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  1. Hahaha. I was thinking the same. After the initial new born baby buzz, He's well off out of it until they get to 10/11
  2. Perfect guy to answer my question then! Love Brussels btw. Underrated city.Random story for no reason other than its a boring intl break : I got a 2am lift home with a bird once to my hotel after a party we were at. After a clearly incoherent half hour drive thro deserted streets of Brussels, she told me..I don't know where I'm going or how to get there, but I always get there in the end. And she did! 😂
  3. I wonder if other countries' fans despise the international break as most do over here? Do Italians and French bemoan it? Do FC Copenhagen fans hope Thier players don't play for Denmark so as to avoid injury?
  4. Of course, we'd have multiple players who qualify through parentage and grandparents. Barnes would. And through 'residency', But I think I'm pushing it for someone on here to know the entire family tree of every pro footballer
  5. Never heard of Clarke Harris. And you've left Joe Matt-Ox (as Birch would say) out!
  6. Luke Varney was a very decent striker, but i think he's finished now
  7. Sorry if it's been done before, but could Leicestershire - population not that different to N Ireland or Iceland or Latvia - field a respectable international team? Or even field one at all? So far as I know; Barnes, Choudhury, Luke Thomas, Liam Moore, Che Adams, Lee Tomlyn ( does he still play?), Joe Mattock, Oliver Burke Anyone else who plays at a respectable professional level?
  8. Convinced we'll make it a precondition that he jacks NI in return for a handsome new contract. We can't have them absolutely rinsing through a rolls Royce of a player like they did last intl break
  9. Turkish FA completely wasted a business class air fare and hotel room on Cags. What a waste of time, money and effort
  10. I don't think Your average punter in the street sees us as 'little'. Tbh, most see us as we are. Some kind of funky disrupter. Basically we are perceived as 'best of the rest': Newcastle, Southampton, West Ham etc I'm happy with that
  11. I doubt the effectiveness of maskat outdoors, tbh, but Infront of kids there's a wider cause; namely standard setting and respect (for the school)
  12. Are people supposed to wear masks then at the school gate? (No sarcasm, my two are old enough to go by themselves, so I have no idea of school gate etiquette)
  13. Not M. Puel. To my dismay at the time, he drafted Mendy back intobthe fold after his season at Nice. His performances were Excellent then and many of us were delighted to eat our words for that very decent half season (despite many holding it against Mendy himself for Puel's negative double pivot) Brendan came in, soon dropped him (to my own disappointment) and he was largely frozen out for last season. Which made Rodgers' decision to resign him all the more surprising. But, what a lovely player he is. I just love players that are prepared to
  14. Pulling. I've kinda embraced being absolutely useless at it after years of shame about it Then I watch BBC iPlayer the other day on BBC's Frank Gardner. 59 year old paraplegic. Even he's pulled recently. That kinda hit home that I'll never get my head round pulling.
  15. Still expect them to be up and down for a while yet. My worry with BA is that business travel will take a major hit post pandemic. The days of flying over to New York for a routine meeting are over
  16. Yesterday's rises only offset a heavy drop in RR and IAG for me. I'm about 15% down now from my buy price in April. Its been as low recently as 60% down (mainly thro rolls and IAG doing a new issue of shares for capital, thus devaluing the rest) My three managed funds are chugging along nicely. £500 made yesterday alone and overall 11% up since opening in April
  17. Did my first ever lapdance club in Gdansk. Great value.
  18. I know fT has a thing for this lad, but he's not ready for the level we are at yet, other than a last choice emergency fill in. Our team is elite level. He's understandably not an elite player yet. He looks as if he has a mean whipped cross and pass in him and a great instinct for putting it in the right area...but ATM he's physically too weak, not quite quick enough and defensively too green. A loan at out at some garbage like Derby would be ideal for him to cut his teeth
  19. I know it's not the point you are making, not being serious, but I have a bee in my bonnet about using that phrase - even in jest. We are massively respected in the game. Not by the media, as we don't make the media enough clicks. But we narked Pep and Arteta not because we are some unwelcome guest. We nark them because we are better than them.
  20. It's an extraordinary signing. Even better, we knew it. Puel knew it. St Etienne knew it. Rudkin, Congerton, Rodgers knew it. And somebody 'sold' LCFC to him and his agent long ago. That boy was ours and we were prepared to pay top dollar. An extraordinary piece of business. i think as a fanbase we need to up our game. We are an ugly duckling that's turned into a beautiful swan. City are building a rep worldwide as a major club. This silver medallist thing from Rodgers was bang on. We are cool as fack and 'silver medal' players worldwid
  21. I reckon that'll be the crux of any new deal. After this play off game and potential summer tournament, I reckon a pre condition of any new contract is that he jacks in N Ireland
  22. I reckon it might be some considerable time til we see peak Ricardo.....it could take 2/3 months for him.to hit stride and could well be a bench / rotation player behind Jim Justin for the rest of this season. Someone else said on here earlier this week, that they'll wince evvrytime he goes into a challenge. Me too.
  23. I'm sure. I rated Ricardo from the get go at man Utd away. Not to the level of Fofana or Kante, admittedly. But i was sure we had a good un. Sadly the annual Bournemouth debacle convinced many fans that Ricardo was off the pace, rather than the bad day at the office. Before you think I'm crowing and a smart arse, I got Soyuncu totally wrong. I thought he was going to be a disaster.
  24. On that basis the following all get some rest/recovery Vards, Fuchs, Mendy, Barnes, Castagne Disgrace about Soyuncu. We send them our delicate vase. They send the facker back broken. We try to fix it with specialist glue. Then they ask for the facker back to chuck about again
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