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  1. City v Liverpool scoreline prediction

    I'd take a Desmond right now. Think Shakey might have a bit of a dilemma, as he can't really leave Shinji out after yesterday, but probably wants to play Nacho as well... Shinji with a brace, one overhead kick that he shins and it deflects off three defenders, and one where he falls over and accidentally heads the ball in
  2. Lunch at work

    I'm working at a Toby Carvery today and they very generously provide lunch. It's actually pretty good and better than I expected.
  3. The Iborra Thread

    Might not be much better than we already have in the middle, but certainly a bit more entertaining
  4. What grinds my gears...

    When there is inexplicably no traffic on the road and you arrive at work an hour and half early
  5. Buy one get one free with the Musa deal...
  6. Jesus-don't start...you'll have the kick it out brigade after you...
  7. How Was Your Day?

    ...was minding my own business, trying to avoid paedophile coaches, just heading off to buy some synthetic meat for my lunch when it happened... ...Rudkins fault
  8. How Was Your Day?

    Injured myself tripping over Lukaku's cock on my way to work...
  9. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    I quite like Spurs Snob snob snobs are waaay worse than snob snobs Brexit will be a good thing
  10. Food glorious food (The cooking thread)

    I can't see it being a smoker (?). Beautiful looking thing, though.
  11. How Was Your Day?

    Haha - mine is a skinny nerd too (gets it from his mother...[the nerd bit, not so much the skinny bit these days] ) But mine is a bit gobby, so I sometimes think that he might deserve some of the grief he gets (can't imagine where he gets his gobby nature from, tbh...) I was really surprised at the kung fu classes - they are really good fun and are designed to shout down bullies - the mantra is that the kids shout "BACK OFF" when confronted, then do a little move on the bully and run away..! Good luck - at least we live in an era where schools are a lot more aware and a lot less tolerant of bullies that in the past.