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  1. Feeling a bit pessimistic about this game But at least we don't have Ryan Bennett at the back this time
  2. Bad half. We've got back to being passive/complacent. Need to be far quicker in our movement and passing to create some chances.
  3. Looking forward to the game. Seems like we're going for it. I'd feel more confident if we had Evans though, we could miss his experience at the back.
  4. Fofana is absolutely awesome. And thank god he's not blonde anymore.
  5. Maddison has wasted too many corners now. Absolutely sick of it
  6. Got a horrible feeling about this game. We've done nothing with our possession
  7. Fofana's too eager to win the ball sometimes. Calm down and hold your position lad
  8. Think we're doing quite well apart from the corner. Great goal from Perez, hit the post twice. They should definitely be down to 10 men. But if we keep this up another goal is coming. COYB!!
  9. That's ****ing outrageous! He should have been off. Never seen a clearer yellow card
  10. Brilliant to see Soyuncu, Ndidi and Ricardo back and a back four! Now let's win the group 👍
  11. This game will be a horrible banana skin if it is one. Hopefully we play an attacking system and spank em.
  12. I think his best cameo was in the Leeds game, he struggled against Braga. I think there's more to come from him. One of those long range efforts will hit the onion bag soon.
  13. They missed two penalties against West Ham and Everton. probably should of got points in those games. They've got enough quality to spring a surprise on a few teams this season. Professional performance is needed!
  14. I stormed out my living room when they did as well. Ooooops
  15. I heard he applied but they said he was a few fries short of being the full happy meal.
  16. Rennes goal from a corner 3:30. Whipped in with height and pace. Bullet header. Perfect set piece goal. That's what we need to aspire to
  17. Outplayed so far. And poor defending. Don't let it turn into 3 or 4 ffs
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