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  1. Couple of shots on target would be nice... 1-1
  2. Aah, so that's why I thought he was so appalling...! Nothing to do with his style of football, then. I'm annoyed with myself as I promised not to get drawn into (or even look at) any Claude threads - and look what's happened!! I thought I'd just leave the fanboys to it, reminiscing about the beautiful period that we enjoyed under his leadership - whilst I'm clearly wrong for looking back on him as nothing more than a puss-filled pimple on the arse of our history. For the only time ever, I stopped going to games. I generally stayed at home smacking my bollocks with a sledgehammer and then poking rusty nails in my eyeballs, which I found to be waaay more fun that watching us play. Maybe people cleverer than me saw something other than the life-sapping, mind-numbing, energy draining dirge that I witnessed - and the complete absence of atmosphere or excitement at games was maybe some kind of mass delusion?? Anyway - doesn't really matter. Nobody is right or wrong in their opinions, are they? He's an ever fading memory and I'm getting my glad rags on going to watch us at Chelsea
  3. Still looking for 1 x adult ticket - can meet at the ground 👍
  4. One adult ticket required, please...! Can meet before the game to pick up.
  5. And to think we nearly paid Watford £20mil for him... 😬
  6. Milo


    Dilemma indeed, mate. You don't really want to be saddled with a mortgage til you’re old and doddery (older and dodderyer*)?! Have you looked at moving a bit further out - kids are young enough to adapt to a move. You could effectively ‘swap’ your current house for a bigger version with maybe nothing but fees to pay. Might be a slightly longer journey into work is the compromise, rather than another 25 years of payments? The other option we explored was to buy a second property - rent it out for 15 years to pay off the mortgage on it and then dump the kids in it for them to live in/sell/rent or whatever they want to do. *it’s a real word @Buce, honest...
  7. I’m currently on hols and one guy here has so far sported the home shirt, away shirt, black shirt (my fave) and the blue/grey polo shirt... Got another week here so will be looking forward to seeing what he comes up with
  8. To be fair, I usually tell clients that the online stuff is crap - it'll tick a box but most people learn very little from it. Whereas give them to me in a room for a few days, lock the doors...and, well, they come out fully enlightened!
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