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  1. Totally agree. The ECB seems in thrall to london marketing agencies to attract 'families'. They cannot and will not 'keep it simple stupid' County Cricket particularly with twenty20, in the UK works best at a smaller but rowdier Arundel, taunton, chelmsford, even grace road. Marquees. Beer tents. Only pyrotechnics needed are bbq grills Make summer sundays an absolute day for twenty20....plus evening games sprinkled around it. But summer sundays with picnics and kids on the outfield should be an english traditional ....kids on outfield is more fun for them than blasti
  2. The new stadium for Everton may well propel them into the elite clubs again. Or at least draw up level to spurs. It might actually benefit us. We are always prone to.losing players who see the biggest 5 as a guaranteed way of CL football and trophies. If the big 5/6 became an 8 or 9, with us (still the outlier) Everton and West Ham becoming equally as likely to win cups and play European football, players would have to think far more carefully before joining, say, chelsea as it's no longer a nailed on pathway to glory. However, with Spurs, West Ham and E
  3. The question can't exist. He'd never have signed for us without the clause. We were a crystal palace at the time of signing, not what we are today. He'd never heard of us. He wanted to sign for Marseille. He / advisors came for the money and the gateway to a Chelsea/ Arsenal
  4. Correct. We have to be the bigger man and give him 4 games off at the start of next season. He's been playing first team pro since he was 16. He's gonna be ruined.
  5. ach, these things go in waves. Conservatives under Hague and IDS were dead as a dodo. But people tire of a one party state. Blair and Mandelson's 'new labour'rebrand will be what comes next. If Labour could rebrand itself into a 21st centurynscandinstyle beast; social market economy/ social.capitalism / social democratic vibe (tax the Starbucks, more employee stakeholding, green policies, ethical investing, encourage cottage industries and flexible working) it'd be game over for a decade or so for the Tories (who are where they are for picking up on an anti establish
  6. Yeah. Really sad news about Ian St John. Without wishing to sound overly dramatic, saint and greavsie was a big part of the weekly routine when i was growing up. The dull 80s. A time when you had to search out football action and chat. (Even the absurdity of twisting the aerial on my house to pick up grainy pictures of Anglia showing highlights of us at Ipswich) Too young to remember him.as a player but as said above, a great broadcaster, twinkle in his eye, huge sense of fun and as someone else said - a perfect straight man foil to greavsie RIP Saint.
  7. Only 20 million done so far dude. How did they manage without you? (I am pulling your plonker, just to be clear!)
  8. Forget how we've played up until now. We'll build a mean, tight, siege mentality and temporarily reinvent ourselves as a mean unit. Tough to beat. Niggly. Negative. Organised. Grinders. Lil wes cags jonny Two brilliant wing backs Best midfield pairing in the league Two up top and Hit the fcking channels!
  9. Wasnt a necessary evil. The only thing was necessary was to open normal county twent20 cricket to terrestrial TV. That would have had the same, if not better, galvanising effect on rebuilding cricket's popularity
  10. Just skimmed the coveragem.all fur coat and no knickers. He hasn't landed anything like a killer blow, with his memory stick garbage. fascinating to watch a ruined late middle aged, physically repulsive sex blob attempt to drag anything and anyone down with him. prob end up in the next 6 months alone in an empty 60s tower block flat surrounded by cat shite and used needles
  11. Very true...but statistically our odds are better to achivebit via a top 4 finish
  12. PL top 4 finish is, sadly, an extra 75m in the bank...and keeps our model sustainable Not sad we get 75m obvs. Sad that such a high figure forces glory down the agenda
  13. I can only imagine he needs the games to maintain peak fitness. Every downtime must see him lose x% ....and for whatever reason, the medical staff are satisfied that's not negated by an increased risk of muscle pulls
  14. Isn't Geoff from Enderby and knocking on 50? 😅😅
  15. I think we are one of the very few teams outside of the elite to ever taste that being a big side is actually quite difficult. Worldwide tours in Australia, China and the US every summer. most of their main players been bled dry by international games until late June. Going far each season in the cups and in Europe with the additional travel and injuries that entails AND still Being good enough in the league to qualify for Europe EVERY season That's not sympathy. Just that most fans of clubs of our size have no comprehension of the extra demands
  16. Anyone know who this london dude with an african name is on R5? Ex player, but presumably from the lower leagues. This is the 4th or 5th time.ive heard him.over theseast couple of weeks. He's superb value. They've uncovered a gem (and obvs knew it to employ a relatively unknown ex player)
  17. Prob means under isn't good enough, in Rodgers' professional opinion, like
  18. Of course.. My post was a dig at a previous post from hackney who was trying to nudge somebody else's comment into racism.waters. Back to your own point tho, Generalisations on forums are inevitable though. It's lazy, but inevitable. Man U fans are entitled. Spurs jealous/bitter. Leeds arrogant. Etonians are posh. Rugby fans wear hackett and Barbour. Guardian readers are woke etc.etc
  19. Any stats on how many existing hospitalisations are those under 50? At a pure guess, 20% tops. And assuming take up of vaccine in those aged 25-50 is a modest 30%.....thatd shave further numbers off future hospitalizations. Basically, I can't see the NHS remaining under this level of current pressure....things will ease
  20. Agree. But I'm amazed people still watch this shite. All the stuff is leaked by this shithouse govt anyway to test reaction before any briefing anyway
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