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  1. If we really are Inthe hunt for a top 5 finish again, then at least Man Utd are again within our reach. Unless van Der Beek transforms them, they look no better than us. Right now, you could throw a blanket over us, Everton, man u, arsenal and Spurs for fourth to eighth. Wolves perhaps too.
  2. I love the cut of Potter's jib. Think he can do better than England though. International management is so secondary nowadays. It's about Southgate's level - a guy who'd never get a job in a major European league in a million years
  3. I can't picture why we'd alter the formation that's worked so well these last two games (albeit against feeble opposition) The only tweak I'd consider is Nachon for Perez, giving us a natural link.man towards Vardy....but it means leaving castagne to patrol the righ flank alone (something I think he's capable of, but maybe not a pleasant baptism v Man city)
  4. I wish the lad well,but he can get experience at somebody else's expense on loan. There is no possible combination that I'd involved him with the first team this year, apart from the sort of injury crisis of last season where, literally, he was the last man standing.
  5. Funny nothing is I actually want Cov to do OK. They've had a raw deal with their freak owners but on the pitch have taken their medicine really well and humbly worked their way back. That red shite I'd gladly see liquidated and their ground turned into a travellers site
  6. Was in a boozer last year and some fackin bozo was bumbling on about a second leg v cologne as if it was 2 or 3 seasons ago, like we might chat about Ricardo v Man City or Maguire v Liverpool...yet the match he so animatedly chatted about was in 1979
  7. Just seen a comment on their site, one of their idiot fans reckons they are 'going backwards'.....when exactly have they been going forwards?! They've been absolutely fackin shite for 22 consecutive years now.
  8. https://fulltime-league.thefa.com/Index.do?divisionseason=996617157 Link to the league i found. No idea if it's running this season tho
  9. There's a vets league of about 7/8 teams from memory. Googled it in summer and half thought about posting on here to see if anyone played in the league
  10. I'm in a similar position. I'm old enough for vets football (over 35s?) and had half fancied checking out a vets team ..... I'm guessing vets are half decent ex players and not clod hopping parks football nutters or, even worse, young lads who are good and quick as shit and likely to make a monkey out of me
  11. Back for new year. Be like a stellar new signing.
  12. We went toe to toe with them season before last and but for a wonder goal from kompany and a horrific miss from Iheanacho.... we were well on top first half and we'll under the cosh second.
  13. Yeah..bit like having a private jet. Everything on time, no queues, security a doddle. Personal service... Majorca was great. Very Spanish. It's like they have reclaimed the Island from.brits, scandis and Germans. Even some of the British run gaffs were having to speak basic Spanish to the punters. But the vibe was very different..quite cosmopolitan, except for Claire Sweeney, who I kept seeing in the same bars and restaurants! Lol Militant mask wearing. They are hot on it as you'd warned And bars closed at 1am ...which is more than enough for me anyways tbh
  14. Fair play to Ryanair ATM (even though they owe me.money)...the two for one is a great offer. My recent flights to Mallorca had a sorry 20 punters each way. I'm guessing each if us paying perhaps 40 quid each leg. So they were running flights, 2 a day, from east mids for 800 quid gross takings, Inc tax. wouldn't have even covered the crew wages, let alone landing fees, plane lease and fuel.
  15. Funnily enough, I can clearly recall a general attitude shift pre Covid with a colleague last January hauling himself in with a heavy cold,.playing the martyr....'look how dedicated I am'. He was roundly complained at and about and his boss have him a lecture about coming in unwell, underperforming and potentially bringing the rest of the office down with him....I remember a the time commenting what a cultural shift from, say, 10 years prior when taking time off for a cold was seen as weak and skiving
  16. Correct team. Good decision. Fitness runs for Fuchs and Maddison and Wes. Albrighton, Iheanacho, Choudhury and surprisingly Gray keeping sharp. Nice to see Amartey play a real game
  17. Even though I've been been vehement on here for months railing against the absurd, contradictory, arbitrary, ever changing rules/guidance/laws....I was hoping the lockdown might be more severe and as such, spike the public to 'take back control' away from this shambles Treat me.like an adult and I might listen. But until then, that fat, posh, egotistical, bumbling, erratic, philandering, condescending c'nt can fack off. 'Heroic Leicester'. Fack off.
  18. Agreed but despite evidence that outdoor infection is extremely difficult, I'd imagine the govt will take relish in extending the ban of that particular winter enjoyment for us all as 'punishment'
  19. Correct..tho I made a comment last season that defeat and disappointment are part of the process of learning to win. No pain no gain etc Last season will hopefully prove to be a character forming exercise
  20. The man is a chameleon. Looks.like albrighton. And several times on the pitch I confused him with castagn. And Barnes.
  21. You're right. Practice game for both, that's all I think the timing is perfect
  22. Ward, U23 lad , Daley? Wes A N Other u23 lad Fuchs Choudhury Tabere Dewsbury Hall Albrighton Ihenancho Maddison
  23. They were a nightmare. Which is a credit to them. 80% of the match was almost complete control to us yet we were a lucky rebound off the post away from them scoring three goals and a horrific last 5 hanging on
  24. So accurate. A great post.. I personally just feel we have such a staggeringly low intellectual pool of talent at Whitehall compared with generations past. Regardless of views on policy, we've had big leaders with string cabinets in the past; Thatcher had huge intellectual figures in the cabinet (albeit some if them bullied by her) and on the benches. Blair had big beasts like mandelson and brown. Even Cameron had political thinkers of Hague, Clegg even Clarke in the hinterground. This lot are league 1 level politicians. And cowards to boot. Leading isn'
  25. Would seem a pragmatic financial decision to sell him on ahead of h.beong a free agent from January onwards If we get 15m and sold to a team not expected to be directly challenging with us, as Alan sugar would say, with regret, you've gotta go.
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