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  1. Same. Not enough players to attempt the 97 but happy with the 94 for an 86 rated side. Used some of the dress I had like 90 illic that I just had no use for some dutch totssf cb from turkish league.
  2. Would have been a nice pull if I could sell.
  3. Bayfox


    If you are buying a defy pro, shouldn't you be getting ultegra at minimum as standard. Infact sure rutland cycles sell them with etap on. I can't afford the pro, but having been out on my mates defy, I'm deffo looking at going Carbon, feels so much nicer climbing. Tempted to upstage to Di2 as soon as I buy it tho so thats good bye to a other grand on top.
  4. Lives in cave now. With preki
  5. Our year used to do that after we had the MMR jab, ****ing hurt and watching green/yellow puss come out your arm was a delight
  6. If you look back over time. The golf course initial planning required an over pass or roundabout to be put in. They built the course then bailed on it apparently.
  7. I'd have done the same. Apparently Everton offered a sliding bar on their site. I'd have taken my adult refunds for the household totaling £164 and as my lad requested donated his 20 ish to charity. I think when the refunds come through I'll let him do it himself.
  8. Absolutely this. The same page as the one they use for the cup scheme should have done the job. Tick the boxes of the tickets you wanted refunding. Job done.
  9. As I understand it yes, to both. You need to make that claim and it will cover any tickets purchased by the lead account holder, ie the purchaser.
  10. I've missed the Pub and the football. Not so much for the beer. Actually drinking less with no social side to drinking. Be interesting to see if that changes tonight now a few of us can get in a garden and social distance beer, and if I keep away from the pub apart from football once they are reopen. Been cycling a lot more under lockdown. Done around 500 miles in 2 months. I think I'd managed about 200 in the previous 2 years Also despite 3 weeks off work with no income we've managed to put away about 800 quid in the 2 months. Shows how much money i spend
  11. The waiting list is effectively membership and the number of home priority points collected. Last 2 years it has been based on a members ballot for the higher point holders. I managed to get 2 more in last seasons ballot. But think you had to have upwards of 40 points to enter.
  12. Certainly will be renewing at the 1st opportunity, however it will be interesting to see if now having every game live on tv is another watershed moment and we never go back. In which case I will be interested to see if it has an impact on attendances across the PL In general once things get back to normal. As for when we return to football, I still feel they will have to enforce face coverings as standard unless we know the virus has died out completely or we have a proven vaccine.
  13. I'd tend to agree. With you that is. I mean the guy has a point and he's not been a dick about it and placed his reasoning on record. Now I'd also suggest and probably will get a battering, that our current owners have ploughed some serious cash into our club and given us some great days, so they as current owners, can stick a statute where ever they like. But I also fall in the category that no one is immune from criticism. So I think it's a fair point that maybe the garden that should remain forever or certainly as long as possible, maybe a mor
  14. Post out 23000 beers to season ticket holders, so it makes the whole thing more bearable. Infact sod that. Post me 23000 beers and hopefully I'll forget this whole thing ever happened. Gutted that we will never know if today was the day we finally lifted the FA CUP. Pissed off that even if the CL happens next season it's gonna be an all round shite experience.
  15. The traffic for construction isn't allowed to use the junction tho is it? They are under instruction to turn left only at the 46 when leaving the site for definite and can be reported if seen doing otherwise. Not sure about when entering from Newark direction. Do they have to go to ratcliffe and turn under the 46 and come back or are they allowed to cross the flow of traffic from syston direction?
  16. Both me and the wife fell, sleep, it's still on the planner and I've no idea if I should re visit or delete.
  17. I'm a little confused myself to be honest. But surely if this virus is spread by vapour droplets. If everyone was covering mouths and noses with masks, that drastically reduces the chance of it spreading. We have made cotton masks for our family and friends. And will be wearing them if we have to venture out in public to often. If it stops someone, coughing, sneezing or spitting on our direction and prevents it entering our bodies, I'll take looking a twat over catching the ****ing thing. Plus as we have made our own from cotton, we can put filters in them and dispose
  18. Apparently hes wrong from the offset as it's not a material amendment, they are just trying to get a variation in that 1 condition as highways England are dragging there heels and haven't even scheduled the works yet, so the club just want permission for the 1st team to use it before the works happen. I'm also told it's unlikely the Councillors will accept it anyway so the club may just have to wait. Problem is as it's highways responsibility there's basically nothing the club can do to get the works done any faster.
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