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  1. Well, i always had a soft spot for him. Perhaps because he was harshly scapegoated as an ersatz Puel. At least he's been invited back and allowed to use the clubs facilities, unlike Slim and that weakling Silva who've clearly been told to do one.
  2. Thanks. I'll avoid the crude details of exactly how, but i once got raging tonsillitis off a bird, back in my pomp.
  3. Exactly. Individuals wash their own hands, don't rub eyes or nose with hands that have just been to a shop...don't share drinks or pick at meals of others.... there's not much more than can be asked. Everyone just needs to be considerate, that's all. No need for economic.armagedden
  4. Slight amendment. We'll take our lives back. Already, I'm finding more and more normality at the office, at my kids' junior football team and laughably today at my hairdressers (totally zero regard for covid sanitisation and msocial Distancing) regardless of the daily madcap rules and regulations that get blurted out about gardens and quarantine and meeting friends and codes of conduct in stadiums. The point was made the other day by the totally insane but equally wonderful David Icke. Half a million on Bournemouth beach and 'they' declare a 'major incident' - whatev
  5. Normally id agree with your sarcasm and happily accept my place in the pecking order of pulling celebrity.... but looking at the complete no mark she's hooked up with off Tinder, I'd say around 80% of Foxes talk punters would stand a chance. And on that basis, it's a firm.no from.me. 😂
  6. Got this Sheridan Smith thing on. Looking a bit rough. High maintenance bird, I reckon. No thanks.
  7. Lol. I'm a bit guilty of the occasional eccentric touching behaviour, using a crooked finger knuckle to press for traffic lights or McDonald's electronic order screens (which by the way, were being used by scores of people today... without.cleaning in-between) ....and me being just over six foot, I push and pull bog door handles at the top where few.people.reach to 😂
  8. I'm not surprised. All these supposed enhanced cleaning regimes are pie in the sky stuff. It's well meaning, but unrealistic. To decontaminate a seat properly would perhaps take five solid minutes of rigorous cleaning. Plus innumerable clean wipes so germs aren't simply being spread from one part of the seat to the other. It's just guff to make us all feel better. I don't see a problem though. Just keep your hands and fingers away eyes/nose/mouth...which as a long time germ/clean hands freak anyway, is second nature to me
  9. Happy to confess that I slaughtered Soyuncu after Maguire was sold and said things like 'he'll be eaten alive' and 'absolute liability'
  10. I've found the nottm/leics thing fascinating for years. Nottm is undoubtedly more hipster. I dated a bird there last year who never could stop going on how great and trendy it was and how uncool Leicester was. Yet the quality of my leafy, suburban life pissed all over nottms redbrick suburban dreariness where bolting the door three times giarding against white trash neighbours is the norm....but all within reach of Sherwood's soya milk cappuccino served in a faux milk urn My uncool bitbnice neighbours, my garden, my cycle routes, my 30 min walk to bradga
  11. Odd comment.. Whether you agree with it or not, many of the crowd - outside the usual rent a rabble bores - are exactly doing what you ask; spending their energy on something positive for the human race. You might not agree with them, but at least they are trying
  12. No probs. I agree largely..and although i singled out our 8 elite players, the back up of, Gray, Barnes, Wes, Fuchs, Perez, ihanehacho albrighton, Praet, Mendy, praet, Choudhury and JJ is as good as you could hope for. All half decent PL level pros. Injuries and occasional bits of bad luck will affect anyone ....I jus find it staggering that we so far have failed to address LB if nothing else. We've known for months and months this gap needed filling. Our losses ATM are the equivalent of Liverpool losing VVD, TAA, Robertson, Henderson and Salah for the opening few gam
  13. Hey. We've got 8 superb outfield players! I never forget that.. Problem is one's been sold, Wilf AWOL, Maddison and Ricardo injured and Evans suspended. That leaves just Vardy, Tielemans and Soyuncu as our only top.class players lining up for the first few games.
  14. Odd transfer. Right up there with us going for Bennett.
  15. YouTube is a brilliant resource. There's a series channel of 'easy German/ french/russian' - and probably more - that are very watchable and funkywith new content every couple of days...plus for me the subtitles in the spoken language help massively. My tip. Pick a small subject theme ( football?) and learn it all. Present, past, future and conditional tenses There's only a limited number of words/phrases/clichés to.learn ( transfer, the boys done good, gutted, quick break etc etc) and you can get fluent in a topic pretty quick
  16. Totally agree. I worry for town, a place I love (and hate in some ways), in its current form. Dying on its arse. But Anstey centre right now is thriving. And i.expect.syston, Wigston, Oadby, blaby etc are too
  17. I wonder if you are one of those Muppets who stand up and queue at the boarding gate when you get a whiff of check in staff...and end up standing there like a pillock.for half an hour
  18. Is anyone actually bothered or interested in what these supposed Leicester restrictions are anymore? The shops, hairdressers and hospitality sector are all open right? We can travel unrestricted, yeah? I neither know nor care and certainly my (mundane) life doesn't seem any different from.collesgues of mine in Cov and London.
  19. Anyone got this penis shopping thing on C5? Extraordinary.
  20. Agree largely. But it never was about religion. It's about culture/identity. Subtle but big difference.
  21. There's a bit of Wenger's arsenal about our u23s. First time I've ever watched most of them. Like arsenals old.league cup teams, They all look bright and useful, but probably when taken away from the elite level training and comfortable facilities, it can quickly fade
  22. This is Barnes' season. There's something about his swagger I can see and the bulking up. I shall bump this post if proved right later this year. And easily forgotten if I'm wrong
  23. Tbh, it was optimistic. Still, so long as I find one bar that's showing football over that PL opening weekend and one restaurant that's serving half decent food, the rest is all fluff anyway. Beach, sea, headphones for music and good long walks will do me fine.
  24. I'm off to Mallorca in September. A rebooked trip from June. I have to admit, it looks to be a huge waste of time. 2/3 of hotels appear to be closed. All bars closed....only places serving food allowed open. Most of them.shut early.due to no punters. Facemasks everywhere except beach and promenade. It'll be total shite. Better than work though.
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