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  1. I thought everyone had been tested before they could go? Surely transmission would therefire be zero, since nobody had it
  2. Agreed. My own sympathy is with the Palestinians too...but I wouldn't personally use my workplace as a platform for personal views. That said, it would be funny if he does it against israel's very own favourite PL team, spurs. That'd put the foreskins amongst the ol' chicken soup!
  3. I'm amazed anyone didn't already know how much this lad cares. His avid viewing in the stands this time last year, kicking every ball. The fascinating post match interviews. And, no doubt the lad's 'joie de vivre', that spilt over the edge into the ill thought out garden party. My only concern is, if we were to get rid, I think it might be that they feel the injury prognosis is chronic. There's no way we'll sell under any other circumstances.
  4. Great Post as always by @StriderHiryu I felt we played our game plan for for debut cup final..First 10 just settle in. Schmeichel even kicked from.his hands. Then start some phases and then contain til half time. Second half we were slowly but surely moving through a gear or two and cranking up the pressure. Had youri not scored, I felt we'd got hold of the game anyway at that point and the pressure would've increased. Last 20, the players had total belief in their coaching and shape. It's great elite sports mentality that, when under extreme pressure, to
  5. As a single guy, it's been a while. But a morning BJ - whilst trying to watch the morning version of motd AND complaining that her head keeps bobbing up and down in front of the screen whilst I'm trying to watch - is one of life's little wins.
  6. Lovin BTs after match coverage. No back to the studio. All post match pundit chat voiced over the celebration footage
  7. Fast forward 24 hours..... Lads, thank you. That was magical. The absolute respect for the ceremony, the tradition, pre match suits (chelsea arrived in sports wear ffs), the passing of the Cup to each player in line. For me, that tops the PL win. Thank you lads x
  8. I always felt our fans can be a complete let down at times...all the more annoying as occasionally, often randomly, we can be good.. However, today was absolutely exceptional..We looked and sounded absolutely brilliant..Well.done to every single one of the 6250..absolutely magnificent. I really.mean that. Stunningly good.
  9. Haha. Me too. I've welled up twice already today. Me, a man almost totally unable to show emotion and affection. Lineker's little homage to 1969. Radio Leicester's abide with me video. I was thinking about our cup run. For me, the Cup run is not simply this season.. the run for me started v Harlow Town. Shrewsbury. Hammered on the QPR plastic pitch. Last.minute debacle away at.millwall (87 and 16). Barnsley away replay, Julian!, Charlton, Reading, Bristol City on the ice, Wycombe, Erland Jonson penalty.
  10. I want this day to last. Woke.at 5.30am excited. I had nice bike ride upnto bradgate. Done some.pottering in garden. Now sat having a cuppa. Almost all my immediate neighbours have decked their houses out. Savour this.
  11. Rings a bell. And Bruce Forsyth on a temporary stage 'conducting' abide with me
  12. It means basically my entire childhood to me.. Marching band on the pitch. Coaches on Wembley Way going about 1mph through the crowds. TV coverage from 9am onwards. Elton John crying. Brian Kilcline and snoz sillet. Cameras on the team coach. Spice boys suits. Scarves walking up the steps. Merseyside final after Hillsborough disaster. Teams from the tunnel end over the speedway track. 100,000 attendance in the Sunday papers (the number seemed impossibly big). Billy Bonds. Dave Beasant. Ricky Villa.
  13. Uninteresting fact. Years ago, I copped off with his granddaughter (or great niece, I forget) at mosquito coast. . And no, she didn't have a big chin before you ask. Helluva rack tho.
  14. ....and you weren't part of the immortals. Make no mistake, this means so so much to the fabric of LCFC. In many ways more than the league win ever will. So many have Dads and grandads who went to the three 60s finals and the 74 semi. We were brought up on this. Go do it lads! Abide with me x
  15. Fckin Ada. It's the FA Cup Final. I don't quite believe it.
  16. How did that not come back off the post? The post seemed to lean the ball into the net
  17. Thanks for asking. The thread was intended to be a general discussion about alt therapies and medicine. No intention of my own personal consulting room, lol. But I appreciate the concern. Thanks.. Month 1 I ignored the problem..month 2 was on acid inhibitors. Month 3 had to come off inhibitors before I could do a bacterial test. Then a couple of weeks later a physical exam and prescribed antispasmodic. Then another 2/3 weeks for blood test results. Then a second opinion. And three weeks ago, was referred for specialist and still.waiting. five months of hassle, gone just
  18. No, not then..I'm talking nowadays. Obvs the demographic has changed since your day!
  19. Children of the 1980s have always hated Liverpool more than Man U.. Man U as a hate club only started in the 90s Plus, of course, Liverpool's stronghold in Oadby is always to be detested. Come on you Mancs!
  20. Well, I hadn't come on here for a diagnosis. Tha k you for the offer though. And I don't think five months of discomfort is 'quick to dismiss' The things I done to alleviate the discomfort have not been courtesy of the GP. Been trial.and error on my part. Hence the question about acupuncture...as after this length if time, I'd give anything a roll. Btw, Manuka Honey is now part of my stomach regime too. Magic honey!
  21. I had a chat with my Derby supporting mate. Despite them winning 2 x league titles in the 70s, Sunderland, Southampton and Ipswich winning the Cup were all burned into the public psyche much much more..Mainly,.of course, due to the fact that the FA Cup was the only.(!) Live match on TV in them days. Even so, the imagery of an FA Cup win is so much more stark than lifting a league title. It won't beat the league win fir achievement. But it will for iconography. This is era defining stuff.
  22. Went to peepul centre today for a second attempt to find pfizer. No luck. AZ only. So drove over to racecourse on back of this post to see if i could blag my way in. Dead as a dodo. All.closed up! No pfizer..No Jab for me.
  23. Anyone tried acupuncture? Is it a load of old tosh, psychosomatic or for real? I've a five month old stomach problem which my doctor can't wait to pass off as 'IBS'....basically a byword for it's not that bad, dunno what it is but you'll live. I'm on a.self.medicated mix of bananas, probiotic yogurts, miso soups, bicarbonate of soda and antispasmodics that has settled it down by 80% or so. Thought about acupuncture as a possible route to try. Anyone got experience of this?
  24. Tbh, I don't want a vaccine full stop. I'm perfectly happy to catch the virus if it just infected me. I'm in a category that's unlikely to get particularly ill with it. I'm reluctantly taking a vaccine through a mix of peer pressure, a desire to travel, the inevitable vaccine passport and an element of social duty to help the weak. But, if I'm to take a jab for those reasons, it's on my terms. Pfizer appears to be safer and more resistant to potential mutant strains. And frankly, if i was to.die I'd be more annoyed to die of a blood clot from.AZ, a vaccine I don
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