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  1. This has been bloody brilliant. We love you Leicester.
  2. Good performance from them and they've done some really good business. Makes it even more frustrating we've only made one signing going into tomorrow's game. If we just had a new CB/Winger it would give us a much needed boost.
  3. Yeah looks like they've signed Marcal as a LB which means Vinagre is a risk
  4. Oh really? I noticed that they signed someone the other day, wasn't sure if it was a LB though. Might look into swapping him out for Lamptey/Walker Pieters
  5. Good luck chaps! I have settled on this team for GW1. Will probably bring in Man City/United players later.
  6. So we all agreed we're just going to call him Tim?
  7. Can just imagine him jotting this down with his bloody pen and paper Injuries have cost us We have to improve Sack the Physio
  8. Bumping this thread as there are some pretty good Sky Mobile deals right now as well. Message me for these codes if you're keen
  9. I'd argue it's defensively better as well. Especially when coming up against left footed wingers who cut in, it's easier to defend them your stronger side.
  10. Everton's tranfer business is staggering. £450 million in 5 years. If you think we've signed some expensive disasters, it's nothing compared to them
  11. I can't help with that unfortunately. You are best discussing this with customer services and just saying you're paying too much and elsewhere is cheaper. But it's best to Keep a note of when the contract ends. And around a month before it finishes that's the best time to haggle/threaten to leave, as prices do suddenly get hiked.
  12. He has enough ability to do a job but he's probably the most dull player in our squad. The only things he's mastered in the sport is a backwards or sideways pass.
  13. I do. Can send you one on Monday
  14. The Man, The Myth, The Legend. Wilf!
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