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  1. Milo

    Goose that laid the Golden Egg.

    Pigeon thread?
  2. Milo

    Last Minute Christmas Advice and ideas

    Haha - re above for books, there are loads of great box sets for boys. Harrry Potter, obvs Bear Grylls has a series of adventure novels for that age. Percy Jackson box set Alex Scarrow Charlie Bone And Echo’s/dots are a good shout. Sounds like you have it sorted 👍
  3. Milo

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    Well, that’s the Christmas tree up
  4. Milo

    The joke thread

    Statistically 6 out of 7 dwarves aren’t happy
  5. Milo


    It has its moments! I needed something like this, tbh. Gyms don’t really do it for me, and I get a bored just running. The BMF sessions are all outdoors and pretty varied - this week was circuit and shuttle runs on Tuesday and cardio and boxing on Thursday. Its cold, dark, wet, muddy and fab
  6. Milo


    British Military Fitness I spend a couple of evenings a week face down in a muddy puddle getting shouted at by ex soldiers You pay a monthly subscription and can go as many times in a week as you want. I do Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and the occasional Sunday morning. Really good social scene at mine as well - I assume that they’re all quite similar. Highly recommend it! 👍
  7. Milo


    Have you looked into BMF? I started it in September and go twice a week. They are also a good gateway to things like the Spartan Race and Mud Monsters, which sound like the type of challenges that might appeal to you!
  8. Mice - stop sensationalising!! And have you been into Leicester recently...
  9. Milo

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

    To be fair, we've either been battling relegation or going for the title for most of the last few seasons...so any mid-table stuff is going to feel a little anti-climactic.
  10. Milo

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

    To be fair to the Claude bashers, he does seem to just pick names from a hat (beret?). He doesn't look like he knows his best team even when everyone is fit - and then drops in Nacho or Shinji or Iborra or Diabate for the odd game..
  11. Milo

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

    Well said, sir. Concede just before half time and then have a mad last ten minutes to win it 2-1
  12. Milo

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

    Same - even SportsDonkey is crap ☹️
  13. Milo

    Fulham Away

    Np - cheers!
  14. Milo

    Fulham Away

    Hello mate - is this still spare? cheers
  15. Milo

    Fulham Away

    Where did you get this info? I thought it was a sell out...