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  1. I heard he applied but they said he was a few fries short of being the full happy meal.
  2. Rennes goal from a corner 3:30. Whipped in with height and pace. Bullet header. Perfect set piece goal. That's what we need to aspire to
  3. Outplayed so far. And poor defending. Don't let it turn into 3 or 4 ffs
  4. Can't wait to hear all about Liverpool's injuries and how they've patched together a team. Even though we're missing Soyuncu, Castagne and Ricardo from our defence.
  5. If you want to add broadband/extra TV packs then yes. Otherwise then no i'm afraid
  6. I've got a good feeling about this game. 2-1 win to the city. I'm a believer.
  7. He plays like an absolute god. That's all i can say
  8. Did that failed Panenka penalty give anyone else flashbacks of Kermogant?
  9. Evans playing and JJ taking Albrighton's place. Keep Fuchs and Thomas in the side, it's been working.
  10. Tough game but the players confidence levels should be sky high. Would love to keep the unbeaten run before the international break.
  11. Exceeded expectations so far this season. I used to think he was average but now he's probably one of my first names on the team sheet
  12. I gave Fuchs a 9 as well. Thought he played like such a boss yesterday
  13. Just get to half time at 2-0. Second half is going to be difficult if they get one
  14. I fancy a 2-0 win tonight. Nacho to hit the onion bag.
  15. Maybe if it was Fulham/West Brom i'd agree Much as i hate to admit - Leeds are a higher level and if they play at their usual high tempo. Perez and Nacho will do bugger all against them
  16. Some player isn't he. Thrilled to bits we've got him
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