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  1. Charnwood Council are planning if not already, to our the building up for sale and use the office spaces they already own in the centre above shops etc to house those departments that still need a base. So hopefully that will have a positive impact on the centre. But others as you say will end up working from home full time if the departments can function that way. My wife has been told she is at home for at least this year if not longer. We plan to set her up an office looking out our spare room over the garden. As she is currently in the dining room and the view of th
  2. Got the band back together.
  3. You will. You will bw asked to pay 70 quid for a 1 in 4 chance of a tour. If drawn you will then pay a further £45 to attend the 90 minute tour with a select 8000 others.
  4. January 1989. West brom away. We drew 1-1 Carl Muggelton made his debut. We wore red Memories of the day. Terracing old bill about out numbering away supporters. Police copter up over the away end the whole game. Went for a piss at half time to look up and see the toilets had no roof and that's when I spotted the helicopter. As a 10 year old it was all a little surreal. I'd never set foot in filbert st at that point so I guess that's why I have such vivid memories of it all. Loads of games at filbert st after that. Sort of merge into one. T
  5. He will as frank will back him. But I'm not convinced he's better.
  6. Wish him all the best. Chelsea are buying yet to be seen potential. However I'm not convinced he's better than alonso, younger yes. Think in a few months time Chelsea fans will be questioning him. My biggest worry is we went from talk of 70 or 80 million. Why have we dropped to 50. Overpriced still. But what has changed.
  7. Next season if theres no football played this season. I have no interest in watching games with 4 people around me and in 1/3 full stadiums now I've taken stock. So its £220 quid just to retain something for my family 1 of which has been held for 26 years. And the club happily took my cash for 2, 2 year olds when the ground was empty. Some would see it as foresight and commitment and my kids had the chance to see PL and European football. Others would suggest I was mental if we had remained in the Championship or L1. I guess it depen
  8. But they won't its blue and white. Pay or **** off great deal that. And as I understand it for the last 25 years I've got some football in return for my money. It must be an amazing position to be in to cough up for a family of 4 with no guarantee of any entertainment in return. I understand that at the end of the day we will probably all end up paying. But the blind loyalty of some having spent 1000s of the years just strikes me as odd.
  9. because you can't include something in the planning if highways are happy with minor amendments. Local authority seek highways advice and then that is added as part of the application. You can't factor in something deemed not necessary. The fatality rate at this junction is actually low. Now I'm not saying it's an ideal junction. But it seems people have this issue in their heads. It is what it is. It's not happening so why is everyone so hung up on it. If anything is to blame it's the system. But certainly no fault lies with the club or cha
  10. Covid has given them the perfect excuse not to run the open days.
  11. Don't let the truth get in the way. Firstly the club where happy to pay for improvements but that's not how it works. Secondly the council have no say. They asked highways England for their input as is the case in all planning issues. And the solution proposed is the solution that will happen. Granted it seems its not high up highways england priority list but again not the fault of the club or the planning authority. And for the record. Even if it was the councils fault, highways fall under County authority not local.
  12. Shame the game is nearly dead. Just packed totssf vardy
  13. I've seen some figures that say based on pur wage bill this money will last about 4 days. That probably puts it into comparison. Not on Arsenal levels in terms of laying off staff but signing players. But still I'm sure a few of the players could have taken a wage cut or deferral and still not been on the street anytime soon. Really still don't understand who suggested this. How they picked that figure and who agreed it was OK to sign off. Along with 2 months 2 get a refund then demand it back inside 3 weeks with only 2 weeks to pay it.
  14. You have to apply as a family so 3 entries. Meaning if 1 is successful you all are. Upto a maximum group size of 6.
  15. If you click the blue ballot cycle text in the OS article it takes you to a frequently asked questions with all the ins and outs, get out of jail clauses from the clubs point of view. I guess I'm resigned to paying £220 quid to keep hold of 4 seats for when normal football returns. I have no interest in attending games with reduced capacity and having to pay up to £55 quid or whatever it is to be in the main stand. I guess the club need a way to raise a million quid or so really quickly
  16. I'm yet to try find out. But I did give away 2 better rated players in hulk and Benzema in the hope i got something to add to my PL side. Ah well.
  17. But those games were only shown due to circumstances. Normally match going fans would have been able to see them and they wouldn't have been broadcast so its not like the BBC robbed $ky of games
  18. You can. But you won't get in as it says non transferable and spot checks. So if you want to waste your cash. Feel free.
  19. Best I got was fut bday hazard.
  20. On weds lunch. Can I be furloughed please.
  21. Good to see Rachel get some credit for her efforts
  22. Oh you sound like the wife. No i can't share the photos, because you will post them on social media. Ok she's correct but what a spoil sport
  23. 91 pries from the objectives. Decided to throw anything that didn't fit my side into another icon upgrade. 92 Rush. Basically I have a PL side and a whole bunch of random icons left in my club now.
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