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  1. On a wider note, it's not just kids who have a reckless view in the world. We're all guilty. I reycyle probably knowing a Chinese firm dumps it all in a Bangladeshi landfill. Yet I CBA to do anything aboutit. I wanted mange tout the other day, saw they were from Kenya (the carbon footprint of it all!) ...and bought them anyway. I CBA to check if stuff has palm oil in etc. I'm afraid, all ages are guilty in choosing convenience and selfishness
  2. Grandparents, I'm afraid need to be careful. And I suspect you underestimate grandparents anyway. Not all are the timid, frightened souls you perhaps envisage Id reckon many encourage them.to go out and enjoy themselves .....but keep to well away from their own house!
  3. Cowardly is helluva word. Behave. Did you see the ages of them? They're kids having fun.
  4. Is my hearing going? singing football's coming home? What for? I saw another clip online and again, I must be going doolally, but i swear they were singing about a scarcely know ex arsenal player, Santi corzola.
  5. First game I can ever remember. on TV. Forest v Wolves League cup final 1980, I think. Howler between Shilts and Dave Needham - both Leicester lads playing for that red filth- gifted Wolves the cup. Emlyn Hughes lifting the cup before his transfer to question of sport!
  6. I know what you mean. We started well v Everton Stoke and Man Utd and thought we had it sussed. Then we played the streetwise teams (at the time) Palace, Newcastle, Southampton lost all three and all of a sudden the other teams have rumbled you and confidence crumbles. You played man city and Liverpool at good times and a feeble Fulham. I'm not dissing it. But West Ham and Palace and Southampton and Everton and Spurs and Burnley are all absolute cbnts to play against. That'll make or break your season
  7. I know dude. I'm just yanking his chain. Fair play to him. He seems to have based his confidence on some substance.. We'll see. Championship teams - and that's what I consider Leeds - are championship teams until they prove themselves otherwise. Bring it on.
  8. On a wider note, I like the way the PL makes teams have to prove themselves. There's absolutely zero respect for championship teams. I recall both wolves and sheff utd giving it the big I am over the last two seasons and we beat both in second gear. We were prob the best team ever to come out of the championship and for 7 of 9 months PL teams shat all over us. Fair play if you do us Monday. You'll have earned it.
  9. Bit preachy. If you go on a half empty plane with air filters, into a few bars and then outside at a match, is there any more risk than nipping to Tesco each day, going into work and after having a McDonald's with the kids (who've been at school all day with hundreds of others) for dinner ?
  10. Lol. I can tell you matey, 7 or 8 of our first xi would make any team in the land. The other 3, apart from Perez, would make all but the top 6. So a combined xi would be LCFC and that's it. Doesn't mean you won't best us. We have our entire defence out and we have a big time soft underbelly, even at the best if times.
  11. Not illegal to go. All power to those that do.
  12. No I wasn't sneering or having a pop. I'm all for it. Pleased to know that there's more to life than fackin Covid. Enjoying yourself hasn't been made illegal, yet.
  13. A few went to Athens?! I'm amazed. I couldn't picture anyone bothering
  14. Lloyds in Oadby? I remember the pub singing 'west broms down' to James' 'oh sit down' that night. Feisty place was that place. The DJ didn't have the easiest of jobs there
  15. Dunno, as you say - maybe, maybe not. The point is, they are using logic based on reasonable assumptions rather than expecting/wanting the govt to make a ruling for every micro action a person makes
  16. I agree. I just don't know why people are so hung up on rules of what they can and can't do at home. Listen to guidance sure, but work it out for yourself. If your 85 year old Grandma would rather risk it, then risk it. If she doesn't, don't. How hard can it be? My mate and his mrs have had it..as his his sister and her partner. So they have (rightly, imo) worked out that they don't count in any 'rule of six' family get together. Simple logic.
  17. Thanks. Interesting take. I don't follow French politics at all but my pure gut reaction based on snippets of UK medis would be he's a woke, Trudeau like politician.
  18. Well, it's not Ricardo's Achilles for a start, which casts some doubt on the accuracy of the report
  19. HT2020 is the flight number, if anyone's interested. Plane's 29 years old! Currently over Rovinj, northern Croatia. Normal 737 seat configuration. No business class seating! Expect some sore knees.
  20. Lol. I tried to explain to a yank (big soccer man, watching PL on a Saturday morning in an Irish pub out there ) the olde cultural 80s and 90s English tradition of hurling cafe tables and chairs around in beautiful European squares. He tried to rationalise it, assuming it was old WW2 bitterness and settling old scores. Nope. It's just done for a laugh. He was nonplussed.
  21. Exactly. We are watching a living legend. A once in a lifetime player. As iconic as George Best is for Man U. Dalglish for Liverpool. Bremner, Lorimer and Giles for Leeds. Vards' name will be forever linked with us like the above names stick to their own respective clubs
  22. When are they due to fly out? And I'll get the old flight radar on and watch that on my laptop, as opposed to working
  23. Fox leisure was a disaster but times have moved on. As a traditional clothing city, wouldn't it be nice to place a deal with a local manufacturer and showcase the City's heritage and industry? If costs of production are higher in the UK and prove prohibitive, just outsource to one of the local Indian sweatshops hidden around Catherine Street and use the Abundunt slave labour - probably on less an hour than your average Bangladeshi 👍
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