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  1. His thumbs up after yet another wayward pass really annoys me now
  2. Hopefully they will rotate heavily with Liverpool on Thursday and we can get something. For some reason fancy us vs Spurs too
  3. It has to be a mentality issue with some of them. Generally they are good players but they are showing they can’t handle the crunch moments in a season. Soyuncu imploded at Bournemouth and same again tonight. Was the worst I’ve ever seen Ndidi play. The decline in Ricardo is both staggering and so sad. Maddison slows everything down so much, needs to speed up his game, 1 and 2 touch. Vardy is a real worry, it’s one thing not scoring but he doesn’t even look a threat and his general build up play is piss poor.
  4. I’d actually argue the opposite to that. The reason we were so poor against the big boys last season was because we went toe to toe with them and didn’t change our game plan at all, and basically got picked off, Man City away and Liverpool home spring to mind. I think the reason we have had more success against the big boys this season is because Rodgers has set us up more compact and he has to a degree changed his principles and we have conceded possession, dropped deep, played 3/5 at the back and it has worked for us. Next season if he wants to go to a back 4, with full backs bom
  5. If we sign this guy I’d be a little worried if I was the wee boy Maddison. I would envisage in the big games at least a 4-3-3. When we play Maddison as a 10 and 2 wingers, pushing the full backs on and only Ndidi holding, it leaves us too exposed and often the 4-2-3-1 ends up being a 4-5-1 as the wingers have to defend due to us playing a 10. No one really plays with 2 attacking wingers and a 10 unless you have 2 actual holding players. Take the successful Liverpool team over the past couple of years. 3 dynamic forwards, not really having to worry about defending as have 3 har
  6. Fair point but same could be said for players coming from any foreign league. I trust our judgement with our french scouts.......Mahrez, Kante, Fofana.....Mendy?!
  7. Definitely need more attacking options and better balance in those positions. If you look at our attacking options of Vardy, Iheanacho, Perez, Barnes, Albrighton, Maddison, that’s 6 players for 4 positions if we play the 3 behind the 1 striker. We are going to be playing another 50+ games and we don’t really want to be in a position where we have to change formations because we have ran out of wingers or relying on Perez as a false 9. To give us proper balance and options think we need a right sided left footer (Trincao), a new striker (Edouard) and someone who can play on the left
  8. Can’t fault the effort just a real lack of quality in the final third. Im a big fan of Castagne, but he had a bit of a mare, needless free kick to give away for their goal, and had a lot of ball in decent wide areas but lacked the quality, and I would say that’s the area of his game he needs to improve on, is a brilliant athlete, up and down the wing all game and decent 1v1 defender, but his crossing delivery is poor. I like having Thomas in the team purely because he has a left foot, but he looks poor as a wing back. The times I have seen him play well is as a left back
  9. Maddison has only started 18 of our last 38 league games. The lad just needs to concentrate on getting on the pitch playing football. He has fallen way down the pecking order with England to the point where he isn’t really mentioned when pundits etc discuss England squads. It’s getting to that make or break stage with his career now
  10. Schmeichel Fofana Evans Soyuncu Castagne Ndidi Tielemans Thomas Maddison Iheanacho Vardy Tell spice boy Maddison to fire us to the final
  11. He has to know Bowen is there, just drop a yard and he heads it clear. Why he is making that step forward I don’t know, almost like he is anticipating a shorter ball. Evans as a last resort then tries to play offside, but he was Fofanas man. He didn’t sniff the danger of Bowen on his shoulder
  12. Fofana looks terrible playing on the left of the 3 cbs, what he was doing for the 2nd goal I do not know ! I normally like Dennis but he was shocking today. So slow on the ball and just didn’t get involved at all. Amartey is just bad. How a professional footballer struggles to control and a pass a football is staggering. Iheanacho was poor for 70 mins, everything bouncing off him, summed up for their 3rd goal. The 2 goals at the end saves him serious criticism. Vardy has to do more. The worry now is that he isn’t even looking like scoring.
  13. Very sloppy in and out of possession, summed up by his back pass to Schmeichel that nearly got us in trouble. Just not good enough, and with Rodgers looking to improve the squad, seems an obvious one to sell and replace with a better squad player, funds depending
  14. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we need more left footers in the team ! When you have the left sided cb right footed, the left back/wing back right footed and the left winger (Barnes) right footed, it doesn’t half limit your passing options and becomes so predictable coming back inside all the time. When Thomas came on, a few times he got it out his feet and whipped it down the line. Just think a team in general has better balance when it has at least one left footer on the left !
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