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  1. There's basically four categories. 1 - Mercedes 2 - Ferrari & Red Bull 3 - Midfield 4 - Williams And there'll be very few race results this year that don't follow that order. One interest stat, the last time a season started in such a dominant way (with three 1-2 finishes for one constructor) it was 1992 and the supreme Williams-Renault was bossing the field. This season is a new level of over. Hamilton has this wrapped up in Suzuka unless Bottas puts up a fight.
  2. You're worse than Sky F1 mate "Ferrari are X tenths up Hamilton is the UNDERDOG." What a load of ****ing shit. Mercedes are miles ahead and we all know it. Ferrari will get the odd race win but I bet Mercedes win at least 15 of the 21 races, and Hamilton will probably get 12 of them. Roll on 2021 for hopefully a bit of a shake-up.
  3. Hahaha so reminiscent of the last race I went to (Monza 2017). Top 3 identical. Red Bull 4th. Ferrari 5th. Mercedes pole. Red Bull fastest lap. Complete deja vu out there. The media keep pretending Ferrari are there but they’re not. Three one-twos for Mercedes and this season is done already. Love the feeling of being at a race live, made that feel a lot more exciting than it probably was.
  4. Not what I wanted to see today excellent grandstand in Shanghai. You can see almost all of the track (just not the hairpin unfortunately). Think it’s an easy 1-2 for merc from here but hopefully something crazy happens
  5. Happy with this effort. I feel like it has the perfect combination of rivalries, good atmospheres and stunning away days. Also a very good chance to win the thing each year. Every game would be like a cup final.
  6. It's sad for the fans but the club is getting everything it deserves. There has to be consequences somewhere down the line. Hopefully they get relegated for a start, cut some costs and start rebuilding. No sympathy for clubs like this though, only with the fans.
  7. Gutted for Leclerc, he absolutely bossed everyone and deserved it. Got a little bit of luck back to stay on the podium but still... it was all his. Vettel making another mistake is really frustrating. Gonna be at the GP in China next weekend so hopefully Leclerc can put it right and I see his first win! Should be an exciting race in any case. I've got no problem with Mercedes winning as long as it's a good fight.
  8. Let's face it Scotland have become nothing but minnows. I don't know why tonight's result would be a surprise, they should be bottom seeds.
  9. Hamilton beaten by his team-mate then. Must be a conspiracy.
  10. Absolutely, should have gone for the fastest lap. Nothing to lose. Strange that they didn't make that call!
  11. What was there to play for? They were both miles behind Verstappen, absolutely no sense in scrapping it out for the same team result.
  12. Has been jailed for 14 weeks according to the BBC.
  13. Next home game behind closed doors. Punishment should be strong but I have concerns about points deductions and how that could be exploited. Would be easy enough for a lunatic Blades fan to jump onto the Elland Road pitch from the home end, get them points deducted, and see United go up in their place in May. I know it's extreme but it could happen.
  14. Get Kasper out ffs. More points thrown away, absolute clown.
  15. Do you guys really think so? I've never seen a more arrogant **** involved in TV sport. You'd always prefer some personality over someone like di Resta but Kravitz was incredibly biased, spoke absolute drivel all the time and is one of the rudest interviewers I've ever seen. He clearly doesn't even listen to the responses to his questions, instead he's busy thinking up his next ridiculous theory and getting ready to cut them off. Glad he's gone. In any case, I'm so glad I don't have to watch Sky anymore. Team Charisma consisting of Lazenby, Hill, Herbert, di Resta, Chandhok, Rosberg and Button is a bit fvcking shit, isn't it?
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