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  1. Just please lord don't play Perez. Anything, anyone, any old formation. So long as it's not involving Perez
  2. Wgaf about Brisbane? The situation is that you can go to Carrow road and watch the Norwich match on a TV but not peep through the curtains to look at the pitch. You can sit in a cinema at Stratford shopping centre watching West Ham but not nip across the road Inside the stadium to watch. Or, finally, watching BT just now, 600 punters are safe to watch an fa cup match in Stafford but if they were promoted a division, it's deemed unsafe and would have to be behind closed doors.
  3. Have no-issue with ppv per se .....I just resent it as the govt has banned us from the option of going in person
  4. It's sickening. The risk of a 20% or even 30% capacity at outdoor sports grounds is incredibly low. Furthermore, perhaps seating punters in bubbles of 100 so that track and trace can do its stuff should someone come in riddled with it. The ban on sports crowds is spiteful.
  5. I was always bemused as to why he was frozen out completely after the great escape season. I liked him. He had a lot to learn but always looked like a junior Wes to me and imy chuffed he's doing well
  6. Prob worth a thread on its own, but just how good is Emile as a pundit? The two or three times I've seen/heard him, he's calm and analytical and very very knowledgeable on City. He's our top man out there in the media. Loved the way that, even after a long career winning cups and playin in world cups, he recounted the Marsh's goal at atletico with great fondness Back to punditry, In fairness, Crouchy had also done his homework on us and had at least the professionalism to watch a couple of our recent matches and make notes (staggering how few pundits must
  7. Yeah but if the ref was some balding portly Frenchman, he wouldn't be getting lavish or even faint praise. People are a bit like that with the Paralympics. Go over board on how good it is pretending the gold is as good as Jess Ennis's when It's actually a rubbish spectacle For the record, I thought the ref was typically European - - decent but mildly eccentric
  8. Once these injuries are done, what's our strongest xi? Schmeichel Ricky P Castagne Wesley or Evans (tough call) Cags Wilf Tielemans Praet Maddison Barnes Vardy Elite players all over the shop. Just got to get thro Europa and limp through PL til January to start fielding that
  9. They were honest and workmanlike and quite likeable in a way (no nice to meet you tackles).....but they were weak. It was exactly like Blackpool or Fleetwood at home in a league cup match. Great to get our first ever win in the UEFA Cup tho 👍
  10. 14s in a two horse race is value. Especially as they are seven seasons into this comp against complete newbies
  11. Slightly offbeat, but Are Dundalk on TV? Nothing seems to be in BT... I kinda fancy watching them as the arch underdog Edit: Scrub that. It's on BT. But I'm bored of it already
  12. I suspect Geoff is of the same vintage as both me and my companion last night, therefore rendering him unsuitable for my future requirements.
  13. I'm sure this post will add to the general merriment of this thread. I've been on here before, grizzling about the dull, transactional nature of online dating. Basically no chase, no edge, no jeopardy. But occasionally, I 'have' to dip my toe in, so to speak. Basically as a guy the wrong side of 45, I frankly find women of my age repellent. I'm quite comfortable that I'm not exactly god's gift myself but hey, that's someone else's problem, not mine! Anyways, under much criticism for my perennial lying about my age to birds in their early 30s....I decided
  14. Id imagine the only stumbling block is his huge wage. He won an artificially high deal due to arriving on a free. Maybe we're reluctant to award the same top tier deal, but instead a level below
  15. 100 years, Fuchsy? They may have been around for that long, but only 600+700 would rock up to watch them In the early 70s before they got good. I never treat them as proper Leicester. No underdog mentality that suits us. Go.down there and there's punters from Lincoln, Birmingham, MK even Nottingham FFS cheering them on ...
  16. 4231 for me Schmeichel Justin Wes Wes Fuchs Mendy Choudhury Under Perez Albrighton Nacho For Christ's sake keep Timmy and Tielemans and Barnes out of the firing line otherwise we've literally list every single first team.olayer
  17. How many games have got crowds in? I'm guessing most. I suspect only our government have been unable to work out that corona is no more dangerous or infections at a PL or EFL stadium than low level non league
  18. Big clubs are, I'm afraid, integral to the PL. City v Villa and Palace v Newcastle just doesn't cut it if there's no jeopardy of the result affecting the big teams. However, I'd call their bluff. Let them go and award a PL franchise named Liverpool, Manchester United Arsenal and Chelsea to a newly formed company. See who their fans choose.
  19. Not exactly scientific, but I always seem to notice those who.losr hair 'early' have a decent beard and as such, can kinda invert the look I have a full head of hair but have a crappy straggling beard if it goes beyond stubble. So I'm stuck with a clean shave to 5 day stubble for ever. But a decent Barnet 😂
  20. It's hugely disappointing and it looks.like we may just have to write half a season off of muddling through. An inevitable part of football. One of those things. We've stolen points off teams in the past when they were on their knees and not even blinked with sympathy (Newcastle away last season springs to mind and Burnley early this season)
  21. Nope. Not a stats man tbh. I leave that to clever people. I just assumed that if supermarket workers were dropping like flies, we mightve heard of it in the media and/or it might have come up in Convo at my weekly shop (til staff tend be regular and chatty) Your conclusions might we'll be accurate. High ceilings, well ventilated buildings with vagiely fit and active working age staff taking sensible but not overly absurd precautions....and they seem to be OK.
  22. In the 80s, the athletic (Hinckley) and Shepshed had half decent crowds of 300-600 every week Enderby/Leicester United never had much of a following but on the occasional big match : especially midweek when the local footballers weren't playing - or a big FA Cup or FA Trophy match would get 800+ Edited to add, 80s senior league teams were always well followed
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