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  1. Ahem...
  2. Great job!
  3. Mourinho? Guardiola? Allardyce? Pulis? All have one style and the first two have used it across different leagues. You are correct in what you say - but I fear that the owners may want a big name manager, and that will inevitably lead to a change in our style of play. We are delicately poised with players that are identified with our style who are (mostly) at the tail end of their careers - so new players will be coming in - and if its a new manager buying them then the criteria for choosing them may be different. Like I said, delicate
  4. He makes me a bit nervous, tbh. The games I've seen him in, he a little bit Bambi on Ice and skittish. And see's the ball as a bit of a hot potato. We need a young, calm, imposing CB. Agree with a year on loan in the Championship, though. no place to hide and he will sink or swim.
  5. And that tartan monstrosity earlier in the season kept making Shinji fall over...
  6. Nice straight lines and Vardys goal would have stood...
  7. Unfortunately the same people that did this are still happily at the club, though... I do think that this is a watershed moment - what we had is being broken up, by players moving on/staff leaving/father time, etc. It's natural, but it's still a bit scary. If key players leave then we will have more of a free reign with a new manager to do what he wants - if all the players stay then the new manager will be expected to fit into 'our' system, as its been proven to be effective. Owners haven't really put a foot wrong, and they're Abramovich-rich - so they may opt for a clear out and to bankroll big name managers and players till it wins something
  8. Kasper/Simpson/Fuchs were ok. Benny/Slim were poor. King and Albrighton were innefective. Chilwell, N'Didi and Vardy were good...and Riyad just looked a little bit...meh
  9. I can't sing...I mean I really, really can't sing - sorry
  10. But this is about rating him for this season...he's had about a 99% injury record!
  11. 1 x Front row West stand B1 ticket for sale - can meet at ground - selling for face value £50 pm if interested.
  12. Grrr - just created a new account to see if that would help...but still only allowed 1 ticket. Really annoying