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  1. I just read this elsewhere - Good job he's being all impartial again. (My theory that a number of strategic players have been bought off and will block any kind of Brexit at all costs might have something in it, after all)!
  2. Packed full of political satire and scrabble...living the dream
  3. Wife just knocked this little ditty up - its in 2/4 time if anyone wants to sing along...
  4. I think you can flip that on its head. A party that has only been in existence for a couple of weeks decimates the traditional parties - who's not getting the message?
  5. Ah - I assumed it was inside, with a dodgy mountainous motivational poster on the wall...
  6. You need to make your baths warmer, mate
  7. Labour surely need to ditch the 1970's militant Corbyn thing and look for a new saviour?
  8. Agree with this - the Euro ballot was a bit messy and was pretty much a choice of a Brexit vote or whichever protest vote you preferred from the mixed bag of previously unheard of candidates
  9. Not really a fair comparison - The Roman Republic was never particularly democratic, it was always always ruled by the elite who 'knew what was best for the people'. (ring any bells)?! Caesar came along with a big fvck you and changed the status quo forever...now that might indeed be worth keeping an eye out for
  10. Milo


    Same as @ozleicester, my better half is a writer. Written a number of plays and musicals and won some awards. Pretty awesome process to watch, tbh. She's definitely one of those 'conduit' types, where nothing appears to be forced - If it comes then it comes quickly (leave it) and falls into place. Bit annoying, tbh
  11. Not really - you asked what is democratic about selecting a leader mid term. There isn't anything particularly democratic about the process. No different across all parties. Just so happens that if it's the party in power that is doing it, the leader becomes PM. For what it's worth, I thought Major and Brown were both pretty decent types.
  12. Nothing at all democratic about it - same way that Gordon Brown got to lead the country, no?
  13. 71C0068E-955B-4DC9-958A-D6CFD3A875FE.MP4
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