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  1. 😁 a troll that looks like an actual troll...!! Love it
  2. Isn’t his daughter ten years old, or something?? Pretty high achieving family, if she’s running for the Brexit party, tbh. And as for people profiting from disaster and misery, you probably don’t have to look much further than the Remainer in Chief, and saviour of the second referendum...
  3. Sounds great - I assume you’ve scheduled in a couple of distillery tours
  4. Yep - those warm buffets are guaranteed to clear your tubes for you
  5. One of the Greenhoffs - Jimmy??
  6. I'm kind of seeing the complete opposite, tbh. I have no interest in conspiracy theories for either side, however, if I was involved in a big European powerhouse company that believed Brexit would be bad for my business...and I knew that a majority of MP's could be lobbied hard (read into that what you will) to oppose every single Brexit deal/solution - then I would certainly do my utmost to lobby said bastions of democracy into doing everything they could to halt the Brexit process. Just saying
  7. I think that was the little girl that came over from the states with her dad, no? They have some connection with Mooey, so I assume he was trying to capture the moment, or something
  8. Not sure what some of the negativity is on here, tbh - we've stunk the place out for most of the season - against teams that were as least as bad as Huddersfield were today. This feels like a breath of fresh air to me. Routine win, happy players, 4 goals, 7th.
  9. What a difference a couple of months makes, though. We look coherent, sharp, confident and attacking
  10. Looks like Chopper Harris on the left...
  11. I don't watch much tv - I Watched this over a couple of evenings and found it a bit underwhelming, tbh. Ok-ish but I thought it was a bit thin and obvious. I was waiting for some twist or epiphany and it never really came. I though the woman on the bench might have been a ghost or something - or the whole thing was some kind of dream/purgatory after he'd topped himself, Also every character had his voice which seemed a bit unnecessary.
  12. You know who the editor of the Evening Standard is, don’t you?
  13. Anyone know the best way to put a VPN on a Google Wifi mesh network? Don’t want to put on all devices separately, but would like something that can sit in front of the router or between the router and the main google unit? Any ideas?
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