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  1. Ndidi is an outstanding player. Without him we would have stood no chance against Liverpool yesterday. We should do everything, like we are doing with Youri, to give him a new long-term contract.
  2. Playing in snow reminded me of this farce.
  3. Perez has been impressive in the past couple of games. Much better player when playing in the middle. What I also like is his work rate at defending from the front.
  4. There are not many better central midfield pairings than Ndidi and Tielemans at the moment.
  5. In my opinion, player of the season so far.
  6. I hope we do get first choice too. If he has a blinder I would hate it if someone like Man U would come along and throw cash at Roma.
  7. The thought of Ricardo and Under on the right is mouthwatering!
  8. Ricardo will be a greater threat coming from deep and making overlapping runs. He will be marked out otherwise.
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