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  1. Can you ever imagine a scenario where a democratic vote passes and the losing recipient refuses to leave?
  2. Only found her recently - think she's great. Ballsy, bright and fair(ish)
  3. If that's a reference to Trump, I think he'll be a more dangerous ex-President than he is a President, unfortunately
  4. Yeah - like trying to get a builder/roofer to replace a skylight... 2 have said they’ll come and quote, but have now disappeared. One came round two weeks ago, said he’d get back to us and has now also disappeared and one said he’d come round at 4 yesterday afternoon. I’m still waiting. I assume that dicking people about is part of their qualification criteria.
  5. I only react - never start anything Puel related. No interest in what he's doing now, or whether people still want to talk about him....But... I really can't let people get away with thinking he was any good. Sucked every teensy weensy bit of enjoyment out of watching a game. Every drop. nothing to get excited about. Nada. Zilch. Sweet fa. Just a vacuous tumbleweed facsimile of a game which we are now seeing can be beautiful, vibrant and positive. Quiet stadium, quiet players, sideways stink-ball. It. was. fecking. awful.
  6. I give you 🥁 🥁 🥁....our next Home Secretary!!!
  7. I was having the exact same conversation with a friend on Sunday. He said the same thing. I watched a couple of matches where at half time, Clive Woodward, Jonny Wilkinson and Lawrence Delaglio got a group of rugby players in the studio, got them into position and played out some of the moves and explained what was happening. Thought it was excellent. Still don’t understand offside or ten minute advantage being played, though And what happened to contesting for the ball in the scrum? When I was a school it was a shin-raking free for all
  8. Yeah - but if it was Corbyn it wouldn’t be reported in the Gaurdian
  9. Yeah. Kind of is, though. Theft by consumption is what it goes by
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