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  1. Why do people pussynfoot around the subject? And what's wrong in stating an opinion?. *Infection rates in areas with large Asian communities- Evington, oadby, northfields - have been sky high since day 1 *targeted ad campaigns have had to be made by well known asian showbiz and public figures to address reluctant take up of the vaccine by asian communities *possible cause of higher than average infection rates is multi generational households in high density housing working in low paid jobs *plus a cultural bias to be naturally sceptical of wh
  2. I've never been sold on him. The palace xmas game I think was the first time i thought, hang on, we might have something here. Today he was excellent. He seems to have an excellent football brain. he's quite boyish still. When he fills out, we.might have some.player here.
  3. The boro game still hurts. 3-1 up at 90 mins with a modest 5 mins of injury time. I swear to this day that game killed our season. We'd have stayed up i reckon had we seen that out. That useless fcking shitbag john curtis blew it
  4. Still think poor ricky is playing within himself. I reckon he's at 75% right now. I love him to bits. He'll be at his usual insane level next season. Thought Timmy was awesome. He didn't look fully fit last time he returned. This time he looked as if the break had done him.good.
  5. That bit of control from a long cross field.pass on about 70/80mins. Killed it Mahrez esque
  6. Really? They were pretty good with me tbh, particularly as the refund was a mix of voucher, cash and an accidentally double booked flight I was expecting months of hassle. But a couple of web chat function convos and it was sorted. All monies back inside 3 months
  7. I do. I have a ftse250 tracker, 3 x funds in areas I like to support (sustainable water, uk small firms fund and ethical fund) and six stocks in big blue chips such as BA (IAG) and BT when they all collapsed last year I'm too boring to gamble. I just look for safeish homes for my savings that'll sweat the money a bit more
  8. I think we are at risk here. A fluke goal for them and we are in major trouble. Plus, all the other brit clubs are as good as through. Youd expect one to drop out and atm we look.most vulnerable
  9. Enjoying the Peter Oborne interview on R2 with vanessa feltz right now re the prime minister's on-the-record lying.
  10. No improvement on Gray. Better the devil you know
  11. I wonder how much Newcastle were set to pay for him.... FWIW, I like him. There's something you can use there. That cross late second half was lovely - not seen that from.him before
  12. Today was a good example. He's a good player amongst half.decent players. He's just not elite. No shame in that.
  13. I like this 'big 6 plus Leicester' tag. It's becoming a universal tagline. Reinforces our disrupter, outlier image....so much cooler than old.money
  14. Barring medium.to.long term injuries to any more key players, I'm fairly sure now runner's up is ours
  15. Sheffield United need to hold their nerve. They ain't gonna lose any players to vultures when they go down. They are awkward opponents for every PL team. If they take their medicine, go down, keep their dignity and manager...they should walk the championship next season. They'll be too fit, too streetwise, too physically strong for the garbage down there. And as i type, 2-0,west ham. The point remains tho
  16. That post requires a lusty 'Here here' I dgaf about the big 6. I get joy over a good difficult win over palace as much as I do those cvnts
  17. I've posted on other threads - maybe unpopular thread- that I hated the place. It summed us up. Half ok, half shambolic. It was ugly, weird even. And I've definitely had equally as good atmospheres at the KP. The only thing I miss is the childhood buzz of watching a good old hooligan battle and my Dad in blind panic. That bit was, ngl, immense fun
  18. He explained in an interview once that he was born and bred in cambridge (I think) and a family member used to take him to the occasional city.match as a kid. People assumed from this he was a 'fan' ....whereas I think your explanation is more likely. He was an ATV / Central West man through and through. West Mids was his beat. That said, his ATV colleague Tony Francis was a proper City fan. As was central sports reporters Steve Lambden and Dennis forgot his surname....both City.men too.
  19. Oh, I get you. Yes, I've felt this was inevitable from the off.
  20. Why trouble? Why would those who don't need a jab, choosing to not take a jab, be trouble?
  21. It was like liverpool had a complete and total malfunction when VAR went against them. Penalty overturned. Tick. Goal disallowed. Tick. Goal allowed. Reboot required.
  22. If Mane had a choice of playing up against an experienced pro who's slow (and is used to being fairly pedestrian), hard as nails and knows every trick in the book....versus a green youngster who's also no speedster......he'd choose Thomas as his oppo every time.
  23. The team writes itself. The normal xi pre wilf/vardy injury. Ideally we could do with 12, and get choudhury as that extra helper for left back. But I'm not sure we can do that
  24. I don't want to go all maudlin, but I've rarely- if ever - enjoyed watching a player so much... progressing from fringe squad member to elite level, so quickly and so enjoyably. No hyperbole, I wouldn't have swapped him for any other full back in the league, bar Robertson perhaps. Good luck JJ. You'll be sorely missed and massively welcomed back when ready
  25. That's why they are pros and we aren't. Knowing when to step in. I remember Evans at man city this season, backed off and off from de bruyne and when he went to pull the trigger, he stepped in and took it off his toes..a thing of beauty. 'I'll have that Kevin, you caant' 😀
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