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  1. I think that part is something in particular that pisses me off with the 'great: british public. Stop your average Joe In the street - like yougov do - and they'll back.lockdown and Moan that 'other people' are ignoring the rules But then without any hint of irony, the same pro.lockdown punter will visit their elderly mam in the house after a night out or a day in the office. We just as a nation can't behave like the Swedes. The average UK always wants it both ways; tighter restrictions except for your own personal circumstances. Lower tax but more public s
  2. Is that true? Laying off staff but piling money into an overseas player? What a vile county they are, if so
  3. Losing 3-0 at home to West ham was never going to be discussed on the radio. For 59.85 million of 60 million UK residents, the match may as well have never have happened
  4. I've already answered that. I was fully aware they were unavailable. I accept my post was although grammatically correct, it was however badly worded. Which is at least a step up from your own usual incomprehensible dirge 😉
  5. His workload was increased by 50% today by Rodgers' clamour to somehow fit in Perez at any cost instead of replacing Praet with a midfielder to support Tielemans
  6. Ok, i getcha. You think I'm perplexed as to why Praet didn't play. That'swhat back up is for. I meant play - in this case - Choudhury which then keeps that midfield buzz that we'd enjoyed previously. And yes, I said it before the match. That midfield groove was absolutely imperative to our recent game
  7. I can't believe he tinkered with that midfield trio that's worked a dream the first three games. That's a poor poor decision. And to play three/five at he back when four worked so well as season and in the first two games. Poor. And I'm constantly baffled as to why Perez has to play. It's a self imposed handicap. As per, the performance levels upped as soon as he left the pitch for Iheanacho Baffled of Leicester.
  8. Regardless of today's result, I think the PL coaches all take us seriously. When the bit is between our teeth, we are capable of inflicting morale sapping defeats and I genuinely think other teams are wary of this.
  9. Surely anyone old enough to recall the 1990 squad is way way past those days. More about it getting up than getting off 😂
  10. Unless Praet is injured, I would leave the midfield well alone. It's purring right now. I wouldn't have Perez near the first xi ....too early for Under so shoehorn Maddison in for 60mins as a nominal right ish sided advanced midfield /attacker
  11. Never celebrated new year's eve much. I always find it quite depressing. And on the NYE theme, I've never been to a fancy dress party.
  12. The disgusting ECB read cricket so wrong. They don't understand the supporters. They just think new cricket fans are 'families' or those fackin lower middle class bozos in their 30s and 40s who go to England matches and dress up as Spiderman or wear a sombrero. Counties like county aren't viable, the ECB bails us out and return, the ECB feels it has the right to destroy us. A slow insidious poison to kill us off and the create a super League of the test grounds. Total bollox. That's not English cricket County cricket is, unknown to them, at its best at taunton. At the
  13. Well played county. For the first time in years, we looked like the old county of buzzing underdogs. A team that reflects the coach.
  14. Sounds real rough trot. Couple of very quick observations that might go against the grain. I think a temporary bit of bitterness and feeling sorry for yourself is allowed. Don't try and brave the new life overnight. You've a right to sink down and wallow a bit. Secondly, the novelty of her new life will soon settle down. She's prob been planning it for months, so doesn't have the shock to contend with. It's all a big adventure for her arm. I reckon buckle up for a bit, concentrate on your dad and kids til Xmas and worry about the new life and house selling
  15. Indeed. Tbf, Puel had to drop him. Even Vardy would admit you have to be disciplined when caught openly calling the manager a f******* knobhead and then trying to scare him to death at training - with social media crew in tow - dressed as Spiderman.
  16. Helluva signing that. I think Villa may just have turned into a half decent PL team for the first time in a good 8/9 years. Pity.
  17. If I was de Bruyne level, I'd want to play for football royalty.... Bayern would be my own personal choice but Juve, Real, Barca or in a parallel universe if never played for Man City.. Man Utd or Liverpool .....I just don't feel Man City have that heritage a truly great player should aspire to
  18. Loved it when de Bruyne was running direct at his late first half, we backed off and off and when he reached shooting range, Evans suddenly stepped back up and took it off his toes. Take that you sourpuss caant
  19. First time I've ever seen a pundit commit professional suicide on SKY. Taxi for Micah Richards. Thick manc cripple shite..
  20. The Belgian junior philosophy is so simple too. The make kids play 2 v 2 and 3 v 3 all the time. You learn to do it all.
  21. If Ricky was fit and available for selection tomorrow, he might not get in. The best RB in Europe. Is this some kind of macabre joke? The best RB in Europe unable to make our team? 😂
  22. Just hope to Christ it was an impact injury and not muscular. My kind of baller. Awkward. Clever. Under the radar.
  23. Who the fack spotted this dude? His acquisition is so good it's disgusting. Criminal.
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