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  1. The Man, The Myth, The Legend. Wilf!
  2. Thursday Nights under the lights! That's a busy schedule. Hopefully a few new signings will sign on the dotted line soon. This squad is going to need some help.
  3. September and October don't look too bad. We'll be up against it those last three games. They look tough.
  4. Hope our season isn't as disappointing as these kits
  5. He could of changed formation if he didn't want to play him.
  6. Dave you can upgrade to any of the following with discount: Sport, Cinema, Ultimate On Demand, HD, Boxsets, Kids, or Sky Q multiscreen. If you've got every single one of them already. I can't help unfortunately
  7. I've gone with Dubravka Justin Walker Pieters Robertson Vinagre DeBruyne Salah Greenwood Grealish Werner Martial Bench: Lamptey, Soucek, Davis My tactic this year will to be to change my team as little as possible, only for injuries/suspensions, too many changes never seems to pay off.
  8. Hope KDH and Knight are in the squad this year, think Rodgers has shown that if you impress him enough, you'll eventually get a chance. Thomas being the example of that.
  9. Premier League is the best league. The bundesliga is probably my second favourite. The football Bayern/Dortmund play has been sensational to watch this year.
  10. Yes it will still work because it's just an upgrade
  11. Just gone live today, for all those who are taking part! What's the best formation? Who are your big hitters? Who are your budget players?
  12. Not sure if this is any good to you but this is all i've got for existing customers
  13. About to start this. Third book in the charlie priest series. Really like his work I've seen so far. Usually delivers very good characters and a clever plot.
  14. The season he's just had at Chelsea, wouldn't suggest he's past his peak. 9 goals and 7 assists. Anything but really. He's the same age as Vardy
  15. @Wolfox I've requested to join. I started running at the beginning of lockdown. Best 5k time 24:14 10k - not even attempted it yet. Still working up to it!
  16. I thought the home was bad but this is hideous
  17. Didn't know he got nine goals and seven assists for Monaco in 18 games. Fair play to him
  18. 1. Manchester City 2. Liverpool 3. Chelsea 4. Man United 5. Wolves 6. Arsenal ——————— 7. Spurs 8. Leicester 9. Southampton 10. Everton 11. West Ham 12. Leeds 13. Brighton 14. Newcastle 15. Aston Villa 16. Burnley 17. West Brom ——————— 18. Sheffield United 19. Crystal Palace 20. Brentford/Fulham Come back at the end of the season to see how wrong/right we were
  19. Really enjoyed watching that actually. There's been some great moments this season. Onwards and upwards
  20. We tried our best but we just didn't look like scoring. Lost our heads at the end with Hamza's backpass, Schmeicel getting caught, Evans getting sent off. We've been hit with injuries to crucial players, and we've slipped down the table. The Bournemouth game was the worst point in the season for me. I knew we'd ruined our chances then. I've got mixed emotions today. Because it's actually been one of our best seasons in history, and yet it feels like a disappointment.
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