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  1. Anyone into this? Anywhere that's clean within an hour or so and you can just rock up to for a swim? My impression is that everything seems banned unless organised (eg Rutland water) in this country The long hot summer ahead (it's a myth the UK doesn't have hot summers imo - I find the UK / Midlands heat unbearable at times, as we can't cool.off easily) ...and no overseas holiday likely, any tips for a clean, refreshing dip.sans dog mess and discarded trolleys?
  2. Agree. I went ballistic when Puel was appointed, me claiming that rudkin only wanted a yes man. And the Silva farce. Delighted that I appear to be wrong, again. The consistent theme in our scouting, youth programme (which used to be non existent) acquisition of high fees for players (musa and hernandez being minor miracles of hard balling a transfer fee) and contract negotiations with players has been Mr Rudkin
  3. I'm not anti vaccine but certainly a vaccine sceptic. I took one anyway - mix of peer pressure, a wish to travel and a wish to see the economy restart. But there is not a cat in hells chance my kids (both teens) will be allowed to have it. The old and obese and even the economy will, frankly, have to whistle. there is zero risk to of.covid to themselves. they aren't at an age of consent when they can rationally decide what goes into their bodies
  4. Has the Birch morphed into Cliff Ginnetta?
  5. Yeah, but what type of patient exactly is on ecmo? An obese 75 year old Jamaican momma who's diabetic, yet refused a jab on the basis it might affect fertility?
  6. Wow. I only checked half an hour ago and it was 3 down then and i was thinking let's get 5 or 6 before close!
  7. Lockdown can ignite odd emotions. I'm as 'anti' as they come, but secretly (and not a nice trait of mine) there have been times when things have been shite the consolation is everyone else is having a shit time.too. No feelings of FOMO that (rather pathetically) I suffer from ordinarily. So I wonder if lockdown enthusiasts.are just people who,.frankly,.are miserable
  8. How do we define safe though? I've had a jab and was at zero risk of dying from covid. That's being fairly on the safe side of safe, I'd say. In fact around maybe 99% of the 75% of the adult population who've had the jab were never going to die from this. Again, that's playing it safe to an extraordinary degree.
  9. Infuriating tbh. For once in my life, working from home and a chance to pop down for an afternoon (perhaps even with laptop in tow so I'm on message) and it can't be done. Would it really be that hard for an occasional tweet stating how many spaces are still available at the ground, a bit like car parks do? First rule of business. Make it easy to buy.
  10. What a change it is to have a quality player in our ranks in Harris. Perhaps it frees.up the other batters a bit, not always being under pressure arriving at 23-3 every game.
  11. Like all these things, they can check or fine all they like, but it won't necessarily stand up in court. Doubtful there is a law compelling you to answer the phone or door. Surely some serco contractor on 10 bob an hour in a hi-viz and an ID lanyard has absolutely zero authority to make demands on a doorstep And has anyone seen these private covid 'Certificates'.?...border authorities wouldn't have a clue if you'd knocked one up on Word.
  12. I'm not being deliberately stupid here, but who is Chilly's new bestie?
  13. I'd have gladly gone if i could've just rocked up. But, in the confusion,.I stayed at home and saved the world instead.
  14. Seems a funny old how-do-you-do. FBS appear to be owned by Tradestone Ltd in Cyprus. I'm assuming that is some kind of shell company for tax and /or regulatory compliance (lack.of)....as the dude who runs Tradestone, Christos Koukarides- appears to be a well heeled accountant but certainly not a fella who wreaks of an ability to finance a 100m shirt deal. On another note, 'tradestone' sounds all a bit Jason Bourne to me...
  15. Sorry to hear that fella. It's my idea of an absolute nightmare. Personally, I'd keep on good terms with the human excrement that's your neighbour and sell up. Or at the very least,.rent the place.out (ideally to.some.rough fckers who'll take no shite) and go rent somewhere else yourself
  16. I fear we as a club are one of the worst for it. Even by other club's low standards, a decent minority of city fans are reactionary. Brilliant if we win or garbage if we lose. No shades of grey. It's possible it's a culture thing of the city in general. The default setting of Leicester people generally is self deprecating, 'looks like rain, shan't bother, shithole anyway' type
  17. Agree. Those archive pics of John mcgovern and Ray Kennedy holding it in the 70s and 80s it was about 5ft tall
  18. Chilwell playing well tbf. As for sterling, was.never that keen on peak sterling anyway The amount of open goal misses from one yard always concerned me, even at his best
  19. He was misused by Pearson. played out of position on the wing and during a catastrophic free fall in form Prior to us, I think it was Millwall kane was at and performed very well
  20. Europa League FA Cup That's it. Anything else is like joining the establishment..accepting a knighthood. Sir Leicester City. Fck off. I want to always be what we are now. An outlier.
  21. The important thing for me, as always, is; are there 4 or 5 sides going to finish below us, even if we have a shocker? At least 2 of the 3 promoted clubs will And at least 2 of Brighton, Southampton, Palace, wolves and Burnley will So, that means we'll avoid relegation. I hope.
  22. At least you didn't bazz out and have the sedation. Sedation is for wimps
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