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  1. I do at times wonder if Leicester is colllectively able to 'do' class. A minute's silence was always a nightmare at both filbert st and the KP - I don't think I ever heard one observed without a baaa sheep sound being made. We were unable to enjoy / appreciate Andrea Bocelli. And probably there's some in the crowd that would still choose Iain Hume over Maddison Madders is a joyous player. I love him to bits.
  2. I'm not sure they have better players all over the park. That does them a disservice. Williams (whoever he is), Keita aren't better than our players. The Klopp system is extraordinary. It's as if they have 13 players. To think they were missing TAA, Thiago, Salah, VVD is incredible, regardless of the fuss that's been made about it
  3. Nice post and well described. It's an old cliché, but you learn more from losing than winning. Again, manager and players will - in a way - look forward to deconstructing what went wrong and how to address those failings. We'll end up a better team for tonight's humbling experience.
  4. Just play well lads. No freezing like last season. I can take a negative result (just about) so long as we go toe to toe with them (similar to the man city kompany game, where they had to play at their absolute peak to beat us 1-0)
  5. What is it with Leeds players and these wierdo haircuts? All very small time
  6. The family do detail. Things like that won't be missed. I keep harping on, but if an architect showed Top the Cardiff cheapo new tier plans alongside Spurs' beast stadium plans, 100% sure he'll say 'i want that one' Wind, sightlines, acoustics, legroom, natural light for grass growth. I suspect all and more will be taken into consideration.
  7. Thought the same. Sounds strange, but the hype/specialness of the PL seemed devalued by being on the BBC
  8. I don't think there'd be may shame in having the higher sections unused / covered over for the non major matches. So a flexible capacity of say 40k for the std matches and 48k for the premium
  9. The Tigers' pitch looks way way too small to me. Plus I guess there are the changing rooms, which are famously a disgrace - part of the manly, no frills, rugger culture
  10. The type of expansion I'd expect the family to go for would be major. Not the 'stick a tier on top like Cardiff did' cheapjack design And any major overhaul would see us playing at least a year away from the KP. The Ricoh being the most likely option. Maybe even MK. This, of course, may actually have the added effect of widening our catchment area
  11. Not if they are west Brom, Fulham and Sheff Utd. All three are currently in the wrong division Edit; apologies Cardiff..I misread the point you were making. Yes, Bournemouth and Norwich look well set
  12. Don't like spurs but hey are at least legit. the rent boys are a repulsive club.
  13. She looks good in that pic, with good lighting and airbrush city. She's well over her peak now though I reckon, close up. Plus her build is heavy set - Tigers could use her in the front row right now. Finally, quite a deep voice. I have a policy; never go out with birds who have more testosterone than me 👍
  14. I forgot lizards. seen plenty of them on holidays. In fact,.it vaguely rings a bell I've even seen them.over here
  15. ...live, in the wild, I mean. Alligator and Stingray - Florida Moose (or reindeer.- not quite sure of difference) - Norway Seal - Norfolk Fox and muntjack deer - Leicester Dolphin - Wales ....not much really. Which is kinda sad.
  16. Wasn't the 2-0 in the rain the PL season after we both got promoted?...a rare away win and a vital one at that as we started to find out feet? .... either way, it was great management from.Micky Adams that day who earned the ref that if he started it, he's to finish it as our tactics were based around the conditions and he didn't want a lead to be scrubbed off. The ref assured him and absurdly stuck to his word in unplayable conditions after we had gone 2-0 up. I was at Fratton Park for another absolute drenching, a vital 1-0 midweek win as our game in hand, nudging us into the pl
  17. So true. Sure, there are games more difficult than others, but I have no more angst about this fixture than if we were playing Fulham away.
  18. I had them down as Flemish dudes, not frenchies
  19. I was there for that Barnsley game when, at advanced right back, he absolutely bossed it. At just 20/21, he led/cajoled/directed a poor Barnsley team to a marvellous away win against us, at the time promotion favourites. I was ecstatic when as a direct result, we went and poached him a few days later. Poor Barnsley! An excellent footballer who understandably backed himself to play a the highest level but lost his way, his fitness and - I suspect - his entire confidence and self esteem. It'd be nice if he could eventually get himself sorted and an Indian s
  20. That crossed my mind too. I'd wondered if his physiology means he loses fitness very quickly and as such, needs to play to maintain peak condition and consequently avoid injury
  21. Not a toy, but a classic Friday night 80s treat
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