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  1. Eh? I wouldn't dream of asking someone else to take medication on my behalf.
  2. No, I'm not 'dodging my round'. if I was at risk or worried about the virus, I'd have it without hesitation. I'm unlikely to get seriously ill with it and as such, I'm not a burden on the health service...which is the very reason for this whole shebang. And, yup, i can guess what your comeback is, 'well you'll infect someone who is vulnerable'....and my answer to that is, if you're vulnerable, I'd heartily recommend taking the vaccine. And then it wont matter if I am 'virused up to my arse' As I said on an earlier post, it's all academic anyway. We will
  3. Yes, exactly. What's wrong with that?
  4. For once, this is such a nailed on defeat, it might not happen. It's just too obvious.
  5. That's wrong, I'm afraid. Seatbelts are for self protection. Malaria, yellow fever etc too (as the tjird world local health service can't really properly care for rich westerners laying half dead in hospital for weeks) Wigstonwanderer is actually requesting people take jabs so as to protect him. If nothing else, how incredibly rude to ask that.
  6. Hey man, I'm not against the vaccine. The more who take this the better. But for those who aren't at risk and don't fancy it, there's surely some scope for those people too. I don't take an ibuprofen or paracetamol unless I have to. Right or wrong as that may be. Not because I don't think they are safe, just instinctively I prefer my body to get on with it.
  7. Lol. Congratulations on probably the worst answer ever on here. If you want to protect yourself, that's cool. Get yourself a vaccine. But the way you write it, it's like you want to protect yourself by insisting other people to take a vaccine on your behalf. Surely you don't genuinely believe that's fair? I don't want any more kids, so can I kindly ask that you mr Winston wanderer have a vasectomy for me? 🤣
  8. Yup, point was the 'weakest' (bad word, maybe more vulnerable is better) 40-60 who choose to take the flu jab and as such will prob take the covid jab too....them being the exact punters who need to take the covid jab so as to avoid hospital admission And I agree, we will all be coerced into taking it. That's hardly personal choice. It's bullying. A social credit system.
  9. But in general those who need or want the winter flu jab will.prob take this. And those that don't bother with the winter flu jab won't bother with this and probably won't ever see the inside of hospital. Edit to add: i have little doubt we will be forced/coerced into taking the thing. Like online data being tracked , photo driving licenses, credit checks, anti money laundering checks at the bank, cloud storage etc etc...there's no escape . resistance is futile
  10. 25 years ago, when surgery was much more rudimentary, I recall amongst others Steve Walsh and Alan Shearer both returning to old powers post ACL reconstruction. He'll be fine long term, though this season maybe not.
  11. Once the over 65s and vulnerable have had a jab, surely there's no need to pursue continuing vaccine programme?, Isn't the whole point of this to avoid the health service being overwhelmed? and since hardly any fit under 60s end up in hospital, like the flu jab, the worst that'll happen is a few days feeling rough at home and a rare few endings g up in hospital. That's not a national emergency
  12. You just seemed to have absolute trust in the vaccine. I'm not anti the vaccine, but as that guy in the interview explains, it's fair to weigh up any risk. Elderly, high risk, multiple health problems = worth the risk of taking the vaccine Healthy, fit 45 year old = too many long term unknowns with the vaccine and as someone almost certain to survive a covid infection, it's logical to avoid unnecessary injections
  13. Literally i was just gonna post this guy in response to parafox. An excellent interview.
  14. FFS Edit.....or are you being rude?!
  15. Did he mention Ricardo? I thought he was due 75mins...
  16. It looked like his groin had pulled to me, which, courtesy of Google, is seemingly not the same as his abductor. So perhaps an unrelated pull, newly playing, over stretching and unlloosened muscles due to freezing temperatures
  17. Be interesting at xmas when he will play 2separate teams v palace and Man u
  18. I agree with you but have a slightly different take. That season was the birth of the new Leicester City. UFS, L1 TIFO, foxestalk generation. Basically 'the kids'....first time anyone aged 8-25 had seen any semblance of success. 80s /90s fans had promotions x 4, play off finals and league cups....so league one success was just more of a relief for my age group. But if defo created what we have today And at the end of the day, football for me is all about the silverware
  19. Honourable mention for Wes The big man never lets us down. In fact one game I thought he was motm (Athens away?)
  20. And women? If you fellas react like that to 20% of kids fancying this euro super league, what do you reckon to the 35% of women who like the idea?! 😛
  21. So true. It's all it takes. That's why the Europa has been so healthy for us this season, quick change to wipe the slate clean. Man U have been similar on a couple of early season occasions. I was sickened to the core Monday night. Right as rain today 😀
  22. At some point, I would like to play European royalty -;even if they might not be what they once were. Which this season may offer; AC Milan. Ajax. Real Madrid. Napoli. Lazio. Inter Milan.
  23. At what point does it become possible to play spurs or arsenal?, It's a grotesque thought that we could go out to one of them in either the last 32 or last 16
  24. I'm guessing there will actually be a crowd! Krasnador have a few in v Rennes. And I'm presuming krasnador are Ukrainian or similar ex USSR state that has an admirable scant regard for covid
  25. My identity has always been Leicester. Made much easier now that, wonderfully, just about everybody has heard of us. That said, I've always felt at home.in Europe..Never felt like an outsider. I was in Canada pre lockdown and in a bar with plenty of moustachioed, checked shirted, blue collar workers drinking Miller lite or whatever they quaff.... and I ordered a white wine. At that point I've never felt more European in my life.
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