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  1. The atmosphere is useless here, let’s be honest.
  2. There's nothing worse than being the passenger in a car of someone who simply cannot drive, but you don't like you can tell them to get a grip. I went to Leeds the other day and my god the driver I was with was woeful. For some reason, they thought that when you slowed down, you didn't need to put the clutch down, which consequently made the car on the verge of stalling, something a learner driver would do, hogging the middle lane and also whenever there was a hint of traffic, just getting their phone out and texting. I know the answer is for me just to grow some balls and ask them what the fv
  3. Top 4 and a cup final, which we hopefully win.
  4. My god that is poor. Anyone who buys that should get their season ticket revoked.
  5. I though the whole point of sining about your opposition was to annoy them?
  6. He’ll never be good for us. He’s will show glimpses of class but he’s a Championship player.
  7. I think this is the first game since Rodgers has been here where he is to blame for us not winning. The starting XI was wrong. I was fully expecting Barnes and Perez.
  8. I think the clappers need to be binned. People think tapping them on their knee is enough to create an atmosphere.
  9. I’m not going to jump on his back because of yesterday because everyone was poor. What I would say though, he certainly should be scoring more goals than what he is.
  10. I’m just waiting for an 87 minute penalty from Milner.
  11. Gearbox mount snapped and wheel bearing buggered on my car. I put the blame down to the never ending speed bumps, in New Lubbesthorpe, which I go down twice a day. Won’t be going down there any more.
  12. Heard some lads today singing ”you’ve got to pump it up, the scouse will fvck it up” Which I quite enjoyed
  13. Who remembers Portugal v Uruguay in the World Cup and people were complaining about the fact we'd brought him
  14. Now you're moaning about people moaning about people moaning.
  15. People in front of me, leave 6 or 7 mins before half time, come back 5 mins after the second half has started then leave 5 mins before the end. Getting on for a quarter of the game they are missing for christ sake.
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