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  1. Just a sixth sense, i think he loves it here. I think we suit him. I think he knows it. I think he thinks his best work comes as a slight underdog, that this team can win things and his ambitions can be fulfilled here. At least for now, anyway
  2. It's a shame. He was a breath of fresh air on itv and then 90s sky compared with the BBC's motson and Davies and Gubba. But, sadly, he's way past it. He's gone senile.
  3. Leeds. Best manager in world. worst team in Sussex.
  4. Haha. It's tongue in cheek. He takes the contrary role to savage, the presenter Daryl and any other studio pundits just for fun.
  5. Not popular to say this, but I enjoy the constant husband and wife, jack & vera sniping, nagging of Sutton and Savagebon BT Sport Score. Has me laughing every week.
  6. Randomly I watched a film on Prime last night - The Spy gone North. Korean spy thriller. Fairly standard plot but interesting to watch nevertheless, just to see a tiny bit of how that part of the world thinks Worth a watch if anyone fancies pretending to be pretentious by virtue of watching something with subtitles
  7. It was a curious period. He was a top manager at spurs. Sacked for non football reasons (caught in a red light district) ...so we stepped in and nabbed a top.manager by default. His first six months when he took over in December he turned an ailing div 2 side with a relegation look about them into a very good side, top of the table form with 3 or 4 marvellously shrewd loan signings. Two brilliant end of season away performances at Blackburn and Middlesbrough drew a line in the sand that we meant business. We were red hot favourites for promotion that summer..he replac
  8. The Pleat years were, looking back, fascinating signings for the failure rate. Selling Gary Mac and Newell for a million each then continually signing 200k value players to replace or 50k level players from Ireland or lower leagues. All of whom.on paper seemed logical, but all flopped. Wayne Clark, Jimmy Quinn, David Kelly, David Oldfield (arrived as a striker from.Man C) all fairly big signings for div 2 at the time. I think Ashley Ward may have been from.Pleat too. The strange case of Pat Gavin. All failed, except for Oldfield when converted to midfield. Oh, and Rooster. But H
  9. You're right. Badly worded from me. I meant Simpson in his defensive role.only. Justin is way above Simpson in every other way, as you rightly point out 👍
  10. Interesting was Rodgers' comments last week when swapping Castagne with Jim Justin, about Justin is needed on the right when there's an obvious offensive threat - zaha, rashford. I'm gonna say it. I think Jim Justin is a top top class defensive RB.Simpson level. Has anyone seen his 1 v 1 duels? Maybe some statsgeek can dig them 1 v 1s out. He won't be dropped. Ricardo will hopefully be unleashed in the Albrighton/Praet inverted winger RM role....partnered by either Castagne or Jim at full back dependent on opponents Edit to add: as an aside, I don't t
  11. Woodgate is the next Clarendon park. Ok a poor mans Clarendon park but prob the better for it. It's Europe central. Rough and ready, bit edgy but up and coming as the Romanians, Portuguese and Poles all progress. DMU Students progress. Close enough to highcross and great central ....and riverside now opening up. It needs that same oomph that Braunstone Gate had when The Left Bank bar first set up and triggered all the others and for a while, Braunstone Gate was cool as fck
  12. On a side note, i must admit to being guilty of this. Not a flattering trait, but hey ho. Let's off steam. Just about Anyone I've never met is fair game for my slaggings; celebs, dog walkers, school parents, clients, people on here, police ....whatever
  13. Maybe. But it looks grossly unfair if they come anywhere near Derby's record. They are nowhere near as bad. Derby were licked every single week. Context. A derby mate of.mine sees the funny side when he told me that west ham were booed off the pitch having beaten Derby only 2-0 in that season
  14. I thought only ugly or middle aged (I.e ugly) people did quiz shows.
  15. That's the English for you, in a nutshell. Nudge, wink, tut tut, look at them. Throw the book at 'em. Except for 'visiting me mam', babysitting sister's kids, popping round my best mate's, just gonna nip in here for 5. Won't hurt. I've got anxiety, so it's ok Not that I'm having a pop at the above (I happily admit to making my own rules up and ignoring the shifting sands of govt) ....I object to the general public's laughable double standards Edit to add i use 'English' deliberately..generalisation i know, but I've always felt the jocks, taffs and irish h
  16. I agree. But if you intend to win it, you really do need to beat brentford and Brighton
  17. Not necessarily. Might be open to vaccinated old fogies. In other words, 80% of our away following
  18. Best wishes to Sol. Hopefully he knows what high regard he's held in in Leicester and all those good wishes do him some good
  19. There are some clubs instinctively feel superior to. And Stoke is one of them. Probably as for the first 28 years of.my football supporting life (1980 onwards) they were mainly in the third division and their crowds have always hovered around the 10k to 13k mark However, I have fond memories of the old Victoria ground. My first ever away game was an ultra rare away win under Pleat. Gary Mills blasting a free kick.home.in front of a wild away end. Also, I was there for what i still consider amongst our top 5 ever away performances in the play off second leg. Impressively
  20. Fair enough. But the message hasn't reached me. Moat people seem preoccupied with seeking exact definitions of bubbles, gardens, exercise, rules of six, self.isolations and definitions of local areas. I'd rather the government had championed these above listed common sense messages more and a bit less about the other crap
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