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  1. I'd tend to agree. With you that is. I mean the guy has a point and he's not been a dick about it and placed his reasoning on record. Now I'd also suggest and probably will get a battering, that our current owners have ploughed some serious cash into our club and given us some great days, so they as current owners, can stick a statute where ever they like. But I also fall in the category that no one is immune from criticism. So I think it's a fair point that maybe the garden that should remain forever or certainly as long as possible, maybe a mor
  2. Post out 23000 beers to season ticket holders, so it makes the whole thing more bearable. Infact sod that. Post me 23000 beers and hopefully I'll forget this whole thing ever happened. Gutted that we will never know if today was the day we finally lifted the FA CUP. Pissed off that even if the CL happens next season it's gonna be an all round shite experience.
  3. The traffic for construction isn't allowed to use the junction tho is it? They are under instruction to turn left only at the 46 when leaving the site for definite and can be reported if seen doing otherwise. Not sure about when entering from Newark direction. Do they have to go to ratcliffe and turn under the 46 and come back or are they allowed to cross the flow of traffic from syston direction?
  4. Both me and the wife fell, sleep, it's still on the planner and I've no idea if I should re visit or delete.
  5. I'm a little confused myself to be honest. But surely if this virus is spread by vapour droplets. If everyone was covering mouths and noses with masks, that drastically reduces the chance of it spreading. We have made cotton masks for our family and friends. And will be wearing them if we have to venture out in public to often. If it stops someone, coughing, sneezing or spitting on our direction and prevents it entering our bodies, I'll take looking a twat over catching the ****ing thing. Plus as we have made our own from cotton, we can put filters in them and dispose
  6. Apparently hes wrong from the offset as it's not a material amendment, they are just trying to get a variation in that 1 condition as highways England are dragging there heels and haven't even scheduled the works yet, so the club just want permission for the 1st team to use it before the works happen. I'm also told it's unlikely the Councillors will accept it anyway so the club may just have to wait. Problem is as it's highways responsibility there's basically nothing the club can do to get the works done any faster.
  7. It's a right bastard. I worry for my kids, they are gonna need a huge deposit and seriously decent jobs if the market remains as it has been. However me and the wife have no luck what so ever with houses and mortgages, we took a fixed rate on our 1st place for 5 years and the market collapsed meaning we spent years over paying. But as it was our 1st house we needed to know the Bill's, we couldn't risk a rise in rates and our costs going up. We stayed 11 years and barely made 7k profit. We have been in our new build 5 years now, overpaying where we can and pu
  8. This the athletic interview. Great read. Must have been so bizarre as a fan it was immense as a player great, but to be round it for 6 months and play no part. I can't imagine how hard that must have been.
  9. Although everything about 15/16 was a team effort. Vardy's goal for 11 in a row v United was magical, the roar was ridiculous. Special mentions to mahrez v Chelsea at home and huth at WHL as well.
  10. Not as I understand it. They have said you can meet in a park/public place but not at a property and far as I'm aware.
  11. Mate I'm sat in the garden having a beer, how else do you think I know shes there. But then I'm sat with my wife and kids not friends who have walked half a mile for a drink and a chat👍 But thanks for the standard foxestalk banter
  12. My wife suggested similar to make a point. Or asking my daughter to shout hi out the window I felt that was using the kids. And my biggest issue is that I know my daughter and the next time theres a discipline issue, she will use the you can't follow rules yourself argument and I have to admit she will 1 be right.
  13. Any suggestions on what to do if your child minder is breaking the current rules? Now I have accepted I find the current guidelines a little odd, and my wife is currently working from home so my kids aren't currently going to the child minder. However she is currently sat in my next door neighbours garden having a lovely time with a few glasses of wine. I considered her to be a decent child minder, we have never had any issues, but she's meant to be in a position of responsibility and we entrust her with our kids welfare. Would genuinely like to know if peo
  14. You can pay her to clean it as well if you want. It's bonkers isn't it, our park was never closed, so my mother in law can come sit in our non closed park, outside my up for sale house, but can't come have a cuppa in the back garden.
  15. I'm the same I know 1 person who has definitely had it, but recovered, I know 2 people who know people who have died from it. But when you look at the numbers, I'm sure once this is over, most people will have lost a family member or a friend. Be grateful if you don't.
  16. And personally for me, that's the message the government should be pushing. Anything other than exercise as that could be dangerous, people should be wearing them, for shopping, work, anything.
  17. My mates wife runs co-op Leicestershire funeral parlours, Loughborough alone is doing 90 a week just from Covid 19, and most the county the same. Down from 1 hour slots at the crematorium to 15 mins. That's the reality of it. It's a miracle if you don't know anyone that's died from it.
  18. Yeah think people are getting to hung up on quality. If you use double thickness cotton you can make versions with pockets for disposable filters. But even just basic cotton ones that can be washed, stop the droplets entering your mouth or nose and also stop anyone with the virus but unaware, spreading them outside their own mask. Also told keeping placing in the freezer inside a freezer bag overnight helps as well. At least that's what co-op funeral staff are being told.
  19. Some cotton, some elastic and a needle and thread, or sewing machine is all that's needed. Surely there's plenty of companies in Leicestershire alone that can mass produce. My 10 year old daughter is currently able to produce 20 or so a day on her own. So it can't be that difficult. Her aim is to produce enough for the family, neighbours and any school friends and families that require them.
  20. Cardiff and Deeney day today. Really contrasting emotions. Cardiff despite the Kermit moment, i was so proud of us as a team and a fanbase that evening. Watford however I was so pissed off and gutted at the time. Closest I'd come to actual tears at the football since Swindon in 93. And having to get the train back to tring with to many yellow shirts didn't help my mood, was meant to go back to my sister in laws, but I was so pissed off I went to a pub and got the wife to pick me up from there. Nice little place, sat in the lounge with my mate and sank a few beers.
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