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  1. Wow that BT build up was fascinating stuff.
  2. Knight has got bale in his pocket
  3. I fancy a 2-0 win to Wycombe tonight. Knight and Muskwe!!
  4. I think KDH should be re-called. Praet being out long term is a big loss and especially because Madders has had his own injury problems recently too. (Hip and knee), if he was to get another injury all of a sudden we're in deep sh*te. We need another creative midfielder. Brendan will give him the chance to play. There's plenty of games coming up.
  5. We could do better but Newcastle just stink out the place when they play
  6. Meet you in the ever obliging Leicester City thread after the game if that's the case.
  7. Statistically one of the worst attacking teams in the Prem. The only person keeping them in games is Karl Darlow who's in the form of his life. Put a good side out, and we should get the win. But this is football so **** knows.
  8. I've got a couple of codes for Sky Mobile 20% off data with any sim only plan 40% off any SIM plan when bought with a phone.
  9. Overall, i'm actually OK with the draw. We made a lot of changes. First half we were all over them. Second half they came back into it. But Tielemans needs to track Zaha's run for their goal. He lets him go completely. Unfortunately for gray and Nacho, they haven't got a future here. Crap.
  10. Should of been winning at half time. Second half has been bloody rubbish
  11. It's our reserves. 0-0 actually isn't that bad but we were in complete control and should be in front.
  12. Nacho isn't even looking at the ball to head it.
  13. Oh my god. Definite eagles win if that's the team.
  14. What more do you have to do to get a second yellow? Fernandes is just a weasel. If that was leicester player he'd be walking down the dugout
  15. We're going for it and leaving some big gaps. Need to be a bit smarter. A draw ain't a bad result here.
  16. Half time assessment: Fernandes is a little sewer rat. Great goal from Barnesy.
  17. Huth and Morgan and even Simpson. They knew how to defend set pieces. Not modern players but they did the ugly side of the game. They enjoyed every header and block they made. Our players should take a leaf out of their book.
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