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  1. On that basis the following all get some rest/recovery Vards, Fuchs, Mendy, Barnes, Castagne Disgrace about Soyuncu. We send them our delicate vase. They send the facker back broken. We try to fix it with specialist glue. Then they ask for the facker back to chuck about again
  2. The only good thing for the teams a the bottom is that there's six if them who are miles off the required standard (tho I think Brighton and Burnley edge the promoted three and sheff utd)....I think as few as 25 points will clinch 4th bottom this year....so none at the bottom need panic as they are not adrift from safety
  3. Staggering how basic their scouting operation must be. My first thought when spending £18m on that keeper was that surely upon surely you could scour Europe and unearth a competent, run of the mill half decent keeper for a million or two. And I probably 25% of the wage I'd imagine that one of the problems is that Wilder and the Sheff Utd football admin staff are not well networked in those circles
  4. You cannot let the lad Thomas anywhere near this match. They will eat him.alive. Traore will have a field day. He's not ready for this level of football yet
  5. Could do with the incredibly poor sheff utd having a freak day taking something off the rent boys here
  6. I warned that nice - but deluded - Leeds dude o here all last week that streetwise teams like us, hammers, Sainta, palace and even Burnley would take them apart. And to think he was trying to compile pre match a dream xi combined of us and them, lol. He took umbrage when it was pointed out a combined xi would be all city players 😂😂
  7. Two weeks back we were all saying just hang on in there around top 5 or 6 - and qualify thro EL group - til Xmas, when , hopefully, we'll welcome back Wilf and Ricardo and Cags and see Maddison and Castagne at full strength. I think we shouldn't realistically set our sights and of that. And of course, we are super reliant on Vards..lose him for more than 3/4 games and we'd never have enough
  8. Plus heart disease. That's another 400+ a day
  9. Anyone done any property development? Neighbour of mine has a large back garden that backs onto a new estate cul de sac, with direct access to the road and sandwiched between two new builds. I dropped into convo that I'd be interested in looking at the feasibility of getting planning for the plot (about t 16m x 20m) .... Anyone never done it as the fella was interested (albeit a bit of an odd man and I suspect he's just playing me)
  10. FFS. I knew they'd call him up. Half the time I reckon intl managers just do it for the power trip. Pathetic
  11. I'm loving the commentator, Adam Summerton. Had never heard of him prior to the Luhansk game.
  12. Then we agree more than I thought. I accept There's significant portion of the nation who are , frankly, thick as pigsh1te and even more selfish. But A) sensible people factor that into their own thinking and behaviour (like you would when driving, always looking for danger) B) the art of leadership is taking people with you. Harness the initial community blitz spirit there was. That chance was blown by destroying everything that's enjoyable in life. Even wwII didn't ban fun or stop education. It's the old adage; treat people like idiots and t
  13. Well, it's not recommended guidance, is it? It's law. I'm guessing you neither asked for, or want, some off the cuff manifesto from me. But suffice to say, I've largely followed my own common sense since day 1. I've done 'legal' stuff that's absolutely risky in catching the virus and I've done illegal stuff that was absolutely safer then the law
  14. I disagree with being told/ordered/bullied what to do and not advised/asked/trusted what to do. If you think otherwise, we must have a totally different value system from each other
  15. Eu right to earn a living Eu right to freely pursue a business Eu right to association and assembly Improper consultation period for introduction of new law I'm sure decent lawyers could come up with better than that and maybe even past precedents
  16. They've been issued a fine. Everyone issued a fine should crowdfund together and challenge it. I'm sure plenty of ambitious lawyers fancy taking on the system in a test case
  17. Nothing at a guess. The public are far more powerful than they realise.
  18. Well yes, i know what you mean..not me personally. I'm as rabid, passionate remainer that could've been so my own conscience would be clear.....but do accept some would be picking and choosing their EU benefits!
  19. I hope this might be the start of more businesses openly rebelling in order to save their livelihoods. I know we only have days left in the EU, but fundamental rights in the EU charter are surely the backbone of any legal challenge to objecting to forced closure of businesses; The right to earn a living The right of assembly and association Freedom to.conduct a business Even when we leave the EU, you could argue the rights were in force at the time of govt action to stop those rights
  20. If Braga's players are anything like the portuguese wonder that is Adrienne Silva, we'll be Ok with fielding the girls u/14s - all of whom would be far too quick and strong for him
  21. Diana - was woke up, hungover, by my mum rushing into my room that Diana and dodi have been killed 9/11 - was in a remote french gite with my gf at the time and switched on telly whilst scoffing spag bol for dinner and had to slowly decipher what was going on in French. Gary Speed death - I'd been at Alton Towers and was driving back on the A50 near those open prisons. Just sticks in mind, for some reason Edit Gary Speed..I was on the A50 but had been for a cycle ride onthe tissington trail..not at Alton towers... details, details
  22. If I'm honest, I always feel slightly ashamed of myself that I still live in Leicester and never 'got away' I got away for a couple of years to Germany and tbh can't quite finger in hindsight why I came back - I had the time of my life there. That said, I work (pre Covid) in London which I enjoy (ish), have a house I love, great kids and have holidays all the time. So, maybe it's a case of how i live rather where i live....
  23. I didn't see it, tbh. If you'd have told me that xi was west Brom, I'd consider them nailed on for relegation. I was concerned pre match as I had, to an extent, swallowed the hype about Leeds'. But, I didn't see any obvious or recognisable tactical structure from them... Wolves had from the get go an identifiable structure...three big centre halves hurling the ball into channels and general quick switches of play to the opposite flank .... Using the more skilful players up front Leeds just looked like a naïve championship club to me
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