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  1. The problem is if a euro super league was formed, arsenal's squad would improve overnight as they'd have the financial muscle to poach, say, Calvert lewin, ward prowse, soyuncu and zaha. And, at a stroke, the tv rights value for the PL would collapse. Bang goes our own business model.
  2. Iv I've found the whole thing fascinating since I started in April. A classic case of the more you know, the less you know. If you fancy playing this as a gamble, then yep, individual stocks are fine to play with. I use Hargreaves Lansdown who are apparently expensive but I find thier site so easy to use, they've almost earned their fees. But defo don't try and play individual stocks if you genuinely want to grow your pot. I've learned to use funds and trackers to grow my money. Professional funds I'm 22% up Me buying individual sto
  3. How about a nice old blast of Cortisone!
  4. Absolutely horrific. And as a fella old enough to be madders' dad, there can be no greater endorsement. Keep it up Madders!
  5. The whole concept of an army is all a bit of an anachronism anyway. I suspect any eventual EU 'army'is not a fighting for the flag type machine.... but more along the lines of shared intelligence, bulk buying of hardware, joint manoeuvres, streamlining any duplication of services. So we'll eventually end up chasing around asking to be part of it in some.form, in the endless quest to save on defence spending The EU isn't gonna send a taskforce down to retake the Falklands, that's for sure!
  6. In the voice of Brian Blessed: "Castagane"s alive?!'!
  7. Interesting. Sounds as if he's lost a bit of confidence in his movement. Which is understandable. If running awkwardly or hesitantly, it can trigger other muscle pulls.
  8. Is Belvoir Drive officially called Belvoir Drive? Whatever its real name, it's universally called that. I think Seagrave will stick. Like Cobham. Or Melwood.
  9. Sheffield Weds 0-2 down. Cannot stand the club. One single trophy since 1928. Third division regulars. Haven't been in the PL since the 90s. Bang on about the full monty..Insist on using east Midlands airport. And they fawn all over Vardy and Pearson. They ought to get their own heroes. And use thier own airport.
  10. Liverpool have clearly destroyed us these last few meetings....but each time they've been properly pumped up, in a way a backhanded compliment
  11. Yes true. But it still grates. We don't do ourselves any favours sometimes as a city. It's almost in our DNA to be self deprecating and do ourselves down. Basically, the PL sees us as I said as a 90s villa, leeds, Newcastle type disrupter
  12. Agree totally about our perception. My london office has nothing but the utmost respect for us. Roughly, we are probably viewed as I viewed Newcastle or Leeds in the 90s....a serious, serious club. I made the point a couple.of weeks ago about how I hated the little Leicester moniker that so many on here use - albeit in jest. Literally nobody uses that term (apart from perhaps uber jealous championship clubs)
  13. I've been his biggest critic since he arrived. But i thought he was excellent. Was there a hint of him past caring though? Did that perhaps help his game and he's relieved a bit of self imposed pressure? Perhaps the price tag weighed heavy....
  14. I didn't he was 17th best paid in the world. But assuming that's right, aren't we give or take, one of the top 20 club teams in the world? So on that basis, we are about par.
  15. I thought he made a couple of errors. But overall i think the lad has been fantastic. He's forced himself into the elite top 15 of players we have. That's tremendous work from him and meant to be high praise *even if it doesn't sound it
  16. Weve all seen that far too often. So all the more enjoyable when we can be on the good side of it
  17. I absolutely fackin lovebwins like that. Better than the complete bum rpe of Leeds. Something sooo satisfying about being about 6/10 and then inflicting late agony on a desperate opponent.
  18. Where is the pro Man u cheers, oos and arrs coming from? Surely sky wouldn't pipe it in?!
  19. Consecutive wins at Everton, Saints and maybe tonight. Incredible really as on.paper, all three are marvellous away wins
  20. Same.. Also I reckon I could hammer a normal.jackpot million inside 3/4 weeks. 140m is the kind of deal I could live with.
  21. It's a debate, dude. Healthy stuff. No offence taken. And yes, i too enjoy having a viewpoint challenged and learning something
  22. No no no..sorry but you are being simplistic and deciding tompigeon hole my comments as some kind of libertarian right wing nut job. There's room for individual rights and acting for society. It's about fairness. As an aside, Check out german public opinion right now as an example. A left leaning, socially democratic, social capitalist nation who are really sceptical with the whole thing. They really do have experience of sacrificing self for the greater good in the old DDR. It's simply not healthy to have they state making all our individual decisions.
  23. Hardly very balanced. All three of your points in the 'against' camp are loaded to make that side seem very self centred nor anright wing loony 1. Nobody should have to do anything. It should be a choice..like veganism, like not using social media, like voting for a political party, like driving electric cars. Imagine being told you can only travel abroad if you can prove you vote Labour. 2. If covid were allowed to 'rip through' the portion of fit under 50s who chose not to have a vaccine, very few would end up in hospital (students in halls this autumn have proved t
  24. Ok, ok, you wins. If I was asked to take a vaccine to protect myself and society from an agonising, aggressive, certain death from Ebola, then I'd be the first to roll my sleeve up. Personally though, I think comparing the effects of covid with Ebola is absurd No I'm not. Thanks for trying to think for me and reinterpret my thoughts, but really, no, I wouldn't expect anyone to take a hit for me.
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