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  1. Oh oh ohToday's the day I've been waiting forTomorrow won't come after allYesterday is so far awayAnd today is the only daySomebody please stop the clockOh oh ohDon't ever let this day stopOh oh ohI never wanna go homeNo no no oh oh ohNo no noNo no no no no 'Nuff said...
  2. Who?! Gerrimin
  3. Looks like this will happen, unfortunately. For all my whinging about him last year, I will be sorry to see him go, tbh
  4. Agree - which is why I'm looking to buy for my kids whilst they're still in junior school..madness. Good luck with your house hunting
  5. Can't believe you can get a house for £150k, tbh... Great if you can. I'm looking to buy a flat for my 9 and 4 year old for when they are older and I want to chuck them out - can't even get anything close to £150k, Maybe I'll start looking a bit further north
  6. IS KELECHI THERE Yes, and he's carrying Siggy bags, apparently
  7. Leicester Lads are at the airport right now Mate of mine is off to Sydney...just texted a photo of the boys at Heathrow now!
  8. Bit sensible...
  9. Mad, isn't it?! We had a great time, did loads but about 10 days was enough for us. Rarely been on a 2 week holiday since.
  10. Mauritius for 2 weeks...beautiful but actually got a bit bored after a week or so (!) and tried to get an earlier flight home. I think we realised that 2 weeks of beach isn't really for us. Would probably do week cruise/week beach resort if I was to do it again
  11. Did you lot go together??! ...and talk about the merits of a 442 with Mahrez in the hole, or a 352, what with with Wes and Huth getting a bit older?? Very romantic
  12. A lot of people were pointing fingers in real time when they signed...nothing to do with hindsight or being wise after the event.
  13. Think he'll be a top player for us, personally