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  1. Had an endoscopy today. I expected it 5ro be an unpleasant 3/4 mins....and it was. I was OK in the run up, then got into what looked like an operating theatre, 4 staff in there and it all looked a bit serious ...and I.kinda thought, shite. I don't fancy this and almost felt like backing out. Still, glad I did it after it was done
  2. Not the most spectacular, but in terms of difficulty, Kane's goal a season or two ago when he was pushed, stumbled, ball just behind him yet he still managed to dink the ball over Schmeichel was extraordinary
  3. Loving this. Just came on to post the same. 3 episodes in..what a performance from Martin freeman. Perennial nice guy playing, perfectly,til now an absolute bar steward.
  4. This thread has been done a million times. But still fun. City and suburbs, Loughborough and Melton - 98 forest, 1 Derby, 1 cov Hinckley,.Lutterworth- 98 cov, 1 forest, 1 Derby Nw leics ashby etc - 98 Derby, 1 forest, 1 cov Edit..actually, I think ashby have a thing against villa, not cov.
  5. It's a parody, isn't it? A play on journo Martin Samuel of the daily mail.
  6. Most elderly frail folk who are too poorly to have even a vaccine don't tend to have large social circles nor be out and about much And since only 1 in say 200 people have the virus, it'd be terribly bad luck to catch it en route to the local co.op. Apart from freak isolated cases, nobody unvaccinated and under 35 of normal.build will end up in hospital. Which means the pool of people who can be hospitalised is miniscule
  7. Who on earth is needing hospital treatment? apart from those who are obese and under 34, anybody even remotely at risk has been vaccinated.
  8. Amazing how these niche micro businesses exist. Not having a pop, but these pair must be already part of a lizard elite and well monies to come up.with this for a business- sweatproof shirts and crumple free blazers for the discerning gentleman traveller
  9. Yup. I've done this. 400 quid - no cancellation refund tho- on a taff caravan park booked alongside a long standing mallorca booking. If mallorca gets the green light, I'll either write off the taff holiday and takenthe 400 quid hit or sell it privately
  10. I actually have a bit of itk here. I wouldn't bet the mortgage on it. But the source was good. Let's see if a bit of itk actually turns out accurate. But, I'm expecting him to be playing for ole gravel voice next year. You heard it here first!
  11. This season was peak Schmeichel. Improbable goal saving saves every 2 or 3 matches
  12. Totally agree. They need psychiatric help. It's some kind of disorder.
  13. It's a really funky format. I like it.
  14. Lily James is my new muse. Watched baby driver on Netflix Friday and fell for her funky waitress chic. I'd never heard of her prior. Highly recommend checking out some disreputable websites to see her in several states of undress in another film
  15. Brilliant! So we could end up winning the inaugural conference trophy..I love it! Hopefully they'll use the old cup winners' Cup trophy to give the winners some heritage to cling on to
  16. It's very us. Kinda alt. Leftfield. Hipster. Renegade.. And I like the.music. woah wuhwuhwuuuuh woah wuh wuh wuh wuh whh!
  17. ....without a doubt. However, I've never been entirely sold that someone can become a billionaire from selling Toblerone and Marlboro lites at Bangkok Airport. It just doesn't stack up financially. On that basis, I can only presume king power organisation has many business streams
  18. The time may well come soon that they need to sell a stake in the club to raise funds.. We're at the 'coffin corner' speed and altitude now
  19. Surely there are only x amount of clubs who he'd entertain a move.to; Bayern, barca, Real, Juve,.Inter, PSG, man City,.Liverpool,.Man Utd. And considering half of them are.stony broke,.or in Man City's case, no obvious requirement, the chances of him.moving are quite small.
  20. Worst case is he has an insane euros and adds 10m.onto his price tag. Fwiw, I think the euros will be a step too far for him. I reckon lots of foreign PL stars struggle at championships due to exhaustion
  21. Injury ravaged. Worst set of injuries I can ever remember. To do what we've done is remarkable. Well done to the entire staff,.on and off the field 👏
  22. Sorry dude. Just firing off. Apologies your post got the brunt x
  23. Sort of. I often look forward to the end of season. Breaks the stranglehold football has on me.. I've got a June and July to sort myself out a bit. I've been on the mend for a month now after hitting a low a couple of.months back. I usually feel the end of season - and a possible holiday (my usual answer to a bout of blues) -gives me a chance to sort myself a bit more aggressively rather than the fixture.list dictating the pace.
  24. Absolute gibberish. Castagne, ricardo, JJ, Evans, Fofana, Wilf, Praet, Madders, Barnes all out for significant spells this season. I wonder how near West ham would've got to CL football losing soucek, lingard, Cresswell, ogbana, Antonio (which in fairness they do) and two or three others whose names I cba to recall for 12 games apiece
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