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  1. This is Barnes' season. There's something about his swagger I can see and the bulking up. I shall bump this post if proved right later this year. And easily forgotten if I'm wrong
  2. Tbh, it was optimistic. Still, so long as I find one bar that's showing football over that PL opening weekend and one restaurant that's serving half decent food, the rest is all fluff anyway. Beach, sea, headphones for music and good long walks will do me fine.
  3. I'm off to Mallorca in September. A rebooked trip from June. I have to admit, it looks to be a huge waste of time. 2/3 of hotels appear to be closed. All bars closed....only places serving food allowed open. Most of them.shut early.due to no punters. Facemasks everywhere except beach and promenade. It'll be total shite. Better than work though.
  4. Alan Young. First game v Harlow Town FA Cup at home. Draw.. First game I can properly remember, Shrewsbury FA Cup Quarter final, 5-2
  5. Personally, i.love him.to bits. Plays - and seems to live his life - with a joie de vivre. All power to him and we're spoilt to have him as a player
  6. Lol. I think you need the reality check, dude.
  7. Tbh, it's no different to European matches in the 1960s and early 70s Nobody travelled in those days apart from the final
  8. I agree. I think it's almost certain that cast iron willpower, will actually get you there. It's just degrees.of success that's questionable. If someone really really wanted to make it in, say, the music business....at worst they'll have played gigs to a crowd, had a demo played on the radio and have a miniscule YouTube / podcast following. At worst. Still better than 99.9% of people will ever do.
  9. What an interesting thread. I wanted to be a journalist. My parents, bless them, would've loved me to be an office clerk and do as I was told for 30 years. Instead, I've spent nearly 30 years trying to avoid work. Almost always sales jobs, which are fairly well suited to the lazy. You can drill it in sales for bursts and then coast for long periods. Almost always fall out with employer though. 16 jobs in 30 years FFS.
  10. Just as an aside, what do the yanks do if they can't afford healthcare? Is covid covered? And how do the yanks choose a hospital? Do they go to the nearest or have to shop around?
  11. Slightly barbed comment on those that choose to live a life as best they can rather than hole up terrified.....but I agree with the rhetorical question you pose. No, those who go abroad are prob the very last people who'd give a shite about quarantine. And nor would I, unless it was patently obvious I'd been mixing in a high risk environment, like a hospital covid ward.
  12. My mum and dad are the fittest 70 year olds you could ever meet. But they've holed up since day 1, terrified. They won't admit it yet to me (they are extremely stubborn!) , but they are weary of this now. Christmas will break it. I just know they - and if them then millions of others too - will (at last) - bum this shite off at Christmas I do feel the nation and my mum and dad needs to grow a pair. If you get it bad, c'est la vie. Play the hand you get dealt!
  13. Correct. I arrived at some smart gaff in st Martin's and couldn't be arsed for the app malarkey.
  14. The 'Social credit system', before our very eyes.
  15. Exactly. The other part I felt was that town is all about, 'let's pop in here', 'let's go in here for a laugh' 'let's have a livener in here'......that kind of spontaneity has gone. Whereas your Groby, Ratby, Anstey type locals are kinda, as you say, spacious and a place you'll settle down in one place for the evening, I really fear for city centres. Office work potentially dead. Retail potentially dead. Live entertainment potentially dead. Nighttime economy potentially dead.
  16. From my two trips out, suburban locals seem to be doing OK. Busy even. Town on Friday was a sorry sight. I know central Leicester is notoriously unpredictable (especially in holiday season) but only about a third of bars were even open and those that were, sparsely populated
  17. I agree with almost everything you've put. But have I missed something with the schools? My 2 haven't been to school since late March. Did I miss the chance to send them back?!
  18. 15 weeks off school. Slightly more than a 'month or so'. Plus of course 7 weeks summer holiday. 5 months of no education. That's not on. I repeat a point I've made, one way or another, these last few months. Children's education (particularly vulnerable kids) Hundreds of billions of quid borrowed An almost total destruction of some industries and massive damage to most of the surviving economy. Huge unemployment Civil liberties, freedom of travel, leisure activities and.personal privacy totally bulldozed. ...all for a virus that gener
  19. We've got punters on here wacking one off to Judith Keppel and Lesley Joseph yet you dive into the lovely Dani. I reckon her looks intimidates you pal 😉
  20. A place in the sun is on C4 atm. Danni Menzies. Wow..
  21. KP lent LCFC the £91m? ....That's interesting. I wonder where the heck KP have £91m of cash reserves from.to dish out?
  22. I find the tactic quite interesting. Basically it's factoring. An overdraft in reverse. Plonking a huge chunk of cash in your account and running it down.... rather than running up an overdraft and waiting for the PL money to arrive months later to pay it all off. Slightly curious as to why we are so cash thirsty though. And slightly curious as to why the training ground outlay seemingly hasn't been mortgaged over the next 40 years. I don't see the rush to pay for it up front.
  23. When I said professionals managing a fund, it's just an ISA account I set up with Hargreaves Lansdown as the portal (the broker effectively) So yeah, just transferred savi GS cash to my Hargreaves Lansdown account and you pick and choose your funds or shares from their list. I actually found it quite interesting to research the professional managed funds, their CV, ethos, strategy and sectors I don't think there was a minimum. Maybe 100 quid. Perhaps not worth it though if less than a grand as you get charged abroker fee by Hargreaves for doing the deal (a
  24. Better day today. First for a while. My 4 stocks (bought a what I thought was rock bottom in April) have 'rallied' to a collective 15% down (from a disastrous 28% dip) Plus, I plonked some cash with the professionals - 2 managed funds plus a ftse250 tracker- who are (unsurprisingly) doing better than me. Aggregated 6% up on them 3.
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