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  2. What happened with this mass boycott at Newcastle then?
  3. It was at home to Grimsby, when we were losing.
  4. Apart from perhaps one of the Baku races, that was easily the best race in about 7 years.
  5. Proof of what? All I did was say what happened today. Considering you like your little Vettel paragraph each time he doesn't win, you should put your hands up when Hamilton has an absolute stinker.
  6. The obvious hero today is Kvyat. What a guy. There's no way anyone would have ever thought he'd ever get another podium after being released from Toro Rosso two years ago.
  7. Mercedes no points at their home race. Hamilton was finally under a bit of pressure today and binned it into the wall TWICE.
  8. Oh I was replying to Swan Lesta honey. There was a slight lull but it was always going to play out somehow and bunch up, unlike the previous Mercedes processions. And if not, the fact that we almost had (and still might have) a first-time winner keeps it interesting.
  9. Got you... like a 'Hamilton isn't winning so I'm not going to watch waaaah' kind of thing. I bet you were GRIPPED last week. Meanwhile, the stewards decision will take ages cause they're waiting for the fans to leave. Lot of Dutch there so an indication that a penalty is coming but they don't want to cause a riot in doing so
  10. Yeah! The only even slightly interesting race so far this year!
  11. Gutted for Leclerc to lose another race late on that he'd been leading. He'll recover from it though; the boy is the future and he's racking up the podiums nicely now. I actually hope they don't penalise Max, although if you were frothing for a Vettel penalty in Canada you couldn't have any complaints if they did now.
  12. You’d have Ozil? Really? The guy is an absolute fraud... why anyone in World football would touch him at his wages I’d have.no idea
  13. There's basically four categories. 1 - Mercedes 2 - Ferrari & Red Bull 3 - Midfield 4 - Williams And there'll be very few race results this year that don't follow that order. One interest stat, the last time a season started in such a dominant way (with three 1-2 finishes for one constructor) it was 1992 and the supreme Williams-Renault was bossing the field. This season is a new level of over. Hamilton has this wrapped up in Suzuka unless Bottas puts up a fight.
  14. You're worse than Sky F1 mate "Ferrari are X tenths up Hamilton is the UNDERDOG." What a load of ****ing shit. Mercedes are miles ahead and we all know it. Ferrari will get the odd race win but I bet Mercedes win at least 15 of the 21 races, and Hamilton will probably get 12 of them. Roll on 2021 for hopefully a bit of a shake-up.
  15. Hahaha so reminiscent of the last race I went to (Monza 2017). Top 3 identical. Red Bull 4th. Ferrari 5th. Mercedes pole. Red Bull fastest lap. Complete deja vu out there. The media keep pretending Ferrari are there but they’re not. Three one-twos for Mercedes and this season is done already. Love the feeling of being at a race live, made that feel a lot more exciting than it probably was.
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