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  1. Never have I read a post where every single word is exactly my sentiment. Goodison (pre covid) is a wonderful gallery of booze addled, pock marked faces of parents and pale, vitamin deficient kids ...all bewildered that their expensively assembled press hyped team scrapes a 1-1 home draw to Norwich.
  2. Oh come on! It can take any team in the world 20 mins or to get a handle on the game, let alone first game of the season against an opponent whose playing style we knew little in advance about
  3. This won't go on. The government will.lose the people. In fact, I think they lost the people in May and loosened lockdown as a reactive consequence. Leicester remained in (supposed) lockdown as some kind of example. and it largely worked in frightening other places into behaving. However, When it became obvious in Leicester nobody gave a flying fack after 4 weeks and businesses on the brink of bankruptcy threatened to.open anyway...hey presto! Lockdown Leicester was eased. December will see any semblance of lockdown in tatters, regardless of numbers. The
  4. Sorry to rub it in, but I'm off to.mallorca tomorrow. I'm expecting it to be dead. But just one open bar, one open restaurant and sky sports will do....beach the rest of the time will entertain me. Hotel - bless 'em - rang me to see if I was still coming and said they'll upgrade to a suite, such was the relief when I said we were still on.
  5. I've not seen any news today, but I can guess what this latest madcap scheme is. Will they be given sticks, black caps and extra rations? Will the rest of us need to wear stripey pyjamas?
  6. Did one off a LinkedIn link on.mu feed whilst bored at work a couple of years back. I found it remarkable. Intj-t was my type. It pretty.much got.me.to a tee. Staggeringly accurate.
  7. Exactly. Nobody's taken any notice of these bizarre, arbitrary rules for months. Indoors.. outdoors. Downstairs loos. bubbles. Households. Meet only by accident in pubs. Codes of conduct. If anyone is actually taking notice of this they must be doolally. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Respect people's personal space. That's all that should be reasonably asked for
  8. I agree, Stef, but every parent I know doesn't seem to give two hoots. In fact, I'd wager most would still send the kids to school even if 50 kids there were riddled with it.
  9. My totally untrained and uneducated opinion would be 1..Pay the deposit with your credit card and if you eventually get ripped by the tour operator, you can just claim the deposit back under the appeal procedure Or 2. Ignore the holiday, write (yes write!) to the company with a reasonable 8 week timeline to reimburse the voucher value in cash and if you've not heard back within those 8 weeks you'll make a claim in the small claims court. At worst, the case arrives at the small claims court uncontested. There's no way they'll send a legal team to that
  10. Is it a third party ownership thing? I'm wondering if the player has absolutely no say whatsoever in these moves.
  11. Speculation and opinion is kinda the point of any thread. My gut feel if a player was disappointed not to play it suggests the player wanted to play, even whilst carrying a slight injury. the club may have had an influence in him being withdrawn ....I could easily be wrong but it's a fair enough conclusion to draw
  12. Ease up a bit. Baraclough himself said he was 'doing right by his club' suggesting that the decision not to play him was with us in mind. He then went on to say Evans wasn't too happy not to be playing
  13. I wonder if long covid is to be the new ME? (Not me, for clarity I meant chronic fatigue syndrome)
  14. Apologies mid the question is naïve, But I really don't understand why these players are persuaded/forced to play for wolves. So if I was a decent Porto player looking for the next step up to maybe Spain or Italy or PL or Bundesliga - and my agent owned, say, VfB Wolfsburg- ...of all clubs my agent then announces that he's sorted me a deal with Wolfsburg...I'd be a bit, like...., are you sure?
  15. Reading between the lines, Sounds like we made a call to pull him out and that he's (Evans that is) not too happy about it
  16. Appalling coppering. At his age, he ought to know how to deesculate a situation. Why didn't he radio for support before wading in? Why did he choose to increase the potential spread of virus by creating a scene that caused shouting and a scuffle? Passenger was a ****. But coppers are trained to deal with pricks
  17. It's got Hull away written all over it, this
  18. Has Fuchs actually signed? I can't actually recall an announcement. But yeah, well spotted. 1m 40secs he's there.
  19. Another season like last year for richarlison and he'll be picked up by a big club...PSG perhaps Fortunately Everton will then revert to type and buy another Cenk Tosun and AN Other Arsenal reject to replace him
  20. I know it's now deemed uncool to say it, but i for one would be hugely relieved, nay delighted!, if Fuchs somehow managed to get fit to line up v West Brom
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