 500 left. So should make tomorrow.
  14. More madness. These play off games have had everything.
  15. If they do. What does it say about Tannerhill and the dolphins coaching staff that was.
  16. Ok I've just walked in and turned on. What have a I missed. And now they have won the ball back on a punt.
  17. It's extreme granted. But I wouldn't put anything past our ticket office
  18. Flip that the other way then. Those who don't go collect scarfs look a little suspicious. A way for the club to flag up potential resellers as they do from checking fb and on here, twitter etc. I'd love tho know the real reason they have decided you have to collect at home. Even if villa had said no to putting on seats they have given away outside the away end previously such as west brom.
  19. Sticking a tenner on Watford winning the league next season
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