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  1. Could do, but I doubt it would work as well...
  2. Weirdly have no idea. I was fixing a fence a few days ago and it ached a bit afterwards - was at GP this morning for something unrelated and she packed me off to A&E for an x-ray. Distal radius fracture, apparently. Had a few golf days booked as well
  3. I need both hands, mate...
  4. Broke my wrist, ffs Not broken a bone for decades...really really tedious. (Almost a tedious as all the phnaar phnaar/pornhub injury? comments I have received)
  5. Thanks - the only one that can be policed is the under 18's. Will be interesting to see how it's worded from the theatre/wpbsa
  6. Where did you see this? It would be interesting to see the wording. Or are you on the wind up?!
  7. Ah - maybe I was surprised by the outcome as it was (to me) unexpected. And a bit bonkers! I do think Netflix have nailed documentaries...in depth, not dumbed down, no ads and not over dramatised. I also like the no-narrator aspect of a lot of them.
  8. Huh? Not quick, doesn't score, doesn't create, doesn't go past people, doesn't break up play, barely effective... It was a very Perez performance - has the odd moment in the odd game. but too few and far between. Nope, he wasn't the worst player out there today, but the bar was set pretty low against a very very good opponent.
  9. You got a Hamza β€˜fro down there? He was well off!
  10. Watched 3 parter Netflix documentary last night - Murder Among the Mormons. I was about to switch off after the first hour as I thought I knew which way it was heading. Glad I stuck with it as there was about half a dozen twists and turns left. Absolutely mad and not something I’d heard of before. Well worth a watch
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