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  1. Speculation and opinion is kinda the point of any thread. My gut feel if a player was disappointed not to play it suggests the player wanted to play, even whilst carrying a slight injury. the club may have had an influence in him being withdrawn ....I could easily be wrong but it's a fair enough conclusion to draw
  2. Ease up a bit. Baraclough himself said he was 'doing right by his club' suggesting that the decision not to play him was with us in mind. He then went on to say Evans wasn't too happy not to be playing
  3. I wonder if long covid is to be the new ME? (Not me, for clarity I meant chronic fatigue syndrome)
  4. Apologies mid the question is naïve, But I really don't understand why these players are persuaded/forced to play for wolves. So if I was a decent Porto player looking for the next step up to maybe Spain or Italy or PL or Bundesliga - and my agent owned, say, VfB Wolfsburg- ...of all clubs my agent then announces that he's sorted me a deal with Wolfsburg...I'd be a bit, like...., are you sure?
  5. Reading between the lines, Sounds like we made a call to pull him out and that he's (Evans that is) not too happy about it
  6. He was excellent for us. I think 19 at the time. Same age as Luke Thomas is now...
  7. £28644371. Not a penny more. That's what I'd say.
  8. I remember one of the R5 pundits on the Monday night club last closed season (one iof the proper print journos - Rory? - not one of the ex player clowna) saying how keen he was to come to us so he can develop his reputation as a ball playin CB ....as without that string to his bow, his international chances are zilch.
  9. Appalling coppering. At his age, he ought to know how to deesculate a situation. Why didn't he radio for support before wading in? Why did he choose to increase the potential spread of virus by creating a scene that caused shouting and a scuffle? Passenger was a ****. But coppers are trained to deal with pricks
  10. It's got Hull away written all over it, this
  11. Has Fuchs actually signed? I can't actually recall an announcement. But yeah, well spotted. 1m 40secs he's there.
  12. I reckon Praet's french sounds a bit shaky there. Brussels is a French speaking city so I guess that was Anderlecht's 'Lingua franca' (Not that I speak French, mind) Tielemans sounded much more native level
  13. Another season like last year for richarlison and he'll be picked up by a big club...PSG perhaps Fortunately Everton will then revert to type and buy another Cenk Tosun and AN Other Arsenal reject to replace him
  14. I know it's now deemed uncool to say it, but i for one would be hugely relieved, nay delighted!, if Fuchs somehow managed to get fit to line up v West Brom
  15. Well, i always had a soft spot for him. Perhaps because he was harshly scapegoated as an ersatz Puel. At least he's been invited back and allowed to use the clubs facilities, unlike Slim and that weakling Silva who've clearly been told to do one.
  16. Which would suggest the Milan link is something circulated by st Etienne l, rather than the player, in order to drive up the price Remember we did Stoke a favour once - when doing the Huth deal - by putting in a rogue bid for Nzonzi who'd clearly already agreed to go to Seville
  17. I wonder if this comes off, the Social media Saga is an insight in to how long these deals take to close? My gut feel is that a deal was struck - handshake type thing or even a letter of intent - with this young man's advisors and now it's down to the clubs to agree the transfer fee. Remember, Chilwell has been a cert to leave since Feb/march but wasn't until late August the deal was actually closed
  18. Thanks. I'll avoid the crude details of exactly how, but i once got raging tonsillitis off a bird, back in my pomp.
  19. Exactly. Individuals wash their own hands, don't rub eyes or nose with hands that have just been to a shop...don't share drinks or pick at meals of others.... there's not much more than can be asked. Everyone just needs to be considerate, that's all. No need for economic.armagedden
  20. Rehash of that earlier Milan fans website that linked us and Milan
  21. Slight amendment. We'll take our lives back. Already, I'm finding more and more normality at the office, at my kids' junior football team and laughably today at my hairdressers (totally zero regard for covid sanitisation and msocial Distancing) regardless of the daily madcap rules and regulations that get blurted out about gardens and quarantine and meeting friends and codes of conduct in stadiums. The point was made the other day by the totally insane but equally wonderful David Icke. Half a million on Bournemouth beach and 'they' declare a 'major incident' - whatever that means. But wtf could 'they' do when declaring the major incident? Absolute sweet fanny Adams.
  22. How comes? Our best football came with a conventional 4 at the back, we have only two first choice centre halves and towards the end of last season, spurs tore our exposed flanks apart. A good natured bet that apart from Rodgers's silly tactic of hanging on for grim life when defending a lead, 5 at the back is rarely seen
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