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  1. Milo


    Bertie Bassett, judging by the bedroom...
  2. Milo


    Asking for a friend...
  3. Milo


    Hello mate - do you know if the stamp duty holiday will kick upwards? I can't see anywhere where it says what happens to purchases above £500k. Will it be no duty on the first £500k and then, say, 5% between £500k and x, up to £925K?
  4. Don’t think we’ve been as bad as in previous matches, tbh. We don’t have a player that can go past a man, so it’s never going to be that thrilling. We’re still in it. Vardy and Nacho man to get on the score sheet.
  5. Meh. Buns might be better, but burgers a bit tasteless.
  6. Milo


    Bit of an odd thing to announce, isn't it? And they didn't even actually announce it, they've said they are mulling it over. FFS. Will certainly make people who are in the process of moving pause, but I suppose some people will have to move and others will have factored the Stamp Duty already into their moving costs. Strange timing as well to say it will come in the Autumn, when there will likely be job insecurity and redundancies from the end of furlough.
  7. Second word pains? First word something with the letters MPS?
  8. Good result. Palace were pretty poor, though.
  9. Carpet burns. Spent lockdown falling over and rolling around his front room. Nasty.
  10. Just spoke to a Palace mate of mine. In his words “I’m confident we’ll come away with something today...even if it’s only COVID-19”
  11. Milo

    Dingbats !

    Right between the eyes?
  12. Milo

    Dingbats !

    Criminal if it is... Worse than 3 must get here’s....
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