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  1. I'm going off piste from the thread here, but I find the concept of how people spend their money fascinating. Really fascinating. Kust as an example My boss at work earns around 4 times.my annual salary, yet her life to.me.is dull as dishwater. 4x4 audi car, nice house, kid goes private school.And that's it. Literally no hobbies outside of work. Every year she has to use up her annual leave at xmas as she's not been anywhere or done anything to use it. But she loves her lifestyle. Genuinely happy with her lot.
  2. Memories of Junior Fox club on a sunday morning. Kevin McDonald. Ian Andrews. And dozens of others who'd be the equivalent of our u23s now. They all.seemed to be jocks. Belvoir Drive - the real belvoir drive entrance not the middx road entrance - was home to the YM. Decent junior set up. And Jones & Shipman had a pitch there too.
  3. Yes agreed. But I'm unconcerned about Arsenal. It'll take at least five windows - and an extraordinary amount of money - to build a squad that's even close to our current level. A far bigger danger would be Man Utd sacking Solskjaer in the next 12 months or even Mourinho having a sudden bust up at Spurs. I happen to think though that the fit is good between us. It's possible that Rodgers does his best work with, in his own words, 'silver medallists'....and entirely possible he knows that.
  4. I've only got to LB so far in the team of the season so far, but the content and opinion is easy above the usual garbage punditry
  5. Palace have Villa on Boxing Day, so hopefully will field their first xi against them and play a second string v ours. Even if they played the full strength v us and villa, you'd hope fatigue might play a part and limit their running I'm 100% certain wellmdonwhatbwe did v west ham.last year and field an entirely different team (did ward.play?)
  6. I'm as pro europe and remain as they come, but vvankers like verhofstadt, barnier and especially that caant Juncker are exactly the reason people hated the institution of the EU.
  7. Wouldn't it be just wonderful if he admitted he wasn't up to it and was tending his resignation?
  8. Agree..I never slated the lad but also had fairly low expectations from him. He's surpassed those modest ambitions and is becoming an ultra reliable, key component of a top 6 team. His game/tactical intelligence is very very high. Fitness superb. If I knew nothing and had been told we'd spent 25m - 30m on Kyle Walker or Keiran Trippier and they were turning in these performances, I'd be delighted
  9. I won't even look. I reassure myself that the drop is Brexit talks and covid travel isolation all rolled into one. When both items are sorted, and one way or the other they will be at some point in the coming months, I'll look then for good news.
  10. In an odd way, there's an element of schadenfreude (albeit at our own expense) at the lack of intellect and strategy in Govt. The unintended consequences of Hancock's casual and unnecessary comment about this new strain last week. Was done for dramatic effect to justify London going into tier 3 and to cow the public. . Instead, he's ended up emptying the food shelves.
  11. I don't doubt your feedback on Puel, though I suspect a large part of his arrogance and poor man management skills was down to language skills (lack of) rather than an inherent nastiness. It's undeniable though that under his stewardship we were transformed at a stroke away from Shakespeare's horror show to a fluid, possession based team with 21st century tactics. Also undeniable was the fast tracking of Chilwell and Choudhury, the development and subsequent profit of Maguire and signing Tielemans and Ricardo. Arrogant or not, he left the club in a f
  12. An extraordinary player. I hope is agent does not read this, but the lad is Juve / Bayern level. An elite CL level player..sometimes I can't believe my eyes how many top players we have
  13. I know and you're right. It's my own weakness and sensitivity that makes me rail against it. A reflection on me, not the poster. I just find it a bit like a guy who always makes self deprecating jokes about his small cock size. Sure, it's in jest. But after a while, you start to wonder...
  14. Please, not a dig at you personally and you have every justification in thinking f you, towards me, but please can we give that wretched phrase a funeral? I've been on a one man quest to banish the phrase, even when used in jest. It's self fulfilling and demeans us all. Let's start acting as to what we actually. An elite football club. Peace fella x
  15. I've always had a soft spot for the big guy. There's something immensely likeable about him.
  16. A point would be a belter. Unless of course it's a late calamity that gives away a win
  17. Best defence we've fielded all season. I wonder if we'll choose to hit it long and lots of cross field diagonals from.albrighton into Barnes' channel?
  18. Yay. Well funny that. Good job you put a emoji so we all knew it. Keep up the good work, taff.
  19. Absolutely correct. The relentless nature of that title. Win after win after win..Saturday , Tuesday, Saturday. Every single week. Under pressure too. We needed to go.up. Albeit done at a lower level, we had that title.winning relentless mentality in our locker over Spurs and Arsenal two seasons later Loved the season though. Ipswich away stood out for me. A rare away game for me. 0-1 down at ht and came out second half and tore into them
  20. Hey, you make good points and I realise my comments last night sounded provocative You can't legislate for freak incidents like your poor neighbour suffered. Bad things happen everyday, not just covid. I don't ignore the scientists or think i can make better decisions. I think I can make better decisions than the government. As an example, I'd no intention of visiting family this xmas. Last night's reversal make no odds to me personally. It was a dreadful, dreadful decision to encourage people, with a nudge and a wink, to do so in the first place.. the
  21. Impressive, bringing up an old quote. But what i said then and now doesn't contradict itself. I don't ignore social distancing. I don't visit vulnerable relatives. I assess risk. Btw, feel free.to dig out old quotes. There's shouldn't be any inconsistency. I've used common sense from day 1.
  22. Exactly. Let me give you an example. My kids and family have been in Leicester these last two weeks, case rate what 150 per 100k. I've been in canaries duting the same time with case rate of 50 per 100k. Yet I'm supposed to self isolate for 2 weeks yet my kids, at a school riddled with it, are free to wander about? Fack off. I ain't doing it. Simple as. It doesn't make sense.
  23. Nope. Dont be silly. On planes and in pubs and restaurants I've respectfully kept my distance. And obviously my co travellers / diners / drinkers were not 'at risk' groups (or they wouldn't have been there in the first place) - meaning even if we had passed it on to each other, no harm would've happened to either party. And I don't mix with at risk groups..including my parents. I wouldn't wish to jeopardise the health of anyone who's vulnerable I don't need - and nor should any normal person - the government to create in law how I should and shouldn't be
  24. Easy, unless everyone I've been in contact with has been asymptomatic too.
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