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  1. He's at fault for their goal. 3 passes have been played forward by Villa and he's not even started to jog back into position.
  2. We allowed Barkley acres of space to have that shot at the end. Hamza should be marking him not standing 50 yards Infront of him. Really disappointing. But what's more worrying is the fact going forward we've look crap for the past two home games.
  3. Soyuncu missed the game (Hamstring) and Evans came off at half time (Groin) So they are both doubtful.
  4. Not an easy game. They are a much stronger side now. 1-0 win would be delightful but feel like it's going to be a draw.
  5. I don't know figures but i'll DM you a code incase you want to use it, my advice would be talk through your needs with customer service. By the sounds of it though I'd imagine you'd save a decent amount on £130 Virgin's Broadband might be slightly faster but Sky offer better packages as a whole. Sky Q is also offered as standard with TV packages which is far better experience than Virgin's STB.
  6. Not a cat in hells chance i'm paying £15 to watch a PL game. They are mad.
  7. Agree with this. Without these two, we're not as good in possession and don't set up as many chances. It was a wake up call and we got what we deserved. Let's move on and come back stronger next game.
  8. Just watched this - got some bloody quick feet on him. Could be one to keep an eye on
  9. Please tell me you are Julian Joachim
  10. Oh Barnes That would of been game over. Deserves a goal as well
  11. I'm proper gutted about this. Sickener.
  12. Best of luck to him. Showed glimpses of quality but never really looked PL standard.
  13. I'd love to see our win percentage with and without Ndidi. This is awful news.
  14. 5 codes left for 35% off TV and broadband.
  15. This has been bloody brilliant. We love you Leicester.
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