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  1. 1st team to spank man city and pep with us all sat at home🤕
  2. Yeah hope KDB and hazard fancy a move in jan.
  3. On loan. The minute he signed 🤕
  4. None of the holes are original. They are all new effectively and skirt the outside fences to keep prying eyes away from the training pitch. 5 towards one boundary and then 4 along another. They also had to re route the bridleway as the land had a public right off access through it when it was the golf course that passed right past one of the new Tee Placements. So that has had to be moved to the perimeter as well.
  5. From what I gather they basically called up everyone who hadn't renewed and gave them the opportunity. I guess there will be some folk who missed the deadline for genuine reasons and the club gave them some grace.
  6. Watford was much worse we had been in the race for automatic most that season.
  7. Don't slander Bruno. We did route one batter them that night tho. And it nearly worked. Was a great night. Apart from the ending I'm gonna record it Saturday and make my lad watch it. Plus I can spot myself at the back with a st George's tshit on. Maybe not the wisest choice that evening.
  8. I was of the understanding spurs paid for these tests. Correct me if I'm wrong tho.
  9. That's the thing with kasper for me. He excels in a couple of areas, could improve in others massively. However realistically who do you buy that is a huge upgrade and how much would they then cost.
  10. Fair point But I still don't understand the logic of raising roughly a million quid. Not sure what it achieves other than ill feeling, spliting the supporter base further as has been shown by the reaction of both sides.
  11. I hope they spent my £220 wisely. I guess it paid someone for about 25 mins.
  12. As Danny Simpson is currently training at the club. He could do worse than spend an hour each day after training with him and learning about covering round and defending the back post as that was one of Danny's strengths despite his size. Other than that he's finding his way into the PL and looks like one for the future especially in the modern game. I'd love to see the heat maps for both our fullbacks in the last 2 games. As they are playing like Liverpool, man city, barca, Madrid etc expect there fullbacks to play. Gonna be interesting to see if we attempt that next week v man city try to make, mahrez, sterling and torres defend instead of mahrez just having our pants down.
  13. So fergie tapped up o'Neill for the rivals of his boyhood club. Great.
  14. We are staying up Say we are staying up. I'm on-board next stop Europe.
  15. Thing was although they made up those rules. There was games where over 300 or so still brought tickets never showed lost 50 quid and lost a point. Wealth or stupidity?
  16. Just did the 90+ player pick. Hows my ****ing luck
  17. Behave Phil Jones is the English Andy King.
  18. Guess I best take a cycle up the Seagrave road then.
  19. People are deductiing the numbers from the opening figure that was 80k or whatever it was. So at 67k that would be 13k of renewals.
  20. My point was I never formed a bond or attachment to a business. Thats what a club may be now. But it wasn't once upon a time or at least not to the modern day extent I formed a bond to a half empty filbert st and mediocre route 1 football. Lovely wasn't it. I still struggle to see how top signed this off for the sake of a million quid or so that lasts about a 4 days in the clubs bank. And if he didn't im shocked he hasn't told those that did to back down. Maybe he's trying to prove he's ruthless. But I will eventually this weekend part with my money. But you won't see me rushing to a 1/3 full stadium. Once upon a time at filbo that was a joy. But like every aspect of modern day football it's generally took a turn for the worst.
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