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  1. Got 125. Missed Azpilicueta (bit of a shocker), May, McClair and Mendy. The fact that they're in alphabetical order really helps. No way I'd have got 'Paul Parker' if it weren't for 'Park' and 'Parlour' either side.
  2. First - Meadow Lane Last - Nissan Stadium, Yokohama Best - PGE Narodowy, Warsaw Worst - Stadion Letná, Zlin. The away end is a locked cage for ****s sake. Want - Signal Iduna Park
  3. I like it, but think 'coming' instead of 'dribbling' makes the first line a bit smoother. Oh, and 'who's'
  4. Why is it so important to keep mentioning his nationality? What's the relevance of "Jamie Vardy in attack"? The Maguire line would make us sound super salty. "Our Turkish king" is a bit cringe to be honest.
  5. Correct decision, should have been made sooner. Shame for all the people who've gone out there for the race which now isn't happening. Think you can safely say at this point that Vietnam will be off too. Not to be too dramatic but we could easily see the whole thing being canned this year.
  7. What happened with this mass boycott at Newcastle then?
  8. It was at home to Grimsby, when we were losing.
  9. Apart from perhaps one of the Baku races, that was easily the best race in about 7 years.
  10. Proof of what? All I did was say what happened today. Considering you like your little Vettel paragraph each time he doesn't win, you should put your hands up when Hamilton has an absolute stinker.
  11. The obvious hero today is Kvyat. What a guy. There's no way anyone would have ever thought he'd ever get another podium after being released from Toro Rosso two years ago.
  12. Mercedes no points at their home race. Hamilton was finally under a bit of pressure today and binned it into the wall TWICE.
  13. Oh I was replying to Swan Lesta honey. There was a slight lull but it was always going to play out somehow and bunch up, unlike the previous Mercedes processions. And if not, the fact that we almost had (and still might have) a first-time winner keeps it interesting.
  14. Got you... like a 'Hamilton isn't winning so I'm not going to watch waaaah' kind of thing. I bet you were GRIPPED last week. Meanwhile, the stewards decision will take ages cause they're waiting for the fans to leave. Lot of Dutch there so an indication that a penalty is coming but they don't want to cause a riot in doing so
  15. Yeah! The only even slightly interesting race so far this year!
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