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  1. If you click the blue ballot cycle text in the OS article it takes you to a frequently asked questions with all the ins and outs, get out of jail clauses from the clubs point of view. I guess I'm resigned to paying £220 quid to keep hold of 4 seats for when normal football returns. I have no interest in attending games with reduced capacity and having to pay up to £55 quid or whatever it is to be in the main stand. I guess the club need a way to raise a million quid or so really quickly
  2. I'm yet to try find out. But I did give away 2 better rated players in hulk and Benzema in the hope i got something to add to my PL side. Ah well.
  3. But those games were only shown due to circumstances. Normally match going fans would have been able to see them and they wouldn't have been broadcast so its not like the BBC robbed $ky of games
  4. You can. But you won't get in as it says non transferable and spot checks. So if you want to waste your cash. Feel free.
  5. Best I got was fut bday hazard.
  6. On weds lunch. Can I be furloughed please.
  7. Good to see Rachel get some credit for her efforts
  8. Oh you sound like the wife. No i can't share the photos, because you will post them on social media. Ok she's correct but what a spoil sport
  9. 91 pries from the objectives. Decided to throw anything that didn't fit my side into another icon upgrade. 92 Rush. Basically I have a PL side and a whole bunch of random icons left in my club now.
  10. I have the vardy one. The 2015/16 title one, signed fuchs, kasper and madders ones. Bloke needs to stop painting as it's costing me a fortune in prints and frames He's also just done my boy a 1 off painted kasper face mask. Which i pick up tomorrow.
  11. On house extension not sure it covers 10-12k on a football stadium
  12. Possibly to do with the stadium expansion. We borrowed the money for the training ground against part of the mahrez fee 2nd instalment and the future TV deal as well I believe. If fans aren't allowed in grounds anytime soon maybe they will try get the planning through before Christmas and start works when less likely to affect crowds and bound to be a small boom once football fans are allowed to return.
  13. Think most if not all. Were available so long as you had an lcfc.com account yes.
  14. 2 nil up. Back to 2-2 in the 88th minute. Vardy scores a winner. 7.23 into 2 mins of added time
  15. basically they are lengthening the central queuing point. As for the fly over. That was meant to go in before the golf course was allowed to open years ago. They then deemed it too expensive. In fairness to the club. This is highways englands decision and has no reflection on the club.
  16. Originally I was told they had been specifically done for 2 current players. Was lead to believe it was kasper to reduce his travelling and fuchs presumably for similar reasons that he could be based there when not in the states. But never managed to get it confirmed. But they have definitely now been removed
  17. Apparently the 2 players suites have now been replaced with hospitality facilities. So Top is the only one with a suite now. All players will now get the same level of room. Still love to know who the posher suites were meant to be for and why they have now been replaced with essentially posh meeting rooms.
  18. Legendary merch. Still got 1 of those hats kicking about somewhere. As well as the away shirt. But as I was about 11 it's a little well worn. Not sure my lad will be wearing it as retro.
  19. that was never meant to be the entrance. The original plans submitted had them using a new entrance. But it turns out it was held as a ransom strip by the parish council and they demanded 5 million for it. To rich even for our owners it seems.
  20. already 6 weeks behind and apparently the fines are 100k a week for late completion so at rhis rate we will have saved a few million
  21. It's also fro. Highways England saying there stance on it won't change even then. So no way are they gonna change there minds on opening it fully without the works anytime soon. Plus with the club having done everything to actually build a relationship with local residents during the process it will be a huge PR own goal at this stage.
  22. If he's out for pre season your mates a ****
  23. they probably could. But how do you enforce it. Without closing that junction altogether for the mean time. Don't see that being too popular either for residents of thrussington especially
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