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  1. I heard that this was thought about when the whole idea of video refs came about. Can't see it working, tbh - what if there were more really bad decisions than appeals? It would mean that still some of the major decisions could not be corrected if wrong. The whole argument from the pro-VAR people is that the major decisions should be correct...if there are, say, 4 major incidents and only 3 appeals then that wouldn't fix the problem. I would like better referees, more transparency from them. Maybe they should be allowed to explain why they came to a decision and we should just accept that sometimes they are going to be wrong. I know I'm swimming against the tide with this a bit. Would also be nice if players didn't make it quite so hard for refs by cheating, etc...but that's a different topic
  2. Bit more nervous after yesterday's results and then the Arse up next... Hopefully the boys won't be flat after Tuesdays disappointment and can come out roaring
  3. Thanks for your input on this, btw - useful to have someone who's actually seen it in action and being discussed as it's in use. Keep us posted as to how it pans out
  4. This. Exactly. Once millions has been invested into the introduction of the technology, they won't just bin it if it's not working... If you're for video referees, which (by their very nature) are able to call every decision correctly, then why play the game with any incorrect decisions at all? Surely if you want correct decisions then it should be across the board? I don't see why a throw in that leads to a goal is any more or less important than a penalty that leads to a goal - why would one be allowed to be VAR'd and the other one not? Nightmare
  5. I am totally 100% against video refereeing - think it will kill the game. Goal line technology is just about do-able, as its a static decision. I don't get the argument that the decisions will only be for howlers that the ref makes - For example, if the ref incorrectly awards a corner, is that a howler? Can it be overturned? If not, what if the opposition score from the corner? Goal, or no goal?? Surely no goal as the corner shouldn't have been awarded in the first place. Same with a throw-in, free kick, etc. Will we then have to review every corner, free kick and throw in? If you think Managers (and fans) are going to accept goals given against them incorrectly, when the technology is place to clearly see what should and shouldn't have been given, then I think you are mistaken. I can hear Big Sam post match moaning "The ball clearly went out off their player and the corner and should have been a goal kick to us...they scored from the corner which ultimately sent us down. We have video technology, why can't it be used for such important decisions..." blah blah blah... Would rather see better referees, tbh.
  6. Great band..saw them at Glasto a few years ago...
  7. Don't really see the need for the negative Ranieri comments on here, tbh. I think he steered us well, but didn't revolutionise us. I think he dealt with the title pressure extraordinarily well...and I think he started to believe his own hype towards the end. He can do/say what he wants now - shouldn't really get people on here quite so angry
  8. Didn't he get sent off after about 20 minutes? My memory of it was that he did and I was gutted, as I wanted to see him play! I think Griezmann was excellent in the first half, probably the best player I've seen live for a while. Prior to that - Bergkamp and Sanchez. (I also saw George Best but that was at Nuneaton Boroughs ground, so doesn't count!)
  9. Someone confiscate the players passports, ffs... After last pre-season, really...?
  10. Am I right in thinking we can keep some kind of league winners logo on the shirts??
  11. For what it's worth, my musings on what will/should happen on Tuesday... Big, humungous, gigantic banner with a close up of Albrighton's thinking-outside-the-box tackle should be raised to the rafters and not taken down until the referee has has his eyelids stapled open and is forced to see it. The big screen should show a little montage of Simeone brandishing imaginary cards in a loop... ...and then of all the Atletico players faking injury, falling over, rolling around, wasting time (and brandishing imaginary cards)....and the ref should have his eyes prised open with chopsticks to watch it. The ref should rebel and goes against all UEFA protocol and decides to be fair, vigilant, honest and incorruptible. What will happen - Atletico will roll around, time waste, cheat and harass the officials. Ref will be a UEFA golden boy that will do everything to ensure the Spanish teams get through... ..We will not care, not make excuses, make an effing outrageous amount of noise, and cheer our team on to an historic 3-1 victory... Sorted
  12. Yep, would've been called as a foul if it had been Huth and not Benteke that scored...
  13. 3 million quid a year for ten years...peanuts He's played at every level for the England national team, bar the seniors - which he'll do in the next year or so. Would be a perfect signing to play alongside either of the geriatrics that we have...
  14. But he's still the most punchable Manger in world football...