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  1. Capital punishment

    I just replied along the lines that 'killing is wrong. End of'... ...then realised that I actually support assisted suicide and the right to die, so was disagreeing with myself. Anyway, the natural percentage of wrongful convictions that occur mean that innocent people will be wrongly killed, so no - the death penalty is not a good thing. Prisons are a bit of an oddity to me - are they a place of punishment or a place of reform? They can't be both, because punishment and reform require different approaches. And there is no point in reforming lifers.
  2. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Are you Rogstanley in disguise?
  3. If you were prime minster tomorrow....

    1. Simplify the tax system. Blanket 15% on income tax, except for the lowest paid workers, and 15% on profits from all companies active in the U.K. Any tax avoidance/evasion or 'tax efficiency' is punished by naming and shaming and payment of 30% tax for next 5 years. Repeat offenders 60%. And so on. 2. All cash business transactions to cease, or a system of compulsory centralised receipts issued. Hairdressers, window cleaners, restaurants, builders to stop claiming they earn £21k a year, jumping into their big Mercs and then taking 3 week summer holidays to Disneyland Florida. Stop it - it's annoying. 3. Businesses to treat their staff with dignity and respect and to pay them a wage on which they can live. Percentage of business turnover to be reinvested for staff training, holistic wellbeing and welfare... 4. ...Which would remove the need for 'waiting to be offended' unions who protect lazy, non-productive and disruptive members (perfect word to describe them, tbf). 5. Stop teaching religion in schools. It's dangerous. 6. Anyone who wears a blue number 22 shirt should be under some curfew where they have to report into their local police station every Saturday at 3pm, and not be released until 4.30 And I'm spent...
  4. Stoke post match 1-1

    Second half yes he was, other than the header, but he was well involved first half and played well for me Baffling
  5. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    James really needs to step up today... ...or I’m writing an open letter to CP...
  6. A bit of weekend fun - Any Shepherds Best Cock Wobblers, or Squires Vintage Donkey Slurpers on here?
  7. What grinds my gears...

    I rarely watch anything on the BBC, and largely just use it to view the teletext via the red button. But I use their main news website on a daily basis, but don't agree that I should pay for the latter alone imo. I more often prefer to watch documentaries on Channel 4 and 5, and the Football on BT Sport. That's all, really. If I had the choice, I'd scrap the BBC channels from my viewing list. The TV programmes don't really appeal, and seem to target an older audience. I don’t watch any tv at all. Not watched for a couple of years, bar the Leicester games. £4 billion a year, ffs. Build a hospital, scrap ridiculous university fees, look after old people, provide free out of hours school clubs...or whatever. Four. Billion. Pounds...every year.
  8. What grinds my gears...

    BBC licence tax.
  9. Name this Leicester team

    He's been here since page 1 of this thread With his book of 1970's and 80's Panini sticker books on his lap..
  10. Name this Leicester team

    Who????! How the hell did you get that??!!
  11. Name this Leicester team

    jim Smith...and wossisname...
  12. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Interesting example there, and one where you still do have a limited amount of power (like you said, you can vote them out). You do have control over all of those decisions...but again, through the action of others, you are forced into choices that are all a net negative. Is it really free will when someone is imposing on you to the degree that all of the choices you have are negative? For another example, how about a hypothetical where a company pollutes a stretch of water in a far-flung country while extracting resources. What choices do the locals have? What can they do? 1. They could take legal action - can they really outlawyer the company in a process that would likely take years and a great deal of money? 2. They could relocate - leaving homes that they have possibly lived in for generations. 3. They could get water from other sources - resulting in much longer journeys and effort to do so. 4. They could stay, drink and otherwise use the polluted water and take their chances. All of those choices, as free will as they are, seem to be a net negative in a pretty big way to me - unless there are some others that I haven't thought of and I'd be happy to hear them. In this case, do they really bear responsibility for the choices placed on them, and are they not victims? I get it, I do - people think that personal action and responsibility is important, and it is, to a degree. But also don't underestimate the importance that power plays in all of this, and the effect it has on personal sovereignty. I also can see where you come from regarding it all evening out, too - but I don't believe that for a second, not unless there is some kind of afterlife judgement which I don't believe in anyway. Sometimes, the "bad guys" win, and that's the end. Interesting discussion this, btw. Very politely conducted and well reasoned debate, you two!! Although I'm not sure where the point you are making leaves us, Mac. If I don't think I can influence my life and make a positive impact by the decisions I make on a daily basis, I might as well stay in bed (and claim my UBI). Not all all power is bad, and not all people are bad. Bad people in power is a bad combination, that's all. In your example above, if a large multinational company extract resources from a remote area and does it responsibly, then this may create opportunities for the locals that they did not have previously. So it increases their options, not decreases them.
  13. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Well I'm certainly 2 out of those three...
  14. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    But not everyone caves in to the external factors and consumes shit they don't need at the expense of their happiness/sanity, etc.