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  1. Slating Dan. When Evans plays the out of play and kasper doesn't dive for the 1st and goes walk about for the 2nd. Football is definitely a game of opinions
  2. I've only really used him in the relase the keepers and had him in goal. Totw kasper and Joe Hart however may end up as super subs with some of the skills they have shown Just finished that. Do I bang mandana straight in the Eric Bailey sbc? Thought ppl.
  3. I've got the loan. He seems decent. But I've not used him loads.
  4. Best is brugge by a country mile just for the whole day and experience. The after math of palace was quality for different reasons. I missed the man city game honorable mentions to, spurs away 16, Norwich away in the fa cup. Could probably list a few more. Ones I'd like to forget. Newport in the cup, Fleetwood in the cup, porto for the 90 mins was a disaster class. And being 3 up at wolves under micky Adams.
  5. We are in a relatively new build. 6 years. Obviously the green space was the last thing completed so we have probably paid these fees for 3 or 4 years to a company called Greenbelt I think. Ours equates to about £130 a year. We do get an annual statement showing each visit, be that for inspection, the mowing etc have to say during covid because we have been at home more they must come and do an inspection to the railings and play equipment almost monthly and they give you 12 months notice if the bill is likely to include and additional repairs, re planting etc. To be fair it is pro
  6. Played a few games last night. Well this morning. Hamza now done. Also manged to add the Scott Dann to my silver in 3 games. Guess now its the icon swaps not sure I'll get much past deco tho. So may use them on the packs and hope they are kind.
  7. Deffo a week when you look at his objectives mine says 6 days and however many hours already. Gonna have to get on it tomorrow night and Sunday if possible. Luckily I can get totw youri and the 82 forana in my MM side along with totw madders, standard vardy and silver totw Che Adams so most those objectives shouldn't take much doing.
  8. This keeper thing is ****ing annoying. 3 games all gone to extra time at least totw kasper is bagging goals. 8 in 3 games. The hamza objectives are easily doable. Just hope I can find time to play this week. Rinsed my club doing nacho so any free cards that can boost that pl side again will do. Maybe a late night after our game tomorrow
  9. Done without spending coins. Welcome my sweet prince
  10. More grind if he is. Actually a key component of my silver squad. So would love to see what he offers with that card.
  11. Yes 4. 1 posted to someone for his dads birthday. The other 3 are for family. At this rate they will be vintage by the time I get to see them in person to deliver
  12. I'd like to know how many goals 81 madders has scored on his debut I only use him in MM piece so ever goal he scores is on his debut, must have 50 plus and yet nothing in his stats to show for it
  13. Yeah if you quit in friendlies although you don't get the DNF you lose any achievements such as goals etc. So you have to finish the games.
  14. I've just finished him. Last game was comical just need the goal. Went 2 up. Bloke doesn't quit and brings on Ronaldo, rashford I go 3-2 down, equalised with 6 mins to go. Was gonna stick one in my own net to get it over but his subs annoyed me. So played extra time go 4-3 behind and down to 10 men. Score with 121 mins on the clock. Win 1 nil on pens yes 1 nil worse shoot out ever scored my 1st and then between us we missed the next 9🤣
  15. I'm not sure mahrez would have fancied filbert st. Yet alone the baseball ground potatoe field.
  16. Just the 8 years behind me then
  17. I had you down as a similar age to me. Obviously not. I saw Gary Mac play albeit briefly he was a rolls Royce of a player bit like Esteban he made it all look so easy, natural and played at his own pace. Was absolutely no surprise to me when he rocked up at Liverpool later into his career and helped then to a cup treble
  18. Just packed gold kante in a 75+ 1 player pack. Him or totw wilf for the 1st 11?
  19. Have to say I'm not overly impressed. But I persist with him. Mahrez on the other hand since the 1 mark upgrade is like a different player. Don't rate the grealish card either to be honest hence madders in my starting 11. Seems to score more.
  20. That's my current bench
  21. I'm not the best player and spend no money on the game so this Is my PL side either packed, grind, or the odd purchase. Currently got 150k in coins any suggestions on things that make it better. Been looking in the market and for the coins it's hard to find to much that really makes a difference
  22. Wanted the Sergio busquets card so used the 6 icon swaps to boost the fodder. Managed to get enough to do him and added, aguero, sterling and fabinhio to my pl squad in the process along with the 86 rated kasper so that's a sentimental win if nothing else.
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