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  1. Well, that’s just sexist
  2. Glad the doors have opened early...
  3. Or just stay on your feet and play football
  4. Really don’t like Madders throwing himself around
  5. He’s not even on the pitch, is he???
  6. Shame he looks like the Elephant Man chewing a turd. We’re quite a pretty team, not sure he would’ve fit in
  7. Yeah, you’ll be fine there, mate. Dinner on the go as we speak, I’m sure.
  8. Yeah, agree. Probably a good debate to had over roles. I sent the link to my wife and got a middle finger response back. (I’m taking it as a ‘maybe’)
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/stories-51113371/submitting-to-my-husband-like-it-s-1959-why-i-became-a-tradwife
  10. Made a big difference for me - I was never quite sure why all the speed tests were fine but the actual download speed was poor. Hadn’t even considered ethernet cable could be the reason. Do a quick google Cat 8 Ethernet search.
  11. Swap you. I'm in Guildford today (12th time)
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