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  1. Bit worried. I think they look strong. Ability and physically. Doucoure, Sigurdsson, Calvert Lewin, Richarlison. This is gonna be mighty tough
  2. I'd have had big Wes in (and sacrificed one of the wingers) to bring in some necessary muscle against Calvert Lewin and extra height for set pieces.
  3. Just seen the Everton training footage on youtube....I see Dan amartey is back training....but couldn't see Castagne
  4. One of the highlights of the season for me. Humdinger of a game and we just looked so so dangerous
  5. many of the people who have been self-righteously tutt-tutting at every single breach of restrictions these last few months will act irresponsibly this Christmas themselves, packing out the house with three households (and probably three different households over xmas day and boxing day)....but that's ok cos the government has said so. Brainless stuff. I have more respect for the serial breachers who haven't given a fack all the way through. I saw someone yesterday on here hoping they'll be 'alllowed'to see their brother over xmas. FFS. No offence meant to the individ
  6. Really like this keeper for WBA....thays the third or fourth time I've seen him and been impressed
  7. I feel a bit lonely thay nobody I know has seen, or seems interested in, the norwegian.drama occupied. Anyone else watched it? I think it's superb (about an EU backed, soft Russian takeover of Norway)
  8. Liking the amazon music. Some kinda of favela vibe mixed with a lounge DJ groove Better than the m people type shite on sky
  9. Work it out for yourself. Why do you need Gove, Hancock, Johnson et al to tell you when, and how, to wipe your arse?
  10. Even Steven's then. Both teams missing key players #levelplayingfield
  11. Well, it's stringer v tanner. Tough one to work out who may have misheard.
  12. It was an absolute free for all 3 or 4 months ago. I remember some huge party on the Charles bridge being covered in the news....yep just checked the link...I thought at the time it was a bit.ambitious....but at least it shows they are prepared to get stuck.in if things lighten up so you never know, late Feb they may start to.loosen up again 👍 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnn.com/travel/amp/czech-public-dinner-lockdown-scli-intl/index.html
  13. Never had sky til lockdown..would.watch their tat down the pub or on a now TV payg for a city game I detest them. BT i kinda like, they seem to try and enjoy any game they put on. Whereas sky are almost blatant with a vibe that screams 'we are showing this crap due to contractual reasons but next week it's Paul Pogba's Man U!' I just detest that aussie lizard. The thought of contributing to his pocket makes me.puke. I don't like Bezos either, but at least the freelancer presmeters and pundits prime recruit are, like BT, happy to discuss the game they ar
  14. He was played as a LB. I think that helped. Even when briefly filling in at LCB at his peak he looked like a fish out of water. Good performance tonight. Great man.
  15. Legal tender. Give any left over to bus driver, or cabbie, towards the fare. I'm sure they'll be gratefully recieved
  16. I think it's the absurdity that winds people up. You leave the UK, a place absolutely infested with covid l, to go to gran canaria which has virtually no cases in comparison....then to be told YOU have to self isolate whilst the great unwashed whov'e been on the bus, down lidl, picking kids up from school all week are fine to swan about.
  17. I said it on this thread a few weeks back - i reckon 26 points will see you safe this season. On that basis, we're about there!
  18. I'd like to eat out Ann Hathaway. If that proved difficult to arrange, a KFC
  19. I can't work out whether to actually admire Leeds, despite disliking them and the media love in all season. Man for man, they haven't a single PL level player. They absolutely stink of championship but at least make a fist of games. It's gonna catch up with them though, surely. Tactics and systems can't disguise a lack of ability long term
  20. I love this post. I think it sums the UK up. Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets me going like poor neighbourly behaviour. It's not the parking that gets me, but the lack of thought. The rudeness. The selfishness. I lived in a terrace once and the way the houses lined up, the cars all parked on just one side of the road as double parking would.lead to a fiasco. I knew deep down a neighbour of mine hated it that I parked opposite, rather than on my side (the non parking side). So he'd deliberately park in front of mine in protest. Then of course, a fackin fire engine cam
  21. Rob Green fancy dressed up as Showaddywaddy on Sky
  22. Does anyone else dislike that new PL jingle that precedes clips or highlights? And on the theme of corporate music, is the PL.'anthem' (that space like, power synth thing) played pre match? I haven't noticed it
  23. Amyone else thinking that this mad December PL schedule may suit us? We are totally conditioned to two games a week. All the other non European teams are in a rut of once a week. I just think generally the EL has suited us, consistently quickly rolling away a defeat or maintaining winning momentum
  24. Or, looking at it another way, as the PL rights would be nigh on worthless, we may have to form our own league to make a more sellable product and the chance to retain players. A north European conference of say, the likes of us, saints, Everton, Newcastle plus the likes of Eindhoven, Anderlecht, Copenhagen, Rangers, Leverkusen What a funky league that'd be.
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