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  1. Christian Fuchs, Marc Albrighton, Robert Huth were surplus to requirements at their clubs before coming here. One man’s trash...
  2. If there’s a positive here, it’s that Brendan definitely understands what went wrong on Sunday. It was a little naive to think that Klopp wouldn’t have studied our game against Man City— he was never going to play a high backline, he set up to prevent our counter and provide cover for Milner, Fabinho, and Matip. There were plenty times when we needed a bit more composure when we got the ball back but instead of keeping possession, we forced long balls and counters that weren’t there. Luckily there’s another game on Thursday and we’re another day closer to a full
  3. A slight tweak to the shade of the fox head would be the only thing I imagine changing. We’ve done it before and it would make the shirts and the crest fit a bit better. I do like the idea of using the running fox occasionally on away shirts— we could do away with having to change the badge to white and black, black and gold, or whatever other combo is needed to match those shirts.
  4. C’mon, how many of those ballots do you really think are arriving? I doubt there will be more than a handful that don’t have a postmark or have an illegible postmark from the USPS. And if any do arrive in that state, they are to be segregated in case there is a recount or the courts order those votes void. That is nothing compared Trump wanting to shutdown all vote counting because he knows he’s in trouble.
  5. This, please, before one of those other awful songs catches on. 😂
  6. Believe it or not, as slanted as their coverage is, their polling operations are actually highly respected and often at odds with their usual narratives!
  7. 2/3 of those are a helluva lot better than Boris Johnson. 😜
  8. Biden has plenty of votes left to be counted in Pennsylvania and that’s all he needs to clinch. Philadelphia has only reported 70% of its vote, the remaining ballots will be heavily for Biden.
  9. There are lots of reasons why postal voting is extremely necessary in the United States and not controversial, especially during a pandemic.
  10. Yep. And never said there was any kind of setback. Ricardo only said his estimate was that he was about six weeks away, not that he's added six weeks to when he thinkss he'll be back. Looks like he's been making consistent progress. Zlowly, zlowly...
  11. Gross incompetence by Claude Puel: after all the back and forth, he somehow forgot to add the last zero to Fofana’s price.
  12. Fuchs volley into the back of the net off a corner from Albrighton. 3-0. We in Europe, baby!
  13. I watched the 2nd half yesterday and and he was, without a doubt, the most exciting player on the pitch. He’s going to frustrate some fans: he gave away the ball away a bunch but he was always trying to make an attacking play happen (and often did). He’s still getting back into match fitness so he deserves some slack, but that was an encouraging 45 minutes. Plays with *a lot* of flair and is an audacious player— this should be fun.
  14. Castagne isn’t a a particularly pacy player but he makes up for that with his stamina and intelligence.
  15. Agreed. Someone should have been ready to get out to Riyad— he had so much time on that shot. Kasper was yelling for someone to watch out for him before the corner was taken.
  16. We left Chilwell all by himself against Man City last year in order to try to pinch KDB in the middle of the pitch, and Chilly was completely torched. I know this is a case where we must pick our poison but I hope Brendan has a better plan this year. 😜
  17. Brendan confirmed after the Burnley game that Under wouldn't be available for Arsenal.
  18. Been ten years, time for black with a blue sash to make its return.
  19. Definitely a good crop of cities and clubs with decent profiles!
  20. Can’t figure how if this could have any less to do with me or your trash post, pal. Take a nap.
  21. I got all excited to read about Europa League and was greeted with this pile of steaming trash.
  22. A few of us who are friends and scattered around the States had been doing a weekly zoom happy hour when lockdown started in various parts of the country. It was originally supposed to just be a way for us to “hang out” and catch up with each other since we figured it’d be a long while until we could get together in person. I got Fuchs to surprise the fellas and join us for the first one and and then one thing led to another and we had a special guest every week: Steve Earle, Taggart, Rob Tanner, Joe Waters all joined. The last time we did it, Piper joined the zoom. He stay
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