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  1. I won't believe it until it's on LCFC or Al-Jazeera
  2. I'm sorry but the documentary on BBC was bullshit, no child should have it's bits chopped because just religion says so, the child choose when it is old enough. Please discuss
  3. I'm a old customer, I have put a ticket on, but had no response
  4. Anybody know how to install mcktv on firestick
  5. How lucky can you get, but Stones should have smashed the last ball
  6. England have blown it, well pissed off
  7. Dr The Singh


    I have no idea bud, I'm not sure what else to say ....,
  8. Dr The Singh


    No but he did bathrooms aswell..
  9. Dr The Singh


    Apologies my friend, I thought your going soft
  10. Nowhere near crazy as New Orleans, those guys know bhangra
  11. Dr The Singh


    Your dating him?
  12. Dr The Singh


    You sound like the plumber I had come around for a plumbing problem
  13. Don't want to bring work home. And after shift, its someone else problem
  14. It's all the outgoings mate that get me.......clean hookers aren't cheap
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