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  1. Exactly.. Hey honey! I've flogged the Porsche. Got a great price too!... Bought us a new Toyota Aygo. It'll be fun!
  2. FFS What a waste if time. It's gonna be this clown from Norwich. We all.knew it. This dude was pure wishful thinking.
  3. And of course the same club that grovelled to Burnley, Brighton and Bournemouth for their main centre halves a few days before the season, with £80m knicker hanging out our proverbial back pocket... not exactly top drawer poker that
  4. I'm afraid we will, along with Newcastle (once Ashley goes) West Ham, Everton, possibly Southampton and possibly Wolves, have to pick off big six teams one by one each season. Occasionally they'll have a fallow year, injury crisis, fixture pile up, appalling manager, bad luck... whatever. And then there's us and the other listed teams looking to nip into 5th or 6th as a result.
  5. Nothing to do with ambition. It's the food chain. When we go help ourselves to Maddison from Norwich, Wilf from Genk etc I hear no such complaints
  6. Not quite. We.managed to waste most of the monies on Silva. The only team laughing was sporting Lisbon
  7. Alan Young. First game v Harlow Town FA Cup at home. Draw.. First game I can properly remember, Shrewsbury FA Cup Quarter final, 5-2
  8. Personally, i.love him.to bits. Plays - and seems to live his life - with a joie de vivre. All power to him and we're spoilt to have him as a player
  9. Lol. I think you need the reality check, dude.
  10. Can I be the first to say: Announce Tagliafico.
  11. Exactly. I think we all have this image of Ruud Gullit going to art and fashion events dressed like Austin Powers. 90% of Players live in their own bubble. Training. Resting. Facetiming. Hotels. Airports. They ain't in the Ivy dining on the taster menu or at the Royal Ballet
  12. More fool the players, tbh. Why sign for an agent that has a clear conflict of interest? No different to hiring a defence lawyer and then see him.testify for the prosecution. Bizarre. Anyway, ultimately, Wolves' players are nowhere near ours. That's why there's a lack of interest. They play to a system and play it very very well. Like Burnley. Even Bennett pointed that out in his recent interview.
  13. Paninistickers


    7m is about right for him. Didn't I read that he was initially valued by Steve Walsh as a 10-15m player when first identified?
  14. Tbh, it's no different to European matches in the 1960s and early 70s Nobody travelled in those days apart from the final
  15. Or of course we have absolutely no intention of signing this dude whatsoever and the speculation is all wishful thinking on our part
  16. Absolutely correct. Best comment on the thread so far. I'd prob add Spurs to that list too. They are in that no man's land between clubs mentioned and the big 5. Unless Congerton gets his way, we're gonna bounce around between 5th and 13th for the foreseeable, as each of those teams listed peak and trough from season to season
  17. James fit as in uninjured? Or James fit as in sub 17 stone? I find either notion fanciful at best
  18. Agree. Or 70m for chilly and 40m for this dude! It's too good to be true. We'll end up with that Norwich clown. I just know it.
  19. Puel could barely string a sentence together after three years in the UK. Ranieri the same. I won't have it. Rodgers ordering a tapa or asking for 'le Gare' ain't fluency
  20. No way..I ain't having that. Rodgers don't strike me as brainbox of Britain (or the Island of Ireland)
  21. If Congerton gets his way and we end up with this kid, we may as well go get Bennett, Cattermole, that bald cnut who captains Celtic and jack the whole ****ing thing in
  22. Pure guesswork, but there are probably a minimum of 100 left backs scattered across Europe valued at 15m or less better than this boy How hard can it be?
  23. Only 15m than we paid for Perez. The very least, we should instruct chilly and Chelsea to stfu until.weve bought our replacement
  24. I agree. I think it's almost certain that cast iron willpower, will actually get you there. It's just degrees.of success that's questionable. If someone really really wanted to make it in, say, the music business....at worst they'll have played gigs to a crowd, had a demo played on the radio and have a miniscule YouTube / podcast following. At worst. Still better than 99.9% of people will ever do.
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